Angry Thursday Notes

Not sure of the connection: On Monday, a “Just Stop Oil” protester jumped onto one of the tables at the World Snooker Championship in Sheffield, England, and spilled orange dye all over the table. Another protester attempted to jump on a different table but was stopped by a referee. Just Stop Oil took to Twitter to take credit for the protests under the headline “NEW OIL AND GAS WILL SNOOKER US”. All this crap for a bad pun.

Build more jails: A mere 327 people have been arrested for shoplifting an astounding 6,000 times and account for more than a third of shoplifting arrests in New York City. That averages out to 18 arrests each, in less than 6 months. And herein lays the heart of the crime problem in our Democrat-run cities.

The answer is yes: An “actress” and guest co-host on “The View,” Patti LuPone, said she cannot tell the difference between the Taliban and the Christian right. Of course, the other members of the panel instantly agreed with her. In between bashing President Trump and Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan. Excuse me, when was the last time the “Christian Right” burned down a village? Whipped women for walking without a male relative? Planted a bomb in the middle of an open market? Are these people really this stupid.

Impartial and unbiased news: The AP reports the Florida Board of Education on Wednesday approved a ban on classroom instruction about sexual orientation and gender identity in all grades, expanding the law critics call “Don’t Say Gay” at the request of Gov. DeSantis as he gears up for an expected presidential run. Except, the original bill has NOTHING to do with not saying gay. It is about not teaching young children about sexual orientation and confusing young minds. It is about the school system doing its job of education and not what a very very small minority thinks children “need” to know. These kids don’t know what they want for lunch, let alone what “sex” they want to be for the rest of their lives. I gotta an idea, how about the journalists set an example and start actually being impartial and unbiased. Yeah, that’s happen.

Don’t need no stinkin’ legislative process:  President Joe Biden has signed an executive order containing more than 50 directives. Supposedly,  the directives would be funded out of existing commitments, possibly including last year’s laws financing infrastructure projects and building computer chip plants. There will those that say it’s okay because it’s all about child and elderly care. NO! It’s about Uncle Joe going around the legislative process. Little by little, until one day he won’t even try to hide it.

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