Sunday Rant – D T I

From 5 Feb 2014. As appropriate today, maybe even more so.


Our Country!  This, from a friend who is here as a resident alien:

“I’ve lived in your country for a number of years, and I love it as much as  my own.  Why any reasonable person could even imagine that I would be somehow ‘offended’ by Americans celebrating their own history and culture is far beyond my ability to understand.  Sounds as if the only ones that school administrator cares about are illegal immigrants!

Here, it is permissible to celebrate, virtually without limit, the heritage  of various and sundry immigrant and ethnic populations, complete with their flags, literature, and cuisine.  No one ever voices the slightest objection!

But, when the very country that made ‘liberty’ a word with real meaning, that made personal and economic freedom a reality, the country that represents hope for untold millions, citizens of that country may never celebrate their own history, may never even waive their own flag, because those falsely calling  themselves ‘progressives’ insist someone, somewhere might be offended.’

So what!  It makes we wonder where it is written that anyone has the “right” never to be offended.

In this dangerous, hopeless world, where spokesmen from national hell-holes, where even today abject slavery thrives and expands, spokesmen who would be immediately herded into gulags in most places in the world, here speak freely with no fear of persecution.

It is only the good and decent, the productive and moral, who are routinely  shouted-down by radical leftists. In Communist countries, there were ‘useful idiots,’ who naively brought the Communists to power and were quickly thereafter all lined-up and shot!

These kinds of people think it’s okay to make people fearful of celebrating their own culture and heritage.  These are the same people who think it is okay for the government to forcibly disarm citizens, under the false guise of ‘safety.’  They foolishly refuse to see that through their efforts to establish ‘utopia,’ they will be among the first to be herded into gas-chambers.

It won’t be the first time it’s happened!”

Comment: “When the bus is going over a cliff, it really doesn’t matter if you’re sitting in the front or in the back!/ John Vorhaus

“In times of disorder, fanatics play a prominent role.  In times of  peace, it is critics.  Both are shot the day after the Revolution!/ Edmund Wilson

“The Final Struggle will be between Communists and ex-Communists”. Silone


I agree with Mr. Wilson. I smile at all the silver-spoon liberals, who seem to have never read a history book, espousing the Great Struggle, while convincing themselves they will be the important ones. The ones with the bumper-sticker platitudes, who just don’t realize they will be in the first line, next to the long ditch. Can’t be having that discent you know.

Saturday Story – Good-night Mr. Pink

Let’s face it; if these stories do nothing else, you have to admit I’m a bit off center.

The weekend Julie and I were in Vegas for the Radio Music Awards, and my chance at a million dollars, we had that first night all to ourselves.

The distances between casinos in Las Vegas are deceiving. They are really much further apart than it looks. We found our way onto the strip, from the Aladdin and headed for the lights of town. And after 30 to 40 minutes walking, we started getting tired. But we persevered.

We got to Boardwalk, New York New York, The Excalibur, and of course The Flamingo. We did the usual tourist thing watching the people and weirds and gazing in awe at the Casinos themselves. We had a ball.

Finally, about 1:30 in the morning, actually the next day, we decided we were hungry and stopped at a little dinner on the strip. We both wanted something more than a sandwich and this place appeared clean and the menu looked pretty good so we went on inside.

We received a warm welcome from the waitress who sat us at a window table next to a big corner booth. We ordered our meals and just started to relax when a large group of young people sat down in the corner booth. I say young; they were all in their mid to late 20’s and obviously students.

Julie and I were just sitting, talking quietly, and finishing our dinner when the students began a discussion on Tarantino’s “Reservoir Dogs”. There was a divide among the group of 5 men and 3 women. Three of the men and two of the women were of the opinion “Dogs” was the greatest heist movie ever filmed, and the others didn’t.

The discussion was spirited and really quite well thought out on both sides. The arguments were clear and the points brought up were absolutely relevant to the topic and conversation. I listened as it was not hard to hear as we were the only two groups in the place. But these folks knew that movie line by line. Even the ones that didn’t think it was great.

