Motes For Little Friday

Old people rock: I say that not just because I’m old, but there are some that even show me up. A Wisconsin Mother of five, Florence Teeters, went on her first deer hunt, and bagged a buck. No big thing, right? Well, maybe it is because Florence is 104-years old. <strong>One Hundred and Four Years Old. Her first buck, on her first hunt, and it was the first day of the season. Well done Florence, well done.

Poor Victim Planning: In Chicago a 14-year old girl arranged to meet with a 21-year old woman to “buy a dog”. It appears our younger miss had no intention of “buying” anything. She pulled out a “gun” struck the seller in the head and attempted to rob her way into ownership. In return, the other woman pulled out her own concealed weapon and shoots her assailant. It does turn out that the young criminal had a “pellet” gun, and the media will make a big thing out of that, and the intended victim did not have a “CCW”. My opinion is the young ”gangsta” got what she deserved. The mintended victim should receive a slap on the wrist for lack of a permit and let the rest of the issue be a lesson to those that would consider theft or robbery as a way of life.

Hollywood Hypocrite: Mark Ruffalo is saying; “It’s time for an economic revolution. Capitalism today is failing us, killing us, and robbing from our children’s future.” This coming from a guy whose estimated “worth” is in excess of 30 million dollars. Now, I put “worth” in quotes. Ruffalo has the ability to entertain, so what is that “worth”. In a capitalist system, it’s worth what the public is willing to pay. In a socialist system, that Ruffalo seems to support, it’d be worth the same as any other job, as everyone would be paid the same. So, Mark, would you trade your movie wages for the wages you made in your only “real” job, bartender? I didn’t think so.

Poor taste?
: Just dropped from the Amazon Christmas gift line up are the Auschwitz tree ornaments, featuring an image of a train car, an Auschwitz bottler opener, and a Birkenau mouse pad depicting barbed wire and guard towers. Are you freaking kidding me? “Poor taste” doesn’t even come close on this one.

Is there nothing they won’t blame on him? : A British politacritter is now blaming “Trump” for the recent knife attack on London Bridge. He is not blaming the known Islamic terrorist that stabbed the people, while wearing an electric “monitor”, after an early jail release for a different terror attack, nor the Islamic mayor of London, but is blaming the President of the United States. The inmates are running,…well everything.

As usual: An Australian “sex blogger” has decided to tell men why their wives aren’t having sex with them. It’s the husband’s fault. Well, that’s science, that settles that.

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