Sunday “Guest” Rant

I don’t know the originator of this piece. But it is powerful.

If I say ‘all lives matter,’ I’m a racist. If I stand for my flag, I have to apologize for it. I’m not allowed to go to church, but I can burn churches to the ground. I’m not allowed to open my own business, but I can go loot and destroy other people’s businesses.”
“If I wear a badge, dressed in blue, I’m a racist pig. But if I walk around destroying my city with bricks and masks, I’m considered a peaceful protester.”
“If I wear a blue Aloha short, I’m a white racist, if I wear a black hood and mask I’m a freedom fighter.”
“I’m not allowed to peacefully protest the lockdown at my capitol, but I can go destroy and graffiti my capitol.”
“I’m not allowed to go to the park to play T-ball with my family, but I can destroy the park.”
“I’m not allowed to protect our historical monuments and history, but I can go tear them down and have them land on top of people.”
“I’m not allowed to have an opinion on racial matters because I’m white, but if I don’t have an opinion on it, I’m the reason why people are oppressed.”
“I can go riot in the streets with the BLM but if I go to a Trump rally COVID-19 magically appears.”
“Does anyone else not see the hypocrisy in all of this?”
“I am done with your bullsh*t!”


Saturday Story


His name was Kenneth Tolsma, we all called him “Doc”. He had gone to medical school at Northwestern University. He was the officially one of the last Baron’s of Friesland; he was the last male in his line which made him the Baron.
Like the legendary Doc Holiday, he was a highly educated, extremely well read, and physically frail man who knew his life would be short. He was fearless, socially challenged and as loyal as a friend and brother as any man could ever hope to have in his life.
He was the dying Doc Holiday to my disgraced but determined to do right Wyatt Earp. I loved him like he was my own blood.
Being classically educated, Doc spoke more languages than most people have heard. With an IQ that was almost off the charts. Doc started medical school when he was just 18. Yes I said medical school.
A classical education meant he spoke English. He spoke English with a Dutch accent, so for many months I assumed he was South African, especially since he also spoke Afrikaans.
As a physician he had no bedside manner. He was gruff and really didn’t like sick people. He became a doctor because it was “expected” of him by his parents, whom he didn’t like either. So his specialty was neurology, and since he was color-blind it was better that he diagnosed rather than treated so the medical interaction between he and patients was as little as possible.
At various times, he was the Honolulu City and County physician, attending physician at the Hyperbaric Treatment Center, an insurance medical evaluation doctor, and he really wanted to be a chef. He could cook, just no desserts.
That’s not right, he’d make incredible desserts, but as a diabetic he couldn’t eat what he cooked.
Like Earp’s Holiday, my Doc was cursed with a lingering death sentence, he was insulin dependent diabetic. He was convinced he would not grow old. He’d live his life on his terms.
Doc stopped playing competitive chess and took up backgammon because chess took too long to win any money. And with backgammon, it was quicker, and he did win money.
At the time, backgammon was enjoying popularity and lots of people thought they could play. Most of them did not understand it was a mathematical problem solving exercise, it was never a game. Especially when there was money involved. Doc understood and usually won.
He did enjoy chess, but the local players mostly bored him, so he played opponents over the internet when not attending chamber patients.
One night we walked into the bar and walked pass a woman playing a small electric chess game. We both stopped and looked on several minutes. I simply looked at Doc and stated, “Black mate in seven”, and walked away. I sat at our usual table and ordered a beer.
Doc stood there staring at the chess board for several minutes, when he finally walked to the table the look on his face can only be described as perplexed “James” he started out. “I just don’t see the black mate in seven. What do you see that I don’t?”
This was perfect. I took a long slow pull of my beer, smiled and told him; “Hell Doc I’m just messing with you. I couldn’t see check mate if there were only 2 pieces on the board. But she’ll spend the rest of the night looking for it.”
Doc got mad at me a couple of times, mostly when I’d get in a fight and he wasn’t around. He’d still stitch me up in the back parking lot of wherever and bitch the whole time.
As the years went by he got frailer and didn’t monitor his insulin as close as he should have. We’d usually have trouble when we were in Vegas for the club’s New Year’s party. It got to the point we’d get him a room at the hotel/casino of the party and then I’d nag him all night.
Doc had studied fencing, judo, wrestling, and liked shooting. Kinda violent activities for a doctor, but he was that sort of a doctor. He once broke another interns arm. It was in an ER and Doc was working on an injured gang member when the intern grabbed his arm from behind. Not a good thing to do when the grabee is on edge anyway.
I’ve said what a friend Doc was. He was my brother in all but blood. I use this story to illustrate what a brother will do.

