Thursday and I’m Back With Motes

Sometimes you have to take it into your own hands: A Visalia CA couple have been arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon, conspiracy and other crimes. What they did was leave an unattended bicycle, in their yard, and when a thief came by, entered the yard and tried to steal the bike, the couple beat the thief with baseball bats. At least four beatings were recorded and have appeared on YouTube. I’m sorry, but I believe if you come to steal another person’s belongings, you should be prepared for the consequences. This’ll launch into a big property-v-life argument, but don’t bother. I believe you steal at your own risk. Thieves know the chance of punishment is slim so in their minds “crime does pay”, I think it should get real expensive. IMHO the only thing they did wrong, and I’m not really sure it was wrong, was post the recordings for the public.

On the same line: In Atlanta GA, police will no longer engage in the pursuit of escaping criminal, or alleged criminals. So guys like the above mentioned bicycle thieves will get away as long as they are faster than the overweight doughnut munching cops that are there to “Protect and Serve”.

It could be next: Washington state is a mixed-up place. On the coast side is the liberal, let the .gov take care of everything while on the eastern side of the mountains is just the opposite. Now the Governor is trying to push a bunch of gun laws that just might cause another Virginia type “uprising”. Like what is happening to Tennessee right now. I’ll wait.

Old rich white men for president: Billionaire Tom Steyer, who if you didn’t know is running for president, now claims the United States “must provide cheap housing to illegal immigrants”. We do, it’s called jail. Oh, he also promises that when he is president there will be free healthcare, workplace training, and cultural celebrations. Sorry, I can’t even begin to explain how offensive that is to me.

Speaking of offensive: On December 23, Illinois joined 19 other states and the District of Columbia to explicitly require Medicaid to pay for transgender surgeries. That’s the word, REQUIRE. And guess who pays, yep, you and me

Smiley Mote Tuesday :)

They agree: I have one comment regarding the “carry in church” argument going on. I was once told, by a Chaplin, that “Peter and Paul” agree with “Smith and Wesson”. And that’s my last word. (Sure it is.)

I don’t like boycotts: But if you’re in Seattle stay away from “St. John’s Bar and Eatery”. One of the “owner’s” likes to make jokes when a man and his 9-year old daughter were killed in a tragic hunting accident. By tweeting “1.5 less MAGAbilly’s in the world”, with absolutely no evidence the deceased father had any political standing, the co-owner wife, who had never met the man or his daughter as they were on the other side of the country, is now being disavowed by her husband in fear her crap infected mouth will adversely effect the restaurant’s patronage. In almost any other city I can see that happening. But Seattle, no. There’ll probably be a line outside the eat and bask in the shine of her enlightenment. Me, I wish dueling was still allowed. Instead, I’ll never eat there. Even if I’m in Seattle.

Call it whatever you want: “I left my cheating husband and now have 9 sugar daddies who pay me £260 per date.” They have a name for a woman that does this, and it isn’t “sugar baby”. Call yourself whatever you want, you’re still a whore. An expensive and picky one, but still a whore. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against a good, honest whore. She isn’t either.

Just English picky: They are reporting the Epstein suicide recording’s, his first try, have been erased due to an “inadvertent mistake”. Aren’t all mistakes “inadvertent”? If they were not inadvertent, they weren’t mistakes but “done on purpose” happenings. Remember, 1 is an accident, 2 is suspicious, 3 is enemy action.

“Kookie Kookie, lend me your comb”: Television star of the 50’s and 60’s Edd “Kookie” Brynes has passed at age 87. He will be remembered as the hip parking attendant in the show “77 Sunset Strip” and of course for is role in “Grease”. He was a fair actor and from all reports a good human being. Aloha

Cage match for president: With President Trump referring to Adam Schiff as a “pencil neck” it put me to mind of ‘Classy Freddy Blassie” on of the pioneers of modern professional wrestling. Blassie often, very often, referred to the fans as “pencil necked geeks”, he even recorded a song “Pencil Neck Geek” with Johnny Legend. So, is our next president going to be selected in a 2 out of 3 fall match? Or maybe a “death match in a cage”. I’d go see that.

Rambling Monday Motes

It’s not a big deal : After the golden globes fiasco, Joaquin Phoenix has vowed to wear the same $1,500 (minimum listed price, I’m sure he doesn’t wear ‘basic’) dollar suit to all the awards shows this year. Big deal, I’ve worn the same $150.00 suit for 8 years and to no awards shows. (And I still look great.)

Ask for a refund
: Everybody is now talking about the huge pallet of shrink wrapped Cash that Obama sent to Iran, and the possibility that cash was used to buy the missile’s Iran just shot at American bases. Well I say, get your money back Obumer, those missiles couldn’t hit anything. Get a refund.

