Ok I’m Back Motes

Politicians don’t flip flop. They learn, evolve, and adjust their concepts. Except for our own Mazie. She’s so much smarter than “we “are, she even says so. Now, she’s telling the Supreme Court it better shape up. This from a person who last practiced law from 1978 to 1980, that’s two years and that was close to 40 years ago.

Prediction: E. Warren will be the Dem’s sacrificial nominee’. They are pretty sure no one can beat Trump, this includes Moochie. They will name a young, charismatic, possibly Hispanic, unknown as her VP. He will make great speeches and run just like he means it but is actually laying the ground work for 2024.Then, in 2023 the Dem party will bring him forth as the second coming of Obama, and say; “Look, we’ve run a black man and 2 women for president. We are the party of the people. This is the guy (who will probably be just a little young and maybe Hispanic) to run the country (the way we want) for the next 16 years (because they’ll be changing everything then). Dear God I hope I’m wrong.

Irony here somewhere: A U.K. equestrian, who had been charged with whipping an animal rights activist during a “hunt” has been crushed to death by her mount. It’s there, the irony, somewhere.

Badass, or just an ass: Conor McGregor appears to have been insulted when an “old” man declines his offer of free whiskey. In a recent incident McGregor starts yapping at the older gentleman while making a punching motion. When the man turns his head away, McGregor uncorks a left hand to the left side of the man’s face. McGregor is then swiftly whisked away by the two men who were trying to calm him down. The man who was punched somehow didn’t seem too fazed by the blow, remaining calm in his seat almost as if nothing happened. Maybe not so “bad”.

The Epstein death seems an awful lot like a prison death depicted on “The Wire”. The subject was strangled by another inmate, then a sheet wrapped around his neck, and then he was placed to look like a suicide. Nobody looks too hard at prison suicides, except when the whole world is watching.

No Sarah Silverman, they didn’t fire you for wearing “blackface” in 2007. They fired you because you’re a lousy actress, and a not funny comedian. Accept it.

Please, don’t claim something is “impossible’, especially right after someone does it. Makes you look silly.

I was personally glad to see “Gunivore”’s list of the Best Handgun Shooting Instructors topped by my friend John Farnham, and followed by former associate Clint Smith. Great guy’s both and incredible instructors. If you ever get the chance to take a class from either, take it. It will be something you remember forever. And you will learn.

Oh Crap, Monday Motes

Ok, everybody on board the “tighter background check” train. Neither background checks, closing the non-existent “gun show loophole” or any new law would have prevented any of these mass shootings. NOT ONE. Please, just pass the damn law, quit all the bitching, moaning and name calling, and start looking for the common indicators, and then do something when there is an indication of a problem. You know, like when the mother calls and says “I think something is wrong”. Then do something. Red flag laws will just make “swating” semi-legal. When the police make a “no-knock warrant” call, at your house, at 5am, because your neighbor called and said you were a danger to the neighborhood because of the Trump/NRA sticker on your second cousins ex-wife’s bumper, you will be shot dead. And it will be legal because nobody would ever abuse such a thing. Would they.

Buttibig says “The press is never the enemy of the [people”. Which people? His people, or the rest of the us.

Mexico says the U.S. must do more to protect Mexican nationals, while the Narco-war continues by hanging 19 bodies from a bridge. Take that Chicago.

Wish I could see it
: In New York, Bat Out Of Hell, The Musical. Dammmnnnn

Why I Don’t Have One: Now when police partner with Ring, Amazon’s home surveillance camera company, they get access to the “Law Enforcement Neighborhood Portal,” an interactive map that allows officers to request footage directly from camera owners. Police don’t need a warrant to request this footage, but they do need permission from camera owners. Ring also provides training for police teaching the best methods to get the home owner to allow them access. So, they ARE watching aren’t they?

I’m getting really depressed about all this crap. I hope ya’ll like my stories ‘cause I think that’s all I’m going to post for a while. But I have been known to change my mind now and then.

Little Wake-up Motes

If you don’t like the rules, make everyone change them for you: The Honolulu city charter says a candidate for Honolulu Prosecuting Attorney should be an attorney in good standing and who has been actively involved in criminal cases for at least three years within 10 years preceding the election. Former P.A. Peter Carlisle has not been actively involved in a criminal case in that time period. But he has served in the very seat he’s hoping to qualify for between 1996 and 2010. The former prosecutor says he should qualify this time around because he’s writing a manual on how to try a murder without a body and because he’s been interviewed by the media numerous times. Don’t get me wrong, I know Peter and I like Peter, but the rules should be the same for everyone. NO EXCEPTIONS!