I had just received a troubling phone call regarding “someone” looking for me at my favorite bar. There was no name but there was a hint that it was a member of another 1% club and it was about a dealer I knew and they were looking for.
I called Doc with the intention of soliciting some advice. I always valued Doc’s advice, even if I didn’t follow it.
Doc was home, and unusually he was almost sober. Almost.
I explained the situation and the people involved. I covered my possible actions and the possible responses to each.
Finally doc asked, “James, how bad can this get?” I hemmed and hawed for a moment then replied, “Well, could get heep bad juju.”
I turned to my wife and said “the son-of-a-bitch just hung up on me.”
We both laughed and I waited for the call back figuring he had hit the wrong button on his cell phone, again.
Twenty or so minutes later there was a knock at the door. There stood Doc, overnight bag with 3 days of clothes, thermos kit with his insulin and diabetic supplies, and a .357 magnum hanging under his arm.
His only question, “Where do I sleep?”
It took me a while to explain to him this wouldn’t splash onto my family. Once I explained the facts I didn’t want to say on the phone, he understood, recalled the cab he had taken up to our house and went home.
The point, he showed up ready for whatever happened without my asking him. That’s a man ready to put his life on the line for his “Brother”.

We lost Doc a few years ago. But he will always be in my heart and memory. Seldom does a day go by that I don’t think of him.
I’ll continue to tell this story to anyone who needs an explanation of the words Heart, Friend, and Brother.

Friday Motes Just In Case

Just a note: I live on the 11th floor. If your car radio is audible and rattles my dishes, YOUR RADIO IS TOO DAMN LOUD.

About average: It has come out that the BLM is incredibly well funded and only spends about 6% of its income on its stated purpose. The rest goes for “expenses” and “salaries”. Research shows that most “charities” spend less than 15% of their income on the actual “charity”. Remember that the next time you get another “donate now” letter.

Quote Curly Bill : Mississippi State running back Kylin Hill claims that he will not play football at the school unless the State of Mississippi removes the Confederate battle flag from its state banner. If this young person, he certainly is not a man to me, thinks he is more important that a 126-year-old state flag is ludicrous. To him I quote Curly Bill Brocious, “Well, Bye.”

The irony is deep: Long time porn “star” Ron Jeremy has been brought up on several rape and assault charges. Considering his only claim to fame, the irony is just too deep.

I literally never exaggerate: Rob Reiner is back to his old tricks, this time telling his one million Twitter followers on Tuesday that a vote for President Donald Trump “is a vote for Death.” Reiner then predicted that Trump will lose in a landslide “because Americans will literally be voting for their lives.” Come on Rob, don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel.

Even Hollywierder: The View co-host Joy Behar admitted coronavirus restrictions are making (?) her crazy. “All I do is I get in my car maybe with Steve and I go, we go around town looking for people who are not wearing masks. Jealous of my life? That’s it. That’s what I do.” There’s no telling what Behar does once she finds someone not wearing a mask, but judging by her comment she’s going crazy, it’s probably not a very sane reaction. But defund the police and hire a liberal.

Thursday Motes For All

Don’t need no stinkin’ facts: Co-founder of Pink Floyd and anti-Israel activist Roger Waters claims Israel’s military “invented” the chokehold used by a Minneapolis police officer that killed George Floyd. Israeli Defense Forces taught Americans the technique that cuts off “blood supply of the carotid artery to the brain.” “That is an Israeli technique, taught to the militarized police forces of the United States of America by Israeli experts, who the Americans have been flying over to the United States, to teach them how to murder the Blacks because they’ve seen how efficient the Israelis have been at murdering Palestinians in the occupied territories using those techniques,” Waters said. ” Roger, ol’ buddy, I hate to tell you, but that hold is from Jujitsu, was developed by the Japanese, and was used 3-4 hundred years before there was an Israel. But don’t let the truth get in your way.

