Sunday “Guest” Rant

I don’t know the originator of this piece. But it is powerful.

If I say ‘all lives matter,’ I’m a racist. If I stand for my flag, I have to apologize for it. I’m not allowed to go to church, but I can burn churches to the ground. I’m not allowed to open my own business, but I can go loot and destroy other people’s businesses.”
“If I wear a badge, dressed in blue, I’m a racist pig. But if I walk around destroying my city with bricks and masks, I’m considered a peaceful protester.”
“If I wear a blue Aloha short, I’m a white racist, if I wear a black hood and mask I’m a freedom fighter.”
“I’m not allowed to peacefully protest the lockdown at my capitol, but I can go destroy and graffiti my capitol.”
“I’m not allowed to go to the park to play T-ball with my family, but I can destroy the park.”
“I’m not allowed to protect our historical monuments and history, but I can go tear them down and have them land on top of people.”
“I’m not allowed to have an opinion on racial matters because I’m white, but if I don’t have an opinion on it, I’m the reason why people are oppressed.”
“I can go riot in the streets with the BLM but if I go to a Trump rally COVID-19 magically appears.”
“Does anyone else not see the hypocrisy in all of this?”
“I am done with your bullsh*t!”


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