They’re still here: Many years ago, I was in Downtown Los Angeles, very early in the morning, when I saw a group, 4 or 5, of coyotes prowling the streets. These predators were miles away from any king of natural habitat for their kind, yet there they were. I was told that not only did they live in the area, they thrived. Today I read about 2 coyote attacks in Chicago. The report stated there was an estimated 4,000 coyotes in Cook County Il, and they are becoming “more” aggressive. Sit down and watch the Albert Finney Gregory – Hines movie “Wolfen” for a few good spine shivers.

Brit Love (Head) Line:
“I am 22 and bed my lover, 55, as her husband watches on but I’m falling for her.” Turns out her met her on a sex-chat site a year ago. After meeting her he finds she is absolutely gorgeous and incredibly sexy. One problem is her husband is a “great bloke”. They all go out for meals together in the evenings and then hubby watches when they have sex. Now our young hero thinks of them both as good friends. Now the problem is thinks he’s in love with her. I remember when I was 22, and had this problem. Who am I kidding, I can’t remember when I was 22 but I real sure I never had this problem. I got no answer here.

If I did it, I’d be rich: In Denver, Colorado, if you go to “Tom”s Diner”, know what you want before you speak. Recently a patron was charged $.38 (thirty-eight cents) for “1 Stupid Question”. Nobody, including the patron, seems to know what the question was, but at that price it couldn’t have been that bad. And can they charge you if it isn’t “on the menu”?

Calling George Jetson: Hyundi and Uber, and unusual pairing to say the least, have teamed up to create “self -driving flying-taxis” that can do 180 mph, and cruise above tall buildings. They intend the autonomous vehicles to up and in service by 2023. Hi, I’m George and I’ll be your Uber driver tonight.

Sunday Rant

Polls do not show truth or reality. They show what the guy paying the bills wants them to show. It’s all about how and where you ask the question.
“A clear majority of people living outside the U.S. do not trust President Trump to do the right thing in world affairs, with fewer than one-third expressing confidence in him — an opinion also reflected in attitudes toward America generally, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center . However, the metrics have improved somewhat for the president since a similar survey two years ago, increasing to 29% expressing confidence from 22%.The survey published Wednesday was conducted in 33 countries from the spring to early autumn of last year.The nonpartisan Pew Research Center found that the percentage of those surveyed who expressed “no confidence” in Trump (64%) was a mirror image of the 64% who expressed confidence in President Barack Obama in a survey published in June 2017.”

Let me remind everyone once again, do not trust polls. This poll cannot not show “a clear majority”, they didn’t ask everyone. Polls reflect how the question was phrased (Have you stopped beating your wife); where it was asked (excuse me Father John, do you believe women should have abortions in the 6th month), and what you want to “prove” (fewer men are beating their wives over late term abortions). Polls show exactly what the poll taker want them to show.

In this ongoing election hohaha, don’t listen to the polls, listen to the candidate, listen to their opinions and where they stand. They are probably not telling the truth, will change their position, and don’t really care what you think as long as you vote for them, but don’t listen to the polls.

Saturday Story


One of the things I often refer to is my “Never Give Up” attitude.

Long, long ago, in another time and place an old NCO gave a speech. I did take away one idea I’ve tried to follow all my life. You know, my life law.

“If you never give up, you will never be beaten. You can lose, or can come in second or even dead last. But if you didn’t give up, you weren’t beaten”.

Over the years, I’ve come close to giving up a few times, but I’m still here so I guess I wasn’t beaten.

This “Mantra” was hardest to convey to my 2 youngest as they grew up. They had to listen to me tell that story so many times, I’m sure they got sick of hearing it, or rolled their eyes, and turned me to “mute” till it was over. They all turned out damn fine adults and human beings so I guess it was worth it.

I’ve even told that story to a lot of young bikers over the years. There is one young man that got that lesson and I’m pretty sure it stuck.

It was at a bike club party, not sure which club, but it was held at a Makaha Ranch. Just for grins, they decided to have a barrel race.

A biker barrel race is just like a rodeo barrel race. You have a starting line, 3 barrels laid out kinda like a baseball diamond. The difference is, you leave the start go to the area between 1st and 2nd, go around the barrel, then across to the area between 2nd and 3rd this time after you round the barrel you go straight ahead, go around barrel number 2, and then back to the start, which is now the finish line.

Since I’d done this before, the host club asked me to do the demo run.

First, let me put something in perspective. The whole contest depends on your total time. From start to finish, the clock runs on.

Second, I’m riding a 1980 Harley Davidson 80ci Wide Glide, that didn’t have a working electric starter. In reality, it was kick start only.

Third, I’d been at the party way too long already. I should not have been riding, I was drunk.

However, this was on private property and I was up, in a manner of speaking, to the challenge. Probably shouldn’t have.

When you’re making your run around the barrel, the tighter your turn, the shorter the time. In this case, closer is better. However, if you’re too close, you gotta lean hard and since this was grass and dirt, too hard would dump you, but it was fun.

