Thursday Leftovers

Intimidation: It appears that the biggest form of intimidation being used today is “doxing”.

Dox; /däks/ verb ; present participle: doxing. 1)To search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the internet, typically with malicious intent.

Yesterday nbc/msnbc was banned from the Rittenhouse trial and courthouse. It appears a reporter was caught trying to film/record the jury members being transported away from the court. Since no pictures of the jury are allowed in the courtroom, it would seem obvious it would not be allowed outside the court. There is no reason to record pictures of the jury other than to “doxx” them. This would cause things like protests at the juror’s front yard, text and phone disruptions, and of course “swatting”. This action by nbc/msnbc is pure and simple intimidation in an attempt to sway the jury into making the verdict fit the nbc/msnbc scenario.

Friday Motes, Yeeeaaaa

For those of you in a holiday mood; Yes, there are twelve days of Christmas. None of which are in freakin’ November.

Cultural appropriation: A New Zealand Māori tribe has demanded that anti-vaccine mandate advocates stop using its ceremonial dance, the “Ka Mate” haka, at protests. The Ngati Toa, which won legal control of the Ka Mate — the tribe’s unique version of the haka — in 2009, strongly objected on Monday after demonstrators were seen performing it at recent rallies. It should be noted there many different “Haka’s”. Seen in the “Hobbs and Shaw” by large muscular men, and in “Fast and Furious 8” by a girl’s soccer team the Haka is no longer the fearsome call to war it once was.

Don’t bother to ask: Uncle Joe’s comments from the past seem off-limits, where President Trumps were held under a microscope. Nobody seems to speak about the “lying dog-faced pony soldier” anymore. When asked about his calling Kyle Rittenhouse a “white supremist”, the WH spokes liar responded “So, Peter, what I’m not going to speak to right now is anything about an ongoing trial, nor the president’s past comments”. “President Biden ran on a promise to bring Americans together”, Psaki stated. And how’s that working out for you?

Response to a Letter to the Editor: Honolulu Star Advertiser  11/16/21

 “Repeal 2nd Amendment to ease violence threat”: Mr. Arthur Mersereau;

 Sir, Your letter states people are “arming themselves” because of the “evaporation of civil discourse” and “loss of tolerance for opposing idea’s” and that repealing the 2nd amendment would defuse the “convergence time bomb”. The discussion about the 2nd Amendment is NOT the problem. Repealing the 2nd won’t create your perfect world. Comments like “All x people are racists”. Or “X-Americans are all criminals”. Or “I don’t like what you said so I’ll burn down your store and house”. Those ARE the problems. Maybe we should repeal the 1st Amendment. And then when nobody can say anything, we won’t have any more problems. To defend one’s life and family should not be a “regulated privledge”.  Then only the privileged will have any rights.

Calipornians are nutz: The latest example is San Francisco police commissioner John Hamasaki arguing that arresting criminals won’t “solve” the problems of “car break-ins or any violence.” Actually, that is correct, arrests alone won’t do it. We need to send criminals to large prisons for long hard terms. At least they won’t be doing any rimes while they’re locked up.

Why does anyone listen to this guy: Dr. Fauci on Sunday told CBS “Sunday Morning” senior contributor Ted Koppel that there’s a “misplaced perception” about people’s rights superseding “societal safety.” In other words, your rights are not as important as the safety of everyone else.  And this is precisely why Fauci, an unelected, lying bureaucrat (and imho a sociopath), should NEVER make decisions for the American people. He does not care about your rights, only his opinions.

Staying in Honolulu this weekend. Laundry, vacuum, all that good crap. Maybe just a little Sexton. Maybe.

ALmost Friday Motes

 Did somebody drop Nancy on her head: In Glasgow, Scotland on Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) released a “woke” statement in which she bizarrely demanded that “gender equity” be made a “central component of climate action.” If there is anyone in the World that can explain this to me, I’m listening.

Speaking of head cases: Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) said she agrees with the notion that people don’t care about gas prices if they can’t afford child care so they can work.  “A huge part of Build Back Better is to lower costs such as childcare costs, to provide pre-K, which is really important for young families. We need to get on and pass the Build Back Better to lower costs for families and to address climate change.” My kids are all grown, so I don’t really need “child care”, but paying 5 or 8 dollars a gallon will keep me from going to work. And I venture that if they don’t have to pay outrageous prices for gas or milk or bread, those other families could afford child care.

