Motes For A Tuesday

Would somebody please take the camera away from Madonna? Please?

Caught between two of them: Hawaii’s Mauna Loa, the world’s largest active volcano, started erupting Sunday night and lava was flowing from its summit by Monday morning, the U.S. Geological Survey said. The lava wasn’t expected to threaten populated areas, officials said. “Lava flows are not threatening any downslope communities and all indications are that the eruption will remain in the Northeast Rift Zone,” the USGS. Residents were also warned volcanic gas, ash and thin glass fibers known as Pele’s Hair could be carried downwind. Yep, I got Mauna Kea on one side, and Mauna Loa on the other.  Probably should’a planned that better.

Have I got this right: You leave your country of birth to move to a “better” life. Then you riot and burn down a city, in your “better” country, when your country of birth wins a freakin’ soccer match. Does this make any sense to you? Sure doesn’t to me.

A recent editorial: “Gun owners don’t seek counseling, for possessing guns. I’ve never heard of Gun Owners Anonymous, or Killers Are Us. But co-victims of gun violence need emotional support. Maybe we need to introduce a gun tax for Co-Victims Support. You owe us. Your GUN damaged us. There was no blood involved. A co-victim is someone who is connected to someone who was shot, or to a shooter. But, damn, we are damaged. We know what triggered—pun intended—our issues. It was a gun. Pay up. Let’s add a special gun tax that goes exclusively to treat the 7 co-victims of every shooting.We need that Gun Tax. Co-Victims deserve it. Gun owners owe us.” So let’s tax all the gun owners that don’t commit crimes, make them pay for the criminals, the ones you won’t put in jail. So, next we make the car makers pay for the drunk drivers and the distilleries for the alcoholics. Seems about right.

Learn from my mistakes: Long long ago I signed up with a local gym. Three weeks later I fell and broke my back in two places. I notified the gym and advised them I would not be using the facilities or making payment. Five years later, I was served with court papers suing me for the full 2 year contract. I even went to court, I still had to pay.

I skipped Black Friday because my hatred of mankind outweighs my love of stuff.

Motes, Monday, Meh

Maany questions: Armed guards were a fixture outside the marijuana growing operation in rural Oklahoma where four people were slain execution-style. the victims — three men and one woman, all Chinese citizens — were shot dead, “executed” on the 10-acre (4-hectare) property west of Hennessey, a town about 55 miles (90 kilometers) northwest of Oklahoma City. Oklahoma voters legalized medical marijuana in 2018, and the industry quickly boomed thanks to an open-ended law that put in place fewer restrictions than in other states.  The majority of the workers spoke no English and were never saw off of the property. That has led locals to raise concerns about the working conditions. My first, and foremost, question is : Why is an Oklahoma pot farm inhabited and run by solely by Chinese?

It’s predictable: During a press event in Nantucket, Massachusetts, on Thanksgiving, President Biden told reporters that he would push Congress to enact “stricter gun laws” before Republicans take control of the House of Representatives at the start of the new year. The “commander in chief” told reporters outside the Nantucket Fire Department, “The idea we still allow semiautomatic weapons to be purchased is sick. It’s just sick. It has no, no social redeeming value. Zero. None. Not a single, solitary rationale for it except profit for the gun manufacturers.” You knew this was going to happen, and it was predictable they will try to do it while they still have control. And that is what it’s all about CONTROL.

Needs to go to Vegas: A Carnival cruise ship passenger fell overboard into the Gulf of Mexico and was found alive against all odds on Thanksgiving Day — more than 15 hours after vanishing, officials said. The missing man, who hasn’t been identified, was with his sister at the Carnival Valor’s bar at 11 p.m. Wednesday when he took a bathroom break and never came back. The sibling didn’t report her brother gone until noon the next day,  prompting the Cozumel, Mexico-bound ship to retrace its sailing path toward New Orleans Thursday, said Carnival spokesperson Matt Lupoli. It was reported to the US Coast Guard at around 2:30 p.m. and search crews quickly launched a rescue mission by land and sea over a 200-mile area of the Gulf of Mexico.This guy falls off the boat, in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, and is found 15 hours later. He needs to go to Vegas and bet big, now. 

Good news, maybe: California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) said he won’t run for president in 2024, even if Uncle Joe  declines to run for another term. I know I breathed a sigh of relief. Can you imagine a country run like Calipornia?

