Saturday Story


Captain Revenge always figured he’d give me enough rope to really hang myself. It never worked, but he kept trying. I guess he figured the other times were just flukes.

He calls me into his office and explains how much faith and confidence he has in me, because now he’s got a really “special” assignment, just for me.

We had just started the 6 week “mids” cycle, 10:30pm to 7:15am. For the rest of the cycle I would do nothing but cruise late night areas, except Hotel Street and Waikiki areas. I was to stay out of those areas.

I was to check bars, restaurants, parking lots, and other late night open establishments. If I was in the “immediate” area of an “in progress” call I could respond, but otherwise I was to observe, make “on view” arrests, and he wanted a full “To-From” report at the end of every shift detailing where I was at all times, who I spoke to, and what information I had gathered.

He would be the sole judge of my performance. Again, enough rope to hang myself.

So night after night that’s what I did. I patrolled the strip club parking lots. I talked to bar owners and late night restaurant managers. I did not go into Waikiki or Hotel Street areas. I did not go to the big restaurants and bars. And every morning I put a typed report on the Captain’s desk.

The 1st one was something like 16 pages. They got bigger almost every night. In two weeks, 20 pages were the usual.

I also got extra wanted vehicle and warrant lists from records and dispatch. That was my idea.

Now my nightly reports also included stolen vehicle operator arrests, outstanding warrant arrests, and a load of usable information for the detectives. Let’s face it; sleazy bars need love and protection too.

One of those little sleazy bars was “Happy Sam’s” on Kapahulu. Sam’s had been through a number of evolutions over the years but at this time was just a small hostess bar on the outskirts of Waikiki, outskirts being the optimum word.

The owner, a middle aged Korean lady who called herself, well Sam, was nice enough. She didn’t encourage her girls to rip off customers or try to sell way over priced “champagne”.

The clientele was mostly neighborhood men, sometimes couples, and the hostess’ were mostly girls trying to pick up a little extra money with a couple of Sam’s relatives called in on Friday and Saturday or whenever the club got really busy during sports nights.

A nice clean neighborhood hostess bar, sometimes strangers would wonder in, stay or not. Sam’s had a pretty regular group. Good drinkers that could walk home or would use a cab. No problems. Sam, and her bartenders and hostess’ always seemed glad to see me and always treated me with courtesy and respect.

No trouble at Sam’s.

Which made it even more surprising when dispatch called me to report the manager of Happy Sam’s had called requesting my assistance with a customer.

I wasn’t too far away, told dispatch I’d respond, and another area officer, Bobby L. says he’ll back me up.

Bobby and I got there about the same time. As I got out of my vehicle, a customer walks out the front door, and starts across the street.

I look into the club and Sam is pointing at the customer walking away. Pointing furiously and speaking Korean, of course.
I told Bobby to talk to the guy walking away. Get some ID or something to hold him till I talk to Sam.

Bobby walked across the street toward the departing male. I walked to the front door and there met Sam and one of her girls.

The hostess was jabbering away. Of course, in Korean and Sam was trying to tell me in English. Finally I heard one word clearly “gun”. And the hostess is rubbing her hand around the back of her hip like someone was hugging her, and patting her right hip. But I heard “gun” loud and clear.

I looked across the street and the former customer had been stopped by Bobby. The customer had his back to me and Bobby was still talking so I started across the street as fast as I could without actually running.

As I approached, I heard Bobby demand some ID. It appeared it wasn’t the first time Bobby had asked for it. The customer reached his right hand behind his hip as if reaching for a wallet. But from my vantage point I could see the outline of a wallet, in his left rear pocket. As his right hand reached under his shirt I could see a small holster, hidden by his shirt, at the back of his hip.

As he pulled the gun, a small semi-auto pistol, I was right behind him.

I yelled “Gun” to Bobby, grabbed the guy’s right hand, and pulled it hard, against my chest, and bullet proof vest.

Bobby was a serious weight lifter and had big biceps. At my yell, Bobby didn’t even hesitate; he just threw a right hand punch. The sound of his fist impacting the guy’s head was almost louder than the “click” of the guns hammer falling. Almost.

