Sunday Rant

Anyone getting nervous? Cities “banning” gatherings over 250; some gatherings, like an ethnic holiday, are completely canceled. The National Guard establishing “quarantine zones” around entire cities. Hell, entire countries are shutting down. People are being paid to stay “home” or “work from home”,with daily or even hourly news “alerts” telling us how bad it is, how bad it will get, and how hard the government is working to protect us. Schools are closing and lessons are being “taught” by inter-net. People urged to stay apart, keep an extra “social” distance and not to talk with each other. A disease is running that mostly kills the old and weak. And all of this just happens to be happening during the re-election time. And the candidates are calling people liars to their face, telling people they don’t care about “their” rights, and then telling us the candidate does know what’s best for everyone.The candidates can’t remember if they are for something or against something, but dammit they’re right.
It’s beginning to read like a cheap remake of 1984.
I’ve been around over 70 years, I do not remember there ever being a response like this to any past “pandemic”. One would almost think they want the world under their control, travel, stock market, personal interactions.
It’s all because of the “coronavirus”? How convenient. Okay, even I think I sound like a conspiracy nut, but it’s hard not to think; WTF?

Saturday Story

Stitches and Cloth
Although it’s just pieces of cloth stitched together, a club patch can be a pretty heavy weight. Not everyone is cut out to wear a patch, 1, 2, or 3 pieces.
A 1 piece patch is normally an association like HOG, a family group, or just a group of friends that like to ride together. Of these riders nothing is expected, certain patches aren’t worn, and they don’t need to get any “clearance” from any of the major organizations. But they do need to show respect.
The major organizations I speak of are the 2/3 piece patch clubs. These are the hardcore, “outlaw” clubs. Those 7, Hells Angels, Banditos, Mongols, Warlocks, Son of Silence, Outlaws, and the Vagos. These may not be represented by a chapter at every location, but there will be an associated club nearby to deliver messages and sometimes lessons. These clubs will always trace their roots to one of the big 7 clubs. The associated club with often wear a “support” patch of the bigger club and sometimes will sit on a local council for the area. Not always, but this usually prevents small problems from turning into color wars.
A 3 piece patch club or outlaw club, will have rules, procedures, and expect a lot from their members. What is expected is different in each club but there are a few constants. These rules are seldom written down so you’re expected to learn them during your “prospect” or “probate” period.
The constants are pretty basic;
1) Don’t ever embarrass the club or a patch holder in front of non-members
2) Always show respect to a patch holder’s wife, ol’Lady, or daughter
3) Always do what your sponsor or a club officer tells you.
4) Never leave your “cut” were someone else, even another member, can pick it up and you can’t see or stop them
Failing any one of these basics can result in the loss of your status, any possibility of becoming a full patched member, being “sent down the road” in bad status, or in some cases a severe ass beating. Any or all of these punishments, or even other more severe measures can be taken.
Sponsoring a prospect is also a serious responsibility. As a sponsor you are there to teach the new guy the rules, make sure he is where he is supposed to be, when he’s supposed to be there, and he has everything that is needed.
When a prospect screws up, and they do, the sponsor also takes a hit. Sometimes that hit can teach a patch holder just how heavy that responsibility can be.
So it was with Spider and Deuce.
Spider was a proven brother. He had earned his full patch, defended the club, his charter, and his “P” with the ferocity of a tiger. It didn’t hurt that he had been an “All Army” boxing champion and a multi tour combat vet. He was my charter Sergeant of Arms, or SA for short.
Deuce walked over to me one Sunday afternoon at a local bar where we had stopped on a weekend ride. He asked me how he could get started in riding for the club. I talked with him for a while, liked what he said and invited him to ride with us the next weekend.
Deuce was a big strong kid on his second enlistment in the Navy. He had two years left and didn’t intend to make it a career. Being from So.Cal. he was familiar with the club, was married to a Filipino girl, and I thought he’d fit right in. If he made the cut.
He stayed around for several months and performed his “hang around” duties with enthusiasm. I had several “hang arounds” and 2 working prospects so my charter was growing. At first it really looked like Deuce would make the cut, so on a full vote he was given a Prospect patch.
If Deuce had any flaws, it was booze. I’m no one to criticize anyone’s drinking habits, Deuce had a problem.
One morning his wife calls me at about 4:30 am to tell me Deuce hadn’t come home from a meeting the night before. It was my habit to have everyone call me when they got home after a meeting. I realized I had not gotten a call from Deuce. That meeting had ended about 10.
I got up, dressed, and was about to go looking for him when my phone rang again. It was Deuce calling to tell me he was home. Since the rule was call me “after you get home” Deuce was off the hook with me. His wife was his problem.
Then came the day when Spider tells me he wants to be Deuce’s sponsor. Since you can prospect, but not patch without a sponsor, it was important to get one.
At the time, as I said. Spider was my SA. The charter SA is in charge of enforcement and discipline and is a tough job. I wasn’t sure this would work.
The first incident occurred one night while Deuce was out drinking with members of two other charters, at what else, a strip club.
Two prospects of another charter, were at a nightclub in Wahiwa and somehow got the idea they were about to get jumped by members of another club. A panic call was made and 5 brothers, and Deuce the prospect, took off to their rescue. They never made it.
Three miles down the freeway the whole group was pulled over for speeding. They were all given field sobriety tests, and five out of the six, including Deuce, were arrested for D.U.I. Only Mugsy, who was on medication and so wasn’t drinking, was let off with only a speeding ticket. Mugsy called some members of his charter and they came and got everyone bike’s. His charter V-P came to bail everyone out.
I don’t have a problem with anyone, member or prospect, getting a D.U.I. Hell, that’s a fact of life. But Deuce screwed up by not contacting his sponsor, Spider, or his “P”, me. He did not call us or tell us it had happened. That was the mistake.
I had to wait to hear about the whole fiasco; the other prospects were never in any danger. Three days later I got a call asking me when my charter was going to repay the bail they had posted for Deuce. I called Spider and directed him to contact Deuce, get a meeting with him, and really explain what he did wrong. I told Spider to not make it a physical lesson, but to make sure Deuce knew embarrassing me was not a good thing for a prospect to do.

