Sunday Rant

As I was sitting, thinking about my Sunday Rant, the FBI announced a large number of men have been arrested for planning to kidnap the governor of Michigan. They are also alleged to have been planning to storm the state Capitol. Sounds sort of “White House Down” doesn’t it?

The where, what, and why are not what I want to address. I want to, again, talk about OPSEC. Most of these “terrorists” will to prison for a very long time, the rest of their lives, because, basically, they couldn’t keep their mouths shut. They posted their plans, intentions, and even pictures of their members on “social media”. I doubt they even vetted new “members” before they started their “training”.

It’s been reported that there were at least 6 informers in a group of maybe 25 people. In other words, every 4th member was an informer or undercover agent.

There is an old adage, often credited to the Hells Angels, it says simply, “Three can keep a secret, if two are dead”. Not sure if the HA came up with it and considering the number of times they have been penetrated, they don’t follow it that well, but it is a good indicator of what I am saying. 

Every military intelligence department, police department, and the entire international intelligence community teach operatives how to create informers. Informers provide the gold, intelligence, on what the “enemy” is planning. They provide where you’ll be, when you’ll be there, and what you intend to do. With that intel, counter measures are easy.

Almost daily we are given stories of this person recording the other person, holding on to the recording for years. And waiting for the most opportune time to release it. So you can never be sure who is reading and recording you.

If you post anything, “The internet is forever”.

My advice: Keep what you think, what you plan, and what you have, to yourself. Don’t trust anyone.

  • In forwarded this to my friend John Farnam earlier this week. His response was;

9 Oct 20 Dear Sir Yes, “Loose lips sink ships” As true now as it has ever been. Keep me posted. /John S Farnam, DTI

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