Any time anyone says your sacrifice is for the greater good, you can be sure they aren’t sacrificing anything.

I’m bigger, I make the rules: The prosecution’s general argument was that Rittenhouse should have used hand-to-hand combat to fight off a mob of adults who were threatening his life, chasing him, and physically assaulting him. DA Kraus, in a rebuttal against the closing argument of Rittenhouse’s defense, echoed a statement from lead prosecutor that it was unfair of Rittenhouse to bring a gun to protect himself against the angry mob when his fists alone would have sufficed. “As Mr. Binger said, he brought a gun to a fistfight, and he was too cowardly to use his own fists to fight his way out. He has to start shooting.” So, I guess he wants us to just deed the world over to the bigger and stronger. This is coming from a guy that has obviously never been in a real fist fight, never had a jaw or nose broken, or had someone trying to curb stomp his teeth out. As Colt used to say, ”Fear no man, No matter his size, I am with you, I will equalize”.

Headline: “Cuomo Playing Stupid in Sexual Harassment Probe”? Who says he’s playing?

Probably not: This doesn’t seem like the right time to study “abroad” but I saw a half page ($$) newspaper ad touting the joy and benefits of Taiwan. Considering mainland China is talking about taking the island back, I wonder whose bright campaign idea this was.

Don’t make threats: Seems like there are a lot of problems with “school boards” and “PTA” association meetings. Parents getting involved and making comments on the curriculum and such. This I agree with. My wife and I fought for our kids. What I don’t agree with is the use of intimidation against other parents because they disagree. Such as the guy standing up and threatening other parents who spoke out against CRT. When he says” I got over 1,000 soldiers locked and loaded”, I’d take that as a threat to the community. This is intimidation plain and obvious.

A sad Good-Bye to John Furman, 74. A long time friend, John was the head of the City and County of Honolulu Auditoriums. He was a kind man with an opinion on everything. He will be missed.

Gas, Honolulu 11/16. Up another $.05 in 12 days. We’re almost there. What are you paying.

It’s Wednesday Mote or Two

Need a few more: Last week saw two things happen of which I approve.. 1) Defense attorney’s asked that the court stop more attendance by “black pastors” i.e. “Rev.” Al Sharpton. His inflammatory rhetoric and race baiting as intimidated and frightened jurors in dozens of trials. None of which, he should have been involved. I have long felt these actions and actors should not get involved in these proceedings. It’s time it was stopped. 2) Two teenagers (16 and 18) have been charged in the death of a child shot by police after the two started a gun fight at a high school football game. Time for them to be held responsible for their actions. Yes, the cops fired the bullet that killed the child. But those shots would not have been taken had not the two started the situation. The two yout’s should, and are, being held responsible.

I really would: I’d like to see a play, or movie, about a night with Sinatra, Martin, Davis, and their friends just sitting around a table, maybe in the backroom of a Vegas Casino, with individual flashbacks and them just telling stories about things they did or were accused of doing. I think that’d be a gas man. A real gas.

Don’t agree: The L.A.P.D., which can barely be called law “enforcement” anymore, has recently come out and basically told the public to “sit back and enjoy” the robbery. They are advising all citizens, potential victims, to go along with the robber. From the website: LAPD recommendations to anyone who becomes a victim of a robbery: 1) Don’t resist — cooperate, comply and be a good witness.2) Immediately dial 911. 3) Write down what you can remember about the crime, including descriptions of the suspect(s) and their vehicle(s). 4) Don’t follow or chase the assailant(s) after a robbery. I predict a huge upsurge in street robberies and home invasions.

Won’t be no country music: Yes, I love “country” music. No, I did not watch the “CMA” Awards. Why? Don’t care. Actually, don’t like most of the music today, country or otherwise.

Nothing nefarious going on here: It’s all a coincidence that 112 young children were given the wrong dosage of the COVID-19 vaccine—one meant for adults—at a Ted Pharmacy in Aldie, Loudoun County, Va. If you think the pharmacy and health officials are concerned about the kids, think again. Another parent whose child was given the incorrect dose said the pharmacy sent her a Facebook message apologizing for the “inconvenience.” I wonder how many of those children have parents complaining about the school board. I hope “Ted Pharmacy” have really good insurance. They’re gonna need it.