They just make it up
: Rep. Omar says hate crimes increase 227% after a Trump rally. There is absolutely no evidence or proof to substantiate this claim. None. Zero. Nada. She just makes this shit up, and no one calls out for “censure”. No consequences for her actions.

Someone asked me what advice I’d give about the recent shootings. I try to live by “Farnham’s Rules”; 1) Don’t go to stupid places 2) Don’t do stupid things 3) Don’t associate with stupid people. None of these rules would apply to shopping at Walmart, or going to a bar in the evening. Do maintain situational awareness, don’t drink to excess so you cannot maintain situational awareness, and listen to that little bird inside that says “get out and go home.”

Joe Biden
says that voters should always choose “truth over facts”. ??? If it is a fact, it is a “truth”. Or is truth a “f
act”? Help I’m stuck in a mind wrap.

Actual Tweeter post; If this doesn’t scare the crap out of you, it should. Italic comments are mine.From
“Jamie Carter, @JCTheResistance;””Fuck your thoughts and prayers.”
#EnoughIsEnough I am so pissed that I have no words, so I am going to reup an old post. (So this is not a new feeling. She has harbored this for some time.)
“You MAG better pray that liberal’s never gain control of the WH again be cause we are going to pay you back so fucking hard for all this shit.” (Not specifc shit, just all this shit.) Planned Parenthoods on every dam corner.”
She ( I guess) then goes on to make threats about everything she thinks “we” hold dear. From a “pussy hat pink” Air Force One to fumigating the White House and painting “the whole damn thing rainbow.” People, this person scares the crap out of me. This is the kind of person that will poison your dog, flatten your tires, and then burn your house while you’re sleeping. All because of some imagined slight someone else did that you don’t know and have no control over. They are unhinged. They are killers but will consider it their moral right to destroy you and all that you love and hold dear. Read the whole thing at “gunfreezone.com”.

Wandering Weekend Motes

Sitting and talking with my friend Attorney Ed the other day. He and I are as opposite as can be on politics, religion, and damn near everything else. We have been friends for over 25 years, long ago we agreed to disagree, and we have civil conversations. Maybe that’s what is wrong with the world, no civility.

Bones of a cannibal parrot have been found in New Zealand. Scientists believe the 1-meter tall bird weighed in at around 15 pounds and had a break that could crack “open wide” whatever it decided was dinner. I keep saying, New Zealand and Australia, are the Texas of the rest of the world.

Brit romance headline for the week
: “Plumbing job led to hot sex with the customer and now my girlfriend won’t forgive me”. So, those stories of the plumber and the housewife are real? And how did the girlfriend find out? Inquiring minds…. oh hell, nobody really cares.

Rhetorical question: “Is The GOP Gearing up to cave on Gun Control?” Really. You’re really asking? Why yes, yes they are. As if there was ever any doubt.

Lots of conversation regarding all “white supremist males” and what is the cause. How about that they (we) are constantly being told what “toxic” misogynistic, worthless, racist lifeforms white males are. “Reporters” talk about how much better the world would be if “all white males were in concentration camps”. Politicians damn and condemn white males simply for being white males. And God help a white, Christian, conservative male. He is the embodiment of all that is evil in the world. A better question would seem to be, why are there so few that actually do commit acts of violence. And why do those few get all the publicity?

I do believe the decline of civilization began when they decided dueling was a bad thing. “An armed society is a polite society. A man chooses his words carefully when he may have to back them up with his life”. RAH

Big Bill Jordan (Inspector U.S. Border Patrol Ret.) once wrote about when his grandfather would leave their home. The last thing Grandpa would do is tuck a small .32 or .38 revolver in his pocket or belt. As did everyone else in the neighborhood. In those “gentler days; ” A woman could walk home at night without fear and no man called you a son of a bitch without smiling at you.” I know this concept is hard for many to understand but it does come down to my favorite topics, personal responsibility and respect.

Personal feeling:
no man (or woman ) should put your name and business on “the street” without consequences. Hear that Mr. Castro? That’s now called “doxing” and there should be strong consequences for doing it. But there aren’t so you’ll keep doing it until someone gets hurt and then you’ll cry about the incivility brought forth by those evil conservatives. Look in the damn mirror, you are the problem and no part of the solution. Yeah, I know, no one will ever read this, but it sure does feel good to put it out.

Priorities: President Candidate Warren has revealed her 85 billion dollar proposal to guarantee high speed internet access and to create another worthless federal money sucker, a federal Office of Broadband Access. According to her proposal this entity would have a great deal of authority over your electricity,community, and of course the control of what you see and read. I really think there are a lot more important things needing work that my interweb feeds.