Julie and I finished and decided to take a cab back to the Aladdin so when I paid the waitress I asked if she could call us a cab to which she replied it was no problem as they had several cabs that would come right away.

The “Dogs” conversation hit one of those momentary pauses that occur, just as Julie and I stood up. I turned to the group, stuck out my hand to one of the movies defenders and very softly said; “Good Might Mister Black” and we shook hands as he looked at me with a questioning look.  I turned to one of the young ladies and said, in the same soft voice; “Good Night Miss White” and we too shook hands, only now she seemed to start to pick up on the joke and reference.

 I then turned to the leader of the Anti’Dogs group, again put out my hand, and said in that quiet voice; “Good Night Mister Pink” and we shook hands and it was just about then everyone got the joke and the reference to the movie. 

Miss White and Mister Black were laughing out loud and Mister Pink jumped right in with a line from the movie, “Hey, why am I Mister Pink?”  So I responded with the movies next line, “Because you’re a faggot” and the entire table collapsed into unrestrained laughter. I shook everyone’s hand, introduced Julie and myself, apologized to Mister Pink for the “faggot” comment and they all said “no, no, no man. It’s part of the movie”. And everyone collapsed again with laughter.

As Julie and I walked out to the waiting cab, I heard the leader of the pro-dogs tell everyone else, “See I told you it’s the greatest movie ever made. They’ve even seen it in Hawaii”.

I resisted the urge to respond. Hell, one great set up a night is enough. 

Fri-fri-friday M-m-motes

KARMA: The Edgefield County (SC) Sheriff says evidence shows Joseph McKinnon strangled Patricia Dent inside the home and was burying her in the backyard, when he died of a heart attack. They say they discovered Joseph McKinnon’s body first, before finding Dent’s body in a backyard pit. On Monday, autopsies were performed on both bodies, and the cause of death for Mr. McKinnon was confirmed to be a cardiac event. Ms. Dent was found to have died by strangulation. Too bad we can’t list karma as cause of death. It would seem appropriate.

Just words: Duke University is looking into concerns that a student commencement speaker may have plagiarized parts of her speech. Priya Parkash is the Duke student who gave the speech on Sunday. According to the Duke Chronicle, several elements of the speech echo a former speech given at Harvard University in 2014 by then student Sarah Abushaar. My first thought; Who has so much time that they compare commencement speeches? And why? And does it really matter?

Priorities: Incensed by the “senseless upcharge” at Starbucks for nondairy milk, actor James Cromwell and other members of PETA, where he serves as an honorary director, staged a protest Tuesday at a Midtown Manhattan location. If anyone wanted him to leave, they were out of luck as he — along with another protester — superglued his hand to the counter in what can best be described as a “glue-in.” The 6-7 Oscar nominated (aren’t they all) actor led the “crowd” in a rousing chorus of “Save the planet, save the cows. Stop this vegan upcharge now.” I’m really glad Cromwell can do this because the rest of us have to work and make a living and don’t have time for this “problem”.

Do you know who my dad is: Hunter Biden is trying to settle the Justice Department’s probe into potential tax fraud, money laundering, and violation of lobbying laws, the New York Times reported Tuesday. Last I heard, two out three of these are criminal charges. In the coming months, the department is expected to make a final decision about whether to bring criminal or civil charges, or to reach some sort of settlement that could include a significant fine. How do you “settle” a criminal charge? “Significant” fine? In other words, is the DoJ getting paid off.

They make the rules: White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Tuesday that the Biden administration encourages “peaceful” protests outside the homes of Supreme Court justices. These protests are virtually unprecedented as a way to pressure the highest court — both directly and personally. Psaki said; ”We certainly continue to encourage that outside of judges’ homes, and that’s the president’s position.” Just like the border and the U.S. immigration laws, the WH has decided to ignore another federal law. Specifically, Title 18 of the U.S. Code, section 1507 that specifically makes protests outside the private residence of a federal judge a federal crime. They make the rules, and only obey the ones they want.

