Motes Upon A Time

A sad Aloha to funny man Rip Taylor. A throwback to the old days of Johnny Carson talk shows and Ed Sullivan show, Taylor was known for his confetti antics and or course “The $1.98 Beauty Show”. He was silly and sad and funny. He will be missed.

It’s all showmanship:
All these warnings about “The Joker” movie and it’s “backlash”. It’s all showmanship. Back in the 50’s and 60’s the movies would try to outdo each other with this crap. “Warning- This movie is so scary; A doctor will be at the theater during all performances.” Or, “Do not see this movie if you have any history of heart conditions.” “Theater is not responsible if this movie scars you to death.” It’s all for one thing, to put butts in seats for the price of admission.

Stock Tip:If you have any stock that includes “Dick’s Sporting Goods” (an appropriate name) I’d sell it. They don’t care what their stockholders think, they just want to be “correct”. That’s why their CEO is bragging about destroying $5 million dollars of inventory, firearms of a certain description, without consulting any stockholders. I don’t care how big your freakin’ business if, you don’t just dump $5 m in inventory without effecting your bottom line.

Brit Love Letter of the week: “I’m having hot sex with the father of my children, but he won’t leave his wife.”

Something wrong here
: I see these occasional reports, but now it has my attention. There have been 33 racehorses die at the Santa Anita raceway, this year. I will follow on this. This would represent a whole crap load of money since those horses are not on the cheap “nag” end of the spectrum.

Just Saying
: NY wants Trumps tax returns because he may have paid two women not to talk about their affairs with him . Now, as far as I know, paying someone not to talk, sort of a paid non-disclosure agreement, is not illegal. To use it as a pretense is exactly that, a pretense. Maybe I should file an action to see Obama’s tax returns for the last 6 years. See where he, and she, are making the money to buy a $13m estate. After all, he was “broke” coming into the White House. Anyone know a good attorney? Of, what, how about a “bad” attorney. I’m so confused.

On 60 minutes, a conversation with the Texas Ranger who is interviewing Samuel Little, who has confessed to 93 murders. Holy crap. This guy does not fit the “picture” of a serial killer. Heck, he looks like someone’s grandpa.

Not A Word: After Epstein’s “suicide” a lot of people seemed worried about the information he supposedly had hidden. Prediction: nothing will ever come out, they’ve all made “arrangements” ($$$$$).

Well, we’re all saved now. “Alyssa Milano and Rosie O’Donnell Head Impeachment Task Force”. Of course, it will be fair and unbiased.

New Week-New Motes

Two plus two equals What?: Seattle schools are now teaching “Math Ethnic Studies”. It appears math is racist, and this class prompts students to ask questions like; “What is my mathematical identity? Or “What does it mean to do math?” No where does it say “How to add.” Or “How to divide.” Yeah, they’re raising a group of Mensa candidates. Or is that racist?

Speaking of racist; When did the “okay” sign with forefinger and thumb making a circle, become a symbol of the “white supremacist”? I’ve been using it for 65 years, and I’ve never…oh, I’m a white racist too? Sorry, I didn’t know.

Rep. Stevens(D-Michigan)
: If you’re going to hold an anti-gun, pro-confiscation rally, a shooting range is probably not your best choice location. Shows poor judgement. Just sayin’.

I did not Know: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is now writing op-ed articles for “The Hollywood Reporter” and is considered a “contributing editor”. He also writes as a mass shooting expert (the statistics of 334 mass shootings this year are totally made up) and expert on why some people commit horrible acts (It’s not because of movies or music). The one thing he says I do agree with is he has “been a strong supporter of controversial activist strategies over the past 50 years”. “If you’re not part of the solution you are part of the problem.”

If you haven’t seen the PBS Ken Burns special “Country Music”, sit down and do so, it is magnificent. I’ve never hidden my love for country music. In the early 90’s I was a disc jockey at KDEO AM-940 country music radio. Back then, if you wanted to give any background on a song or artist, you had to look it up in one of the 20 or 30 books. This special has all that information and more. This special is truly a history of America from the early 1920’s to now and it is really a wonderful journey. Interviews with artists, narration by Peter Coyote, and it should be seen for all the wonderful pictures and short tv clips, if for no other reason. Sit with you kids and enjoy the education.

Please remember; There is no “green” zone. Only you are responsible for your safety. “They” are not coming.

