Wednesday Motes to Enlighten

The questions not asked:  Less than two weeks after collapsing on the field, the Buffalo Bills confirm Damar Hamlin is out of the hospital, and has even visited with his team. Did you know, from 1970 to 2020 (50 years) 1,312 athletes suffered from cardiac arrest and died. That’s roughly 26 per YEAR.  From 2021 to 2022 (1 year) 1,598 athletes have suffered cardiac arrests and died. That’s an increase of… HOLY SHAT!!! What changed? WHAT CHANGED?

Lost Angeles: In internal e-mails Chief Michel Moore said that “public lobbies should only contain official items” and that the display of thin blue line flags is “unnecessary for our mission.” His messages were in response to a recent “community complaint” about the display of the  flag in the front lobby of the LAPD’s Olympic Station near MacArthur Park.  He said the complainants claimed that the flag symbolizes “violent extremist views” associated with the Proud Boys and other groups. Hey LAPD, dig up Chief Parker. Yes, he’s been dead since 1966, but he still has more balls than this guy.

So it starts: Police could be allowed to shut down protests before they cause serious disruption, under new government plans. Downing Street said the proposals would help officers clamp down on “a disruptive minority” who use tactics like blocking roads and slow marching. It said the changes seek to give police greater flexibility and clarity over when they can intervene. Remember, once a power is granted, it is NEVER repealed, it just grows bigger.

Letter to the Editor: 1/14/23 :  “To kick off  Climate Change Hawaii 2023, Gov. Josh Green pledged to commit $100 million plus of the stateʻs $1.9 billion budget surplus to a climate impact fund to fight climate change and preserve the state’s natural resources. Meanwhile, I’m paying $8 for a dozen eggs, $5 for a gallon of gas, and have to have my vehicle realigned three times a year due to the pot holes I have to drive over every day. The climate change soothsayers are what, 0 for 26? Sorry, I can think for better uses for that “surplus”.” Printed on a Saturday, when there is only the inter-webz subscription only version.

Can anyone tell me what the hell this is a statue of? Anyone?? Please???

And just how does it celebrate MLK?

Playlist this weekend; First Aid, Ed Bruce, Kris Kristofferson, Emmy Lou Harris, and the Kingston Trio. Just to name a few.

Tuesday Motes To Contemplate

Move along, nothing to see here: The chairman of Alabama’s Perry County Commission has been indicted on felony and misdemeanor counts of voter fraud in connection with both the primary and general elections during the midterms, officials announced Wednesday. Nothing to see, this is an isolated case and could not possibly happen on a national election.

A sad Good-Bye: Lisa Marie Presley the singer whose blues-tinged voice carried across three albums and only child of Elvis Presley, died on Thursday at the age of 54. I remember the joy the world felt on her birth, and now I share its sorrow. She, and her heritage, will be missed.

You don’t need a degree: Michigan School District Superintendent Robert Shaner threatened to sue a local official for releasing a photo of grade schoolers pole dancing at a local night club during a recent school outing. The school says the kids were having lunch at the club when the dancing took place. May as well give them some real-life experience before graduation.

From the BEE: Male M&M’s everywhere rejoiced after the announcement by Mars, Inc. that the female M&M’s are getting their own bag. The male M&M’s hope this change will finally give them some much sought-after peace and quiet. So, now we have to be careful with our candy pro-nouns?

The stupid burns: In 2010, Georgia Congressman Hank Johnson, a member of the Armed Services Committee, was questioning Adm. Robert Willard, head of the U.S. Pacific fleet at that time about a force buildup on the island of Guam. Willard said that it was anticipated that there would be 8,000 more Marines deployed to the island. “My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize,” Johnson said. In 2014, Johnson was voted “Most Clueless” by congressional staffers. Johnson has gone right on being the most clueless congressman on The Hill. After the story broke about Joe Biden keeping classified documents at his old office at the Penn Biden Center, johnson smelled a rat. “…things can be planted in places and then discovered conveniently. That may be what has occurred here. I’m not ruling that out. But I’m open in terms of the investigation needs to be investigated.” Yep, that’s what we need running the country.

