Motes Down The River

I love humanity; it’s people I can’t stand. Mental health is relative; your relatives will drive you crazy.

“Shoot the gun out of his hand”: A report says man fired 39 shots, at a naked woman, in his home, in the same room, and scored no hits. Now this would require at least 2 reloads and maybe more. The problem was ended by the homeowner’s son and a wrench. What we have here is a failure to practice, practice, practice, and use the sights. It has been suggested that maybe the home owner (shooter) couldn’t bring himself to drop the hammer on another human being. I can understand that, but those 39 slugs went and stopped someplace. Good thing that stopping place wasn’t a neighbor or their child.

It is a real thing: Amish Romance novels. Going to have to check Barnes and Nobel for this genre’. It is a chaste romance with a happy ending and no sex. Sort of like marriage only with a happy ending.

Why does everyone keep saying Epstein “had” incriminating photo’s of Bill Clinton. (I really don’t what to see any of Hilary.) As long as nobody can prove they were destroyed, and Epstein doesn’t have an “accident”, he HAS incriminating pictures of B.C. Come to think of it, I don’t want to see those either.

Robert Foster, a Republican candidate for Mississippi Governor, has refused a female reporter request that she accompany him on a 15 hour “ride along” on his campaign unless she brings a male associate. His comment to Ms. Larrison Campbell was “This is my truck, and in my truck we go by my rules”. Foster says he and his wife Heather made the agreement that he would not be alone with another woman, he referred to it as the “Billy Graham Rule”, before he decided to run. Some see this as a step in protecting the professionalism in the work place while the usual suspects scream “sexism” and “unfair” to women. Sorry, I gotta take his side. There are just too many “unsubstantiated claims” that have destroyed lives. I this this is a good practice. But I ain’t running for no office.

And it wasn’t in Florida: A woman has been arrested for driving around with an inflatable kiddy pool on the top of her car, with 2 kids in the pool. She says they were there to hold the pool in place while she drove home after inflating it at a friend’s house. You can’t fix stupid.

Speaking of …. politics; Rosie O’Donnell says the is “a creepy incest” feeling between President Trump and daughter Ivanka. But appears to have nothing to say about the 25+ documented trips Bill Clinton made to “Lolitia Island”. Actually, I’m not surprised because I know Rosie likes his saxophone. He he he

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