Fish wrapper supreme headline: “DEAD END”; ‘Dead’ woman ‘died of heart attack from shock of waking up at her own funeral’.” They don’t get much better than that.

In Hilo this weekend. Gonna listen to some country music, drink some Wisconsin beer, and mow some damn hawaiian weeds. Stay safe.

Posted gas prices 1 day too early. Honolulu gas 5/12/22. Up $.09/gal in 6 days.

Thursday Motes, Because I Said So

Scary: Uncle Joe is creating a domestic army within the government. Non-profit OpentheBooks released a comprehensive oversight report earlier this year titled “The Militarization of The U.S. Executive Agencies”.  The report estimated “that there are now more federal officers with firearm authority (200,000+) than U.S. Marines (186,000). “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set.  We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” Obama said on July 2, 2008. It’s the fulfillment of Obama’s well-funded prophecy. The administrations have stockpiled an arsenal of high-powered weapons in the Executive Branch based on the vision of a civilian national security force.  The stockpile can outfit an army.  The current regime controls the trigger to the arsenal. These are not LEO’s, these will be “true believer soldiers” doing the party’s bidding.

Why nobody watches: MSNBC guest Laurie Kilmartin had the network’s hosts cracking up when she announced that she wants to “make sweet love” to the person who leaked the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade opinion — “and joyfully abort our fetus.” And I want to puke.

Must be nice: A big-shot Hollywood lawyer reportedly paid off Hunter Biden’s delinquent taxes, which a source says amounted to more than $2 million, as the notoriously troubled son awaits the results of a Delaware grand jury’s investigation into his personal finances. Kevin Morris, an entertainment attorney and novelist whom Hunter Biden’s friends call his latest “sugar brother,” has also been funding the 52-year-old’s lifestyle in Los Angeles, including his rent and living expenses, the source said. The attorney has also been advising the president’s son on how to structure his “art sales”, according to a source. Now, ya gotta ask, WHY?

It’s about time: According to a press release issued today by NRA board member (and Kansas judge) Phil Journey, retired Army Lt. Col. Allen West has “answered the call” of those who say the NRA is in dire need of internal reforms and will stand for election as executive vice-president of the National Rifle Association, challenging the 30-year reign of LaPierre, who has been EVP and CEO of the gun rights group since 1991. West’s potential challenge to the current NRA leadership has been rumored for several days now, but this would seem to make it official. If I weren’t a life member, I wouldn’t have anything to do with the current “leadership”. And those quotes are on purpose.

You never know: Watching Guttfeld last night, one of the “guests” was Skunk Baxter. Jeffrey Allen “Skunk” Baxter is an American guitarist, known for his stints in the rock bands Steely Dan and The Doobie Brothers during the 1970s and Spirit in the 1980s. More recently, he has worked as a defense consultant and advised U.S. members of Congress on missile defense. Baxter fell into his second profession almost by accident. In the mid-1980s, his interest in music recording technology led him to wonder about hardware and software originally developed for military use, specifically data compression algorithm and large-capacity storage devices. On the show, he was funny, made intelligent comments, and was extremely articulate. Wow, you just never know.

Opinion: I’m hearing the talking heads whine and moan about the “Rowe” opinion, which hasn’t been formally announced, and how the left is protesting against the SCOTUS, by holding “protests” fronting the Justice’s homes. I say it’s time for the right, conservatives, to start doing the same thing to our left leaning politicians. We cannot just sit and whine, it hasn’t done any good. We need to start using “their” rules and tactics. Being the “better” person isn’t doing a damn bit of good. Use their rules against them.

Ho Hum, Wednesday Motes

A thought: What if the space aliens could only watch “Leave It To Beaver”, “Ozzy and Harriet”, and “Happy Days”. Then they land here. Oh boy.