How about: When you see/hear a new candidate running for public office, realize he/she is going to represent you. Just a couple of things to ask or look for; Military Service, do they have any; Low-wage work, have they ever done any; Start and run a business, have they ever; Ever Lost a job, for any reason. These things form an individual. Far too many “representatives” in our .gov have none of these experiences.

Sunday Rant – D T I


10 Jan 23

Despite pressure from leftist Democrat politicians, the Erie County, NY DA is courageously prosecuting two dozen people who were arrested for looting during the recent “Western NY Blizzard of 2022.”

This DA spent time in FL and personally witnessed wide-spread looting following hurricanes.

Accordingly, he has scant tolerance!

Several hundred more looters should have been arrested, but police were as paralyzed as everyone else!

Those currently being prosecuted were not stealing food nor vital supplies. They are all seedy criminals, stealing TV sets, etc, strictly for thievery and profit.

This spate of looting clearly demonstrates to all (except the voluntarily blind) that anything disturbing civil order, even relatively briefly and even when confined to a local area, invites instant, wide-spread, grievous criminality!

Like bacteria, dangerous criminals are always present, and always looking for low-risk opportunity to “revert to type.” There is no felony that they will not commit! They are held in check only be aggressive policing and relentless prosecution (both of which being currently out of style).

Innocent citizens, frantically digging-out from this natural disaster, found themselves simultaneously confronting motivated, dauntless, dangerous criminals, with any kind of police protection far away and unavailable- for days, maybe weeks!

Leftists have been telling these same citizens that they can’t have guns, because they “don’t need them!”. Leftist hypocrites mouthing this “advice” are themselves, of course, heavily armed!

“Private-sector preparedness is not a luxury!

It represents ‘the cost of doing business’ in our post-9/11 world.

It is ignored at tremendous risk- in lives, money and national security.” ; 9/11 Commission Report, 2004

In 2023, it would appear politicians have sincerely taken their own 2004 advice, but don’t want us to!


There is no one coming to help you, especially in times of ongoing emergencies. If it gets bad enough it will be “you have it, I want it, Fxxx you”. You MUST be ready to defend you and yours.

Saturday Story

Lessons From Harley

Harley was my first Siberian Huskey. I got her from a military family that had too many dogs for base housing and she was the one chosen to go. They were the ones that named her “Harley” even through the husband didn’t ride. Later, the couple split up and the wife, Kimber became a close friend of my wife and me.

Harley loved the “Bark Park”. Whenever we took her there she seemed to appoint herself as the official gate greeter. Whenever a new dog came to the gate, she had to go and meet them. No matter how many dogs were already there, she would rush to the gate and be the first to “greet” the newcomer.

Most of the time at the park, she would spend it running, God I loved to watch that animal run. Julie often said she looked like a big bunny rabbit hoping. But when she really turned on the speed, it was beauty in motion. She could cover ground at an incredible rate. There was sheer joy on her face. God I loved to watch her run.

Her kennel was in the front yard, right outside our bedroom window. There was a slanted tree where she could put her front paws and look into the bedroom window. Sometimes it looked like she was in a tree, so I called her my “Hawaiian tree wolf”.

She’d wake me up in the mornings and woof at the window until I’d get up and we went for our morning walk.

Taking Harley to Obedience School was an education for both of us. Mostly me, learning a great deal of patience. At the time I didn’t know if it was a Husky thing or not, but the only way to get her to follow commands was to convince her it was her idea. With Harley, there were good days and bad days.

I cannot express how full of pride my heart would get when I would say “heel” and there she was, right by my left leg, those huge brown eyes looking up at me.  She would be in the perfect spot, and keeping perfect pace. I would look at that beautiful face and she would find something on the ground she just had to smell and so she would. So much for the perfect position. But those brief moments made it worth every day we spent together in those classes.

I would work with her every morning on our early walks’ she would just be perfect. We’d get to class and she’d be a handful.