***Appears I was wrong in Friday motes. Eddie Murphy’s new movie “My Name Is Dolomite’, is getting great reviews. That makes one in a row since 2011, sorry Eddie.****

Sunday Rant

For years it was “Kill all the attorneys first”.
I have begun to think we should do away with all the diagnosing psychologists first.
There’s Trump Derangement, Brexit Psychosis, actors have Imposter Syndrome, and there are the new genders that are really some form of mental illness. When I was a kid there was no ADA or ADHD, and white privilege. Now there are the woke, and the snowflakes. It seems like the psychologists can come up with a psychosis, mental illness, or syndrome to cover everyone and rationalize anything they do. Let’s not forget today’s “I’m a victim” attitude. Everyone is “the” victim. In court it’s “My daddy didn’t love me enough and never bought me a teddy bear so I stabbed that guy 37 times but it’s not my fault.” Or it’s caused by someone “bullying” someone about something so they go out and do themselves.
Nobody takes responsibility for their actions because they have a mental illness. Since when is stupid a mental disorder? Maybe it’s the psychologists that are making us all crazy.

George’s Good-by

I mentioned the Brother that gave me my road name, Storyteller, was George Boston.
George was a good rider and a real brother, but like all of us, he was human. He died at an early age, much too soon for those that loved him.
I was pleased when his club planned a memory ride to the Pali Lookout where they intended to scatter his ashes. I was even prouder when his wife asked if she could ride with me, carrying his ashes, and would I give a short eulogy. I could only say yes.
It was a Saturday morning and there were 35 or 40 bikes and riders lined up for the run. Many were his club brothers but there were a lot other clubs represented as George was well liked. When we pulled out, his wife and ashes sitting behind me, we rode in the # 3 position with an empty space next to us. George’s spot. The rest strung out behind us.
The weather was cloudy and there had been short rain showers all morning, but none on the ride. But the clouds were there.
Everyone had forgotten what a tourist attraction the Lookout was, especially on a Saturday morning. So when we get there, we see 4 large busloads of tourists walking around, taking pictures of the windward coast, and talking. And looking at all the bikers pulling into the parking lot.
Of course, as soon as we stop, put the kickstands down, and the tourists start loading, it rains. Hard. By the time the last bus rolled out, everyone is wet. But we were there on a mission, to say good-by to our Brother. A little rain wouldn’t daunt us. So we all walked out to the lookout.
The widow stood next to me, holding the urn, and I delivered my eulogy. I spoke of George’s spirit, his brotherhood, and his sense of humor. I don’t recall the whole thing, but I ended by expressing my desire to have just one more beer with my friend and Brother, George Boston.
At that moment there was no rain, so everyone gathered close as we removed the urn lid and the widow prepared herself. We forgot to take in account the funny winds at the Lookout.
The moment she cast the ashes, the wind came up, reversed, and blew George’s ashes all over the crowd standing there. We were all wet from the rain, and, well, that meant that if the ashes touched you, they stayed on you. In a matter of seconds the entire crowd, especially the widow and I, were painted with ash. George.
Everyone sort of stood there, stunned, until someone started laughing. Someone else cursed George and his damned sense of humor. Pretty soon, we’re all laughing at the last joke Boston would ever play on us.
We returned to the bikes, rode down the Pali to one of the patch holders homes for some lunch and beer. Eventually everyone started telling George stories.
As I sat there, sipping my beer, I realized I was having one more beer with my Brother George. I used the last sip of beer to wash the last of George’s ash off my leather jacket.
Good-By George

It’s Friday :) Motes

WTF: In Virginia a police officer has been suspended for running a “want” check on a driver at an accident scene who had no drivers license. He found there was a hold on the driver by ICE, the officer contacted them, detained the driver and then turned the fugitive over the federal authorities. Yes, he was suspended for following federal law. In 2007 the Fairfax County passed a “policy” that prohibits a police office from confirming an individual’s immigration status and detaining them “solely based on civil violations of immigration law”. When I was a police officer, it didn’t matter what the warrant was issued for, if there was a warrant you got arrested and turned over to the proper authority. Now you get suspended. I wouldn’t be a cop now. Period. (Of course, I wouldn’t pass the psyc eval now either. Too cranky.)
***Update: The suspension has been reversed due to public outcry. Bet the “policy” gets changes real soon too.***

What is wrong with people? : A woman at the Bronx Zoo climbs into the lion enclosure and taunts a lion. She posted it on Instagram and appears proud of the act. She doesn’t appear frightened even when the lion gets up a makes a couple of steps toward her. If the lion had attacked, she might have been killed. The problem I have is the lion most certainly would have been “put down” for attacking her. Even though she initiated the whole thing. Wouldn’t that be like self-defense? Or merely editing the gene pool.