As I had grabbed the gun, his grip had pulled back the trigger. The gun was later identified as a Colt Junior, a .25 caliber semi-automatic pistol with an external hammer, and it had a round in the chamber. Because the “junior” didn’t have a grip safety, it didn’t require a complete grip to fire. But it hadn’t fired. It just went click. The round didn’t fire.

Bobby’s punch had knocked the guy unconscious and as his body collapsed on the ground. I stood there holding his hand and the gun tightly to me chest.

When he saw what I was holding Bobby’s knees sagged just a little but he was right back and pulled out cuffs. We cuffed the guy I put the gun in my pocket, and we had to almost drag him to Bobby’s vehicle.

Once we got him secured in the vehicle cage Bobby called for a sector supervisor, a detective, and ambulance for our “customer”. I cleared and locked up the gun and we started the investigation fun.

Sorting out what Sam and the hostess had to say was as I guessed, confusing. The hostess had sat down next to the customer, he bought her a drink, and when she slid her arm around his waist she felt the holstered gun.

She tried not to alert the guy, so she kept smiling and told Sam in Korean, what was up. The customer may have spoken some Korean or may have just spooked, but he walked out without finishing his beer. That’s when we got there.

The customer turned out to be a Marine stationed in Kaneohe. A search of his vehicle turned up a K-bar knife, a smoke grenade, and an explosive grenade simulator which is basically a very large fire cracker.

Basically the detectives took over from there. Bobby and I went back to type out reports.

At the end of that watch, 6 weeks, the next shift Commander also assigned units to check the bars, parking lots and restaurants. To do what I had done for those long weeks. Two men units were assigned after that. They were assigned to succeed, not hang themselves.

Shortly after the Happy Sam’s incident, Bobby was picked to transfer to a plain clothes unit from which he eventually became an investigator for the City and County Prosecutors Office under Charles Marsland.

I don’t know what happened to the “customer”. I tried to follow up with the detectives and was told the case had been “passed upward” whatever the hell that meant.

At the end of that 6 weeks the Captain, put me back into the patrol pool and I spent the next 2 cycles patrolling the area around Hawaii Kai, Sandy Beach, and Hanauma Bay. Basically, the ass end of District 1. But at least I was away from the Captain.

But I’ve heard that “click” in my nightmares ever since, sometimes it goes off. Well, it is just a nightmare.

Friday Guest Motes

From :”The Adventures Of Roberta X”

Hard Lessons: Triage
You’ve seen the headline or tagline: in Italy, patients above a certain age aren’t getting respiratory support.

I’d like to tell you it’s a huge lie, but while the details may be a little askew or oversimplified, the gist of it is true.

There are a lot of people sick with coronavirus in Italy. The number of them who need respirators exceeds the number of respirators available. There’s no way to save everyone.

Let that sink in: There is no way to save everyone.

Pretty horrible, isn’t it? That’s the position doctors found themselves in World War One, the biggest if not the first collision of 20th-Century military technology with 19th-Century tactics. Men were falling in vast numbers and many of them were not quite dead. There were only a limited number of doctors and medics; field hospitals were minimal, medical supplies were inadequate. Men were dying of easily-treated injuries while doctors labored to save those who were unlikely to live. Something had to be done!

There is no morally-satisfying answer to such a dilemma. All that can be done is to mitigate harm; all that can be done is to try to do the greatest good with the resources available. It’s called triage: doctors began sorting patients into three groups:
Those who are likely to live, regardless of what care they receive;
Those who are unlikely to live, regardless of what care they receive;
Those for whom immediate care might make a positive difference in outcome.
The last group was the only one that received full-on medical care. Any leftover time or materials was spent on the first group.

It is cold, harsh and heartbreaking. The only worse things are all the other available options. You’re hearing stories of doctors breaking down in tears in Italian hospitals? This is why. They’re not military doctors. They learned about triage but they have never had to practice so harsh a version; even landslides and floods rarely put so much stress on medical resources.

And this is why you’re social distancing. This is why you’re being asked to stay home. Overload the health system and you get a sorting-out that leaves the weakest dying, that leaves the strongest gasping for breath to get through the worst of the illness, and focuses resources where they will do the greatest good.

It can happen here.

Let’s do everything we can to keep things from getting that bad.

