Wednesday Drifting Motes

Funny how this works: Funny how for days the Australia fires were the front page news. Everyday pictures of devastation and injured animals. Then, when it is was found that many of the fires had been deliberately set by Climate Change protesters and such. Now, you have to search for any news and I don’t remember seeing any headlines “Fire Is Out”. Did you?

Another passes: Aloha to Robert Conrad, of “Wild Wild West”, “BaBa Black Sheep”, and “Hawaiian Eye”. Conrad also portrayed one of my hero’s, G. Gordon Liddy in the TV make of “Will”. I have a signed copy of “Will” and 2 other books Liddy wrote. Aloha Bob.

Not me
: Does anyone, except Hollywierd, give a rat’s tookus about the Academy Awards? ? I didn’t think so.

I don’t understand: Can someone tell me what a “lying dog faced pony-soldier” is? Is it an insult? Why does a candidate for the highest office in the land, throw those terms into the face of a voter? And why isn’t the MSM asking the same questions? Oh, the MSM refers to the remarks as “lighthearted” and “jokingly”. In fact, one “reporter” referred to this guy as “showing his superiority to his competitors in terms of honesty and forthrightness”. I don’t think his the comments were lighthearted or joking, and he should be held accountable.

And speaking of dumb comments: Is it just me, but is AOC off the rails in her comments? And now she is quoting a made-up economist. Okay, she says she got two mixed up, but neither one said what she claimed. Let’s not forget her comments on “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps”, especially from a bartender who became a Congresswoman. America is just so racist that nobody gets ahead. Right?

A sad tale: I read the story of the female wolf who died looking for a mate after traveling more than 8,700 miles in search of a new pack and mate. The poor animal died without finding a new family. This is where I should say something about how this could be a microcosm of man, or how it should be a lesson about something. All I’m going to say is, it’s sad. I hope she finds love and peace over the rainbow bridge.

Tuesday With A Smiley Mote

Love (Head) Line : “I used to cry after sex with cousin twice my age-now we’re planning a family.” Now, this is from a woman, 35. The “cousin” is now 55 and this “relationship” has been ongoing for the last 3 years. The Colorado Springs, CO couple are now planning to have a family, even though their own family have “disowned” them. See, it isn’t just in the South.

I don’t believe there are any rooms available: Resident in Kerala India found their tap water had been turned into, well, booze, as in beer, brandy, and rum. Seems about 6,000 litres (about 800 gallons) of illegal booze had been buried and started leeching into the water well which supplied the building. Authorities say it’ll take about a month to clear up. Until then, cheers.

Know your audience: Congressman Tim Ryan decided he didn’t like President Trumps State Of the Union Speech, so he walked out. Ok, nobody missed him. Then he has to pop off on twitter (that makes him a twit) by saying “ I just walked out of the #StateOfTheUnion. I’ve had enough. It’s like watching professional wrestling. It’s all fake.” This earned a response from Glenn Jacobs, the Mayor of Knox County TN. Jacobs responded “Sir, your statement is emblematic of the out-of-touch elitism, so typical of Washington, that has alienated countless everyday Americans. Professional wrestling brings joy to millions around the world. Politicians like yourself usually bring nothing but misery”. For those of you who don’t know, Jacobs is also a world known pro-wrestler known as “Kane”. For my money, pro-wrestlers are better than politicians. Wrestler do their jobs, give a competent performance, and take their own bumps. Politicians don’t, and they expect us to take theirs.

Hooray, she’s safe: The Loch Ness Monster has been officially spotted by an avid Nessie watcher, who claims to have caught the legendary beast on camera. Eoin O’Faodhagain’s footage has been logged as the first official sighting of the year. Some of us were beginning to worry. A really good movie about Nessie is “The Water Horse” from 2007. A good family movie.

Monday (Again) Motes

It could work, for a little while.: Have you seen the video of the badger and coyote working together? They are recorded crossing under the roadway using a culvert. The coyote sort of dances around like an impatient puppy waiting for the tired old badger and they enter the culvert, probably to hunt together. It’s cute as heck. Of course, everyone will be pointing out how two dissimilar creatures can settle their differences and work together. The truth is, either animal would attempt to kill and eat the other, if the hunting went bad, and they were hungry enough. Think about it. It ain’t always what it seems.

