Motes For Your Friday

Available for your entertainment: At “American Thinker”, (6/9/20) is a very entertaining recording of a Chicago woman, evidently frustrated by armed guards at a local cell phone preventing her from looting during the recent rioting. The recording tells us a lot about the state of thinking in the riot-American community. She’s not showing a lot of intersectional solidarity with Muslim immigrants, whom she denounces as not real Africans because they are from “Morocco” and screams “Burn them Allah”. I have to warn the recording is several minutes of vile language and is kind of disturbing. more:

Is El Chapo out: I was flipping through e-bay the other day and I happened to notice there is a lot of “gold plated” parts for the Colt 1911, grips, slides, safeties, and such. I mean a lot of parts. Now just why anyone would want a “gold plated 1911” escapes me, but there has to be somebody out there.

As it always is: Regarding the “elderly” protester “knocked down” by Buffalo police officers. The officers have been suspended “pending investigation” of their actions. Of course, it was “all” captured on video. However, all it not as it seems. “Instapundit” links to an article by Jack Dunphy of the PJ News outlet. It shows some very interesting “tweets” by the elderly “victim”, including “fuxx the police”. It appears the “gentleman” in question was engaged in more than just a “peaceful” protest. But the two cops are screwed, their lives and careers are damaged beyond recovery. They are scalps on the alter of a social media trial.

Kind of funny: There seems to be a few small problems at the Seattle “Capital Hill Autonomous Zone “ or CHAZ. The problem, no food. Oh, and the rat police have taken back their barricades. Since CHAZ consists of 6 square blocks of asphalt, and other peoples homes, there is really no “infrastructure”. Just wait until there’s no light and no water. By the way, after they all move along, and they will, who is going to repair, replace, and reimburse the owners of those properties? Oh yeah, the taxpayer. And I bet none of those “occupying” pays any taxes. Prove me wrong. Anyone. Please.

And just to make myself clear, I kneel before no man.
Period. End of conversation.

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