A couple of months later was the annual “Cinco de Mayo” party. Our club always gave a good party with music, games, booze, and food. At a club party, club members are not there to have a good time; they are there to work and make sure everyone else has a good time.
This one was going to be good. We had members of all the local charters, brothers from several of the mainland charters, and some other club VIP’s attending. During the early set up, Deuce worked his butt off. But, he was sneaking drinks when nobody was watching and by mid-day it was apparent he was loaded and rapidly losing control.
Considering the number of VIP’s, members of other clubs, and civilians around, Deuce was becoming a problem. Nobody was supposed to be drinking until the State “P” said it was okay. That usually happens near the end of the party. At this point, that time was several hours away.
I called Spider over and told him to get Deuce and bring him to me. I remembered Deuce and his girlfriend, his wife having walked out, had driven her car so I asked Julie, who was helping keep the women busy, to find and bring the girlfriend to me.
When everyone was present it was obvious Deuce was hammered, Spider was pissed, and Julie was more than a little scared on how this was going to turn out. Deuce was oblivious to it all and the girlfriend had no idea what was happening.
Speaking a lot calmer than I really was, I explained to Deuce , and the girlfriend, that he was done for the day, he was going home, she was going to drive, he was not going to return to the party and that he, Spider and I were going to have a meeting the next day.
Deuce started to speak but Spider grabbed his upper arm, took hold of her arm as well, and walked both of them out to the parking lot. I could see Spider was talking.
The rest of the party passed quickly and finally late that afternoon the “Boss” called the party a success, gave the okay, and turned us loose.
Julie and I stayed another hour or so and then headed home. We were bushed from the 14 hour day we’d just put in. We’d been home a little while when about 9:30 I got a call I didn’t want to receive.
It was the boss. Deuce had gone home, gotten his motorcycle, ridden over 30 miles back to the party, and started drinking again. Then the question was asked, did I not tell him Deuce had been sent home?
But he wasn’t done yet. Deuce had made a complete ass of himself at the party, but had also made several poorly conceived comments to a Big Island patch holder about his wife and his teenage daughter. The boss wanted to know, did I want to speak to the patch holder?
I didn’t, but it really wasn’t a question. The patch holder was to put it mildly, pissed. But as a seasoned member he hadn’t made a scene until everyone of the VIP’s and guests were gone, that’s why it was so late in getting handled. That would have created the image that Hawaii couldn’t control its members and that would have been a major problem.
But the patch holder wanted Deuce’s head on a plate. I told them both this would be handled. I then called Spider at home, and told him to be on stand-by and available the next day, Monday.
Monday morning I called Deuce and told him we needed a talk and I would be over after work, about 4:30 or 5:00 o’clock. I refused to tell him why, telling him I was at work, which was true, and couldn’t talk, not so true.
At 3:00 I called Deuce and told him I’d be there at 4:30. He knew he was in trouble and started to try to make excuses on why he couldn’t meet me then. So I told him; “Stay home. I’ll be there in 15 minutes.”
I then called Spider and told him to be at Deuces house in 10 minutes. I was there in the parking lot, already. Spider made it in less than 8 minutes.
Deuce lived in a “gated community” so I called him, told him to put on his cut, and meet me at the front gate, now. He was caught by surprise.
While waiting for Deuce, I brought Spider up to speed on what had happened. As I explained it, it occurred to Spider this was not just a “come to Jesus” meeting.
When Deuce showed up at the gate he was wearing his cut with his prospect patch.
I wasn’t sure how this was going to go down, so I walked us all away from the gate, and guard shack. No witness’, just in case. No words were exchanged during that walk. It seemed a lot longer than it was. Kind of a Deadman walking distance.
We stopped, everyone lighted a smoke, and I finally started.
“Deuce”, I began. “You’re a good man most of the time. I think that someday you might be a good brother and patch.” Deuce almost smiled thinking he was going to just get an ass chewing.
“But”, I continued, “not with us. Right now you drink too much, way too often. You don’t know when to quit, and that makes you not follow orders and do stupid things. Like last night when you went back to the party.”
Spider started to say something, but I cut him off with my hand.
“And worse than that”, I said. “You disrespected a senior patch holder, his wife, and his daughter. He wants your head on a plate. Spider,” I turned. “You are his sponsor. You told him to stay home, right?” Spider’s nod yes was slow and deliberate.
By now both men knew this was going to end badly, maybe for both of them.
I looked at both men and pronounced sentence.
“Spider, collect his shit. All of it and meet me at the car.” I turned to Deuce and the only thing I said was “Deuce, Good by”. I turned my back and walked away without another word. I don’t know what my face was showing but I didn’t want to face either of them.
It took a few minutes for Spider and Deuce to walk back to the apartment, and then Spider came walking down the parking lot carrying the cut, patch, several t-shirts, some pictures, and a club sticker that had been on Deuces bike. He had gotten everything.
I don’t think I ever saw Spider walk so slowly. He looked like he was carrying a hundred pound back-pack. He walked to my car and dropped everything into the open trunk. It dawned on him I hadn’t pronounced his punishment.
Spider’s eyes reminded me of a dog afraid he was going to be kicked by his beloved owner.
“Boss”, he started. “Don’t ever make me do this again. Damn, this shit is heavy.”
“This is what the SA does,” I replied. “It’s part of your job. You don’t want to do it, don’t let the situation occur. Or leave the SA patch.”
Spider nodded with a clearly serious understanding look on his face. Then he walked over to his bike, fired it up, and headed home.