Lying demorats make up the cutest “facts”: “Millions of women are figuring out how to get out of this country for good,” Roseanna Arquette later deleted the tweet, but her pro-abortion activism continued.// Legal analyst (?) Sunny Hostin said Tuesday that comedian Dave Chappelle getting attacked on stage  was in part due to former President Donald Trump unleashing “incivility.”// Uncle Joe warns that Republicans might pass a law preventing “LGTBQ children” from attending public school with other children.// Rep. Susan Wild (D-PA) saying “all of our constitutional rights are at stake” and claiming that a ban on interracial marriage may be next.

Vacations can kill you: Three Americans died of unknown causes Friday at a Sandals resort on the Bahamas’ Great Exuma island, and police are investigating, officials said. Bahamian Acting Prime Minister Chester Cooper “advised that foul play is not suspected.” No signs of trauma were found on the bodies, the Royal Bahamas Police Force said in a statement. This sounded sort of familiar, so I looked back and found in April 2018, a family of four was found dead in a rental condo in the luxury Tao Mexico vacation community near Akumal, on the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula just north of Tulum. “Foul play was not suspected”. Investigation into that showed a faulty propane water heater was the source of gas poisoning. Let’s see where this was goes.  

To serve and steal: A retired sheriff’s deputy posed as a guest at two Phoenix-area weddings to steal boxes of cards containing thousands of dollars and is under investigation in a series of similar crimes, authorities said Friday. According to police, the two stolen boxes of wedding cards each contained between $3,000 and $6,000. During their investigation of the two Chandler thefts, police learned of at least seven similar crimes in other Phoenix-area jurisdictions, said a Chandler police spokesman. The suspect was also booked on several drug possession and drug paraphernalia offenses because he had amphetamine and fentanyl on him when he was arrested, police said.

A waste of time: A Canadian space law amendment allowing for the prosecution of crimes committed on the Moon passed Canada’s House of Commons at the end of April, Euronews reported. The legislation would extend Canada’s criminal jurisdiction into outer space. Now let’s see them enforce it.

The best politician money can buy: Crazy Mazie says “As far as I’m concerned, anybody in this country who cares about our civil rights and our constitutional rights should be very, very concerned about this draft opinion,” (U.S. Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii. Hey Mazie, 1) It was a “draft”, no authority or power what-so-ever. B) The Constitution never says anything about “abortion”, it’s not a constitutional right. B.2) There are no “civil rights” involved, at all. IV) Please STFDASTFU.

A sad Good-Bye: Mickey Gilley, the country music star whose Texas nightclub “Gilley’s” served as the inspiration for the 1980 film Urban Cowboy, died on Saturday in Branson, Mo. “Gilley was 86 and had just come off of the road, his favorite place, having played ten shows in April,” according to spokesman Zach Farnum. “He passed peacefully with his family and close friends by his side.” “Urban Cowboy” was trend setting moment and movement in the 80’s. Suddenly everybody wanted to be a “cowboy”. His talent and voice will be missed.

Gas in Honolulu 5/10/21. One year ago.

Gas in Honolulu 5/10/22

Up $1.34 a gallon in one year. What are you paying?

At Last, Tuesday Motes

This blog has NOT been cleared by the Ministry of Truth

It’s nice there are some things you can always count on: Like Geraldo Rivera, born Gerald Riviera, insulting someone he “debates” with, especially when they are trying to make a point he doesn’t agree with.  Rivers named three Supreme Court Justice’s and called them frauds and claimed, “they lied”. When broadcaster Greg Guttfeld called him on it, he labels the facts “baloney”, calls Guttfeld “arrogant” and then calls him an “insulting punk”. As he always does, if Rivera can’t answer the facts, he attacks the person. Hey Gerry, two things you should drop from your bio. You are not a “Republican” and you sure ain’t a “journalist”.

The what? : US Attorney General Merrick Garland on Thursday unveiled a new “Office of Environmental Justice” to advance Joe Biden’s climate agenda. Garland’s announcement comes as Uncle Joe’s climate “advisor” Gina McCarthy recently bragged to her lunatic supporters at Tufts University about how the regime is going to force the airlines to follow their new green-style rules. McCarthy told supporters this week, “We’re actually going to do 100 rules this year alone on appliances… Sustainable airlines. Who’d a thunk that they’d be all in but they better be or they’re gonna be out of here.” What the hell is “environmental justice”? Sounds more like the department of “egocentric environmental extortion”. And this is from the “department of justice”? Not seeing any.