Just trying to stay relevant: King of the “B” movies, Eric Roberts unleashed his fury by tweeting ”Ther weren’t enough empty-headed people 2 fill th empty seats.Some of those seats would hav been filled with people who died because believing u led them to disbelieve the devastation of this virus, about which you joke, mocking efforts to save lives”(sic) The Suits actor also lambasted the president for holding the rally in the first place. Roberts also ripped into Trump’s proposal to criminalize the burning of the American flag, hinting that those who mock people wearing masks as protection against the virus should be prosecuted instead. No word yet on how Eric feels about rioting, burning, looting or giant unmasked “protests.”

Just thinking: Does anybody realize the next 5 months spell JASON ? 2020 is not shaping up very well.

Alternate future: Many years ago I read R.A.H.’s “Farnham’s Freehold”. Anybody else? I don’t seem to remember any uproar over it, it predicts a “black” controlled world. Just waiting for them to demand R.A.H. be banned as a racist, or something.

The visual is the important thing: The headline says, “Florida woman claimed she was mistreated by Tampa police after an officer drew his weapon and had it trained on her for over four minutes before she was handcuffed — and eventually released without charges.” Okay, the vehicle she and a passenger were in had been reported stolen, the officer was in a solo patrol vehicle, he did not approach nor threaten. The officer made a “felony” stop, controlled the action until additional officers arrived, and she was released pending further investigation of the stolen vehicle. But what did you visualize reading the headline?

It’s Wednesday Mote Time (because it’s Wednesday)

Really sad news: Donald Charles Davis aka “The Aging Rebel” has past away after a critical head injury suffered in a fall June 19. Davis was the founder of the “Aging Rebel” blog, numerous books and articles on the biker lifestyle and was often an expert witness for the defense of club members. He showed no preference for any specific club and treated all with the respect they deserved. He was a voice of sanity in a world gone mad. There is a go-fund-me site at His books on our lifestyle are still available at Amazon. He will be missed.

Is there a twelve step program: An alcoholic monkey who terrorised a community in India by biting more some 250 people in a rampage after his booze supply ran dry will now be locked away in a zoo for life. The alcohol-dependent beast, known as Kalua, is understood to have been a pet of an occultist who made it drink booze at his home in Mirzapur in the county of Uttar Pradesh. When the owner died, the supply of hard liquor became impossible for the monkey to come by, leading it to prowl the streets in a furious rampage. It was claimed that dozens of children were left needing surgery after Kalua sliced open their faces with his fangs and at least one child died. Captured and taken to Kanpur Zoo where it was found that not only was he an alcoholic, but that he also refused to eat vegetables. The experts who examined the monkey also believe the previous owner fed Kalua a strict meat-only diet, that might have explained the reason it lashed out so violently.

Perspective: We have 1.416 million full time residents in Hawaii. Everyone loses their damn mind when we have 28 “new” cases of Covid-19. We have 170 suicides every year, with a computed 6-8 attempts per actual death.

Hollywierd Hypocrisy: John Legend was spreading some extra love on Father’s Day. The special featured Legend’s wife, Chrissy Teigen, and their kids, as well as Legend’s celebrity friends like Stevie Wonder, Anthony Anderson, Common and Scottie Pippen, among others. However, it was the images of George Floyd and his daughter, Gianna, as well as Tracy and Trayvon Martin, that had viewers getting emotional. Hey John, how about you mention Officer David Kellywood, 2020-02-17, responding to reports of “shots fired” near a casino outside of McNary, Arizona or Cody Holte, 2020-05-27, killed in shootout following the attempt to serve a writ of restitution, Grand Forks, North Dakota, maybe Nathan Lyday, fatally shot 2020-05-28, responding to a domestic dispute in Ogden, Utah, or Federal Protective Service Officer Patrick Underwood, 2020-5-29, shot in a drive-by in Oakland, California and Sgt. Stephen Williams fatally shot 2020-06-02 responding to a reported disturbance in Moody, Alabama and Sgt. Damon Gutzwiller, 2020-06-06, fatally shot responding to a disturbance in Santa Cruz, California.(Only a partial list of 2020.) They all had families who grieve and miss their fathers and sons. How about you say something about them?