So here we go. Of course, I get to “1st base” and drop the bike. I wasn’t going fast enough to do any damage, but it did kill the engine.

Pick-up the bike, drop the kick stand and jump on the kick starter. Repeat until it starts.

Then over to “3rd base” and repeat the whole process again. Only this time I’m laughing so hard, I’m having trouble getting things in the correct order and drop the damn bike again.

This next part of the story was later related to by a patched club member who standing nearby.

While I was out on the field making as ass out of myself, my wife was in the front of the crowd watching, not cheering, but watching.

A young rider, not a member of any patched motorcycle club, made a loud comment to the effect,

“He ain’t no good. He oughta just give up.”

Suddenly, he found himself confronted with a 5’, 105lb banshee asking, loudly, “What the Fxxx did you say? What did you say?”

The young rider stuttered for a moment, found some balls, and repeated,

“He should just give up.”

Wrong thing to say.

By all the after action accounts, this young man was backed up, clear through the standing crowd, by my wife who proceeded to tell him in no uncertain terms,

“My old man NEVER GIVES UP. I don’t see you up there doing any better, so in other words, all mouth and no action. So unless you ‘re going out there and ride, just shut the hell up.”

She also proceeded to tell him clearly and concisely what HE should do with his give up attitude, and where he should put it.

To the young man’s credit, either it didn’t occur to him or he was smarter that he acted, that he didn’t get froggy, insult or try to push past her. He just turned around and walked away.

I say that was smart because he was surrounded by a large group of patch holders that probably would have taken any such action as a personal affront. I think you can guess what that would have resulted in.

I finally crossed the finish line and demanded my “time”. With a perfectly straight face the patch holder looked at me and after looking at the watch and loudly announced, “Tuesday!”

It was a great answer, a good laugh and a terrific party, and hopefully a lesson to a young rider.

A Friday Mote of Order

CNN settles with Covington Kid; $250 million dollars, but no apology or admission of wrong. Still outstanding suits with NBCU, the Washington Post, and numerous individuals. Excessive? Maybe, maybe not. A lesson to the media, absolutely not. They will continue to spread lies and stomp on people’s lives and reputations. Hell, that’s what they have insurance for, isn’t it?

Law becomes meaningless: In Oakland. CA, lawmakers are beginning to show support for a group of women that moved into empty homes. The women have been living in the homes since November, without a lease, rental agreement, and have not paid the actual owners. The squatters, that’s what they are, say they are protesting the evil capitalist real estate investors. The squatters say “it needs to belong back in the hands of the community. It was stolen through the foreclosure crisis.” Lawyers for the women argued in court last week that housing is a right and the court should allow the women to possess the house, particularly because it was vacant for a long time and the alternative would be to send them to the streets. So, the company that paid $501,000 dollars for the home don’t really have the right to do what they want with the property they paid for because it needs to belong to the community. The Peoples Republic of California really does need to become it’s own little third world country. The Governor has called for 1.4 billion dollars in new help for the homeless. Looks to me like they are hwlping themselves, to other peoples belongings.

Yes Yes Yes : ABC has announced that in the fall there will be a “Young Frankenstein : Live”. Of course, this will be based on the 1974 classic film and the 2007 Broadway play. Mel Brooks, one of the major Gods of comedy, will produce. All I ask, no PC rewrite please.

Going to get interesting: So far, more than 180 people have been arrested “in connection” with the massive fires sweeping Australia. I say interesting because what will happen if just 5 or 6 of them worked “in concert”? Was it terrorism? Will it be called terrorism? Abo freedom? Climate consequences? Like I said, going to get interesting.

Understand your enemy’s goals : Have no illusions, the Virginia “gun gab” is not a war on guns. It is a war on the people of the state, and the country. The state government started passing laws against firearms, ownership, training, and even specific parts, without any input from the voters. There was no big spontaneous (if there is such a thing) movement to declare VA safer than everywhere else by removing all handguns. No, this is a concerted effort to put the citizens in “their place” by an elected elite who are trying to prove “we know how to run your life better than you do, so just shut up and follow orders.” They government has absolutely no concern over what the citizens actually want, why should they, they were elected to “govern”. It’s time we started teaching those “elected” they were not chosen to “rule” or “govern”, they were elected to “represent”. They better start doing just that. The sooner we get that clear to them, the better.

Well, bye: “Entertainer” “Cardi B”, a Sanders supporter and Trump critic, has applied for Nigerian Citizenship. The Ambassador has welcomed her with open arms. Terrific, have a great life. Just remember, when a bomb goes off, any bomb at all, it doesn’t just kill only those with American passports or citizenship. It kills everyone. If you perform in USA you might be collateral damage. So, I guess you better stay there and never come back. We just want you to be safe. Okay?