Useless headline : “Biden Caught In Another Lie”… That’s getting old already.

Political Prisoner: Yeah, I know there aren’t supposed to be any “political prisoners”. Well, except those that were in Washington DC on Jan6. Oh that’s right, Jeremy Brown is charged with trespassing, a misdemeanor. The judge recently refused to release Jeremy Brown from jail for standing outside the US Capitol. He is being held without bail or trial in Pinellas County Florida. For misdemeanor trespassing. His real crime? He refused to be a snitch for the fbi. Sounds like a political prisoner to me. FBI..KGB..SSD…it all walks like a duck.

Tuesday Afternoon Motes

I have frequently commented that it now appears you are guilty until proven innocent. I have been corrected. It is now “guilty until you can afford to prove you’re innocent.” You are absolutely right. I stand corrected.

Wait for that early morning knock: People are saying the fbi raid looking for the Biden daughter’s diary shows there may be some very bad (as in evil) history in the family. We already knew that from the hunter laptop. But it also shows the fbi is no longer even pretending to be a law enforcement branch, it is clearly a democrat gestapo.

Make me puke: Reading the Daily Signal I came upon an article written by a career Army officer. In it he discussed a recent class his son had in school. It was an eighth grade ENGLISH class where the students had to sit and watch a TED talk about how to talk to “trans-genders”. What? It is only by the farthest stretch I can consider this an “English” assignment. Despite repeatedly asking the principal and the head of the district’s director of the English language arts curriculum, just how this applied to the English language, the author did not receive and answer only a lecture on how he should respect others and they were only thinking of the children.  He disagreed and withdrew his son from further LBCRTZVQ lectures. More and more people ae waking up to the subversion that has been going on far too long.

Not a chance: Radio shock-jock Howard Stern believes he would beat former President Donald Trump in a presidential race in 2024. Howie baby, you couldn’t beat Donald Trump in a foot race.

Cause there was nothing else: I was watching some old episodes of “Two and a half men”. Cannot imagine it being made and shown in todays culture. The show premiered in 2003 and did 262 weekly episodes. It was full of misogynistic and frankly sexist comments and situations. In later seasons it suffered from some serious cast changes and deteriorating writing . I’m going to heck for this, but I still think it was hilarious.

Every once in a while: A little girl who lost a special teddy bear she’d had since being adopted from an Ethiopian orphanage thought it was gone forever when she forgot it along a trail in Glacier National Park last year. Thanks to a social media plea, the sharp eyes and soft heart of a park ranger and the closure of a hiking trail because of grizzly bear activity on the same day a family friend visited the park, the teddy bear is back in the arms of 6-year-old Naomi Pascal in Jackson, Wyoming. The bear’s return, which has earned 12,000 likes on the Glacier National Park Facebook page, is a beautiful story that resonates, said Ben Pascal, Naomi’s dad and the senior pastor at the Presbyterian Church of Jackson Hole. I agree, it is a wonderful story and every once in a while even I like to smile.  

Sad Good-Bye: It was announced last Thursday  Graeme Edge, the drummer and founding member of prog-rock veterans The Moody Blues, died on Nov. 11 at the age of 80. Nights in White Satin and Tuesday Afternoon being just 2 of their memorable recordings. Remind me to tell you about the week we shipped the bikes to Maui, staying up all night listening to the MB’s, and riding the motorcycles to the summit of Haleakala for the sunrise. He will be missed.

Come For The Motes, Stay For Monday

Un-Social discourse: Caught a little of Hannity. Same old, same old. Bongino and Rivera, with Rivera showing what a total azz he is. Rivera announced he “despises” people who don’t want the vaxx. He also “despises” “smug” people that have gotten the shot but urge others to make up their own mind. To quote Gerald, an elitist, “You have no individual rights when it comes to this vaccine”.  So, Gerry despises me. Meh. It’s not like it’ll have any effect on my social life. Every time I see these two, Bongino seems to remain calm, tries to state his position, and Rivera shouts, insults, makes personal attacks, and over-brays when he gets the smallest item correct. Hey Gerry, go find an empty vault to open and leave my choices to me.