Here Kitty Kitty:
A mountain lion cub seen roaming the streets of San Francisco has been captured and released to a nature preserve, after being suspected of killing a kangaroo and two wallaroos in the city zoo. The 15-month-old cub was caught with a net after it was spotted lurking in the bushes in the city. Don’t forget the coyotes in LA. People seem all upset the cat killed and ate the other animals. People, that’s what they do. Relax, the big scary cat is gone, now all you have to worry about is the guy next door.

Some service:
Recently an Amazon delivery came with the additional instructions to” knock on the door 3 times and scream abra cadabra as loud as you can and run super fast away.” Which is exactly what the Magnolia Delaware delivery driver did. Me, I can’t get them to ring the doorbell.

Tiny Tuesday Motes

Whopee: Congratulations, you’ve managed to disarm “Elmer Fudd” and “Yosemite Sam”. Good job. Oh, and you’ve banned a cartoon police puppy. Your family must be so proud.

Not just no: From The Gateway Pundit, “Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy appeared at Passion City Church in Atlanta on Sunday where he shined the shoes of a black man, Christian rapper and music business owner Lecrae to atone for racism and urged other white people to do the same.” Considering how much crap Chick-fil-A has taken for the owners Christian beliefs, I believe this is a manifestation of the owners beliefs. Those are not mine. I don’t wash the feet of the lepers either.

Makes me wonder: Why is it every dead thug, bum, and pissant is “remembered” as a kind, warm, family man? How come the neighbors never tell you about the drunken confrontations they had with the deceased? Why doesn’t the family member tell us about the time he threw them through a window, that was closed? The children never speak about the black eye’s they went to school and had to explain “I fell”? The “loving” wife never tells the newspaper about the 6 times he put her in the ER? Let’s stop making “saints” out of these people, maybe we should subject their past to the same scrutiny we seem to be doing to everyone else.

Why bring it up?:The University of Florida has said students, bands, etc. can no longer do the “Gator Chomp”, an extended arm clap to resemble the elongated snout of a alligator. The school says it’s a “racist” thing, but nobody seems to know how or why. Well, I grew up with a racist father. Most of his circle of “friends” were the same. The “N” word and such were often used in my house. One of his friends, Charley, was as bad or worse than the rest. Charley taught his daughters that blacks (N’s to him), something to be towed behind your boat to attract alligators. Or,in his words, “Gator Bait”. It’s kind of good to know that so very few people actually remember this. My question, why bring it up again? Leave it dead.

Little Monday Motes

Way too far: In New York City a “man” has been accused to “pushing” a 92-year-old woman to the ground. If you watch the recording he clearly strikes her. She falls and strikes head head on a fire hydrant. The attacker has been identified as a 31-year-old “career” criminal with over 100 prior arrests. The real “too far”, he was given a court appearance ticket and RELEASED. This PC crap has gone way too far.

Great headline; From the Daily Beast: “Who Gives A Sh*t What John Stewart Thinks About The Police?” Or anything else for that matter.

Really?: Am I the only one getting a lot of pop-up ads for body armor, bullet resistant vests and backpacks and similar? Was it something I said?

Huh?: Click-bait headline, ”Why my wife and I aborted our unborn gay son.” No, I didn’t. It’s just too stopid to even discuss.

Well done: A young woman made history Saturday as the first observant Sikh to graduate from the United States Military Academy West Point in New York. Twenty-three-year-old Anmol Narang was just one of 1,107 other graduates who came together for the academy’s annual commencement ceremony. Well done young lady, well done.

