Motes Trickling Down Wednesday

Hoist on her own petard: Elizabeth Warren asks how American’s could ever vote for a liar. Says the woman who claimed to be a Native American in order to get a cushy job with Harvard. We know she was trying to insult President Trump, but to mix metaphors, she shot herself in the foot.

That’s a shame: An inmate in a central California prison bashed a convicted child molester over the head with a walking cane last week, inflicting an injury so severe that it later killed him – cutting the man’s life-sentence short, officials said Monday.

You say tomato, I say ketchup: Hawaii’s own pillar of courage and intellect, Mazie Hirono isn’t happy. Referring to the impending Impeachment proceedings, she says; “He (McConnell) wants it to basically be what I would call a whitewash. “ And what she wants, I would call a “lynching”. The description of insanity is Hawaii politics. We keep electing the same people over and over and expecting them to do something different. Bet you they do the “ghost campaign” again this year.

All Great works start with a single line: Doesn’t matter if it’s a poem, a play, or the great American novel, they all start with an opening line. One that’s been clanging around in my head for a couple of months;
“It was raining the morning I landed in Belfast.” No idea where to go from here, but it’s something.

Comment of a mote
: I complained about all the coverage of the “Megit”. Even the Brit bookies are getting involved. The big on is how long will she stay with him after he loses his royal $$ and prestige. The over/under is 40 months last I looked. I take the under.