Congratulations to my buddy Mike Woundy. He recently received the Dept. of the Army, Civilian Achievement Medal for his work in establishing a “Dive Safety” training program as a CoE dive master. Good work Brother, good work.

Not a movie: I got on a binge-watching cycle of Australian movies, mostly depicting how badly the Aborigines were treated. I would guess there will soon be a number of movies regarding the treatment of the indigenous people, mostly children, by the Canadian (British) government. In the past couple of years literally thousands of remains of these young souls have been “discovered” in what were euphemistically called “schools” or “institutes”. They have now started the search The Mohawk Institute, Ontario. Between 1831 and 1970, thousands of Indigenous children were sent there. It is unknown how many never returned.

Happy Birthday Bill D. “C.W.McCall” Fries. May your Convoy roll on many more years.

Honolulu Star-Advertiser: Regarding the recent “Insight” article “Right to bear arms can stifle free speech”, by David Cole and Donna Lieberman. Their opening sentence claims the Kenosha protest “only turned deadly when Rittenhouse opened fire on protesters”. Kyle Rittenhouse did not “open fire on protesters”, he defended himself from clear and specific attackers. This has been made abundantly clear by the court testimony. In the 3 days before the shooting, the “protesters’ destroyed dozens of buildings and set more than 30 fires. They say that in the 30,000 (thirty thousand) public demonstrations between 1/2020 and 6/21 there was more of a chance that it would result in confrontation if one side was armed. How many confrontations, assaults, or arsons were stopped? I’m sorry that they feel the Second Amendment is “not absolute”. It’s my opinion the Second Amendment is why they have and keep their First Amendment. But that’s not absolute either. Is it?

Should I stop: Reading about the Jan 6 trials, to me, is ludicrous. It seems to be the only trials held for any of the (see above) 30,000 riots or protests held in the past 2 years. Maybe the defunded police can’t find any of those perpetrators. They did manage to identify and arrest 650 people for Jan 6. How come none of the other looters and arsonists haven’t been charged. Wait, there was no looting or arson on Jan 6. Okay, now I’m really confused.

Dr. Brittany Cooper: Your comment “The thing I want to say is that we’ve got to take these mxxhafuxxas out.” Why don’t you start the ball? Come on down. Hey, I ain’t that hard to find. 

Sunday Rant

The fbi is no longer the premier law enforcement organization In America. They have become an enforcement gestapo of the democrat party. In the past few years;

  1. The Steel Dossier and the FISA court warrants, the false testimony, and made-up investigations of Trump. Agents lied to a federal court and to a federal judge.
  2. The Gretchen Whitmer investigation where there were twice as many informants and agents as there were perp’s, and the agents were the driving force.
  3. The ignoring of the blatant inter-state travel to conduct crimes (riot, personal injuries, weapons violations, theft, and arson) during last year’s summer of love. These would be federal crimes.
  4. The failure to identify and investigate Ray Epps and his part in the DC “insurrection”. Video confirms Epps was an instigator making his involvement a federal crime.
  5.  Concealing of the Kyle Rittenhouse video’s that show Rittenhouse being repeatedly assaulted. Rittenhouse committed no federal crime.
  6. The Jeremy Brown case, he refused to be a snitch, went to DC, and 9 months later was arrested by 40 to 60 agents for misdemeanor trespassing, his home and belongings searched, and he is still in jail after being denied bail, on a misdemeanor! Trespassing is not a federal offense. Neither is refusing to be an informant.
  7. Agents have now begun raiding accredited news sources (Project Veritas) looking for the President daughter’s diary that went missing over a year years ago. The diary they returned to “law enforcement”. Again, not a federal offense.
  8. The investigation of outspoken parents as “domestic terrorists” in response to a single complaint letter.
  9. The failure to investigate Hunter Biden’s firearm violations. The one’s he publicly admitted to.
  10. The search and seizure of a Beverly Hills  private vault company, the contents of many of the private boxes, and forcing the owner to prove the contents were “legal” by claiming a dog had smelled unspecified drugs on jewelry and cash.

These are just the incidents that have been reported by national msm. We don’t even know how many sexual harassment complaints, improper search and seizures cases, assaults, and coercions. There are numerous federal “law enforcement” organizations that can do the jobs It’s time to disband this one.