About time: President Trump has announced the PREVENTS (The President’s Roadmap to Empower Veterans and End the National Tragedy of Suicide) Initiative. Led by Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie. The president will announce the results of the task force and detail the plan to implement recommendations. I have read between 17 and 23 vets commit suicide every day. Hopefully it gets something done.

Really TNT?: I don’t know if they were celebrating or just making do with movies already scheduled, but watching TNT’s “Watch, Listen.Learn” special featuring “Just Mercy” and “The Black Panther”. Okay, I get the meaning of “Show Mercy”, a good movie with some real ;life connections. But what the hell should I learn from a movie about a “super hero”, an unbelievable country, in a make-believe world? HUH? Let’s just call it what it is, pandering.

My bad: A lot of noise about “Aunt Jememia” and “Uncle Ben”. Hell, I thought they disappeared the same time “Sambo’s” closed up. My bad.

Sunday “Rant”

In my time, I have probably “choked out” 5-6 hundred people. Once they went out, they were cuffed and placed in a patrol vehicle. I’ve also taken a few people out as a civilian, and once they went out, they were moved safely to the side, except for one that was placed gently into a dumpster, and that was the end. Nobody ever died or suffered additional injuries, unlike those that I was forced to “subdue” by other means. They got injured more times than not. If you fight, you get hurt. But, if they’re in cuffs, you stop. I once took a 1 day suspension when a Lieutenant saw me punch another officer. The officer had struck my prisoner, who was subdued and cuffed. The Lieutenant only saw my punch. Had I chosen to tell the Lieutenant why I hit the other cop, that cop could have been fired. I stated it was a personal problem between me and the other officer, and he quickly agreed. I took “the day”, but the other officer never laid a hand on one of my prisoners again.I accepted responsibility for my actions, he didn’t. Fine with me.
Once they are under control, as in unconscious or restrained, it’s your job to protect them. If you can’t, you’re in the wrong profession. I never had a Internal Affairs “excessive force” complaint substantiated, but have seen plenty of it. I also didn’t care whose brother’s uncle’s sister’s best friend’s third cousin somebody was, if it was called for, they got arrested.
No point here, just sayin’. Did I do things I’m not proud of? Yes. Would I do the same thing now? Don’t know. As long as you have to hire human being’s as cops, you’re gonna get racism, prejudice, and special treatments. It’s just human nature.

Saturday Story

Cops today carry a lot of equipment and gear, but nothing is more important that the body armor now used. Often refered incorrectly as a Bullet Proof Vest, they don’t just stop bullets; they do save lives in other ways.

The first occurred while I was working on Hotel Street. There was a building fire with lots of people gawking and looking around.

One guy, for an unknown reason, caught my interest. I may have subconsciously spotted the way he carried his shoulders and that gave away the fact he was wearing a shoulder holster. If I remember, it was a Bianchi vertical “Dirty Harry” type holster.
I followed him around for a few minutes and he realized I was following him and tried to duck around a corner.
As I turned the corner his right hand was under his left arm, under the jacket. He was drawing the gun to ambush me.
In those days I was fast, very fast. In the moment it took me to understand what he was doing, he was stopped with his hand on the gun butt. I took a stand and made as smooth and fast a draw as I ever did.
But in the moment, his hand is frozen on the gun butt, his jacket is open and I can see the gun and holster, I am in a solid Weaver stance and the muzzle of my gun is centered on his chest, my finger is on my revolver’s trigger. This young man is 8 pounds away from dying. There is no way he can complete his draw before I fire. If he moves, I’ll shoot.
He turns a little and in the light I see the protruding ring cap I know is on a Crossman pellet revolver. I know it’s not a real gun. I take my finger off the trigger as he continues his draw, pulls the pellet gun from the holster throwing it into the alley beside him.
When the pellet gun cleared the holster, I could have fired and no one would have blamed me. It looked like a real gun. But because of the vest, I took an extra heartbeat, saw it wasn’t real, and didn’t have to shoot.
Turned out, he was trying to get rid of it before I stopped him. He almost got stopped permanently.