The most impartial of all : And that would be CANCER. Recently we found 2 very dissimilar people, Rush Limbaugh and Shannen Doughty both have stage four cancers. Usually a terminal stage. Swing even further and we get Pablo Escobar’s feared hitman Jhon ‘Popeye’ Velasquez has died from stomach cancer. He was reported to be a Colombian drug lord’s enforcer, who boasted of murdering 300 people, is dead aged 57. Cancer, the great equalizer.

Some more equal then others: A couple of MSM types have been catching flack for mentioning that a deceased sports star had been charged with a crime of a sexual nature. To set things level, he was “charged” with the crime. It did not go to trial. Where was the outrage when a Supreme Court nominee was grilled and his life turned upside down when a woman merely accused him of the same crime. No charges were ever filed. But I don’t see the outrage every time the MSM mentions the accusations, no charges but accusations, and they mention it often.

Pick a name, any name: Well, the Iowa Caucus was an overwhelming disaster. There was no winner and a lot of whiners. If it happens in any of the coming caucus, who’s going to come riding in to save the day, and the election? Well, Hillary is certainly out there, as is Michelle. Michelle has not ruled out running “if the people call”, and Hilary isn’t even trying to look like she’s not running. Maybe Bloomberg will buy his way in. I still say the V-P choice will be the telling factor, because that’s the candidate for 2024. Just watch.

Sunday Rant (DTI Quip Feb 5, 2014)

From my friend John Farnham at DTI. After 5 year it is still appropriate. Things don’t change much do they?

5 Feb 14

Our Country! This, from a friend who is here as a resident alien:

“I’ve lived in your country for a number of years, and I love it as much
as my own. Why any reasonable person could even imagine that I would be
somehow ‘offended’ by Americans celebrating their own history and culture is
far beyond my ability to understand. Sounds as if the only ones that
school administrator cares about are illegal immigrants!

Here, it is permissible to celebrate, virtually without limit, the heritage
of various and sundry immigrant and ethnic populations, complete with
their flags, literature, and cuisine. No one ever voices the slightest

But, when the very country that made ‘liberty’ a word with real meaning,
that made personal and economic freedom a reality, the country that
represents hope for untold millions, citizens of that country may never
celebrate their own history, may never even waive their own flag, because those falsely calling themselves ‘progressives’ insist someone, somewhere might be offended.’

So what! It makes we wonder where it is written that anyone has the right
to never to be offended.
In this dangerous, hopeless world, where spokesmen from national
hell-holes, where even today abject slavery thrives and expands, spokesmen who would be immediately herded into gulags in most places in the world, here speak freely with no fear of persecution.

It is only the good and decent, the productive and moral, who are routinely
shouted-down by radical leftists.

In Communist countries, there were ‘useful idiots,’ who naively brought
Communists to power, nd were quickly thereafter all lined-up and shot!
These kinds of people think it’s okay to make people fearful of celebrating
their own culture and heritage. These are the same people who think it is
okay for the government to forcibly disarm citizens, under the false guise of ‘safety.’ They foolishly refuse to see that through their efforts to
establish ‘utopia,’ they will be among the first to be herded into

It won’t be the first time it’s happened!”


“When the bus is going over a cliff, it really doesn’t matter if you’re
sitting in the front or in the back!

A Man On The Run

You live long enough you meet all kinds of people.

In 1979 or 1980 a guy named “David Logan” started to put out a weekly downtown “newspaper” and spent a lot of time at Hummer’s bar where I worked as a bartender. This was during the time I had been fired for selling bullet proof vests and was in the process of fighting the dismissal.

Logan was good looking, smooth talking and seemed very personable. But as I look back, he never talked about his past.

At one time he published a book of the “The One Hundred Most Eligible Single Men in Honolulu (and how to meet them.)”. It featured pictures, short bios, and if he was to be believed, he had a panel of women who read the bios and questionnaires’ and selected the men without knowing their names or seeing their pictures.

When I was told I’d been selected I expressed my thanks which he put off by telling I had been selected by a “Majority of the panel”.

Ok, I’ll admit it was a real ego boost. I was just in my early 30’s, really chasing my dick big time, and this was great. Dave and I would often go down to the Hyatt and listen to Jimmy Borges entertain, and pick-up women. Like I said, he was smooth talking and good looking, I was just the wingman.

I eventually won my reinstatement was to HPD and went to work on the Windward side.

Hell, the Vice Principal of one of the middle schools recognized me from the book, and we ended up having a several months long affair.

By then Dave Logan had kind of disappeared.

