Monday Motes, On A Monday

The Purge has started: The Biden administration told 11 officials to resign from their appointed positions on military service academy advisory boards or face dismissal, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed last Wednesday. These people were appointed for a 3 year term, not a term of the Administration convenience.  “The President’s objective is what any president’s objective is — to ensure you have nominees and people serving on these boards who are qualified to serve on them and who are aligned with your values.” Presidential puppet Psaki remarked.  Notice the “aligned” remark. It should not matter who you are aligned with, are you doing a good job and do you have the best interests of America at heart. Oh yeah, that leave Uncle Joe, and Psaki, out. Several have indicated they would not resign. You may be sure he WILL fire them.

Good news for the 2nd Amendment: President Biden has pulled David Chipman’s nomination to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in the face of opposition from gun rights groups, Republican senators and a few Democrats. The result means the ATF will be without a Senate-confirmed boss yet again. The agency hasn’t had a confirmed director in six years. It’s had only one since Congress made the position Senate approved in 2006.

Something wrong here: A veteran Honolulu police officer has been put on leave without pay for defying the city’s vaccine mandate ― and is now facing likely termination. Honolulu Police Corporal Mark Kutsy was pulled off the streets of East Honolulu while on patrol Tuesday night. He was forced to turn in his gun and badge, and was suspended without pay. He was also told he will be fired. Kutsy said he’s “disappointed,” and does not want to get the vaccine because he fears side effects. He added that he wouldn’t qualify for a religious or medical exemption and didn’t want to lie to get one. They are going to fire this officer, yet they won’t (or can’t) fire Officer Scott Valdez who shot a 29-year-old man to death in an allegedly stolen truck under questionable circumstances. Michael Green, attorney for the dead man’s family, also said there was evidence that Valdez lied about what led to the shooting. Valdez remains on the police force, in the training division. Valdez had a history of misconduct, and lawsuits including several allegations of excessive force. But they are going to FIRE Kutsy, did I miss something here?

Only the news they want you to know: A leftist white woman in a gorilla mask hurled an egg at the head of gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder in Venice, California, nearly hitting him, as did another leftist later as Elder was hustled off by his aides into an SUV. Since Elder has been termed “the black face of white supremacy,” the msm has covered the incident. Well actually no they haven’t. One “news” source claimed that Elder was leaving based on the “hostile reception” he drew as if he were the bad guy here who somehow brought on a bad reaction from some displeased voters because he somehow brought it on himself by his unpopular ideas.

One more chain of control: Hawaii residents vaccinated in the state soon will be able to use an electronic pass to show proof of vaccination, Gov. David Ige said Wednesday.The electronic Hawaii Smart Health Card system will launch Friday and will be available to people who have had two doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or one dose of Johnson and Johnson, followed by a 14-day waiting period, Ige announced. People will be able to download a code showing proof of vaccination onto their mobile phone, said Hawaii’s chief information officer. First question to me, who has access to the information? What information will be available? Name? Adress? Work place? My personal information is really nobody else’s business. Period.

Sunday Rant

From John Farnam and DTI;

8 Sept 21

“Betrayal is the only truth that sticks.” Arthur Miller

 After our hopelessly bungled Afghan withdrawal, proposals for an “EU Army” re-emerge, in earnest!

 Anxious Europeans are now talking openly about forming an “EU Army,” completely independent of Washington DC.

 Western and Eastern European nations have lost all confidence in the USA. Speaking bluntly, these nations are convinced that they can no longer rely on the USA as a political and military partner.

 “The need for more European defense has never been as much evident as today, after events in Afghanistan,” said EU foreign affairs representative, Josep Borrell

 The precipitous fall of Kabul has been a wake-up call!

 European nations, and the UK, were forced to hastily, haphazardly withdraw from Afghanistan with JRB’s sudden announcement and impossible timetable. Our allies depended on the USA for the safe evacuation of their troops and citizens.

 They were betrayed!

 They’re determined not to be put in that position again!

