You Can’t Make These Motes up

This was supposed to post between those last 2 stories, but here it is anyway.

In London, a woman decided to protest “climate change”. How preventing other people from getting to their place of employment by gluing your tits to the ground is going to fight climate change I don’t know.

In Brazil, a parrot has been arrested for yelling “Mama the police” as police began to raid the suspected drug house. Did they tell the bird “Polly want a lawyer?”

In Illinois, a police officer with an interesting background, 5 totaled patrol vehicles in 18 years,  charged by a prosecutor with lying during a drug case, convicted of tampering with official police radios in order to make private phone calls, was hired by the Amsterdam city as its new Chief of Police.

Joe Biden is running for president. That’s not unbelievable, it’s when he claims there was “Not One Whisper Of Scandal” during the Obama administration, that challenges credibility.

A U of Hawaii volleyball coach is being accused of sexual misconduct, the alleged incident having occurred 30 years ago.  “The U.S. Center for SafeSport — suspended Wade in September pending the investigation’s outcome.”   This is a non-government agency from the  20176 Safe Sort Authorization Act. (Yeah, I’d never heard of it either.) And after reading the act, I don’t see where they have any investigatory powers, or anything else, besides a reporting center. Guilt by accusation. Again