Motes For A Thursday Party

Interesting but not worth my time: Well, everyone has jumped on the “I’m a star so I should be telling you what to do” bandwagon. They are all cutting PSA’s about the Covid-19. I’d probably listen if it weren’t for the fact that the people making the PSA’s, people like Ben Stiller, Robert DeNiro, Danny DeVito, and Alec Baldwin, weren’t such giant jackass’s. People who make rude, vulgar, and just plain obscene comments about the President and First Lady make them, in my opinion, not worth listening to. About anything.

Just asking: Why aren’t the homeless dying off in bunches? They’re crammed together in “camps”, don’t practice “social distancing”, and have little to no medical attention. They should be dying in droves but aren’t. Why not?

The gift keeps on giving: At the height of his reign, Pablo Escobar controlled millions of dollars, and tens of thousands of people. He spared no expense if he wanted something, like exotic animals. Before he was killed by para-military police forces in 1993, he had purchased 4 Hippos for his private zoo. After his death they were somehow released into the wilds of Columbia where they now number between 80 and 100 and have taken to the country’s waterways. At first considered an “invasive” species, they are now being praised as being responsible for re-balancing the ecosystem by replacing animals that have been extinct for some time. See, even bad guy’s do something good once in awhile.

I like this headline: “Fatal Idiocy Is Not Trumps Fault.”

How bad is the bill?: Check “PJ Media” article “Despicable: 9 liberal pet projects smuggled into Pelosi’s Coronavirus bill”. Read it and if it doesn’t make you want to puke, I’ll buy the first beer. When the bars open. If they open. And I’m still around.

Why yes, I do have a thing about Dragons. Why do you ask?


Wednesday Mote or 2

OMG, what next?
: There appears to be an “Explosion of coronavirus themed porn”. Okay, I can understand the increase of porn watchers due to the stay at home orders, but “KandysKisses” web site is now offering “quarantine” porn video’s. Don’t ask, haven’t visited, yet.

Speaking of “on the rise” : There is a few other things on the rise due to the Covid-19. Things like shoplifting, and not even trying to not be seen, robbery of senior citizens, because they know where they’ll be at shopping time, and people just not giving a shite about their fellow man.

Movie Night: Watched “Midway”. Was not impressed. Special effects of the actual battle were great, but on the whole it was not much better than average. Still coming, “1917”. Let you know.

Does it get any sillier?: Than Madonna giving a lecture, nude, in a bathtub? I’d say no. But I bet Hollywierd will prove me wrong.

Love (Head) Line of the week: “I caught him cheating… When I confronted him, he started by denying it”. He said: “Is it really cheating, though? It’s not cheating if there’s more than one.” He seemed to think that the seven or eight girls somehow cancelled each other out! “ I just looked at him, stunned. I just didn’t get his reasoning at all.” And a year later she took him back. And he did it again. Both times he got caught by text messages on his phone, that he left lying around. You can’t fix stupid. His or hers.

Don’t hold your breath: If you’re waiting for your “Coronavirus check”, understand the bill is filled with non-virus crap like fuel emission standards for airlines, solar and wind tax credits, and my personal favorite, stronger collective bargaining powers for unions. If all this has to be included, I’d rather have them not pass anything.

Hi there little girl. Want to see my 2-ply?

ant to see

Tuesday Mote Of Knowledge

Corona Corona Corona : Tired of this being the only thing anyone talks about. I have never, in 70+ years seen anything that has brought our country, and the world, to its knees like this “virus”. Let’s all look at pictures of puppies.

It is beginning to sound biblical: In Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti, and Sudan, huge flights of desert locus are devastating those country’s crops, and economies. The locusts have increased by 400% decimating the farmlands that account for 65% of the employment and gnp’s. Add to this mix the close working relationships all those countries have with China, and the pandemic they, as well as the rest of the world, are dealing with, it certainly sounds biblical to me. As in Old Testament biblical.

How stupid can you be, is not a challenge: But really, how stupid to you have to be to attack, spit at, or yell obscenities at people because they are Chinese? Come on people, just because this crap started in China, yes, I said that, doesn’t mean anyone of oriental descent had anything to do with it. It’s not that the virus is from China and so are some people, it’s that some people are just buttheads whom feel like shite about themselves, so they want everyone else to feel like shite as well. To those people I say, go walk in front of a bus.

