Motes To Start Your Week

Huh?: President Donald Trump is responsible for the record wave of economic migrants now crossing the U.S. border, according to Alejandro Mayorkas, the pro-migration Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. “We’re following an administration that frankly dismantled our capabilities to address it, and so we are building it from the ground up.” No, you’re tearing it down.” We lost four years of investing in the countries from which these individuals are migrating.” Oh, I get it. We were supposed to give all our money to the tin dictators of South and Central America so their people wouldn’t walk here. Sorry Mr. Mayorkas, you have your head up where the sun doesn’t shine if you stick with that one.

If you are against “voter identification” but are for “vaccination passports”, you are a hypocrite.

It won’t stop even one: “ Expand Firearm Transfer Background Check Requirements,” went into effect on June 29, and is specifically designed to “address the epidemic of gun violence we have seen in Colorado,” said bill sponsor Sen. Julie Gonzales, D-Denver. Under existing federal law, if a background check doesn’t come back after three days, gun dealers can transfer a firearm to another person. However, HB 1298 undoes this and requires gun dealers to get approval, no matter how long it takes, before transferring a gun.  First, when someone says, “gun violence,” they aren’t just talking about homicides and mass shootings, most gun deaths are the result of suicide, not homicide. In fact, over 60 percent of gun deaths are from suicide, while only 35 percent are due to homicide. HB 1298 was passed in the wake of the Boulder shooting and advertised as reducing criminal gun violence. It won’t. The bad guys will buy the gun in a bar, out of the trunk of a car, or just steal one. This won’t stop one crime. It will inflict undue time and $$ on the citizen, who may cry “enough”, cut corners to get a firearm, and will then become a criminal.

Just asking: If you force me to close for over a year, then allow me to re-open and hire my employees back, have you really “created” new jobs? Asking for a friend.

The new law makers: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is issuing a new, “temporary” moratorium on evictions, the agency announced Tuesday. The new moratorium, which CBS News confirmed earlier Tuesday, will be separate from the CDC’s prior eviction moratorium that expired over the weekend. The latest moratorium order could face legal challenges, after the Supreme Court determined the Biden administration couldn’t extend the previous moratorium eviction through executive action. At what point does a mandate or moratorium become a law? If you can be fined or jailed, there is a penalty, and it is essentially a law. The problem is a mandate does not go through the legislative process. Therefor, there is no input from “the people”. You remember them, the citizens that elected you? What happened to our “Democracy”?

Your $$ at work: The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act would require all new automobiles to install breathalyzers or other alcohol monitors. The $1.2 trillion, 2,700-page bill  includes a provision for “Advanced Drunk and Impaired Driving Prevention Technology.” The mandate would enter into effect within either two or three years. IS it just me or does this seem to be a “prove your innocence” thing? You have to prove you’re sober in order to operate a car you paid for, on roads your taxes fund, instiuted by a “law” you didn’t have any chance to vote on.

New private vice: I’ve been watching “Getaway Driver” on Discovery Channel. Real drivers try to make their way through a 40 (?)acre compound without getting taken out by the “pursuit” drivers. So far I’ve seen one driver make it but several very expensive cars have gotten totaled. The pursuit drivers are allowed “contact” and do. Totaled vehicles include a Tesla and several road race cars. Michelle Rodrigues from the “Fast and Furious” franchise, is the host. They use vehicle mounted camera’s, drones with camera’s, quick cut-a-ways and split screens. All in all an entertaining beer and cheetos hour.

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