Extra Motes, ‘Cause I got A Bunch

Wrong “doers”: After an Indian official’s car ran over protesting farmers in a town in the state of Uttar Pradesh, killing four, demonstrators beat the official’s driver and its three passengers to death in the ensuing violence on Sunday, The car is owned by Junior Home Minister Ajay Mishra, who said the three passengers were members of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). “They were beaten to death by the farmers,” Mishra said in a statement. Okay, I’m for punishment for the crime, but it appears the neither this driver nor the passengers were involved in the original incident. Oooops.

Just askin’ :There are 2 people that seem to be mostly running things, Nancy Pelosi and Anthony Fauci. Both are proven liars and frauds. She was elected to represent a section of Calipornia, not run the U.S. He wasn’t elected to anything. His recent comment on Forced Vaccines: “You Have to Give Up Your Individual Rights for The Greater Good of Society” Whhaaattt? Why, the hell is anybody listening to them?

Oh good gods why:  Bud Light created something once considered a joke – a pumpkin spice hard seltzer. For drinkers that don’t like to drink.

It’s not a joke: Rep. Chris Rabb, a Democrat in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, has introduced a bill that “will require all inseminators (men) to undergo vasectomies within 6 weeks from having their third child or 40th birthday, whichever comes first.“ The bill, Rabb says, will also “empower Pennsylvanians to enforce this new law by offering a $10,000 reward for reporting to the proper authorities those scofflaws who have not complied with this statute within the allotted timeframe,” Are these bills serious, or just lame attempts at making a statement about the Texas law? I really can’t say. The mere fact he introduced it to his House is a good reason to vote him out.

A shame : A Milwaukee teen who moved to Texas in 2020 to escape the violence was shot and killed in Houston after police say he confronted an armed man who took 5 hostages in a convenience store. Andrell Whitelow’s family wants to bring the boy home to Milwaukee. His grandmother and aunt said while Whitelow may have saved others’ lives Monday night, Sept. 27, he didn’t deserve to be taken by the same violence his mother wanted him to escape. Whitelow’s aunt and grandmother are wishing Whitelow hadn’t gone in the store but wondering what may have happened if he didn’t. The assailant is under arrest and charges with Murder, Assaulting a Police Officer, and numerous other crimes. Of the 5 hostages originally taken, none were harmed due to Whitelow’s intervention. He sits at the Table of Heroes. “No man hath greater love…”

First Tuesday of the Month Motes

Fundamentally change our country: Uncle Joe wants to put an actual Communist , self-proclaimed “radical” Cornell University law school professor Saule Omarova, in charge of the nation’s banking system. Omarova graduated from the Soviet Union’s Moscow State University in 1989 on the Lenin Personal Academic Scholarship. As recently as 2019, she was still praising the USSR’s economic system as in some ways superior to our own. Superior? Well sure, some people will have everything, and everyone else will have nothing. And of course, “Law Professor’s” will certainly be among the “have’s”. Until they aren’t needed anymore. Communism has a unique history of handling “teachers” and “bankers”. There’s a reason the USSR is defunct and the U.S. isn’t. Yet.

The religion of peace and understanding:  Muslim man in France named Sammy M. is on trial for raping and torturing his lesbian sister and her girlfriends. Sammy lured his sister and her friends to the river Drôme where he raped the women and then tortured them. Sammy used a razor to cut a permanent smile on his sister’s girlfriend’s face. The woman’s scars are still evident and will disfigure the woman for life. When he found out that she was having an intimate relationship with a woman, he then attacked them. According to the victims, the man claimed that a woman has to date a man and that this kind of relationship is not done among Muslims. 

Stand-up, get stomped down: Lance Corporal Hunter Clark attended the Trump rally last Saturday in Perry, Georgia. Lance Corporal Hunter Clark was invited on the stage by President Trump. He was not in uniform. Clark told the crowd, “I am the guy who pulled the baby over the wall and it’s definitely probably one of the greatest things I’ve ever done in my entire life.” Lance Corporal Hunter Clark is now being harrassed and investigated by the US military under the direction of Lloyd Austin. Meanwhile Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, was thrown in a military jail last week after he criticized military leadership for the botched Afghanistan withdrawal on social media and continued posting about his disposition. General Mark Milley and Defense Secretary Austin surrendered Afghanistan to the Taliban, armed the terrorist group with over $80 billion in US military weapons, left thousands of Americans and green card holders stranded in the country — and they still have their jobs!