Question: Is Johnny Depp and Amber Heard calling each other obscene names and crying on demand more important than the “2000 Mules”? Guess so.

Merc’s in Africa, again: Forces identified by witnesses as Russian have “summarily executed, tortured, and beaten civilians” in the Central African Republic (CAR) since 2019. The report — which is based on interviews with 40 people, including 10 victims of violence and 15 witnesses — details abuses that were allegedly committed by men “with white skin speaking Russian” who wore “beige khaki clothes” and used military-grade weapons. The fingers are pointing at the Wagner Group,” which is a private military security contractor with ties to the Russian government”. The group is thought to be connected to — and financed by — Yevgeny Prigozhin, an oligarch so close to the Kremlin that he is known as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “chef.” The Kremlin has repeatedly denied any links to the group. Prigozhin also denies any connection to Wagner. Mercenary’s (merc’s) in Africa have been bad news since the 60’s. The Simba’s, Mau Mau, Mad Mike Hoare , Bob Denard and Jean Schramme were known world wide back then. The other night TMC showed one of the more controversial movies of that time. “Dark of The Sun” also known as the “Last Train From Katanga” stared Rod Taylor, Yvette Mimieux, and Jim Brown. The U.N. has very strict rules about mercenary involvement in conflicts, but I guess the new designation is “military contractor” and a way around the rules.

She’s earned out best: Let’s give a big “hooray” for 18-year-old Georgia resident Bryn Hammock, who refined her sewing skills during the pandemic, spearheaded an effort to produce 140 weighted gloves, which she calls “Tiny Hugs,” to comfort infants in the newborn intensive care units (NICU) at her local hospitals. It all began when Hammock learned that parents could only spend two hours daily with their newborns in NICUs under pandemic restrictions. She then heard of bead-filled gloves meant to comfort newborns from her grandmother, Deanna Simmons, who happens to be a pediatric nurse. Hammock created her first batch of “Tiny Hugs” and, with the help of her mother, Kelley Hammock, produced an instruction video on how to make them while also fashioning a team of 18 volunteers. The group set out to make 30 “Tiny Hugs,” but when all was said and done, they manufactured 140. Hammock, a girl scout, also had her eyes set on the Gold Award, the highest honor the Girl Scouts of America has for ambassadors and senior girl scouts. As far as I’m concerned, she earned it. Way to go.

Yes, times are tough: You know times are bad when a semi-celeb’s mom launches a go-fund-me to pay for the daughters civil court loss against another semi-celeb. WTF is this world coming to?

Sad news: Leave It to Beaver actor Tony Dow announced Thursday that he has been diagnosed with cancer.The L.A. native, 77, and his wife of 41 years, Lauren, said they were heartbroken over the diagnosis, and were thankful of prayers from fans, in advance. Dow played the role of Wally Cleaver on Leave It to Beaver in all 234 episodes of the show from 1957 to 1963 alongside Jerry Mathers, and late stars Hugh Beaumont, Barbara Billingsley and Ken Osmond. “Beaver” was one of the most timeless shows ever produced. My prayers and thoughts are with him.

You know that gift box Brother Danno sent me? Well, it had more than chocolate and coffee. Getting into it I found this little gem. It’s sharp. compact and very classy. I got some of the best Bro’s there are. Thanks Danno.

Monday Motes, With Morale Boosters

In Honolulu this weekend (Very bored flat voice): Oh boy.

Old is new: I spotted a banner on a bar announcing, “Guest Bartender”, like it was something new. Hey, Dickie Boyd and Mickey Hummer were doing that back in the 70’s and 80’s. Their “guests” were people like Russ Francis (TE New England Patriots), Tommy Sands (entertainer), Fabian (teen idol), Jimmy Borges (jazz singer) and Neil Abercrombie (Hawaii Congressman and later HI Governor). Working behind the bar with Russ was painful. When he bumped into you, he didn’t even know it, but you did. Tommy and Fabian were just wonderful guys. Of course, Jimmy was always a class act.

