Thursday, Motes To Ponder

Reporter Grills Psaki: ‘Why Are Illegal Aliens Getting Hotel Rooms When National Guard Were Left to Sleep in Parking Garages and Given Contaminated Food?’ It was recently reported that the Biden Administration has let a six-month contract worth $86 million to a Texas “non-profit” to house up to 1,200 migrant families at hotels in border communities in Texas and Arizona. A reporter grilled Psaki about this and she spun like a top trying to explain why the Uncle Joe prioritizes illegal aliens over members of the military. Funny thing, she never answered the question. Surprise.

Let me see if I got this correct.: You want me to carry, and provide upon demand, valid proof that I have received the covid vaccine, but I don’t have to provide any identification to vote. Huh?

It only goes one way: A black man stabbed a white 12-year-old boy at McDonald’s in Pittsburgh. The child is in stable condition after being stabbed by Charles Edward Turner, 51, on Sunday. Turner was reportedly muttering “white devils” and other anti-white slurs at the crime scene. The child was with his family when the man tackled the boy and stabbed him in the neck with a box cutter. But nobody is talking about “black supremacist” are they?

ASHLI BABBITT, remember her name. She was murdered in front of numerous witness’. Yet her murderer still walks free.

Why does anyone listen?: Fauci has lied. He has admitted he lied. He has flip flopped, and claimed both sides of the arguments. He his the highest paid federal worker, and nobody had ever heard of him before the Pandemic. Why is anyone listening to anything this fraud has to say?

Poorly planned: A man has died after plunging from a 14th floor balcony at a Florida hotel after his parachute failed to open in time during a base jump. Good thing to remember: If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving is not for you.

Motes For the Midweek

Looking through “stupid” tinted glasses: During an interview aired on Thursday’s “MSNBC Live,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki reacted to concerns that corporations will raise prices if taxes on corporations are increased by stating that President Joe Biden believes people “know that corporations do not need to raise the cost of goods in order to pay more taxes and pay more of their fair share.” Sure, we know they don’t have to, but we know they will.

A new step: A transgender person is now one step closer to being crowned Miss USA. Kataluna Enriquez, a biological male, won the Miss Silver State USA pageant this week, an event considered the biggest preliminary competition for the Miss Nevada USA pageant, 

Not much mention: Lots of hohaha over the Atlanta shootings. A white man kills 8 people, including 6 Asian women working in “massage” parlors. Everyone starts screaming “white supremist” and “Asian hater”. What about the 18 people shot, 4 killed, in Chicago, just this weekend? How come no big out cry? Oh, it doesn’t fit the media’s working scenario. Never mind.

Ashli Babbitt was meandered. She threatened nobody. She was unarmed. Why hasn’t her murderer been named?

They do things different on the bayou: Travis Clark, a former priest who was arrested last October after a passerby allegedly saw him having sex with two corset-clad women on the altar of a Pearl River Catholic church pleaded not guilty Monday to a charge of institutional vandalism, a felony. The St. Tammany Parish District Attorney’s Office on Friday announced the charges for the unholy trinity, who were busted after a passerby saw them through a church window and reported them to police. Lesson; close the curtains when having kinky sex in church.

Not once: I still haven’t heard any of the talking heads ask about the “Biden Let Us In” t-shirts the “migrants” are wearing. I want to know; who paid for the shirts, printed the shirts, and distributed the shirts? And why did they do it?

When you are cleaning sharp pointy objects, the one word to remember is “SHARP”. Don’t ask me why I’m bringing it up.

Tuesday Motes To Ponder

Never let a crisis go to waste: After the deadly shooting in Atlanta, Georgia last week, former president Obama waited less than 24 hours to issue calls for greater gun control measures. All of the facts of the case weren’t even known, but Obama just couldn’t wait to go charging in with the left’s agenda. Besides, don’t worry, the facts don’t mean anything .

It’s for the people: An Ohio man posing as a Black Lives Matter leader was indicted by a federal grand jury on multiple charges of money laundering and wire fraud. Sir Maejor Page, 32, reportedly created the Facebook page titled “Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta” in 2016.(Who names their kid “Sir”?) the IRS revoked the organization’s 501(c)(3) status due to the lack of proper paperwork in 2019. Page, however, allegedly spent at least $200,000 of the $450,000 donations for personal endeavors and entertainment in Toledo, Ohio and Atlanta including “personal items, hotel rooms, clothing, firearms, a house and adjoining vacant lot at Glenwood and Maplewood avenues, and payment to a prostitute.” His justification? “My only purpose in life to fight for those whose voices have been muffled and or silenced.” Page claims he did not “intentionally commit any crimes”. Well, since his spending money on himself wasn’t intentional, it’s all okay. Right?