Just Moting Down The River

MSNBC reporter says an FBI “official” is saying the ordering of the flags to be flown at half-staff is not in honor of those killed, but is instead a secret “Nazi code” (8-8 = Heil Hitler)from President Trump. Really! This guy was in the upper crust of the FBI. That should scare the crap out of anyone. And people claim NSNBC is a “news” organization. Really?

My “Last Word” On The Subject. (For now): A chainsaw, a firearm, and a car are inanimate objects. They are designed for specific purposes but often are used illegally, unlawfully, and immorally for a different purpose. They are inanimate. It takes a human to control them. When an intoxicated operator drives through a group of people standing on a street corner, killing 2 or 3 and injuring many others, there is no pulpit cry for tighter vehicle control. When a chain saw is used by an ex-husband to cut every single piece of furniture and appliance in the home in half and inflict a grievous amount of terror in the wife, there is no ongoing outcry for tighter chainsaw ownership control. When a human takes a firearm, uses it illegally, immorally, and unlawfully, there is the great hew and cry to punish all the owners that did not use it illegally. Why the double standard? Where is the difference?

North Korea is now promoting their “natural” cosmetics with such ingredients as ginseng and snail slime. Sorry, was that “snail slime”? Yeah, that’s what I want her to wear when I kiss her. NOT!

Hollywood Actress (?) Rosanna Arquette is apologizing for being born white, saying she’s ashamed of the privilege she believes her skin brings. “I’m sorry I was born white and privileged. It disgusts me. And I feel so much shame,” the Pulp Fiction actor said on Wednesday. This from a 59-year old worth an estimated 9 million dollars. She also complained about doing a nude scene in “The Executioners Song”, appeared on the cover and in a nude “pictorial” in a 1990 issue of Playboy magazine but later claimed in was “without her permission”. Right. Another hypocritical Hollyweird has awakened. I got an idea, why doesn’t she give all her money away and go live in Mexico.

Not much coverage in the MSM as 170 pro-Trump volunteers, many from out of state, collect 12 TONS of garbage in Chicago in 8 hours. The Baltimore Sun was offended and the people in the neighborhood, not so much.

From “Free North Carolina”, a chicken skin read; On Thursday, everyone at a terminal at the Dallas airport witnessed something extraordinary. The remains of an American pilot who was shot down in 1967 were finally brought home-and the pilot of the plane carrying the remains was his son, who was only five when his father was shot down. Maj. Roy Knight. Read the whole thing at “dailywire.com.


Tales of Billy’s Tavern

Moonlight Lady

It was a usual weekday night at BILLY’s. There were just the usual customers, which at BILLY’s can mean a very different group. There were even a couple of Sheriff Deputies sitting at one end. They’d come around 2 or 3 times a month to have a couple of beers after work. They’d all been there a little while when the newest deputy came in.
Everyone called him Skeeter ’cause he was kind of small and irritating.
Skeeter sat down and started talking, loudly, as usual.
“Man, you shoulda been down on Farmers road. Watched this old biker dude pick up one of the sweetest looking women I ever saw. Bike was really hot to, ya know? But there must have been something wrong with his pipes. I couldn’t hear anything wrong but you could hear every dog in the neighborhood howling when he drove by.”
Everybody got real quiet. One of the other deputies, Vince, asked
“Was it a blue bike? Lots of chrome?”
Skeeter looked over and smiled real big and answered,
“Oh Ya. Man you should have seen it. Chromed out to the max.”
Vince set his glass on the bar and without a word walked out.
Skeeter looked like a puppy someone had just kicked.
“What did I say?”
Everyone looked over at Billy.
“Skeeter, you’re a pretty good guy for a cop. But you ain’t got the sense God gave a grown mouse. You didn’t say anything wrong. You just don’t know when to shut up.”
“Since this is my bar”, Billy continued, “I guess I’ll have to tell you the story. But I’m only gonna tell it once. You got any questions, you find someone else to ask.”
The last wasn’t a question, but a flat out statement. Skeeter just nodded his head. Billy took a real deep breath.
“That girl’s name was Reba. Seems she went shopping every Thursday and he picked her up right there after work. She and the biker hung around here. Everybody called him Smoker. Happened about 2 years ago. Right Steve?”
Deputy Steve sat for a minute and answered,
“Be two years ago next week.”
“Like I said two years ago. It started out just a few blocks up Farmers road from where you saw her standing. There was a guy, a salesman of some sort. He’d been drinking all afternoon. Vince saw him weaving and turned on the blue lights to pull him over. The guy panicked and tried to run. He lost it on the curve right there by the shopping center. He went off the road, and hit her where you saw her standing earlier today. EMT’s said she was dead before she hit the ground.”
Skeeter blinked a couple of times then got that indignant look on his face. “Hey, I may be the new guy, but I’m not that new. You said she was dead before she hit the ground. If that’s true, who did I see?”
“Skeeter, shut up and listen,” probably more words out of Deputy Steve than anyone had heard for years.
Billy continued,
“Everyone was there when Smoker pulled up. He got there a few minutes after it happened. Vince was standing there talking with the drunk and Smoker just stood there. Crying. Seems this guy we called Smoker was some kind of super spook in the desert, a professional bodyguard, an ex-cop and a whole bunch of other things. He just stood there crying because there was nothing he could do. That’s what he kept saying. He couldn’t protect her. He got on the bike and rode off. Went back to the house they shared, grabbed a few things and rode off. Her sister came and took the kids till they graduated from Morgan high last year.”
“We found out later he had lost his first wife to cancer while he was in the desert. They had a kid. He went to pieces then too. The kid was raised by her parents in Seattle. He dropped in here one night, then moved into town and stayed. He met Reba right here in this bar. She did something to him. Something good. They came here 3-4 times a week. Never saw a spot of trouble when she was with him. But you could tell, he could do plenty of damage if she didn’t control him. She could, because he loved her.”
Billy paused. This was the tough part of the story.
“Nobody saw him again. A couple of months later we heard he’d shot himself down by a lake outside Arlington Cemetery. That’s when we started hearing the bike, seeing both of them, and hearing the dogs. Seem’s like wherever that bike goes, you’ll hear the dogs howling.”
With that, Billy turned around and went back to polishing clean glasses. It didn’t take long before everyone decided to call it an early night. Steve took Skeeter outside and they never came back, didn’t even finish their beers.
Pretty soon Billy was alone in his bar. He walked outside the back door to get some air and have a smoke. As he lighted his cigarette he could hear, far off in the distance, the sound of a motorcycle, and all the dogs in the world howling.