Priorities: I was planning to retire this year. At 75, I figured to spend some time with my wife and house, maybe write a little more. However, gas is $5 + a gallon so I won’t drive very much, wife’s meds have tripled in out-of-pocket costs, my diet will be mostly canned tuna and boxed mac and cheese, the electric bill has gone up so much we can only watch a total 3 hours of tv a day, and cook only one meal each day, but at least I know if my 70 y-o wife ever needs an abortion she will be able to get one.

WTF is wrong with people: Brittny Griffin (30) had her three children in the car when she shot a 17-year-old victim in the face on I-20. According to reports, Griffin was stalking the teenage driver for 15 miles after she accidentally cut her off. Griffin went to get her nails done after shooting the child in the face, according to the judge. The 17-year-old was a passenger in the car and was rushed to the hospital and is in stable condition. Griffith was charged with four counts of aggravated assault, three counts of cruelty to children, and one count of possession of a firearm during commission of a felony. She chased them for 15 miles? Because they cut her off? And she shot into a car full of kids? And she has kids? In answer to my lead, she places no value on anyone but herself.

Not your granddad’s tv show: Watched the “Rookie” this week and it was 2 part episode that was supposed to introduce the “new” rookie. The new rookie is an “fbi trainee”, that is a mid-aged black female bisexual with a father that hates po-lice and “feds”. She was temporarily teamed up with a Hispanic supervisor and an out-spoken white gay female agent. Efrem Zimbalist Jr. is spinning in his grave like a top.

Huh?: A judge has ruled that an Arizona prisoner convicted in the 1978 killing of a university student is “mentally fit” to be put to death next week, keeping on track what would be the first execution in the state in nearly eight years. So, you have to be mentally fit to be executed? Sorry, if you murder someone, you’re not exactly all there to begin with in my opinion. Okay, you kill someone, then go nuts while in prison, so now they don’t execute you? The execute must understand that they are being executed. Doesn’t that seem just a little “cruel and unusual”? This all doesn’t make much sense to me.

And what is with all these people “bragging” about their abortions? So, you’re too horny/stupid to engage in safe sex, get pregnant, and decide to “terminate” the pregnancy. Sorry, but to me, this is not something to brag about. Or ever mention. Or put in a headline. Ever.

Recently received this gift box from my Brother Danno and his wife Cheryl in Germany. Wow.

Coffee chocolate Wow.

Thanks Brother Danno. You two stay safe.

Sunday Rant – Polls

Big headline: “Majority of America wants Trump Charged”. “Just over half of the respondents in a new poll say former President Trump should be indicted for encouraging his followers on Jan. 6, 2021, to march to the Capitol, where a mob stormed the building but was ultimately unsuccessful in overturning the 2020 presidential election results. The poll showed 52 percent of respondents said that Trump should be charged for his role in the Capitol riot.” Wow, 52%.

Survey researchers, not typically known for their humor, have an old joke that goes, “If you don’t believe in random sampling, the next time you have a blood test, tell the doctor to take it all.” The analogy of a small sample of a patient’s blood drives home the point that if selected properly, all that is needed to get a president’s job approval rating (or a cholesterol count) is a sample. Think about a chef who tastes a sauce. If the sauce is well stirred, the chef can try just a spoonful rather than eating the entire potful to assess its flavor. A wonderful theory.

Let’s look a little deeper. The poll was conducted by the Washington Post in connection with ABC News. Not exactly “non-biased” sources.

Look a little more, they based this conclusion on the responses from 1,004 “respondents”. One thousand and four people. Or .0000030424 percent of the US population. Yeah, that’s a real cross section of the voter base. The pollsters will go into deep long explanations on how this is the perfect “random” sample.