“The mistake was mine, for trusting you.”  David Levithan


We no only betrayed our army, we betrayed friends, and allies. It is obvious that the present administration cannot protect Ameica,

Saturday Story

Memories of An Ugly Place

I remember an ugly place from when I was a boy.

It was near the first house my parents bought. It was a working class neighborhood north of Seattle. Nobody was rich, but not really poor. A neighborhood of Boeing workers and their families, Korean War vets and the sons and daughters of World War Two soldiers now grown and starting families of their own. A pleasant enough place to grow up in the 1950’s.

But I remember one specific place. It was just blocks from our small home, a large fenced in area, surrounded by not one but two fences. They were eight or ten feet apart and at least ten feet high. Both fences were topped with barbed wire, on the inner the wire faced inward and on the outer it faced outward. One to keep people out, the other to keep them inside.

It seemed like a forbidden park. There were lots of trees and paths you could see from the outside. If you went all the way around you would see the gates and guards, and the Quonset huts for the offices and homes for those who lived and worked inside.

As kids, we had to pass the fence almost every day. There were all kinds of stories about who was inside that fenced area. Some parent said it was an asylum for the insane. Some others would tell you it was for “special” criminals. And there were only men. You never saw any women.

One look at these emaciated “inmates” and you truly did not know what story to believe. They reminded me of some pictures I had seen, in LIFE Magazine, of the camps of WW II and how the people looked when the Allies finally freed them.

There were no guard towers, but there were men walking around the paths during the daytime. At night you could sometimes see the glow of flashlights as the guards walked the grounds. They didn’t carry guns and wore white clothes, but they were guards just the same.

My early morning paper route took me down one side of the fence every day. Since I made my deliveries at 5 am, I seldom saw any of the people that lived “inside the fence”. Often on the way to school and on the way home, I would see them walking, silently, the paths of the wooded area. Sometimes, one would stand near the inside fence and just stare out at the passing cars, the yards, and the children on bicycles. Sometimes they would stand there until one or two of the white clothed guards would come, whisper in their ear, and walk them away into the trees. No kid, at least none I ever knew, claimed to have talked with any of the men.

 Not even Paul, the kid everyone knew was “crazy” and mostly avoided as much as possible. Truth be known, I think even he was afraid.

It was their eyes I could never seem to avoid. They had a look that frightened me and I didn’t know why. As a child I just thought they were “scary”. I didn’t know why they scared me, but they did. The problem was every time I saw one of them standing by the fence, I had to look.

The men walking the paths wore blue cloth coats, blue pants that looked like pajama bottoms, and cloth slippers, just like the ones I wore in the house during the winter. It wasn’t until years later I realized it was hospital clothing.

It was a hospital, and a prison. I was much older when I learned that was the way they treated vets who came back home from Korea with TB and other “illness’” they couldn’t cure. Even with that knowledge, I never forgot the haunted look in the eyes of those men. I also never forgot the nightmares when their eyes would visit me in my warm childhood bed.

But I grew up. I went to war and returned.  Now my children have children of their own.

The memory of that ugly place has never gone away.


***Yes, I remember what day this is. I remember the whole day very clearly. I remember speaking to all the wives of my club brothers and what I told them. I remember speaking to the Brothers and what I told them. I remember what my country was like then. I see what it is like now. I weep now as I did then.***

Short Week Friday Motes

Per Uncle Joe on 4/8/21 :  “But no amendment — no amendment to the Constitution is absolute.” Okay, I’m going to ignore the 16th and stop paying taxes. Yeah, that’ll catch on.

What a freakin’ concept: Some migrants in Denmark will now be required to work 37 hours a week in order to receive welfare benefits. It will be a requirement for those who have been on benefits for three to four years, and who have not reached a certain level of proficiency in Danish. Denmark now has some of the toughest rules in Europe, and has set a target of zero asylum applications. In 2020, roughly 27 thousand violent and seven thousand sex crime cases were reported to the Danish authorities. This in a country of roughly 5.8 million people. People working to earn welfare. There’s an idea that should catch on.

