Wednesday Mote

Unclear on the concept: So , if I’m white, and I wear an “aloha” shirt, I’m a white supremacist? But a black guy, wearing a black shirt and a black mask, is ok? What if the black guy is wearing an aloha shirt and I wear the black shirt and mask? Would this be a double standard or simply hypocrisy?

Let me get this straight: Top congressional Democrats unveiled a bill Monday to overhaul police practices as Americans mass daily to protest excessive use of force and systemic racism. So, their answer will be to nationalize all police departments so they can all be held accountable to the same set of rules, everywhere. Seems to me that would make one police department, to answer to one set of rules, and that makes them a “national police force”. That happened once before; Ordnungspolizei abbreviated Orpo, meaning “Order Police”, were the uniformed police … Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS, was named Chief of German Police in the Interior Ministry on 17 June 1936 . Any of this sound familiar? How about the Soviet NKVD? That’s what happens when you create a “national” police.

Someone explain why: Earlier this week President Trump ordered About 9,500 U.S. troops stationed in Germany be reassigned. Germany has decried this as “Unacceptable”. He didn’t ask them. Excuse me, they are Untied States troops, he is the President of the United States, they are NOT accountable to you. They are not under German control (thank the gods) and there is no reason why our President should have to consult you before moving his troops. Live with it.

You can’t explain the rules, they don’t always apply: My favorite bar has sort of re-opened. I can’t sit at the bar. I have to wear a mask when I’m not sitting. I have to drink out of a plastic glass or a beer can. I cannot sit in a group of more than 6 people. And yet, thousands took to the ocean over the weekend to honor George Floyd and about 10,000 people on Oahu took part in a rally at the state Capitol on Saturday. I can’t follow the rules, I don’t know what they are.

Um, wrong place: If we look at the major cities where the major protesting is being done, Chicago, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, or New York they are all Democrat party run. So why, in Hawaii, do the protesters march on and leave signs at, the Republican Party headquarters? And since Hawaii has been a Democrat state forever, why are they complaining to the one group that has absolutely no power? Let’s consider who they are being led by. And claiming it was a spontaneous action, is just so much shibai.
The above mote was sent to the Honolulu Star Advertiser as a “letter to the editor”. The S-A is a fully democrat info-sheet, so what do you think the odds of it getting published are? 0% to none is my guess.

And just to make myself clear, I kneel before no man.
Period. End of conversation.

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