She had “sit” and “heel” down perfect. The “down” was occasionally right, but the concept of “stay” was completely out of her mind set. She could sit for a few moments, not minutes, and as soon as she heard her name it was “jump on Daddy” time. So she would.

Some people will tell you that animals don’t make friends out of their species, and they continue believing this despite all the animal friend videos all over you-tube.

Harley’s other specie friend was a little gray field mouse that lived under the house. I watched her and that mouse just sitting and looking at each other, and I’d seen Harley give out a little soft woof now and then. I even swear I saw them playing peek-a-boo along the fence.

Huskies are known to be food thieves, they’ll eat until they throw up, and then eat some more. So it was a huge surprise when I saw the mouse eating kibble out of her bowl, and she just sat or laid there watching.

Harley had a pet mouse.

The night Harley died in my arms is so painful it still hurts today. I was holding her in my arms when I literally felt the last breath of life leave her body. I was a wreck for a long time.

Finally, after 3 or 4 days I sat down inside her kennel. Don’t know why, just felt like sitting there. I looked into her house, and there, sitting on the edge of the empty food bowl, was Harley’s mouse.

I stood slowly, walked over to the food bin, took out a handful of kibble, and walked back to the entry of her house.

The mouse had moved back a couple of feet but didn’t run away. I slowly poured the food from my hand into the bowl, and went back to where I had been sitting.

The mouse waited a little while, then slowly made its way over to the bowl. Sitting on the edge, the mouse looked at me, the empty dog house, and the food in the bowl.

As the mouse started to nibble at the dry dog food, seemingly looking up at me every other mouthful, all I could think of was to say; “I miss her too.” And I walked back into the house with tears in my eyes.

Harley’s mouse finished its meal and ran off.

 We moved to another home.

I’m glad I put that food in the bowl. A last gift from Harley, the dog that gave me so much.

It’s Friday Motes, (finally.)

W T F ? : Iran’s navy is set to station warships for the first time in the Panama Canal, a critical trade route in America’s backyard that has never before seen an Iranian military presence. Rear Admiral Shahram Irani, the commander of Iran’s navy, said on Wednesday that his forces will establish a presence in the Panama Canal later this year, marking the first time Iran’s military has entered the Pacific Ocean. “This is what Iran has been building in Latin America for the past 30 or 40 years” by establishing embassies and bilateral agreements with a host of nations,” says Joseph Humire, a national security analyst who focuses on Latin American issues. Okay, just what interests does Iran have on the Pacific side of the world? They ae trying to establish themselves as a “world” power. That means a nuke power. How’s your Farci ?

What will Greg say: A Canadian school board has demanded a new “professional” dress code for teachers following months of backlash over a trans teacher with clownish giant prosthetic breasts. Photos of the Oakville Trafalgar High School teacher, identified as Kayla Lemieux by local media, went viral in September and swiftly garnered global attention.The snaps, taken by students, show the blond educator wearing tight clothing that emphasizes her gigantic Z-size prosthetic breasts while teaching in the classroom. Huge nipples can also be seen protruding from her fake, balloon-like bust. This has been the subject of a huge number of jokes on Gutfeld for the past several months. More coming. 😊

A real big show: The man suspected of killing four U of Iowa students appeared in court Thursday for a status conference, where a judge scheduled a preliminary probable cause hearing to begin June 26. Bryan Kohberger, who faces four counts of first-degree murder appeared in court wearing an orange prison uniform with his feet shackled. The 28-year-old waived his right to a speedy probable cause hearing within 14 days, and he spoke only briefly while answering the judge’s questions. He’s waived speedy trial, waived extradition. Am I the only one seeing him treat the whole trial as a platform or performance stage for his “intelligence”?

Another WTF: The headline says, “Lord of the Dance creator Michael Flatly being treated for cancer”. It goes on to say “Michael Flatley has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. He has undergone surgery and is in the care of an excellent team of doctors. No further comments will be made at this time.” I hope he beats it as we need his talent and joy. But what gripes my azz if the headline is accompanied by a photo of ….”Uncle Joe” Biden giving a speech  W T F ?