Saturday Story

Monday is the birthday for someone I’ve never met, but consider a friend. William Dale Fries Jr. (born November 15, 1926) is an American singer, activist and politician best known by his stage name C. W. McCall, and for his truck-themed “outlaw country” songs. He didn’t start out to be a country entertainer, In 1973, while working as a creative director for Bozell & Jacobs, an Omaha Nebraska, advertising agency, Fries created a Clio Award-inning (1974) television advertising campaign advertising Old Home Bread for the Metz Baking Company. The advertisements featured a truck driver named C. W. McCall, and thus history was made.


I’ve mentioned that I was a country music disc jockey. I was actually at the changing of the “ways”.

The station used mostly “CD’s” but was also set-up to use cassettes, cartridges, vinyl LP’s and a reel to reel tape player. Both old and new technology.

I learned to work all of them and since I worked the overnight shift I got to “play” a little and would sometime merge 2 or 3 songs and systems into one.

I once merged Patsy Cline and Garth Brooks, both doing “Walking After Midnight” and it worked so well I had people calling in to ask where they could buy the CD or album. I had to tell them no such luck, but I had told them to get their recorders ready.

One of the most fun things I did was an interview, on “air”, with C.W. McCall of “Convoy” fame.

It all started when I got an idea I wanted to track C.W. down, for some reason.

So I approached the program director and asked if I could do and “on air interview”. She agreed, as long as I did the hunt on my own time and money. This was in 1993 so there was no internet, etc to use, so I did it the old fashion way, by telephone.

It was a labor of love and I finally got a home address from a “Post Mistress” in a little town in Colorado. She knew “C.W.” by his real name Bill Fries, as he had been the town mayor.

I mailed him a letter asking for an interview, included a list of questions I wanted to ask and gave him the stations telephone number (remember no cell phones).

A couple of weeks later I received a letter from Bill giving me his home number, the best times to call, Colorado time of course, and saying he’d be happy to  do the interview.

The station program manager almost fell over when I presented it to her with a request to record the interview that weekend. She said she had been sure I’d never find him.

My worry was I’d never be able to keep Bill talking, as C.W., long enough to fill a one hour show, including commercials and music inserts.

Oh boy, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I called on a Saturday. And by the time I hung up, we had more than 2 hours of taped conversation.

C.W. was a pro, he’d let me lead him into a conversation that would lead right into the music and he even did a couple of the commercials.

Then he recorded 9 or 10 introductions to include all the disc jockeys. Alas, I’ve lost the recording of the interview but I still have an 8 track cassette of his promo, a signed LP cover, and a very nice autographed picture and letter from him. It was a good show and suddenly the other disc jockeys started coming up with who they wanted to interview. But it was not to be.

A few months later the station, at least the country AM side, was sold and became an alternative rock station.

The C.W. McCall interview was the most fun I ever had on radio and he was genuine gentleman and a professional. He remains an e-mail and letter friend to this day.

I’d ride in his convoy any day.

Long Last Friday Motes

Non-Press conference : White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre could not name anything that President Joe Biden was considering doing to help alleviate rising fuel prices across the country. Which is okay, since nobody else can either.

It’s all in the name: A Center for Countering Digital Hate report warns of the free speech threat from, “climate disinformation, including articles that undermine the existence or impacts of climate change or misrepresent data in ways that might erode trust in climate science experts.” The CCDH is a British leftist group run by Imran Ahmed. The failed political adviser claims to have the solution for internet hate speech, yet he admits he knows virtually nothing about the internet. Ahmed and CCDH aren’t just pushing censorship to the media though, but to Congress. And nothing builds trust like eliminating dissent. This is another of those “name is not what it is really about, but just the opposite” entities.

The MSM cried woof: Hey, what happened to the “Fauci torments dogs’” story? It was big, it was everywhere, and then it just disappeared. Kinda like Hunter Biden’s laptop, pistol, and paintings.

