Motes On A Stingy Wednesday

Another place to watch:  A U.S. Coast Guard cutter conducting patrols on an international mission in the Pacific Ocean was denied entry to a port in the Solomon Islands. The cutter Oliver Henry was taking part in Operation Island Chief monitoring fishing activities in the Pacific, which ended Friday, when it sought to make a scheduled stop at Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, to refuel and re-provision. It has also been reported that a British vessel was also denied entry, but the British Royal Navy has not commented directly on those reports. China has been assertively trying to expand its presence and influence in the Pacific, and Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare alarmed some neighbors, the U.S. and others after he signed a new security pact with China. Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands? Seems to me we’ve already paid the “port fee” for that place in ’42 and ’43.

Any excuse will do a tyrant: Colorado’s Secretary of State Jena Griswold is a very serious woman — except when she gets unhinged. And Griswold was in a full-on, hair-on-fire, bat-guano-nuts panic when she said in an interview with the radical left newspaper The Guardian that unless Americans vote for Democrats, they’re going to lose their democracy. Griswold was only echoing — or parroting — the company line that Democrats have been peddling for months: our democracy is in trouble because Republicans are mean, spiteful, gay-hating, trans-oppressing, anti-female fascists. The terrifying thought is that she isn’t just mouthing those words. Griswold thinks she’s on a mission from God to save democracy. People on savior missions can justify any action they take because anything is better than allowing Republicans to win. Seems like the old “…we had to destroy the village to save it” thought process.

You can’t prove you’re innocent, unless you have a trial: An estimated six hundred men and women have been apprehended by the Federal Bureau of Investigations for protesting the stolen election on Capitol Hill on January 6. Most of the January 6 defendants are being denied due process, held without bail, have yet to be convicted of a crime and languish in solitary confinement on misdemeanor charges as they lose their livelihoods waiting month after month for a crooked judge and jury in Washington DC to begin to adjudicate their case. Some, never stepped foot in the Capitol building, but face sedition charges and 20-plus year prison sentences as prosecutors charge them with devising the “insurrection.” Three of the January 6 defendants have killed themselves. Inmates who are doing time in the DC jail for actually breaking the law are afforded basic rights like visitation, while J6 defendants last saw their families when the FBI raided their homes. It doesn’t appear that any trial dates have been set. Have they been judged guilty, before a trial? So, it would appear.

A new level of city stupid: The City of Miami is hosting a gun buyback program Saturday and donating the weapons to Ukraine’s defense. The city is offering Visa gift cards of $150 for .223 caliber firearms, AR-15s and AK-47s; $100 for shotguns and rifles and $50 for other weapons, according to the website. The program is “no questions asked” and doesn’t require donors to show ID. This is just stupid. Period.

Former star leaving: Ozzy Osbourne has reportedly had it with the U.S., according to a recent interview. The heavy metal star revealed his family’s reasoning behind their return to England — mass shootings. “Everything’s fucking ridiculous there. I’m fed up with people getting killed every day,” Osbourne said. The former reality TV star says the move back to his home country isn’t about his health. Instead, he’s worried about his own safety in the U.S. (Deep sardonic “Curley Bill” voice) Well, Bye.

Every night she comes to me

In a golden whiskey memory

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