From that noted unbiased news source, NPR: The FBI released a series of videos Thursday that show 10 people suspected of some of the most violent attacks on police officers during the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol and asked the public for help identifying the assailants. Nowhere in the 636-word NPR article does it mention the single shooter in the protest. Now, let’s ask the fbi to identify the murderer of Ashli Babbitt. Pretty please.

Another unasked for reboot, that I won’t watch: The family at the center of ABC’s Wonder Years reboot is coming into focus. Dulé Hill and Laura Kariuki have joined the cast of the pilot, which centers on a Black family in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1986. The original ran from 1988 to 1993. Original series star Fred Savage is directing the pilot.

These write themselves: Recently the “Wonder Daughter”, Chelsea Clinton, stated is was unfortunate that, in her day, her grandmother didn’t have access to Planned Parenthood and its resources. Since PP deals in abortions, many of us have often felt the same way.

Another Monday, Motes

Little more than an unpaid add: A story in Honolulu News Now last week announced; “Oahu bars gear up for St. Patrick’s Day with COVID restrictions, safety protocols.” Sort of make you think it’s about the local Irish themed bars, wouldn’t it? No, it was about one single bar, an unknown to me, Called the “Proof Social Club” (that just screams Irish doesn’t it) and its “covid protocols”. Not a single word about the Irish Rose, O’Toole’s or Anna O’Brien’s. The real Irish bars in Honolulu. Oh, I know why. They’re closed for forever due to the year-long “two-weeks to flatten the curve”.

Forever: Obummer blamed Bush for everything, for about 6 out of his 8 years. Uncle Joe is already blaming Trump for the border, economy, covid, and then taking the credit for the vaccines and their development. I figure Harris will blame Uncle Joe for at least 3 years.

Not conspiracy for you, but for me: Calipornia Gov Gavin Newsom can’t believe that normal people would want him out of office, so he’s constructed the idea that only QAnon conspiracy theorists, Proud Boys, and people “who want to put chips into migrants” have concocted his recall. All 2 million of them. Doesn’t matter the recall started well before anyone had ever heard of QAnon, or stormed the Capitol, but he proclaimed the conspiracy to the hosts ABC TV’s The View on Tuesday. And nobody challenged his remark. In addition to being deplorables’ s, the recall signers are “anti-maskers and the anti-vaxxers, not just the MAGA Trump donors”. The worse thought, he actually may believe this.

The people met at churches, ale houses, and in the open parks to plan their revolution. The King forbid it. What has your government forbidden? The King is worried.

Ashli Babbitt was murdered by a yet to be named D.C. Police Officer. She was unarmed. She had not assaulted anyone. Her murder was the ONLY shot fired during the “insurrection”.

I’m shocked I tell you: A Milwaukee County Children’s Court judge and former president and CEO of the Cream City Foundation, which runs the city’s drag queen story hour program, has been arrested on seven counts of child pornography. Brett Blomme, 38, was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly uploading 27 images and videos of children being sexually abused on the messaging app Kik. Blomme is accused of uploading the images both from his home and from the judge’s chambers. What am I shocked about? How the hell did this guy get “elected” a Children’s Court Judge?

Sunday Rant – Cooper’s Principals of Personal Defense

Principle Five: Coolness

(and, if firearms are used, Precision)

You must keep your head. If you “lose your cool” under deadly attack, you will probably not survive to make excuses. So don’t bother to improvise any . . . just keep your head. Anger, as long as it is controlled anger, is no obstacle to efficiency. Self-control is one thing the sociopath does not usually possess. Use yours to his undoing.

If you counterattack with your hands, use them carefully. (Remember that a blow with your closed fist to your enemy’s head will almost always wreck your hand. A finger in his eye is easier, safer, and likely to be more decisive.)

If you improvise a weapon from objects at hand, use it in a way most likely to do damage without loss or breakage. The points of most improvised weapons, from umbrellas to fire pokers, are usually more effective than the edges, as they can be applied with less warning and without exposure during a “windup.” A blunt point should be directed at the face or throat. Drive it carefully, coolly, and hard.

The optimum defensive arm is the heavy-duty pistol, though a shotgun may surpass it for home defense if there is sufficient warning. If you are fortunate enough to have access to any sort of firearm when under attack, remember that it is only as good as your ability to keep cool and shoot carefully. My pupil, mentioned in Chapter Four, did not shoot carefully, and he survived largely through luck alone, for his attackers shot just as sloppily as he did. But we cannot count on miserable marksmanship in our enemies.