There is just one tiny problem as I see it. In working with the Hawaii Legislature on/against mandatory helmets and other motorcycle laws, I found that a poll will say whatever the person/group paying for it wants it to say. How do I know? I’ve done it.

The response to a poll depends on where you ask the questions, when you ask them, and how you ask them. These three things can be slanted and used to prove whatever you want the poll to prove. Example? Okay.

I go to an “upper income” area church, on a Sunday morning, and I ask the first 100 adults walking out of that church the following question: “Because of the increased injury level when being in an accident and for their own safety, should motorcyclists be required to wear a helmet full time, regardless of their age, training, or experience level in operating a motorcycle?”

I’m willing to bet I’d get an 85% “YES” response. Plus, or minus 3% of course. The headline would read, “Majority In Favor Of Helmet Laws”.

Now I go to the local strip club area, on a Friday night to Saturday morning (early), and I ask 50 people going into the clubs, and 50 people coming out of the clubs the following question: “Should bikers, for their own good, be forced to wear a helmet all the time?”

Want to bet against “NO” being the majority answer? Me either.  This headline would read, well let’s face it, there wouldn’t be a headline, it wouldn’t fit the narrative.

See, location, timing, and phrasing.  

A poll shows exactly what the buyer wants it to say. It shows nothing more, and often a lot less.

Saturday Story

Been telling stories of my twisted sense of humor. That didn’t just for for the “citizens”, it seemed to apply to everyone. Everyone.

Captain Revenge

I once had a Captain that believed if he gave me enough rope, I’d hang myself. I used to call him Captain Revenge, but never where he could hear me. I’m really not that stupid.

One night he picked me and 3 other’s he didn’t like, and told us he wanted us to go out and write nothing but bicycle citations.

I figured he was planning on us writing 5 or 6 each and then goofing off the rest of the shift. Then he could complain about our “non-performance”.

Three hours into the shift I radio’d dispatch asking if the motor pool truck was available. When asked why I needed the truck I replied “we” had confiscated some unlicensed bikes. How many? Well, at last count it was 27 but might be more by the time the truck got there.

There was radio silence and then a voice asked our location.

“University and Wilder” I answered. University and Wilder, was probably the most bicycle traveled intersection in Honolulu, it was right on the edge of the Manoa Campus of the University of Hawaii. So we had stopped every bike coming down the road or off the campus.

All those bikes had to be checked with the reported stolen bikes, 8 of them were reported stolen and since we had given the riders citations and got valid id we could turn them loose and report them to the detectives.

Then all those bikes had to be logged, tagged, and entered into evidence. For 27 bicycles, you’re talking a whole lot of paperwork. Enough to keep all 4 of us back at the station, inside, for the rest of the shift.

The Captain was not amused.

So next time, he ordered me to patrol Ala Moana Park, on foot from 6pm to 11pm. I was not to leave the park.

Yep you guessed it. It didn’t work out quite like he expected.

I’m a “sneaky type”, so I walked quietly and looked while I was walking.

Just outside the lights from the Tennis court was a parked car. As I walked by, I noticed there were 2 males in the front seat. They both seemed to be watching the parking lot by the tennis courts, watching so intently they didn’t see me walking by the car.

I looked through the passenger window and low and behold, on the hump between the seat was what appeared to be a 38/357 revolver and a sheathed k-bar knife. And they still didn’t know I was there.

I stepped back into the shadows, called for back-up and waited.

When another patrol unit came down the road, the 2 guys slumped down and the passenger appeared to reach for the pistol.

I turned on my flashlight, aimed it and my revolver inside the car. The patrol unit stopped. Turned on his lights and did the same thing on the driver’s side.

Both occupants were a bit surprised by all the actions. They surrendered without any further actions.

The gun turned out to be another damn pellet gun, but the knife was real enough.

While I did my paperwork (2 “Felony”, multiple “Misdemeanors” arrests, towing the vehicle, storage inventory, etc.). In the squad room of course, the detectives interviewed the 2 suspects.