Guilty, until proven not-guilty: Congress has created a new requirement for automakers: Find a high-tech way to keep drunken people from driving cars. Under the legislation, monitoring systems to stop intoxicated drivers would roll out in all new vehicles as early as 2026, after the Transportation Department assesses the best form of technology to install in millions of vehicles and automakers are given time to comply. The legislation doesn’t specify the technology, only that it must “passively monitor the performance of a driver of a motor vehicle to accurately identify whether that driver may be impaired.” I guess having laws against DUI isn’t enough. Seems like everything “they” are doing, starts at the premise you are doing something illegal, immoral, or fattening, until you prove you aren’t. Guilty until you prove you aren’t. Not quite the way I was taught the American judicial system was set up.  

Start them early: Six kids ranging in age from 11 to 14 were taken into custody Tuesday morning following a police chase of a stolen vehicle that began on I-65 in central Alabama. Prattville police assisted troopers by deploying spike strips to deflate the SUV’s tires. Moments later, the SUV crashed into two other vehicles at the intersection of Memorial Drive and Main Street in Prattville. The SUV was occupied by six juveniles: an 11-year-old, a 12-year-old, two 13-year-olds and two 14-year-olds. Okay, al least we can safely say the fbi had no informants in this case.

Not an answer: On Monday Alec Baldwin recommended that police officers be present on film sets during action scenes with guns. Good grief, does he know how many *ND’s happen at every police station. Most cops carry a gun for their job, that doesn’t make them an expert or even safe. It just makes them cops. Baldwin has several people he can share the blame for this tragedy with, but he needs to take responsibility for his actions. Until he does, he gets no sympathy from me. Not can his answers become solutions. (* Negligent Discharge)

Headed off to Hilo this weekend. Gonna do my favorite things, mow the lawn, play with the dogs, and drink some. See ya Monday.

Thursday Motes, Humm.

Headline says: “Lt. Governor Hawaii says can dump the mask, maybe, in 2022.” Or, we can all just take them off while we fly, like the he does.

Congratulation to my buddy Mike Woundy. He recently received the Dept. of the Army, Civilian Achievement Medal for his wort in establishing “Dive Safety” training as a CoE dive master. Good work Brother, good work.

A Sad Good-Bye: Max Cleland,79, who lost three limbs to a hand grenade in Vietnam and later became a groundbreaking Veterans Administration chief and U.S. senator from Georgia. Cleland was a U.S. Army captain in Vietnam when he lost his right arm and two legs while picking up a fallen grenade in 1968. Cleland also served in the Georgia Senate from 1971-1975 and was Georgia’s Secretary of State from 1983 until 1996. He personified courage, honor, dedication and patriotism. The is a new member at the Table Of Hero’s.

Old is new: HBO is producing a remake of the “Head Of The Class”. Along with Doggie Houser, 5-0, Dexter, Bewitched, One Day At A Time, and, oh no say it ain’t so, Nash Bridges. No damn imagination anymore.

au·toc·ra·cy /ôˈtäkrəsē/  noun: a system of government by one person with absolute power. “White House tells businesses to ignore federal court order and implement vaccine mandate anyway”.

Peasants, all of you are peasants: Biden thinks you’re not smart enough to understand the how the “supply chain” works. This is the same guy that said, “I don’t work for you.” Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s out of context. Maybe so, but I say it still shows what he thinks of the American voter. You lying dog-faced pony soldier.

She lies 2: White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to answer a question during Monday’s press briefing about specifics of which illegal aliens who were separated at the border under the previous administration qualify for settlements from President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice. When specifically asked who would qualify for the payments, Jean-Pierre responded, “I don’t have anything more to say. And I’m going to move on, okay?” Remember the other WH liar is sick with Covid, despite being vaxxd.

 Disturbing: Sunday morning, the fbi raided Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe residence confiscating cell phones, papers, and “a lot of confidential donor information to our news organization.” Just what was covered in the search warrant, if there was one, is not reported by O’Keefe or his attorney. They were apparently looking for clues in the alleged theft of a diary belonging to Ashley Biden, Uncle Joe’s daughter. The diary has been missing since last year and it is unclear if it was “stolen” or misplaced. Project Veritas was offered several pages purportedly from the diary but decided not to publish them. George Washington University Jonathan Turley has written that the O’Keefe raid was odd, as a stolen diary did not seem to implicate any kind federal crime, and suggested the possibility that Biden’s Department of Justice might have been targeting a journalist seen as a political opponent. Ya think!