WTF? : A young child was killed after people in several cars opened fire on a home in northwest Charlotte late Tuesday, and Charlotte-Mecklenburg police think the shooters may have ties to several local high schools. At around 11:45 p.m., officers responded to multiple 911 calls about a shooting Mountain Island Lake. When police got to the scene, they found a 3-year-old boy who had been shot. The boy was sleeping when he was shot. The city top cop says “This is a situation where we have some individuals who clearly have demonstrated complete disregard for the welfare of their fellow human being.” According to detectives, several vehicles targeted the home, unleashing more than 150 rounds toward the house. He said he believes all of the shootings involve Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools high school students and have evolved from simple disputes into violent, deadly shootings. W T F ?

We knew all along: The Los Angeles police department (LAPD) has directed its officers to collect the social media information of every civilian they interview, including individuals who are not arrested or accused of a crime, according to records shared with the Guardian. Copies of the “field interview cards” that police complete when they question civilians reveal that LAPD officers are instructed to record a civilian’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media accounts, alongside basic biographical information. The police chief, Michel Moore, told employees that it was critical to collect the data for use in “investigations, arrests, and prosecutions”, and warned that supervisors would review cards to ensure they were complete. You are not arrested, not under investigation, you may not even be involved in whatever they are “investigating”, but they want all your personal information for their files. This is just another in a long line of LAPD civil/constitutional rights violations.

Gas has not changed for 30 days now.

Vigilantes: A group that’s been tracking COVID violations said the party crowd was still in full swing over the Labor Day weekend. Members of the Hawaii Quarantine Kapu Breakers say they heard of at least 10 illegal gatherings on Oahu over the weekend. “Some of them private parties, underground parties, raves that are still going on that in the long-run will affect our communities,” said Kawaikapuokalani Hewett, of Hawaii Quarantine Kapu Breakers. It appears the local PD encourages people snitch out their neighbors. Or maybe it’s just a bunch of busybodies with nothing else to do in life.

The U.S. has pledged $300 million dollars in aid to Afghanistan. Maybe we could keep it and use that to fix our own roads.

Off to Hilo this weekend. Yard to mow, dog poop to pick-up, and beer to drink. See you Monday.

** Listened to Uncle Joe’s speech yesterday. “Let me be perfectly clear.” “Let me be blunt about this.” “I want to speak right to you.” YOU WILL COMPLY OR THE GOVERNMENT WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE LIVING HELL. Thank you and good-night.***

Thirsty Thursday Motes

 Guardian Angels exist: A 3-year-old boy who spent three nights lost in rugged Australian woodland was playing with toys at his family home on Tuesday, as his family and rescuers celebrated the happy ending to a desperately difficult search. Anthony “AJ” Elfalak, who has autism and is non-verbal, was taken to hospital for observation after he was found on Monday sitting in a shallow creek and drinking water with cupped hands on his family’s remote rural property near the village of Putty, north of Sydney. His mother Kelly Elfalak brought him home on Monday night to sleep in his own bed. Police do not suspect anything suspicious was behind the disappearance. Just nice to have something good every once in a while.

Chicago scorecard: 63 shot, 8 dead.

It ain’t my fault: Recent excuse for being removed from a flight; “I felt like I was being discriminated against for being a fat, tattooed, mixed-race woman, which in turn left me full of emotions like anger, disappointment, helplessness, humiliation and confusion.” You forgot you’re a silly, bald, pigeon-toed, knock-kneed, short person with absolutely no redeeming social values.

New speak: President Joe Biden struggled Tuesday during a discussion on extreme weather threatening the country, inexplicably declaring that tornadoes were no longer referred to as tornadoes. “Looks like a tornado — they don’t call them that anymore — that hit the crops and wetlands in the middle of the country,” Biden said. He didn’t say what we should call them, but don’t call them “tornadoes” anymore.

In the early years, patriots met at churches, taverns, parks, and city squares to formulate the revolution. Consider where you’re NOT allowed to gather today. Hmmm.

