Sunday Motes Coming Down

Sad to note the passing of “Funky” Donnie Fritz, songwriter and band member of Kris Kristofferson. The man could make beautiful music. God’s choir just got a whole lot better. R I P

RE: James Comey; Remember, No One Will Do One Single Day

Really? : Dear Prudence, My sweet Aunt has written a screenplay where I am killed by a poisoned dildo. Help.” You can’t make this stuff up.

Was that Ellen Barkin sitting incognito at Anna’s the other day? We ain’t telling.

Talk about holding a grudge: In Thailand, two school classmates get together at special dinner party. One participant, Thanapat Anakesri, had waited 53 years to confront his old school bully, Suthat Kosayamat, and demand an apology. When Kosayamat refused, Anakesri pulled out a gun and shot the “bully” to death. Friends said that when he’d had those few beers too many, Anakesri would often complain about the way Kosayamat had treated him. Remember kids, some people have long memories.

They just make it up: Joe Biden likes to tell stories that are just that, “stories”. He has frequently told one about when he was Vice-President, he traveled to Afghanistan to pin a medal on a U.S. serviceman. A medal that stands for bravery and selfless courage, obviously something Biden knows nothing about. Fact checkers have found the story to be totally false, except for the being in Afghanistan part, but he went there as a Senator, not V-P. And he only watched a medal being presented, he had nothing to do with it. Like I say, they just make it up as they go.

Retraction: The more I learn about him, the less I like Dan Crenshaw and his “thinking”. He’s an idiot. And his wife is an “idiot enabler”.

Just throwing it out there
: The traditional Islamic punishment for a woman found sleeping with a man not her husband is “100 lashes”. Not pointing this at anyone, just saying.

Just thinking here; what is the state of journalism when you have to threaten the news reporter (MSNBC) before they even try to find out the truth. What ever happened to always “establish the truth” of the story before you make the report?

And speaking of reporters: If you are sitting and talking with reporters, there is no such thing as off the record. It doesn’t matter is it’s over dinner, drinks, or in the back of a limo. Everything is “on the record”. Point; White House personal assistance Madeline Westerhout has ”abruptly” resigned after disclosing personal information about the President during an “off-the-record dinner” with reporters. There appear to be other factors involved but the “breach of trust” was the “last straw”. Don’t ever say anything “off the record”. It never is.

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