The sociopath is indeed usually a bad shot, but not always.

Clyde Barrow was quite good.

Another student of mine did far better. To begin with, he heard the approach of the assassins’ car in the cold grey light of dawn. He was alert even at that hour. He was on his feet immediately, pistol in hand. Through the blinds he saw two men coming rapidly up the walk to his door, one with a shotgun and one with a machine pistol. He decided that such a visit, with such equipment, at such an hour, needed no further explanation. He flung open the front door and went to work, and he remembered to remain cool and to shoot with precision. The two would-be murderers died in their tracks. The householder caught six pellets of bird shot in the leg. The attackers outnumbered and outgunned their proposed victim, but they were defeated and destroyed by a man who did everything right.

When an expensively trained police officer from one of the larger police departments misses a felon six times at a range of ten feet (and don’t think this doesn’t happen), his failure is not due to his technical inability to hit a target of that size at that distance, for he has demonstrated on the firing range that he can do so. His failure, and often his consequent death, is due to his lack of concentration upon his marksmanship-the loss of his cool.

The ability to remain cool under pressure comes more easily to some people than to others. But it is in no sense out of anyone’s reach. In fact it is the first qualification of man that Kipling calls for in his immortal poem If. It is illustrated beautifully every time you see a quarterback calmly select and hit his receiver while under the threat of more than one thousand pounds of rock-hard, cat-quick muscle only a step away. It’s a matter of will. If you know that you can keep your head, and that you must keep your head, you probably will keep your head.

To train yourself to do this takes some thought. Certain kinds of athletics are excellent-football, of course, in particular. Sailing, flying, motor racing, and mountaineering are also good. But in my opinion the best of them all is the hunting of medium and big game. “Buck fever” is a classic affliction, and a man who has conquered it can be guaranteed to shoot carefully under pressure. While it is true that a deer is not shooting back, this is less significant than might at first appear. The deer is about to vanish, and,odd as it seems, fear of sporting failure is usually greater than the fear of death. This startling point is easy to prove.

The average competitive pistol shot works and trains far harder to earn a little brass cup than the average policeman works and trains to acquire a skill that can save his life.

Not all hunters make the grade-the woods are full of ditherers in red jackets. But the really expert hunter1 rifleman is a very good man to have on your side.

Under any sort of attack, keep cool. And if you must shoot, shoot with precision.

Saturday Story

The Dream

Every cop, young or old, goes through it. Whenever cops sit and talk, really talk, sooner or later someone will speak up about it.

It doesn’t matter where you work, tough area, ghetto, or high class residential. It’s the same, with very minor variations.

You’re working, usually it’s late at night. Whatever, you suddenly find yourself confronted with a victim and a perpetrator. He is usually much much bigger than you. Sometimes he’s someone you know and have had to arrest on a previous occasion. Sometimes it is that person, that one person, that for one reason or another, you fear.

The victim is often someone you know and love. Someone that is very special. Other times, it’s a stranger.

Something happens; first usually you are confronted with a chase. You must catch this person. That is the only way you can help or save the victim. But no matter what happens you cannot seem to run fast enough. He’ll turn and laugh at you. He flips you the finger. Your shoes weigh pounds. You cannot make any headway. Your heart begins to pound and you feel that it will burst from your chest. He gets farther and farther away. He stops and stands. But no matter how hard you run and push yourself but you get no closer.

Somehow you get close enough. The victim is screaming and crying for help. You have no choice. You draw your weapon and start to fire. You fire and fire. You see the slugs striking the perp. You can see the bullet holes. You also see no change in the culprit. No blood. He doesn’t stop. He laughs at you. As he laughs he seems to get bigger, huge. You cannot stop him. He draws a weapon. Sometimes a gun, sometimes a knife.

Your gun is empty and you don’t have any more ammunition. You look down and you’re not even in uniform anymore. The guy starts walking toward you. You know he is going to hurt you very very badly. You are scared.

He reaches out for you, grabs you, and you wake up screaming. Or maybe someone else wakes you up wanting to know if you are all right. You shake a little, give them a hug, and tell them everything is okay, it was just a dream, go back to sleep. It’s usually several hours before you can go back to sleep. Each time it happens, and it will happen over and over, you fall asleep a little faster.


Friday Running Motes

Be a social worker: If you’re a cop and you get offended when someone uses racial slurs, you’re in the wrong business. And you complain about the chief making fun of someone? You’re really in the wrong job.