Don’t use ‘em anyway: The general counsel for ride-sharing giant Lyft recently called on other corporations to take a stance against a recent abortion Texas law. Lyft General Counsel Kristin Sverchek told CNN’s Poppy Harlow this week: “Our President and CEO, John Zimmer and Logan Green, reached out and said, ‘What can we do about this?’ Very quickly, we decided we wanted to act.” “Abortion is a Constitutionally protected right.” No, it is NOT. Nowhere in the Constitution does it ever address the topic, or even use the word, abortion. Besides, you run a cab company. Shut up and drive.

Interesting movie-weekend; Quigley Down Under, Runaway, High Road To China, and all 9 Jesse Stone movies. That’s right, a Tom Selleck binge.

Wednesday Motes To Ponder

“You vill show me your papers. Yes! ”: Italians who refuse to present the coronavirus vaccine passport known as the “Green Pass” when required could face fines of as much as €1,000. Beginning on September 16 the state of Florida will start issuing a $5,000 fine to businesses, schools, and even government agencies that require people to show proof of having a coronavirus vaccine. Honolulu City employees who refuse to get vaccinated and are denied religious or medical exemptions could be fired or placed on leave without pay. Australians will download an app on their cellphone that features facial recognition and geolocation. The South Australian government will randomly contact the user to check if they are at their approved quarantine location. Users will have 15 minutes to take a photo of their face. If the quarantining individual fails to reply within 15 minutes, a police officer will be sent to “check” on the person

It’s about time: Including women in the draft seems like the kind of thing a nation being overwhelmed by foreign armies might do out of desperation, but House Democrats did just that on Thursday in the current defense appropriations bill.  Language slipped into the bill by Congresscritter Chrissy Houlahan (D-Pa.) would require young women — presumably the traditional XX variety — to register with Selective Service. Ladies, you want to be equal, then let’s be equal.

She speaks: Mazie Hirono has become a “term limit” fan. Oh, not for senators or representatives, for Supreme Court Justice’s. She feels it’s time to limit the “lifetime” appointments. This from a woman that hasn’t done anything except be a politician since 1980. Save you the time, that’s 41 years. The bill, introduced by Reps. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.), Don Beyer (D-Va.), Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) and Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) would create 18-year term limits for Supreme Court justices, though it would not apply to justices currently serving. All of this because of the Texas Abortion ruling’s. I notice not one person on the bill is from Texas.

Stupid headline: “Tourism Numbers Fall After Gov. Urges Visitors Not To Visit”. Well, yeah. That’s what happens.

New Zealand goes full retard: After a recent “unprovoked attack” on several people by a Sri Lankan with a knife, a NZ market chain has taken all the knives and scissors off the shelves. The attacker was previously known to security forces in New Zealand. How about instead hiding all the knives, how about we take the “known attackers” off the streets? Just saying.

Monday Motes On Tuesday Morning

MYOB:  Cher is facing backlash from her social media followers after saying she’s wondering “when Texas will start mandating Burqas,” in reaction to the state’s “heartbeat” pro-life abortion law, which bans most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. The “Usual Suspects” who seem to agree include Michael Moore, Amy Schumer, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Dave Bautista, Alyssa Milano, and Amy Brenneman. What I find funny, none of them live in Texas. What, they aren’t satisfied with ruining Calipornia? And what about that pesky “States Rights” thing?

Speaking of Hollwierd: They have decided to delay (again)  “Top Gun: Maverick”. Meh, me either.

 And again: It is being reported that George Soros has “donated” well over $1 million to the campaign to retain Gavin Newsom as Calipornia gov. For someone who lists London and New York as his “residence”, there has to be a reason he is so concerned with the politics in that other state. Huummm. I wonder what that would be?

Some people have entirely too much time: Taylor Swift fans believed that she was the first person that claimed Kanye West had cheated on Kim Kardashian about over a year ago in her cryptic song lyrics. His alleged act of infidelity supposedly served as the inspiration for his new song, Hurricane, on his latest Donda album. Come on, does anyone, except maybe Kimmy and what’s his name, really care? I didn’t think so.