Sunday Rant

WHAT the hell is wrong with our society? This “cancel” culture is way out of line. Every day we read about someone, who does or says something, and someone else decides it was wrong and then starts a campaign of,…well HATE is the only word I can think of.  People are hounded by neighbors and absolute strangers for not agreeing with someone. Women are stigmatized and shunned because they aren’t June Cleaver or Harriet Nelson. Families are forced to move out of homes, schools, cities or even change states because someone said they said something about someone else. Phone calls, sideways looks, and outright belligerent acts seem to be the norm today. Politics, religion, and even medical preferences are now grounds to be harassed, embarrassed, and even fired from your job. And people that cause it, are proud of themselves. Then they blame the other guy for “making” them destroy him. They can’t accept responsibility for what they have done. It’s time we found out if they can take what they dish out. It’s past time to make them follow their own rules. Call out their hypocrisy. Call out their two-tier legal system. Demand you have the same rights as they seem to demand.

Saturday Story

Working Alone Probably the worst thing a cop can do is arrest or testify against another cop. Or make a case against another cop, or a favorite ex/retired cop. That story has already been told, but not the repercussions. After something like this breaks, you start to understand how well liked you were or weren’t. I know of guys that were not that well liked and after they were arrested, nobody cared who made the case. But after I was instrumental in another officer’s arrest, an officer much better liked and well connected, I found out how ugly that Blue Line can be. This arrest was just the beginning. I suddenly wasn’t real welcomed at the after-shift bar sessions, card games that I used to be invited to every week and even the bowling league was stand offish. When I made traffic stops at night, there was no back-up. Basically, I was an officer alone. But nothing brought that more to home than that Thanksgiving. I was sharing an apartment with my best friend Paul’s sister-in-law, yes, sometimes it did get a bit complicated and stressful, but it was worth it. She had a 14-year-old son that also lived with us and I tried not to be a Dad, but rather an older uncle. It was one of those weekends, right after the arrest, the boy was with his father, and she and I were having a romantic evening together. When I get a call at about 10:30 pm, on my night off, ordering me to the station “immediately” , I know it can’t be good. Since I was in the middle of a date it was inconvenient to say the least. The news was even more inconvenient. The FBI had notified the department that they had intercepted a phone call from “a known criminal character” soliciting another known character to have me killed. So, at 10:30 on my night off, the department calls me into the station to tell me someone has taken out a contract on my life. The F.B.I. SA (special agent) was there to let everyone know it was for real and the chances of my being killed were very real. And the individuals involved, including the cop I had just “set up”, were known and fully capable of completing this assignment. Upon my returning to my apartment, after being told to watch myself, I had to explain to her what the call was about, it didn’t set well. It did end the “romance” of the evening. Later that month was Thanksgiving and my best friend, and his sister-in-law (my girlfriend) wanted to invite me to the family holiday dinner but were told; “What if something happened and there’s shooting or something?” In other words, he’d be a danger to the family. Don’t bring him. I spent that and many other evening dinners, with Mrs. Swanson. The Lady and I later broke up. Paul remained my best friend. It never really got better.

I’m Stuffed, With Motes

Anybody remember when the NBA was a non-contact sport?  

Know who: Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, suggested on Tuesday that criticism against her is an incitement of violence.  Why is it if you say something critical against someone, who thinks they are important, you’re inciting violence?  In rereading the statement she is referring to, her name is never mentioned. Not once. “To know who rules, note who you cannot criticize”.  

He lied, again: Remember a short time ago Uncle Joe announced he had avoided a “rail strike”, I commented he had only delayed it until the holidays? Well, informed sources say the chance of a nationwide rail strike on or before the holidays is 50/50. At best.

Best prayers: During its run, I was a big fan of “Married- With Children”. I’m really sorry to hear about Christina Applegate’s MS diagnosis. I’ve known a couple of people who have suffered from MS and I hope she does okay.

My choice: I read a list of the “Ten Saddest Songs Ever”. I agreed with about half of those named. But, I was amazed the Brad Paisley/Alison Krauss “Whiskey Lullaby” was not included. To me, the song and its story is about as sad as anything ever written.

Something to think about: Deer hunters saw success over opening weekend in Wisconsin, slaying over 100,000 deer, an over 15% increase from 2021’s open season. Figures showed that hunters nabbed 103,623 deer Saturday and Sunday, 56,638 of which were bucks, it was reported. The number of bucks killed increased by 13.9% than in 2021. The figure has since nearly doubled to 200,409 dead deer total, with hunters fatally shooting 113,854 bucks, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Over 150,000 deer in a single weekend. If you consider  there are 2-3 hunters for ever animal taken, that would indicate there are 400,000 armed shooters in Wisconsin. Think about that before you throw ideas like “civil war” around.

It ain’t yours: Wow, in Canada, not only will they help “euthanize” you if you’re too poor; now the government will confiscate your money under a new “unexplained wealth” statute. If you can’t explain how you got your money, to their satisfaction, they’ll take it away from you. Sounds like they have learned from the U.S. “asset forfeiture” statutes.