It’s just stitches and cloth, but it is “heavy”. Not everyone can wear it.

Big Friday Motes

Not my president: Joe Biden continues his insane rants to show just how he feels about “his citizens” by calling a voter a “horses azz” and telling him he was “full of shet”. I can’t tell you how much this says about his “respect for the people” he wants to “lead”( rule). He repeatedly calls the electorate “liars”. Does anybody really want him as “leader of the free world”? Not Me. Just a side note; my local news headlined “Biden faces down pro-gun worker at Detroit plant”. “Faces down”? I guess cursing and verbally attacking is what “they” consider facing down. Again, Not Me.

Hidden behind all the virus hohaha: “The United States began withdrawing troops from Afghanistan,” the U.S. military said Tuesday, taking a step forward on its peace deal with the Taliban while also praising Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s promise to start releasing Taliban prisoners after he had delayed his decision for over a week. Funny, seems like nobody in the MSM is talking about this. Why?

News you need to know: Eating dark chocolate and drinking red wine have health benefits. So dip your Milky Way into your glass of boxed red and say ,”Cheers”, it’s healthy.

He just seems like a dicx: MMA Champion, Connor McGregor has donated over $1 million dollars to the “Stephen Siller Tunnel to Tower Foundation”, which supports first responders across the United States. The organization is named after Stephen Siller, who died saving people on 9/11. The funds came from the sale of McGregor’s “Propper No. Twelve” whiskey. Okay, to me he acts like a proper dix; from his loud foul mouth, his “posse” attacking an opponent’s bus, and his sucker punching a 50 year-old man, a punch that failed to even knock the old man from his barstool. But, I give him props for keeping his word, and doing something. I might even watch his next fight, as long as it ain’t in the street.