The future: You take someone out of their home country, you bring them here to America, they have little or no education or training, they don’t speak the language of where they are living, they are unfamiliar with the food and supplies available, they have barely any knowledge of modern plumbing, very few know how to drive, they know little of modern communications, they have little understanding of the currency, they are of a different religion from those they are surrounded by, and you give them money every couple of weeks and expect them to become prosperous contributing members of society. You are delusional.  And probably a democrat.

A micro-glimpse of what’s to come: Deprived of their preferred food source — the bananas, peanuts and other goodies brought in by tourists now kept away by the coronavirus — hungry monkeys on the resort island of Bali have taken to raiding villagers’ homes in their search for something tasty. The gray long-tailed macaques have been venturing out from a sanctuary about 500 meters (yards) away to hang out on their roofs and await the right time to swoop down and snatch a snack.  Sounds cute. Maybe not.  Wait until things start getting scarce in our cities. I mean food, water, or power.  The difference is monkeys don’t beat you, assault your family, and shoot you. As the title says, this is just a micro-glimpse of what is to come.

Extra Story For “Labor Day”

Nappy’s Caddy

When I first became a cop in the early 70’s, HPD and Organized Crime had an unusual relationship. At least I always thought so.

OC figures were well known, their pictures prominently displayed in the Main station squad room, and they (the OC) didn’t even try to stay low key.

A lot of the time OC figures rolled in big black 4 door Caddy’s or Merc’s, usually 2 or 3 at a time with “the boss” in the back seat.

These guys were well known, Alema, Alvin, Roy, Chico, Larry and of course Nappy. Or course this is not a full list by any means. And I’ll never mention full names. Most of them have passed, so what difference would it make. Back then, they were men to be feared and respected.

Most of them had “made their bones”, which is to kill someone. Most were union organizers or held some other position in the labor, carpenters, mason or electricians unions. Not really sure if they had ever worked as a carpenter, electrician  mason or laborer, but they had “a job” when it was needed.

Now these were just men, some were tougher, some had someone else do their fighting, some would have no association with cops or “civilians”, and some even had a sense of humor.

High school football is a big thing in Hawaii. In fact, where you went to high school is sometimes more important than any other item on your resume! Local crime figures would bet big dollars on Friday games, and there would always be large groups, from different factions, sitting at opposite sides of the field. Cheering “their” team.

During championship games, the old Honolulu Stadium at Isenberg and S. King would be filled to overflowing. And there would be no parking for more than a mile in any direction. And on those nights, the traffic bureau made a lot of money.

Parking ticket books came in lots of 25 citations per book. On those big game nights we’d get dropped off by the stadium, 4 to 6 of us, each given a section of streets and once you emptied 2 or 3 books, you could “watch the game”. Or whatever you wanted to do until the game was over and we had to direct traffic. You’d then be done for the night. That meant sometimes you got off 1-2 hours early. Sometime you just kept walking and writing tickets because you had no interest in the game.

Once in a while you’d radio for a registered owner and hit the jack pot.

“Fourth-31” (Fourth watch number 31) “R.O. please. XXX123” (not the real license plate.)

“Fourth 31- RO is OC figure “Nappy Jones (Not his real name) Any passengers and what is your location.””

“Central, no passengers. Location is Date just Ewa of Isenberg . Requesting tow wagon.”

There was a sort of pause when the dispatcher finally responded, “Fourth 31, you are requesting a tow wagon? For that vehicle?”

“10-4, vehicle is blocking a fire hydrant and needs to be towed.”

Again the silent pause and then when she replied you could hear the rolling laughter in the dispatch room.

“10-4 Fourth-31 sending tow wagon for XXX-123, registered owner Napoleon Jones , vehicle blocking a hydrant”.  She barely got all that out before the laughter over took her as well.

The wagon arrived, hooked the car up, and towed it off with the $150.00 ticket under the windshield wiper.

As far as I know nobody remembers the game that night.

Nobody remembers who won or what the score was.

But lots of people seem to remember “the Night Pritchett towed Nappy’s Caddy”.

And most of them smile.