Happy Thanksgiving

I am thankful for my family and friends. So many turned out for my retirement party last month. I am thankful I live in the greatest country in history, and I pray she continues for another 300 years. I am thankful for the doctors and surgeons that have allowed my wife to be cancer free for the last 8 years. Every day my feet hit the floor, I am thankful for another day.

Motes In A Row, Wow

“I’m leaving Twitter if they let Trump back on”, is the new “I’m moving to Canada if Trump is nominated/elected”.  Nobody really does it.    

What the hell is wrong with people?: Democrats pounced on Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado after the GOP lawmaker issued a tweet in the wake of a shooting at a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs. A person says something after something happens, and all of a sudden it’s their fault. People, it ain’t nobody’s fault except the  guy that pulled the trigger. The guy that drove the SUV down the sidewalk. The woman that leaves her kid to freeze in the car while she parties in the bar. It is their fault and only their fault. Stop trying to blame everyone but the actual person responsible.  

It’s getting bad:M

It’s getting really bad: Two pro rasslers pretend to be “progressive liberals” and the crowd literally attacks them.  Two independent “sports entertainers” have been assaulted with words, fists and chairs during shows in the Appalachia and southern regions while working the “P L” angle during their shows. Wrestling is about good-v-evil, and is a play.  Unfortunately, unlike professional wrestling, politics is real.

No respect: Recently a video of a tourist has been slammed after he filmed himself urinating and giving the middle finger on Hawaii’s sacred Mauna Kea. Travis Upright has been forced to issue a grovelling apology after posting a crude video of him urinating on top of the tallest mountain in the Hawaiian Chain. An angry mob in Mexico poured water on a clueless female tourist, hurled insults at her and demanded that she be locked up after she ascended the ancient Mayan pyramid and was filmed dancing on the stairs. The unidentified woman, who is said to be a Spanish national, sparked an outrage Monday when she ignored the rules barring visitors from climbing Mayan Temple of Kukulcán in Chichén Itzá.  WTF is wrong with people.

Letter to the editor: On June 17, it was announced that Hawaii would implement “Ranked Choice voting”(RCV) for special elections. I don’t remember anyone asking the voters in Hawaii if they wanted RCV. A simple yes or no vote would have been sufficient. We’ve all seen what a fiasco RCV has caused in Alaska. RCV gives the incumbent an advantage, so those in power, stay in power. Once again, our representatives have chosen not to represent the voters, the people that elect them. If they really represented the people, they would have asked about RCV. They don’t, so they didn’t. (Honolulu Star-Advertiser 11/21/22)

Tuesday Motes, Yeah.

A blessing in retirement: watching the recordings of my Grandson’s first steps.

Know your neighborhood: In a particularly horrifying encounter with a California mountain lion, one of the big cats snatched a leashed Chihuahua from a dog walker in a residential area near the Hollywood reservoir on Friday. Nine-year-old Piper, a blue merle-Chihuahua mix, was fatally mauled.(eaten) Local wildlife biologists suspect the cougar was 11-year-old “P-22,” who has made Griffith Park in the area his home. P-22 was captured in 2012 and fitted with a tracking collar.  You have a mountain lion living in the park in your area, be aware especially when walking their lunch.

Watched R.I.P.D. 2. Meh, nothing really interesting or worth watching. Well, except don’t pet the fluffy cows.

 Teach your children well: Missouri man is lucky to be alive after he was shot in the head while allegedly strangling a woman inside her home this week. The assailant from Greene County, Missouri, is well known to local law enforcement, having at least 15 reported domestic assaults tied to him since 2006. In fact, earlier this year he is believed by authorities to have set fire to a woman’s home in Greene County, but this week the man apparently showed up once again at the residence and this time, he managed to make his way inside. The pos began choking and strangling her in front of her teenage son, who pleaded with him to stop. When this human waste reportedly refused to release his grip on the woman, the teen grabbed a shotgun and aimed it at the man. The boy told deputies he fired the shotgun after begging him to stop choking his mother. Unfortunately, the individual is still alive. First thought, why is he still on the street?  Second, would the son like some firearms training?

Someone in the newsroom has a sense of humor: Headline: “Saudi Arabia executes 12 people with swords even after Crown Prince’s promise to cut back”. That there is some edgy humor. I wonder if there was more or did they chop it short. Oh geez, someone stop me.

It’s Motes For Monday

The United States is deeply concerned about the Chinese government setting up unauthorized ‘police stations’ in U.S. cities to possibly pursue influence operations, FBI Director Christopher Wray told lawmakers. Can anyone tell me how China was able to establish “police stations” in the US?  Unless they are considered “Embassy Grounds”, why are they even erected? Republicans in Congress have requested answers from the Biden administration about their influence. Yeah, like that’s gonna get answers.

Best wishes to Jay Leno and hope his recovery is swift.