Good-bye: Sad to hear of the loss of the U. S. Air Force Academy falcon, Aurora. She was a white phased gyrfalcon, a rare falcon, and served as USAF Academy mascot for 23 years. She was a joy to watch and she will be missed.

Please Say it ain’t true
: Eddie Murphy is “seriously” considering doing “Beverly Hills Cop 4”. Considering BHC3 was done in 1994 (25 years ago). Any cop that far would have retired by now. (Maybe Eddie should do the same.) It seems to me Murphy can’t find anything new to do. He’s already doing “Coming to America 2”, and it seems that nobody wants to write anything featuring a 58-year old funny man (?) that hasn’t done anything, funny or otherwise, since 2011. I suggest he just say no.

Day Before Friday Motes

Now we know the truth: Robert Di Niro has told us if Trump is re-elected it will be horrible. We can trust and should listen to him because of his extensive education (he dropped out of school at 16), his outstanding history of public service (he hasn’t done any I can find), and his deep thoughts on politics (which consists of yelling “fucx Trump” over and over and over).

The Hell with due process
: Maxine “Impeach 45” Waters says she wants Trump imprisoned and placed in solitary confinement, not just before he’s convicted, she wants it before he’s even charged. This is from the woman that sponsored a bill to “limit” the use of solitary confinement on criminals. But nothing is too good for Mr. Trump. Ms. Waters “represents” a district with 11.3% unemployment. The national rate is 3.6%. Anyone see a problem? And they keep electing her.

Pot calls kettle delusional
: Hilary condemns backlash against Greta Thornburg by those living in a “fact-free world”. You mean like those people that think you actually won the election?

And they lecture us?: “Harris Campain Raises 11.6 Million Dollars”, yes they did spell campaign incorrectly, in a headline, in a national newservice.

Still appropriate comment: “If God doesn’t judge America. He owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.” Rev. Billy Graham

Craigs List: People are still looking for the chair made of human leg bones. It can be identified by a metal plate on one leg. Just now many chairs made of human bones are out there?

Those barriers are there for a reason. Headline: “Man Falls Into geyser in Yellowstone park. Man severely burned after falling into a hot springs near Old Faithful.” It appears he was “just walking around”, in the dark, without a flashlight and tripped and fell in. There may be more involved as park Rangers found the man’s shoe, hat, and a partly consumed can of beer next to where he “fell.” Hummmm.

Mid-Week Motes

Follow up: A recent mote commented on the Haitian Senator that likes to shoothis pistol in the air, heedless of where the bullet falls. He managed to wound a television journalist with one of those “in the air” shots. Well another journalist has been shot, by the police, during protests in the Haitian capital. This time it appears to be caused by the general “shoot at the general direction of all those protesters” type police fire. Country has remained in a state of starvation and isolation since the Fall of “Baby Doc Duvalier”. Remind me to tell you about my meeting some of the Ton Ton Macoute.

I’ve said that Australia is the Texas of the rest of the world. Now the Australian police are looking for a “hit and run” driver accused of killing 20 kangaroos’ including at least 2 juvenile Kangaroos called Joey’s, in New South Wales in what authorities are calling “acts of animal cruelty”. The incident included 3 locations so in would appear this was not accidental. Just like Texas, they have their fair share of azzholz.

Just asking for a friend; Ok, is America the only place where we hold off on an execution because the prisoner is sick? We’re going to kill the guy, it doesn’t seem like his being sick should make much difference. Especially when the illness is potentially life threatening. Maybe it’s a “let’s wait until he dies of natural causes, then we won’t be to blame for his death”. sort of thing. Reading the Missouri inmates record, the death penalty is certainly called for, but why keep him alive and suffering? That would seem much crueler than just getting the job done.

Hey New York, fine this; Illegal alien illegal alien illegal alien illegal alien. Send me a bill.

Crime does pay: In New Orleans there are so many people with outstanding warrants, about one in every seven people has one, the DA is considering just dropping all of them; in Los Angeles misdemeanor crimes are no longer investigated; IN Chicago there is so much crime the Mayor is going to “wipe out” all outstanding library fines. There that ought to show those scofflaws.

Brit love line of the week: “My ex-boyfriend who cheated on me with a man ended up being best man at my wedding.” Good thing she didn’t say he ended up being “the” best man. Heh heh heh

Get woke, go nuts:This is one of the worse “woke” things I’ve heard yet; In Edinburgh Scotland, there will be a “Resisting Whiteness” event at the Edinburgh University where white people will be banned from speaking. What’s next, separate drinking fountains? Maybe all whites will need to sit in the back of the bus? How about segregated eating establishments? People, this is no different that the 50’s, only now “you’re” in charge and getting that feeling of power.