Almost First Friday Motes

Everything is political today: “The Golden Globe Awards are accolades bestowed by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association starting in January 1944, recognizing excellence in both American and international film and television.” No, I didn’t watch, nor do I care who won anything. My point, after being introduced by actor Sean Penn, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky made an appearance via video at the Golden Globes on Tuesday night where he promised that his country would be victorious against Russian aggression. I could make a snarky remark about Zelensky “acting like a president” but I won’t.  

 In Mexico: Uncle Joe proclaims, “This has been the greatest migration in human history around the world as well as in this hemisphere.” No Joe, this is an invasion of illegal aliens. ILLEGAL.   Uncle Joe Biden then promoted his plan to make it easier for migrants to come to the United States after meeting with the leaders of Mexico and Canada. What the hell is he going to do, set up a scheduled bus route? How about some of them go straight to Delaware?

Uncle Gov Josh: To kick off  Climate Change Hawaii 2023, Gov. Josh Green pledged to commit $100 million plus of the stateʻs $1.9 billion budget surplus to a climate impact fund to fight climate change and preserve the state’s natural resources. Meanwhile, I’m paying $8 for a dozen eggs, $5 for a gallon of gas, and have to have my vehicle realigned three times a year due to the pot holes I have to drive over every day. The climate change soothsayers are what, 0 for 26? Sorry, I can think for better uses for that “surplus”.

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome: Offensive lineman for the Air Force Academy football team Hunter Brown, 21, died suddenly this week when he left his dormitory to go to class. Hunter, from Louisiana, experienced a medical emergency when he left his dorm for class. The US Military had a forced COVID vaccine policy until December. On Monday, a junior male student at Western Brown Local Schools died suddenly from “cardiac arrest.” Blaze Jacobs, 17, suffered a medical emergency on Monday morning while at school. And these are just the one’s that made the news.

There’s them and there’s us: Leftist co-host of “The View” Joy Behar is getting blasted on social media for saying that Democrat President Joe Biden gets “the benefit of the doubt” over classified documents found in an office he used when he was vice president because Biden isn’t a “liar and a thief” like former President Donald Trump. The only “liar” here is the one that touts herself as a “journalist”.

Wednesday Motes, That Is All

Lesson: I spend some time using a slingshot going after feral chickens here on the Double J. Yesterday the wife commented that I really need to get lucky on some of the shots. I reminded her of what the IRA bomber said when told the same thing. He’d tried to bomb the Royal residence and the Scotland Yard detective made the same comment. His response, “Yes, but I only need to get lucky once, they have to be lucky every time.”

Question: Who the hell is Andrew Tate and why does anyone care what he says?  No, really. I read his profile and still can’t figure it out.

Understandable: Prince Harry celebrated the latest round of his royal-trashing tour by downing tequila shots with Stephen Colbert — who mercilessly mocked him while teasing their interview before it airs late Tuesday. Photos also showed armed guards carefully covering the prince. This is a perfectly understandable response. I haven’t had a tequila for 35 years, part of the marriage vows. But if I had to sit with Colbert, I’d probably do some tequila shooters too.

Doubtful: Attorney General Merrick Garland assigned a U.S. attorney to review the roughly ten classified documents that were found in an old office of President Joe Biden. The classified documents are from Biden’s vice-presidential office at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement in Washington. Will the fbi get a search warrant and raid Uncle Joe’s estate? Like the header said, doubtful.

Disgusting: Just when you think they can’t stoop any lower, they do. took things one revolting step further. Some miscreant in England came up with ”Drag Syndrome” Shows. Drag Syndrome is exactly what you think it is but wish it wasn’t: adults with Down syndrome dancing in drag. I will not name the evil behind “Drag Syndrome” nor will I comment on any of his justifications. I’ll simply say, your mother must be so proud.

Playlist: The weekend playlist included Johnny Cash, Red Sovine, Hu, Nancy Griffin, and of course John Prine.

