Monday Monday Motes

Quick change our name: The City of Asbestos in Quebec, Canada, announced on Wednesday that it will change its moniker because the negative connotation hinders its ability to develop economic relationships abroad, the city said in a news release.(Thanks to Charles Cates and Dave Barry) Well, what about Leadville, CO? But then there are Silver City NM, Goldboro Nova Scotia, and Platinum AK.

Especially now: Spotted a sign at the Rent-All on McCully street, “Watching news is Deja Poo: The feeling you heard this crap before”. Especially during this political season.

Another one heard from: Jason Alexander, George Costanza of Seinfeld “fame”, has declared that President Trump is in a “gang of Putin assets.” Of course, he also describes the President as a “small” and “pathetic comrade”. He does freely admit he has a “man-crush” on Obama. A class act who calls other people “sub-human”, I don’t put much in what he, or any other Hollywierd, has to say.

Nobodies surprised : Drudge headline; “Drag Queen Economy Booming”. What with “storyhours”, drag television shows, and 100k attending “DragCon”, you can be sure Hollywould will jump on this is a flash. Expect many “To Wong Fu, With Love” movies very very soon.

Another record falls: Three men, driving a 2016 M-B, E63 AMG sedan just demolished the “Cannonball Run” record by traveling from NYC to Redondo Beach CA, (sea-to-shinning-sea) in 27.5 hours. The previous record of just over 28 hours and 50 minutes was set 2013. The new record holder averaged just over 103mph. Not suggested for the average driver.

Still feel the same: USA Today “opinion” piece from 12/3/2013 titled “Abolish The TSA”. Everything I have experienced in the past 6 years, traveling inter-island every 2-3 weeks, and to the mainland several times a year, has lead to me the conclusion, ABOLISH THE TSA. Hell, I do 2-3 minutes on TSA in my stand-up routine. Like I said, it’s a joke
Think these things out: We’ve seen all sorts of protests and protesters this year. A lot of violence from the left and “eco” groups. In London a woman glued herself, naked, in front of a large corporation’s front door. So it is only fitting that a bunch of “eco-warrior” protesters, in London, dressed themselves as “bumble bee’s” and then glued themselves to an orange “liberal democrat” bus in protest. Only one little problem, the bus was electric. Kinda defeats the whole purpose, don’t it?