A second incident was only a few weeks later. On south King, just Ewa of the entry to Straub, was a skating rink, roller skating rink. Roller/Disco skating was making a big come back.
Across the street were a little drive-in restaurant and an empty lot.
These had been some kind of altercation inside that had spilled into the street and parking lot. Units were dispatched to the scene until things could calm down.
Much the same sequence. One guy, with a coat walking around talking to no one, caught my attention. Watching him I caught the big telltale print in the small of his back. Really a poor place to carry a weapon unless you know what you’re doing. But it looks really cool in the movies.
I had just called for back-up when I realize he’s trying to avoid me and keeps looking at me as he walks toward a vehicle. Again, I see his hand go under the jacket and time stops.
My gun clears the holster, I have a good 2 handed Weaver, barrel centered on his chest, finger on the trigger, a deep breath, and again I see the CO2 end cap on the gun butt, same type of pellet gun.
I do remember screaming “No” to this one. He stopped in mid draw, and just let it fall to the ground.
But as it did, he yanked open the driver’s side vehicle door, jumped in, in what appeared to be an attempt to run away.
It never occurred to me he might have a “real gun” in the car. I knew he’d dropped a pellet gun and was trying to get away.
I speed dropped my revolver back into the holster while running up to the car. He was putting the key in the ignition when I got an arm around his neck and dragged him out the driver’s side window.
My back-up pulled in the lot in time to see me drag this guy out of his car, through the driver’s window, by his neck. I then choked him out (and I mean out) threw him on the ground, and cuffed him.
When he came to he started crying and saying it wasn’t real and he wasn’t going to shoot anyone.
I keep screaming at him because I was angry, because he almost made me kill him. I was a raving madman, I was so angry. He almost made me kill him, because he wanted to be a “tough guy”.

The funny end to both of these stories, neither guy was charged with anything. Back then, the 70’s, there were no laws against carrying a pellet gun like it were a real gun.

But both these men survived the night because I had on a bullet-proof vest and could take an extra heart beat to identify their “weapon”.

The third case was a reported robbery in Waikiki. An off duty soldier was stopped by 3 black men in the middle of Ft. Derussy. One of the 3 brandished a small handgun and took the soldier’s wallet, keys and ran off laughing.
Problem was the “gun man” was wearing a L.A. Raiders football jersey (Black and Gray) and with a big white number on the back, 19 I seem to recall. That’s dressing for armed robbery success.
I hear the A.P.B. broadcast as I was driving down Ala Wai Blvd. It was about 8:30pm on a Friday night. I look over on the makai sidewalk and what do I see, 3 black guys walking together, and one of them is wearing a L.A. Raiders jersey with number 19 on the back. What are the odds there’s 2 groups like this. I guessed slim.
I was next to them and they were walking fast, there was no time to use the radio, they’d get out of sight and someone else would get robbed, maybe hurt.
I made a sharp left turn, slammed the car into park while it was still rolling and bailed out. As I was standing up #19 was lifting the bottom of the jersey with his left hand, and reaching for the small handle of a revolver with his right hand.
But this time I didn’t see any CO2 cap. I locked on them, the flashlight in my left hand lighting all 3.
As his “gun” cleared his waist band I started to squeeze my trigger. As his became visible I could see the large opening in front of the cylinder. It was a “starter” pistol, a blank firing gun used to start races. I also knew with a little work you could drill them to take a .22 cartridge. But I knew the vest would stop a .22 if he had converted it.
Again, I knew I didn’t have to fire. The other 2 guys had already thrown up their hands and as the “weapon” came clear he could see I already had him in my sights.
He literally screamed like a girl, high pitched and fearful, and tried to toss the gun into traffic. It just wasn’t his night; it bounced off the side of a taxi and lay in the gutter where I could see it.
As with the others, because of my faith in the Second Chance Vest, I could take the time to ID the weapon and knew I didn’t have to shoot.

Unlike the other 2, this guy was charged with Felony Robbery. He used the make-believe gun to take items of value by “Force or Fear”.
He must have made a plea deal because I never went to court on him.
I hope he knows how close he came to dying.

What all these have in common is the fact choices had to be made in split seconds, I had faith in the equipment and could take an extra heartbeat to make that choice.