Sunday Rant

Headlines aren’t always (seldom, occasionally, once-in-a-while, never) accurate: Headline, “More than a Million Americans Disregarded Public Health Travel Warnings on Sunday.” U.S. airports screened well over one million people on Sunday, the highest number since the beginning of the pandemic in March.

I’m one of those people that traveled. I didn’t “Disregard” anything, I wanted to see my wife and spend Christmas with her at my home. I, like most of those other travelers, followed all the freakin’ protocols, including the damn mask.

I “quarantined” in my home for the entire time. The only time I left my property was when I walked the dog. Other than my wife, I haven’t been closer then 60-90 feet to anyone, except at the airport. I’ve taken my temperature every day.

And considering the recent revelations on the accuracy of the “public health” warnings, why the hell should we listen to them? They lie, make up facts, and tell only what fits their narrative. So, no.

Will I test? No. The guy giving me the test has been exposed more in a single day than I have the entire time. And I don’t believe the .gov has the authority to order me to take a medical procedure, and that is what the test is. So I will not be taking any “airport test”.

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