A sad Good-bye; Yaphet Kotto, the commanding actor who brought tough magnetism and stately gravitas to films including the James Bond movie “Live and Let Die” and “Alien,” at 81. I mostly remember him in “Report to the Commissioner” and “Homicide: Life On the Street”. His voice was remarkable, and his talent will be missed.

Ashli Babbitt was murdered. Remember her name.

Both sides of his face: “Biden: Cuomo Should Resign if Claims Confirmed, ‘A Woman Should Be Presumed to Be Telling the Truth’ and Claims Investigated”. Unless her name is Tara Reade, then never mind.

That’s how it started:  Nasty Nancy says next reconciliation bill will deal with those national structural problems, not just the emergency problems. “We can create millions of good-paying jobs, rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, and transforming our energy system to protect us from climate change.”  Does anybody remember how Hitler got Germany “re-started”? Correct, he started building roads and rebuilding the “infrastructure”.

Almost, sorta true: Just before the 2020 election, a story out of Georgia carried by all the “news” media claimed multiple sources had revealed President Trump had called the Georgia Secretary of State and demanded they “find the fraud”. A story now revealed to be utterly false, and all of the “quotes” had been completely made up. But Georgia Sec. of State Jordan Fuchs told The Georgia Star News Tuesday that The Post story was mostly faithful and it accurately reflected the investigators interpretation of what really happened. “The only mistake here was in the direct quotes, and they should have been more of a summary.” So, the truth doesn’t really matter does it?

Hilo..Booker’s …Larry Corriera’s “Gun Runner”. Got my weekend planned.

Moving Forward Thursday Motes

What is it I always say: Always speak and act as if someone is recording. Well, a “gospel” music star is now on the rocks from an audio recording of a conversation he had with his son. Remember Hulk Hogan, he was hung out to dry by his daughter recording a conversation. Always act as if they are listening, they Are.

Its funny, they can’t stop a virus, so we all have to mask up and avoid each other. But they can stop climate change if we all pay more in taxes. Huh?

I misread: All this time I thought it was “Alien vs Farrow”, not “Allen”. Well, come to think of it, Woody is a bit strange.

Who is what: Only in Americca can an ethnic group have Black Awareness Month, Black holidays, a Black National Anthem, Black only colleges with Black only graduations and dinning rooms, Black only dating sites, Black only bars and clubs and then turn around and call everyone else racist.

Ashli Babbitt was murdered. Plain simple fact.

Not the same: How come we keep referring to our “Afro-American” or our Black Vice-President? She is not “Black”. She is Asian-Caribbean. Not the same.

They got it wrong: I enjoyed the “Sons of Anarchy”, the story of the fictional three-piece patch outlaw biker gang. Even tho’ it’s been off the air for ten years, you still see click bait like “The 10 things SoA got right”, or “Rules that All SoA had to follow”. But they all avoid the biggest Fxxk up in the whole show. In the last season, the badazz “Tig” was having a relationship with “Venus van Dame” a transgender, hooker. Sorry guys, never going to happen. A club would have no problem with murder, extortion, running an “escort” service, assault, or sleeping with and running hookers. A trans-girl friend? No outlaw club would allow such a relationship. Yeah, they’re sexest and phobic, so what? In this country you’re still allowed to associate with who YOU want. You don’t have to associate with someone because someone else says you have to. Clubs’s make their own rules, that’s what makes them “outlaw”.  

Tuesday Motes TO Think Upon

What a difference a word makes: When I say “Cat Woman” you immediately get a visual of a long lean woman, great body, black form fitting body suit, looking hot., You don’t get the same image when someone says “Cat Lady”.

Not a thorough investigation: The fbi has arrested two men in connection with the death, not murder, of a D.C. police officer. Meanwhile, Ashli Babbitt was murdered, and her murderer still walks free and un-named.

That toddling town: Chicago had a heck of a weekend; 38 shot, 5 dead. Man, they really need to work on gun control, their hits to dead ration is way off.

And cell phones: We keep seeing these poor immigrants, just across the border, waiting for Uncle Joe to let them in. But nobody in the media is asking, where did all those brand new “Biden Let Us In” t-shirts come from? Who paid for them? How did they get distributed? Inquiring minds don’t work in the media.

Company is doa: The Hog, oops, Hogg pillow company has already failed. The name “Good Pillow” was never registered, the “logo” has been unchanged for several months and has not made a single pillow. Take that Mike Lindell. 

Headline: There’s more to St. Patrick’s Day then shamrocks and Guinness.” And I answered,” Isn’t that enough?”