I wonder how the L.A.- D.A. will handle the recent vehicle accident involving the Sheriff trainees. Let’s face it, that office hasn’t really been in a good light for some time. And there are indications the accident wasn’t all that accidental.

Retirement is getting better. It’s a chance to make new friends or piss off a new group of people. Meh, I could go either way.

Did you know the Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth, has never served a day in the military? She says she wants “diversity, equity, and inclusion” programs so that all the soldiers “feel included”. Perhaps Secretary Wormuth should explain how the Army can sustain operational readiness when it can’t come close to meeting its recruiting goals. I don’t want a “woke” soldier next to me, I want one that can and will fight to protect me and our country.

After years of working on the stadium, millions of dollars poured down the rat holes of the middle east, last week Qatar announced they will not allow beer or other alcoholic drinks at the “World Cup” “football”/Soccer championships. Yeah, that’ll go over big time.

GMAFB*: Dealing with trauma she likened to “survivor’s guilt,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the aftermath of the October attack on her husband, Paul, by an assailant looking for her has left the California Democrat’s family shaken. Now she will claim PTSD is the reason she is stepping down. Hey Nan, you want PTSD, try going into combat 3 months after your 18th birthday. You ain’t got survivor’s guilt, I really doubt you even know what the word guilt means, unless it’s applied to someone else. (*Give Me A Fxxxen Break)

Wick(ed) Blades

Wick(ed) Blades, this one is so good, I’m reposting it.

I love John Wick. No secret there. Keanu Reeves does a wonderful job with all the action. Since Reeves is a “Three Weapon” competitor he makes the gun action real and believable. He trains very hard on the judo/mma action, so it too is great.

But I gotta complain about the blade work. Oh, the action is okay, could be better, but it’s his lousy selection of blades. Often his opponents use much better blades like, like Common’s “Cold Steel-Tac” and Ruby Rose’s punch knife. Wick always has this “out the front” (OTF) switchblade. In my opinion they have weak locks, they are ineffective for slash or stab, and prone to not open at the time you need it to open. (IMOO) So I sat down with my buddy Ken Onion and we came up with a couple of alternatives.

For just plain awesome there are these two. On the left is the “Foresight”. Darkened blade, frame lock, with a strong steel/aluminum frame. The blade is a flipper engaged 3.5” inch blade, rolling on IKBS bearings. When opened it  becomes short sword as far as slashing and thrusting abilitys. To the right is the “Bump”. The Bump has a “speed-safe” spring loaded opening action, and a truelly ambidexerous locking system. Couple this with a very aggressive cutting curved  3.625” blade and you have a really superior “personal” blade. It fills the hand comfortably and doesn’t have any tendency to twist in your grip. I’m not saying the Microtech OTF is a bad knife, I’m saying I’d carry one of these first.

If John wanted a “visual” or a couple of minutes of screen time, maybe go with  the “Field Strip”. He could sit down, strip it like he does his firearms, reassemble and then be ready to go. The knife has a liner lock, comes in several blade lengths, and styles. All are photogenic but I just happen to prefer this wharncliffe type blade. You got to admit, it gives a strong visual.

If Mr. Wick wants a really strong knife, this is the Ikoma Seismic. A “dead bolt lock”, you can ram this into a wall and do pull-ups on all day without the lock failing. This is a 3.69” inch flipper activated blade but it rolls on teflon impregnated bearings that is as fast, or faster, than any blade I have ever handled.( And that’s a bunch.)

For sheer visual stunning, he could try the metallic morphing karambit knife the “Provoke”. Since karambit’s have been used in several of Wick fights, this blade and its mechanic’s would fit right in with John’s other upgrades.

Or he could go to the desert roots of the “High Table” with an upswept Persian blade, like the Ritual. The desert scimitar folder is a handful and it wouldn’t bother me a bit if it were all I had to defend myself. Not one bit.

Okay, so John wants a fixed blade, but one that doesn’t take up too much room. The Dragon takes up much less room than a spare mag, will possibly punch through soft body-armor, and will inflict all kinds of havoc on the other guy while giving our man a serious grip. With a 4.5” blade, and an overall thickness of less than .25” of an inch, Dragon hides and performs well.

Of course, there are always the tried and true EDC blades.One of my favorites is the “Sting” in any of the several variations. The 3-1/8″ spear point blade features two Razor-sharp cutting edges and the integral handle is contoured to fit the bare or gloved hand nicely. The skeleton black comes with thumb detents for grip, while the wood slab has a rather traditional “coffin” shaped grip.

Well, there you have my choices in Wick(ed) Blades. Come on John, give’em a try. Hey Keanu, if you’re on the Big Island give me a call, I can let you handle all of these.

My thanks to my pal Ken Onion for his advice and expertise. He knows what he’s talking about and agreed with most of my picks.