Aloha Kenny Rogers; I was working a bodyguard detail in Florida when his song “The Gambler” came out. It had been a long tense job that looked worse everyday. Then we found out the client had been lying to us. We all sat down, discussed the situation and decided it was time to “fold ‘um”, as the client had violated the contract several times. So, we did. We returned home. Forever, when I hear that song, I think of how it actually brought a group of professionals to understand sometimes you have “to walk away”. Thanks Kenny.

Sunday Rant addition: In my rant on Sunday I mentioned the 3rd amendment was still whole. Well, the Mayor of Chicago has suggested that “empty” hotel rooms should be used for “isolation and quarantine”. How far is that from being told you must house the National Guard, or the sick? That would make 9 out of the 10 amendments down the toilet.

Marvelous Monday Motes

Holy crap, can “Logan’s Run” be far behind?: Gunnison County, CO has ordered a dramatic step in the fight against COVID-19: Bars and restaurants can no longer serve people 60 years and older. Those establishments can remain open as long as they don’t allow more than 50 people inside at any time. But, in a reverse on the standard carding of minors, those who appear to be older than 60 and thus in the high-risk category for the virus, must be carded and turned away. Owners of restaurants and bars that don’t comply risk fines and imprisonment. Go ahead and let all those amateur drinkers in, you’ll want us back.

Another reason: As if I needed another reason to visit Vegas, Marcus Mariota has signed with the Raiders. You know I’m not a big football fan, but My late Brother Jawz was a hard-core Raider’s fan, so am I, out of respect. Since they moved to Vegas, and now have Marcus on the team, well I guess I just gotta go see a game.

What could go wrong: HRC, she whose name is never spoken aloud, has now come out in favor of “vote by mail”. Sure, why not? Let’s see, “ballot harvesting”, mass produced pre-marked ballots, last minute ballots found in back rooms and other types of fraud. When you have one person, with identification, cast a paper ballot, you have a proper and legal election. Period. End of problem.

Is it just me?: Most stores have set up special hours for “older” customers. Yep, that works. Let’s tell the two-legged rats of the world when the most helpless of our citizens will be shopping, vulnerable, and not at home. Yeah, that’ll work out. No seriously, is it just me?

To those that berate, insult, and are just plain vulgar about out First Lady. Shut up, wash out your mouth, eat shite and die. “Cause I said so.I

Sad good-bye: Sorry to read about the passing of Kenny Rogers,81. I was lucky enough to see him in 1963,when he was with the “First Edition”,at the Seattle World’s Fair. Then,20 years later in Honolulu. He was a great performer. Remind me to tell you about Boyd’s Saloon and “Lucille” some time. His talent and voice will be missed.

Sunday Rant – Read It And Get Mad

I am as concerned with this damn virus as everyone else. I am more concerned with the loss, actually surrender, of so many of our rights. When I say rights, I mean the constitutional “Bill of Rights”, as well as those God given rights. We have given up, either to the state, city, or federal .gov, our 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th,9th and 10th amendment rights. What? We cannot, in many city and states, assemble more than 10 people.(1st) City mayors are now saying we cannot buy firearms and ammunition. (2nd) We now have “red flag laws” and a “guilty by accusation” standard.(4th) Government entities now confiscate your property (forfeiture rules) without a conviction and sometimes without even an arrest.(5th) We are being told if they ask, you must take this medical test to prove you’re not sick.(5th) We are being told we must stay at home, cannot walk outside, and business must refuse service and only deal the way the city demands, Drive-through etc. (9th) The Fed is now telling the State what laws it can enforce but the State is telling the Fed “no we’re only going to enforce the ones we want”.(10th) And it won’t be long before the .gov will be asking us to “help”, in this crisis, by letting the National Guard, or whoever, stay at your house, “just for the duration”.(3rd)
And as the Coronavirus becomes worse, and it will, our freedom to travel will be stopped, and that handsome young man in the black uniform will be asking “Your papers please.” It happened before.
The Coronavirus may well be America’s “Kristallnacht”. Don’t let it happen.