The suspects freely copped out to their plan. They were going to rob the 1st person(s) that walked into the dark area where they had parked.

And they wanted to know how I snuck up on them. They never saw me coming.

The detectives told the Captain I had prevented at least one “armed” robbery and should be commended for my sharp eye and good instincts.

Yeah, that never happened.

The Captain was not a happy camper. He kept giving me crap and I kept making him eat it. He tried one last time, but that didn’t work out so well either. That’s another story. Always enjoyed smiling at him



Seriously: A former University of Virginia lacrosse player is liable for fatally beating his girlfriend in 2010 and must pay $15 million in damages in a wrongful death lawsuit, a jury found Monday. George Huguely V is currently serving a 23-year prison sentence in the killing of Yeardley Love after being convicted of second-degree murder during a 2012 criminal trial. Huguely and Love both played lacrosse at UVA and had a two-year, on-again, off-again relationship before Yeardley was found beaten to death in her off-campus apartment. The finding of willful and wanton misconduct means that Huguely will not be able to have the $15 million in compensatory damages dismissed by a bankruptcy court if he argues that he does not have the assets to pay the judgment. The guy has served 10 years of a 23-year sentence, there is nothing to indicate he has or will have enough (or any) money to pay this judgment. It’ll hang over his head the rest of his life, probably stymy any employment opportunities, and just sit in the court records. It accomplished nothing. (IMHO)

This is just wrong: Did you know that in some states, if you miss one tax payment, local politicians will take your home, sell it and keep all the profits? Really. Tawanda Hall was behind on her taxes. She works as a nursing assistant. She was on a payment plan but had missed $900. She didn’t expect Southfield, Michigan, to take her entire house because of that. It was worth $286,000 more than what she owed. When Hall found out she was going to lose her home, she tried to pay off the debt.  she tried to pay off the debt. “I went to the mayor’s office, I went down to the city county building,” she says. “They didn’t want our money. They said no.” If you are behind on taxes, even just $10 behind, 11 states allow local governments to sell your home and keep all its value. I may not be a lawyer, and I never played one on tv, but even I see this is freakin’ wrong. State legalized theft.

A sad Good-Bye: David Birney, actor, has passed at the age of 83. Now why do I mention an actor from the 60’s to 80’s? While filming an episode of the original 5-0, I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Birney. We sat and talked over a shooting break. I mentioned I had just seen a “Police Story” episode where he played an L.A. police officer I was familiar with, and I told him how much I had enjoyed it. He later appeared as “Serpico” in a short-lived series. To me, he was a nice guy and a good actor. His talent will be missed.

Advice not needed: Males who identify as women should call the cops if they are asked to leave a women’s toilet, a transgender NGO has suggested. In a post on the organization’s website, Mermaids said that those who identify as being transgender still have the right to enter single-sex locations despite the recent EHRC (Equities and Human Rights Council) ruling. The NGO then makes a number of recommendations for what someone should do if they are asked to leave a single-sex location, like call 911, call a friend “you trust”, or go “someplace you feel safe”. Hey, some people find a guy in the woman’s bathroom with their wife, daughter, or granddaughter, the only thing we’ll need to call is an ambulance.  If your uncomfortable using the MENS, wait until the women’s is empty.

Answer: Hey Tim Cook. Your answer to the demands of “Apple Together” should be 2 1/2  simple words; “You’re fired”. Put an end to employees telling an owner what he should do. They can all be replaced, should be replaced, and it would probably be replaced pretty quick.

Too much government: Nina Jankowicz, the leader of the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) new Disinformation Governance Board expressed fears of “free speech absolutists” like Elon Musk taking over social media platforms — after she was hired by the government. She indicated more censorship was necessary. Excuse me for throwing the big yellow bullshat flag. Free Speech definition: The right to freedom of speech allows individuals to express themselves without government interference or regulation. The Supreme Court requires the government to provide substantial justification for the interference with the right of free speech where it attempts to regulate the content of the speech. So there is either free speech or there isn’t. There is no censorship. Period.