So ends my tale of Smoker, and his sad saga. But I was down at Billy’s Tavern the other night and there are other stories to be told and other characters to be found.

A Story Of Hawaii

Let me preface this with everything you are about to read is unsubstantiated, this may be a made up story, and, as far as I know, anyone that can verify or deny is dead or incapable of comment. So here it is.

It was in 1976 during the Waiahole/Waikane valley’s “takeover” that the first rumors were heard. And they were deeply disturbing. In the early 70’s the Hawaiian sovereignty movement began to gather speed and notice.
At this time there were a considerable number of Nam vet’s living in Hawaii, and the tales of AK-47 and M-16 “souvenirs” were plentiful. There were even a few arrests concerning some of these weapons. The fact that Air America cargo planes were often seen at the Lagoon hangers really didn’t do anything to quiet rumors of illegal freight coming through the Aloha State.
Of course, the Irish had been battling the British for several hundred years, but during this time period, it was very heated. Stories of IRA trained men and women going worldwide and spreading “the troubles” were told almost weekly in the news rooms across the world.
At first is was just the story of some tourists with funny accents wandering around Waiahole. Then the HPD intel unit came up with a disturbing bit of information. There was a group of Irish Republican Army “soldiers” in Hawaii to talk with the sovereignty leaders. The story varied in there were either 5 or 7 members visiting. What was consistent that there were 2 women involved, and all were said to have heavy Irish accents.
Their sell was simple, they wanted the Hawaiian movement to adopt violence in their effort to get the Hawaiian people recognized. With the large military and federal presence in Hawaii, targets were plentiful. Once the violence started the next step would be decided by the response.
If the U.S. government responded with violence, such as the Brit Army had done, the Hawaiian’s would go to the U.N. and saying, “OH look at how the United States is suppressing us. Oh, please help us”. Then the IRA would vote to support Hawaii, ask the UN to step in, and then demand the UN give Ireland the same assistance.
If the U.S did not respond, and instead choose to sit at the table with the Movement and try to come to terms, well the IRA would again go to the UN and demand the Brit’s do the same thing. To them it was a win-win situation.
What they didn’t count on was the response they did get. The Chief of Police, himself of Hawaiian descent, promptly put a “no news what so ever” blanket on the whole thing. Members of the intel unit were given 1 task, find the Irish. It was said the chief told the members of the press, if one word was leaked to the public, the leaker would have to find employment elsewhere, like Antarctica. Line cops were told there was no such thing happening and to avoid any confrontation with the sovereignty people.
And everything pretty much died from there. The State of Hawaii made a deal with the residents of the two valley’s, the occupier’s moved on, and nothing was ever heard from or about the “Irish”.
Is/was the story true? Unknown. If it were true, what happened to the IRA members? Again, unknown. There has never been any claim by the IRA that they were or weren’t in Hawaii.
What do I think? I try not to, it hurts. As I said, this whole story is what I heard and totally unsubstantiated. Make up your own mind.