Sunday Rant

Common question

What does CDC stand for? Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

CDC Goal and Objectives: The CDC aspires to create a world where people – in the United States and around the globe – live healthier, safer, and longer lives. CDC’s global health mission is to improve and protect the health, safety, and security of Americans while reducing morbidity and mortality worldwide.

What are the 3 strategic priorities for the CDC?

CDC’s Strategic Framework consists of five core capabilities that enable the agency’s three strategic priorities, all united behind one mission: protect America’s safety, health, and security. Our work is underscored by the agency’s Pledge to the American People.

What is the CDC budget?

 The FY 2022 budget request for CDC and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) includes a total funding level of $9.6 billion in discretionary budget authority, Public Health Service (PHS) Evaluation funds, and the Prevention and Public Health Fund (PPHF). This is an increase of $1.7 billion above the FY 2021 Enacted. These amounts include $81.75 million for ATSDR—an increase of $3.75 million over FY 2021 Enacted.  When accounting for all resources, including mandatory programs, the budget includes a total program levels of $15.4 billion for CDC.

Directly From the CDC Website

CDC on firearm confiscation control:   CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (NCIPC) has been the nation’s leading public health authority on violence and injury prevention for nearly 30 years. Firearm violence has tremendous impact on the overall safety and wellbeing of Americans. Using a public health approach is essential to addressing firearm violence and keeping people safe and healthy.(disease?)

CDC’s approach to preventing firearm injuries focuses on three elements: providing data to inform action; conducting research and applying science to identify effective solutions; and promoting collaboration across multiple sectors to address the problem.

Preferred Terms for Select Population Groups & Communities: Language in communication products should reflect and speak to the needs of people in the audience of focus. The following provides some preferred terms for select population groups; the terms to try to use represent an ongoing shift toward non-stigmatizing language. (disease)

dis·ease//dəˈzēz/ noun  : a disorder of structure or function in a human, animal, or plant, especially one that produces specific signs or symptoms or that affects a specific location and is not simply a direct result of physical injury.

My questions,: What the hell are the U.S.taxpayer funding an organization that  “aspires to create a healthy world” ? What does a “preferred term” have to do with Disease Control? What the hell are they spending $25+ BILLION dollars on? When did inanimate objects, firearms, become a disease? How does the word I use or the name I use become a disease?

That flushing sound you hear? That’s the sound of lots our tax money and the economy going down the toilet.

Saturday Story

Bonehead and Doctor Death

The annual Labor Day run on the Big Island of Hawaii, was one of the events a Vagos M/C member could attend. There were a few events every year and you had to attend at least one. Usually everyone went to the Laughlin River Run or the Las Vegas New Year party because of their locations and access, but a lot of the brothers would fly over to Hawaii for the Labor Day run.

The charters here would lend out their bikes or help make rental arrangements for the mainland guys, there are parties all weekend, and there is a lot of beautiful riding to be done.

Now bikers have a lot of colorful road names and in fact I knew more road names than I did the Christian names. There was Tramp, Grouch, Blackie, Whitey, and one of my favorites, Bonehead.

Now my name, Storyteller, came with a certain expectation of stories at the drop of the hat and I tried the best I could. But with Bonehead and his crew, I outdid myself.

It all started about the fourth day into the five day “weekend”. We were all sitting at Jokers place, watching the fire, swapping stories and mixing liquors, when Bonehead with his wife and crew pulled in and made themselves at home. They had rented two vans, brought extra camping gear with them, and had been driving around the island just relaxing.

After a few beers one of Bonehead’s guys started complaining about where they had camped out the night before. He remarked it was like the kids in the neighborhood were out playing all night. He said they made so much noise he couldn’t sleep.

A sudden flash of devilish inspiration cause me to ask where they had camped. The men hemmed and hawed and finally one of the wives said they were camped at “Lapa something something.”

“Do you mean Laupahoehoe ?” I asked very quietly. The evil filter between brain and tongue  fell away.

“Yeah that’s it,” Bonehead replied. “Those kids kept us up almost all night. But whenever I looked outside I couldn’t see anyone.” I just sat there shaking my head.