Tuesday Motes, Second Thoughts

Not in the narrative: Much has been made about the “white supremacists” that damaged the power stations in Washington state, but how much have we heard about the Las Vegas attack. Mohammad Mesmarian, 34, rammed his car through the gate of a solar power generation plant outside Las Vegas on Wednesday and set his car on fire, intending to damage a massive transformer. “Employees at the plant said they found a car smoldering in a generator pit,” a news source said, adding the Mega Solar Array facility provides power to 13 properties on the Las Vegas Strip, all belonging to MGM Resorts. Investigators believe Mesmarian “siphoned gasoline from his car to put on wires at the transformer,” 8 News Now said, citing documents from investigators. Move along, nothing to see here.

It took 15 votes to elect a Speaker of the House. It’s a lot harder to get the wanted outcome when you can’t count late votes, mail in ballots, and all the voters are verified.

Opinion: An armed masked robber who stormed a Texas taqueria demanding money was stopped by a patron who pulled his own gun, fatally shot the suspect, and handed the cash back to shaken diners, police said. Witnesses told officers that the suspect had barged into the restaurant and pointed a pistol at diners demanding their money. As he was collecting the money, one of the patrons, described as a white or Hispanic male, “produced a gun of his own and shot the suspect multiple times,” police said. A lot is being made of the fact the “patron” did not announce his weapon, made no demand that the robber surrender, and continued shooting even though the robber might have been down. Sorry, you come enter a location , brandish a weapon, and begin to take belongings by force and fear, you should receive NO considerations. NONE. You’ve already shown no concern about your victims. To me, you are bought and paid for.

The same here: The same goes for former ISIS bride is requesting that the United States allow her to return to her home state of Alabama from a Syrian refugee camp.” You made your choice, now you need to live with it.” I have no sympathy for her at all. Again I feel bad the schools no longer require “The Man Without A Country” is no longer taught.

Monday Motes, So It Starts

Funny: You can now buy  mifepristone and misoprostol over the counter. These are the so-called abortion pills. Over the Counter, without a prescription or identification! You still can’t buyIvermectin or hydroxychloroquine over the counter. In some cases you can’t get them even with a Doctors script. I take that back, it’s not even a little bit funny.

What First Amendment: Despite laws generally protecting journalists under the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment, a Honolulu investigative reporter may have to provide deposition testimony and documents related to a story she reported about a Maui police officer accused of sexual misconduct in a civil lawsuit. The judge’s comments made in a court hearing, will be memorialized as a written order, and could widen the door for lawyers to use reporters as tools in litigation, hauling journalists into court and forcing them to testify or turn over documents.   

Hero: Former NFL running back Peyton Hillis is reportedly in critical condition after saving his children from drowning. Hillis, 36, is said to be in critical condition after rescuing his children from drowning in the Gulf of Mexico on Thursday. The former football player’s son and daughter are said to be safe. No information on the actual incident seems available. My prayers out to a real hero.

Everybody else too: I am sooo tired of “Harry and Meghan”. Really tired.

The unasked question: Why are people so angry about asking for NFL player Damar Hamlin’s vaxx status? IIRC it was acceptable, neh mandatory, to ask this information to eat or drink at a bar or restaurant, to board a plane, or go to school. What changed?

I hope everyone enjoyed the full Wolf Moon this weekend.

A sad Good-Bye: Danny Kaleikini, a legendary musician and entertainer in the islands who rubbed shoulders with dignitaries and stars over his long career and was widely known as Hawaii’s “ambassador of aloha,” has died. He was 85. Kaleikini is survived by his wife of 64 years, Jacqueline; daughter Leonn, grandson Nicholas, and a sister. I had the pleasure to meet Danny many years ago and have spoken with him numerous times. We had the same favorite Italian restaurant. He will be missed.

Not the brightest bulb; Only one day after being released on bail for fireworks and drug offenses, a 31-year-old Waimea man was arrested and charged for threatening a Hawai‘i Police Department officer. On New Year’s Eve, the suspect and his girlfriend were charged with numerous offenses relating to drugs, endangering the welfare of a child and illegal fireworks violations. While out on bail, he contacted a police officer, making threatening statements to the officer.