And speaking of whiskey, I’m going to Hilo and spend some time loading some “Bulleit”.

Thursday Traveling Motes

Just who you want “frisking” you: It’s hard to imagine why anyone in Congress would oppose a measure designed to keep sex offenders, violent criminals, and people on terror watch lists from working for the Transportation Security Agency (TSA), but alas, 174 House Democrats did just that this week. And to think, a Democrat sponsored the bill to begin with. I guess we have to give everyone an equal right to employment. What do you mean employment ain’t a right? Oh, okay.

There’s got to be more to this story: “Cops find meth and a baby squirrel in woman’s purse during traffic stop”. Got to be more, but I’m afraid to ask.(Dave Barry)

A good thing to know: If you wear a surgical mask, tell people you have a cold and don’t want to share it, people don’t ask stupid questions. In fact, they don’t talk to you at all thinking it’s hard for you to talk back. Wow, a whole day of quiet. It was great. Or so I’m told.

I did not know this: Achieving orgasm through masturbation provides a rush of feel-good hormones (such as dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin) and can re-balance our levels of cortisol (a stress-inducing hormone). This helps our immune system function at a higher level. The surge in “feel-good” hormones also promotes a more relaxed and calm state of being, making it easier to achieve restful sleep, which is a critical part in maintaining a high-functioning immune system. Just as bad habits can slow your immune system, positive habits (such as a healthy sleep schedule and active sex life) can help boost your immune system which can prevent you from becoming sick. Wish I had known this a long time ago. (Instapundit)

New Term: I love this one. “Champagne Socialist”. That describes just about all of them. Especially the two old white guys telling us everything will be free if we elect them our leader. I saw this being used for socialist YouTuber Carlos Baza. In Florida, where Comrade Baza is registered to vote, he lives in a $10 million-dollar home, and has a $7.1 million dollar “Upper East side” pad in New York, and a luxury yacht. I get really tired of being lectured by the ultra- wealthy.

You got to love it : So you spend a bunch of money to take this terrific cruise. You end up locked-up with 3,500 other people because of the coronavirus, since Feb 21. You are now sitting off the Port Of Portland waiting to eventually disembark so what do you do? You call your lawyer and sue the cruise company for 1 million dollars. And they’ll probably win.

Need hand sanitizer or disinfectant spray ? Don’t go to Walmart.

Walmart; Sunday 3/8

Raw Wednesday motes

They just gotta find something to bitch about: Now they’re complaining that First lady Melania Trump is working on the White House tennis pavilion instead of doing the chicken little dance about the sky (coronavirus) is falling. Being so loud the First Lady seems to think she owes them an explanation. “I encourage everyone who chooses to be negative (and) question my work at the White House to take time and contribute something good (and) productive in their own communities.She doesn’t need to apologize or justify; they need to get a life.

Another great one has passed: Swedish actor Max von Sydow, who made his name in the films of Ingmar Bergman before featuring in international hits like “Game of Thrones,” has died at the age of 90. The “Exorcist” and “Three Days Of The Condor” come to my mind. His talents will be missed.

Still trying to make herself relevant: Actress (?) Bette Midler lashed out at Trump on Sunday for not wanting “America’s coronavirus numbers” to “go up.” “Trump wants to leave sick people on that docked cruise ship so America’s coronavirus numbers don’t go up,” Midler tweeted. She’s attacking Trump for not wanting to see the number of coronavirus cases in the country go up. She thinks that’s a criticism. She needs to wash her brain, oh wait, she doesn’t need to. She obviously doesn’t use it anyway.

Brit Love (Head) Line of the week: “I CAN have brilliant sex on the side with my lover as often as I want – but I can’t get an erection to make love with my wife. What’s wrong with me?” “We would like another child but I am struggling to have sex with my wife, even if she works hard in bed to get me aroused. I just can’t get a lasting erection. I start to feel like she’s molesting me.” Wow, there’s so much wrong with this guy, and his relationships. And what is “brilliant” sex?

Only 6?: Article in the Guardian, “6 Things I’d Rather Do Than Date A Guy Who Wears Dresses.” And she’s not talking about a kilt. When things start with “My boyfriends wedding dress”, you can bet that things go downhill from there. The “6” things start with “Eat a tub of vaseline” and goes to “#6; “Let all my hopes, dreams, and eggs shrivel up within me and die until I hate all things and all people and curse the day my great-great-great grandparents met.” No really, tell us how you feel.