By now I had everybody’s attention. I looked over at Joker and he was already starting to shake his head. He didn’t know here  I’d go with this, but he knew it would be good.

Before I go any further, you have to get an image of my audience. Most of these guys could pose for the centerfold of the San Quinten Gazzette. Bonehead  was a tall, shaven head, muscular  man with barely an inch of skin below the neck that wasn’t at least touched by a tattoo. Most of his crew was much the same build and none of them looked like the kind of person you’d want to meet in a dark alley. The kind of men that wouldn’t be afraid of anything.

I continued in a very soft voice,” The reason you couldn’t see them is because they aren’t  there. Not really.” Every eye and ear was on Bonehead and me.

“You see Bonehead, those kids are dead, but they don’t know they’re  dead. They were all killed when the tsunami of 1946 came in and the entire school was washed out to sea.”

Ever seen a tattooed guy turn white? I mean really white. It’s really sort of funny looking. That was Bonehead when he responded; “Oh man, don’t be telling me that shit.”

“Oh yes,” I continued. “The tidal wave came in so fast that people they didn’t have a chance to get to higher ground. There were only a few survivors. If you walk on the beach there is a stone monument with all their names. Those kids you heard were in school when it hit.”

I could see all my charter members grinning and barely hiding their laughter as the big scary bikers became big scared bikers. But it wasn’t over.

“Well”, Bonehead continued. “We ain’t staying there any more so it won’t bother us anymore. Monday we’re flying to Oahu and staying in Waikiki for the week.”

“What kind of stuff you have planned”, I innocently asked.

“Oh man, we’re gonna swim and sun and go paragliding and all that shit.”

“Well, be careful.” The hook was set and the trap was sprung. “Remember to watch the shark warnings on the beach before you go swimming and if you do the paraglide things remember to have them double cinch your harness. Just last week a Japanese tourist didn’t and she fell out of the harness at about 75 feet. It killed her.” Now at this time  Waikiki hadn’t posted a shark warning in the last 10 or more years and I don’t even know if they  can “double cinch” the harness. I was making this up on the fly.

And so it went the rest of the night.  Hang gliding? Guy crashed into the cliff wall and it took three days to get him down. Find a nice hiking trail.? Rockslide at Sacred Falls killed a whole class of  U H students. Deep sea fishing? Jaws.

Every time someone came up with an idea or suggested an activity, I’d be very nice and comment on how much fun that activity was but , and then I’d launch into some kind of  freaky accident that killed or maimed someone doing it. And I would make these “accidents” as freaky and messy as I could, but always with this sad face that said I’d really feel bad if someone in the group got hurt or killed because I didn’t warn them. All bullshit of course.

The night rolled on and I continued the comments and warnings, made up as I went along. I think some brought up things just to see what I’d come up with. I didn’t drop the ball the whole time.

 The next day everyone was breaking camp and getting ready to head home after a really fun filled weekend. As he and his crew rolled up their gear in preparation for leaving Bonehead greeted me with; “Morning Doctor Death”.

We all had a good laugh but like a professional wrestler I never dropped character. I didn’t see them during their week on Oahu, but I’m sure they had fun despite the “dangers”.

A few months later Julie and I and the Hawaii charters were in Las Vegas for the New Year’s Party. I got to tell you, it is something to walk into a Vegas casino and there are five or six hundred men wearing the same club patch as you.

As I was walking across the casino a big voice yelled out, “Hey Doctor Death”, making those three words last about 5 seconds. It was Bonehead, who promptly dragged me to the bar and we started celebrating the New Year. And he would continue telling the story of my stories to anyone and everyone all night long.

I finally asked him; “Bonehead, you know I was making all that shit up?”

“Yeah man, I knew that. But damn you were good and some of that stuff was freaking great.”

And with that we rang in the New Year.

About 2 years later a POS snitch named Hammer set up and rolled on several of the club members. Some of them ended up doing multi year sentences, including Bonehead who had been the charter P. I’m not saying he was an angel, but Bonehead deserved better than that.

Hammer died several years later due to an “accidental” drug overdose. He got what he deserved.