Sunday Rant – D T I


10 Jan 23

Despite pressure from leftist Democrat politicians, the Erie County, NY DA is courageously prosecuting two dozen people who were arrested for looting during the recent “Western NY Blizzard of 2022.”

This DA spent time in FL and personally witnessed wide-spread looting following hurricanes.

Accordingly, he has scant tolerance!

Several hundred more looters should have been arrested, but police were as paralyzed as everyone else!

Those currently being prosecuted were not stealing food nor vital supplies. They are all seedy criminals, stealing TV sets, etc, strictly for thievery and profit.

This spate of looting clearly demonstrates to all (except the voluntarily blind) that anything disturbing civil order, even relatively briefly and even when confined to a local area, invites instant, wide-spread, grievous criminality!

Like bacteria, dangerous criminals are always present, and always looking for low-risk opportunity to “revert to type.” There is no felony that they will not commit! They are held in check only be aggressive policing and relentless prosecution (both of which being currently out of style).

Innocent citizens, frantically digging-out from this natural disaster, found themselves simultaneously confronting motivated, dauntless, dangerous criminals, with any kind of police protection far away and unavailable- for days, maybe weeks!

Leftists have been telling these same citizens that they can’t have guns, because they “don’t need them!”. Leftist hypocrites mouthing this “advice” are themselves, of course, heavily armed!

“Private-sector preparedness is not a luxury!

It represents ‘the cost of doing business’ in our post-9/11 world.

It is ignored at tremendous risk- in lives, money and national security.” ; 9/11 Commission Report, 2004

In 2023, it would appear politicians have sincerely taken their own 2004 advice, but don’t want us to!


There is no one coming to help you, especially in times of ongoing emergencies. If it gets bad enough it will be “you have it, I want it, Fxxx you”. You MUST be ready to defend you and yours.

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