Tuesday Motes In The Wild

Another name lost in non-history: Anybody remember Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani? I didn’t think so. Alani, 60, was sentenced to 37 months behind bars Wednesday after pleading guilty in December to using a piece of foam to sabotage a Boeing 737 at Miami International Airport because he was upset over the airline’s stalled union contract negotiations. Alani, a naturalized citizen originally from Iraq, had admitted to federal investigators that he doctored the plane’s air data module system – which relays critical data like aircraft speed and pitch to pilots – in a bid to obtain more overtime work, court documents show. The mechanic insisted to federal air marshals that he intended “not to cause harm to the aircraft or its 150 passengers and crew.” Does anyone really believe that? Remember, in court the defendant is always to be given the benefit of a doubt. Even when they scream “Allah Akbar”, it’s okay because they didn’t mean it. I’m glad that nothing happened, I’d hate to be the one telling 150 relatives that he really didn’t mean to hurt anyone.

Dorky looking: Last week Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz (r) wore a military style gas mask to the floor during a vote on the “Coronavirus”. Gaetz wore the mask to “troll” those trying to panic the public and those that say not to wear medical masks. Reminds me of when Hawaii state legislator Stan Koki wore a motorcycle helmet, in his car, from the windward side to the state capitol. The was a “full time mandatory” helmet bill vote that day. Koki claimed it didn’t bother his vision or hearing but it made him look “dorkey”. I had to point out, it wasn’t the “helmet” that made him look dorkey, and my freedom of choice should not be reduced to how he looked.

Something to ask about: How come nobody ever gets arrested for being a member of a “left-wing terrorist group”? Just asking for a friend.

A perplexing choice: Now that Starbucks has banned the use of personal cups, how do I get my latte’ crapiccino and still save the trees? I’m so confused.

Let’s do some math: He’s 67, she’s 30. He’s worth $25m and she’s an “actress” suddenly wearing a huge diamond ring. He’s facing 29 years in prison on numerous sex charges, (and still has more charges in California) and she’s been “dating” him for 6 months. The way I add it up, He’s Harvey Weinstein and she’s a gold digger. Anyone else come up with a different answer?

Monday Mote of Note

Shouldn’t have made that movie: The heartbroken brother of a woman killed during sex has revealed how the “50 Shades” defense made losing her a “million times worse”. The defense is based on the “Fifty Shades of Grey” novels about BDSM sex. Charlotte Teeling, 33, was strangled to death during sex “for his satisfaction”. She is one of 60 UK women who have lost their lives at the hands of men who claimed their victims consented to fatal violent sex. Me, not buying it.

We need more like her: Faye Kennedy, a civil rights advocate who broke racial barriers in Hawaii, has died at 88. Kennedy died at her Saint Louis Heights home Friday. She was recently diagnosed with cancer. Kennedy was just the second African American to be a YWCA leader honoree in 2010. She served on the Hawaii Women’s Political Caucus and Hawaii Civil Rights Commission.
Born during the Great Depression in Kansas City, Kennedy’s education on civil rights issues started early.
She described one frightening encounter from her youth:
“The Ku Klux Clan came to the door, and they said that we weren’t welcome there, and they wanted us to move out,” Kennedy told Hawaii News Now in 2010.
“So, my father got his shotgun and said okay the first one to cross this threshold is going to be in trouble.” So, all my life they taught us to stand up for ourselves.”
Boy, he better not do that now. Especially not in Hawaii, he’d go to jail.

Don’t ask the hard questions: You do not ask the Democrat Pretender the hard questions. He has a couple of responses. Biden’s first answer is to call you names (lying horse-faced pony soldier) or turn his back and walk away. He did that to a veteran that spoke his truth. The vet askes how can he be asked to vote for someone who “enabled the war” in Iraq. Biden makes a “my son was there” comment, warns the vet not to attack his son (which was never done) and then turns his back and lets “security” handle it. In other words, he doesn’t answer the hard ones. Ever.

Different standards: Now that “super Tuesday” is over, a bunch of “Bernie Bro’s” are crying “it was rigged.” Does anybody doubt that? Well, all the “establishment” supporters are saying “ stop this conspiracy nonsense”. If you don’t follow the narrative, you’re a conspiracy nut. Yeah, right. Just because you’re paranoid, don’t mean “they” are not out to get you.

Candidates for the Demo nomination are falling like flies. Just watch for the V-P candidate. He will be the 2024 guy to beat. Younger, minority, charismatic, and great from a written speech. Just watch.