When I went back to HPD I never thought about him. So 12 years later this guy pops up.

One night in the mid 90’s, Julie and I were at Anna’s (big surprise there) when Dave taps me on the shoulder and greets me.

I introduced him to my wife and he asks if we can sit and talk for a while. Just the two of us.

I wasn’t real sure where this was going, but said sure, and Julie went off to play the bar video game while Dave and I sat down.

Well, it turned out Dave’s name wasn’t really Dave Logan. And he really didn’t come to Hawaii to run a weekly newspaper.

His name doesn’t really matter anymore, because, well you’ll see why.

Dave it turns out had been a member of the 60’s radical group, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and was a participant in some of the violence done by the “Weathermen Underground”. Mostly bombings and the like.

The entire time he was in Honolulu, he was wanted by the FBI and US Marshals.

He tells me that when he found out I was a police officer, he almost grabbed a flight out of Hawaii as he was sure I’d “make” him. As we became friends and I didn’t make him, he often thought of confessing who he was and turning himself in, to me.

Only jail scared him and he just couldn’t bring himself to do it. So we had become friends, drank together, had mutual friends, and even attended the same parties. And I never made him. Didn’t really even think he wasn’t who or what he claimed.

He had turned himself in to the FBI, gone to court, been sentenced to several years in prison, served his time, and had come back to Hawaii to finish up.

Then he tells me, one of the things he felt he had to do was apologize to all the people, including me, he had spent all those years lying to.

He was only in town a few days, and I’ve never seen or heard from him again.
Dave, if you ever read this, I have always forgiven you. You and I are square.

500th Mote Post

WOW. Just freaking wow. Stories, observations, and comments, throw in a rant every now and then and the time, and motes, just fly on by.

My name is Storyteller, and this is my blog. I started it as someplace I could put my stories out for people to read. It evolved into whatever it is today. I get a new drop-by every now and then, some of you even come around 2 or 3 times a week. For that I say Mahalo. (Thank you) To anyone just stopping by I tell you ALOHA. Welcome. And tell your friends.


And Friday Motes For You

This is what is called collateral damage; A DISABLED boy was left home alone to die after both his father and brother were quarantined during the killer coronavirus crisis. Yan Cheng, 16, was found dead in China a week after his family caregivers were placed into isolation by feckless local authorities. Yan Cheng, 16, was found dead a week after his dad was quarantined. Reports say the teen – who has cerebral palsy – was fed only twice in seven days sparking fears he starved to death. Both the local Communist Party secretary and mayor have now been dismissed over the high-profile tragedy. Dismissed, by golly that’ll teach them. No comments on if the dad survived his “quarantine” or not. I’m betting Not.

Will the real Walter White please step forward: In Arkadelphia, Ark. Two chemistry teachers have been arrested and charged with making Meth, in the school laboratory. Fellow teachers described the two as “extremely guarded” about who was in their laboratories and when. They also commented on the extreme weight loss both seemed to exhibit. The fact the science building had to be evacuated and closed due to an “undetermined chemical odor” should have been a clue for somebody.

Presented without comment as it is so stupid it defies belief. From the Huffington Post; “Shooting in self-defense should be illegal because it denies criminals a fair trial.”

Another of the greats has passed. : Thomas Michael “Mad Mike” Hoare, age 100. Pretty good age for an “accountant” once considered the image of the African “White Mercenary”. This is the guy that they based a dozen or more movies on, and inspired at least 40 or 50 “action and adventure novels”. His book, “Three years with Sylvia”, and it’s about sailing, really shows he knew how to use words as well as a gun. His books are long out of print, I have a couple, but I think they will be back for a short time soon. His death isn’t getting much MSM but check Wiki for information or “Whipped Cream Difficulties” for an Obit. Thomas Michael Hoare, at peace.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.: Vin Diesel has confirmed there will be an all female spin-off of the Fast and Furious. The only thing I’ll say about that is “Ghostbusters”, “Oceans 13”, and “Charlies Angels”. “Those that do not learn from history…” etc.

My Big Island friend and good neighbor Neal Peterson has been diagnosed with CMML, Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia. It is a rare but treatable cancer, but treatment is in Seattle. Neal is a good neighbor, always willing to help or just talk story. He is a martial arts instructor of some renounce and has shared his knowledge and secrets to many young people. He even taught me a couple of things. So if you can spare a few bucks, drop by and leave something.