Sunday Rant

Recently my wife had to see the “family” physician for a routine check-up. While discussing the results of her chest x-ray, he “casually” asked “about how many guns” do we own. He then asked about ammunition and where and how often does “Jim” (me) practice? Unlike many others I’ve trained and speak to, she listened. She ignored the initial questions, continued asking about the x-ray results, and finally told him she was “uncomfortable” with the topic and those questions were better addressed to me. I’ve already told him it was not a medical concern and I would not answer any questions regarding the subject of firearms or our “preparations”. It’s a good thing he’s retiring soon, I’ve already started looking for a new primary-care physician.
In the State of Hawaii you need an official letter from your primary care doctor, stating in their medical opinion you’re safe to have a firearm, to get a “permit to purchase” any firearm. People that use Kaiser Medical have to go outside since nobody at Kaiser will take that responsibility and sign such a letter. Just what expertise does a family practioner have to judge whether or not I am safe? Oh, I better shut up or they’ll investigate my stability. Or maybe they’ll decide everyone will need an evaluation by a licensed therapist to be able to apply for the permission to submit the paperwork to possibly be granted state permission to perhaps purchase a firearm at a later date which is to be determined by committee.

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