She is not one to talk: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that the GOP fails to “respect the rule of law” and that she would “absolutely” eliminate the filibuster. Okay, not saying anything about respecting the law, but who the hell cares what Hillary wants? She does not hold office, she does not speak for “the people” and she hasn’t been elected anything, so who cares. Not me, that’s for damn sure. SDASTFU

Seen it happen: When Beyhan Mutlu didn’t return from a night of drinking, his friends began searching. Many helped — including Mutlu. They searched for hours before Mutlu realized he was the missing man. Police then escorted him safely home. Remind me to tell the “Where’s Kalani” story sometime.

Weekend playlist; Warren Zevon, Jerry Jeff Walker, Tom T. Hall, and Eddy Raven. That’s some good listening to go with the Rolling Rock.

Ah Geez, Monday Motes Already?

I’m not “anti-vaxx”, I’m “pro-choice”. Hehehe.

Call it what it really is: The CDC (Remember that means the Center on Disease Control) Director Rochelle Walensky unilaterally extended an eviction moratorium and now she’s targeting gun owners. The CDC is studying “gun violence” and once all the data is gathered, the agency will help doctors “craft swift interventions. The CDC and the National Institutes of Health, for the first time in nearly a quarter-century, are funding new research on guns to help reduce firearm-related injuries, deaths, crime and suicides. So, guns are a disease? Is it contagious? Is there a vaxx? How come we don’t have a “Center for minding your own business”?

It takes a village to really screw up a kid: Virginia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe said parents shouldn’t be telling schools what they should teach during Tuesday night’s debate with Republican Glenn Younkin. McAuliffe doesn’t believe parents should have a say in what their kids are learning in school. “The parents had the right to veto books, also take them off the shelves,” McAuliffe said. “I’m not going to let parents come into schools and actually take books out and make their own decisions. I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach,” McAuliffe added. So, he is in favor of everyone homeschooling. Right?

About 1935 again: First year students at the University of Bath have been given armbands by authorities to signal whether they’ve been double-vaccinated, with unvaxxed students having to wear a different color. “You vill vear the armband. Ya?”

If it starts as a lie, it remains a lie: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi echoed the White House’s lie that President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better Agenda” costs virtually nothing. For days, the Biden administration has paraded its massive spending bill as a “zero dollar” bill. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki repeated a similar claim in the press briefing room on Monday. A $1 trillion infrastructure bill already squeaked through the Senate, but the progressives say unless the “Build Back Better” plan, which fulfills many outrageous agenda points for leftists, is also brought for a vote, they refuse to act further. So, if it costs “zero”, where does the $$ come from? If it costs nothing, why all the hohaha? Why do we need a new “law”? The government has only 1 source of income, the taxes paid by you and me.

All storm and fury: Actor John Leguizamo, who starred in the 1993 movie Super Mario Bros., is complaining that the upcoming movie reboot features an “all white” cast of actors, with no “Latinx” stars in the title roles. The upcoming animated movie, which will feature the voices of Chris Pratt and Charlie Day as the popular Nintendo video game plumbers of Italian descent. Hey Johnny, it’s a freakin’ cartoon. And there’s a reason they call you ”actors”? Okay, maybe not you, but they call some people are actors.

Sunday Rant

My thanks to John Farnam and D.T. I.

25 Sept 21 

“The ‘Mission of a Handgun’ is to provide protection from unexpected, personal attack. 

Some scoff that I am always armed. Yet, firearms are essential ‘Safety/Rescue Equipment.’ 

Carrying a pistol on one’s person is analogous to keeping a fire-extinguisher in the home. Most homes will never need one, but more than a few will burn to the ground, for lacking one!”

Doc Gunn

(John) My comment: 

Doc Gunn is eloquently correct, yet consider that the foregoing analogy breaks-down here: Burned homes can be rebuilt, and restored to life!

Going armed!

Few seek-out competent training. 

Most of these newly-acquired guns will spend the next twenty years in a dresser drawer, still within the boxes they came in, and will never be fired. 

In the end, these guns will contribute to their owner’s security about as much as will a rabbit’s foot! 

Even fewer gun-owners ever carry concealed on any kind of regular bases. In fact, many (probably most) police officers don’t carry while off-watch. 

While violent crime is habitually, and deliberately, under-reported by the leftist media, its alarming, exponential increase is no illusion! And, it is no illusion that police departments are now under-staffed, under-equipped, and demoralized. Aggressive, overt patrolling/policing is a thing of the past. “Passive policing” is in! 

We Operators thus need to know and understand that, when it comes to our continued good health, we are always going to be the “first responder,” because we’re there and likely the only one in a position to act decisively, and at the critical moment! 

Still, leftist gas-bags, in the media and in politics, endlessly drone-on that we American citizens “don’t need guns,” and further, that we can’t be trusted with guns! 

They should have guns, but we shouldn’t!

Don’t listen to them, and don’t vote for them! 

“Earth-born they are, and soon decay. Vain is their counsel at life’s last portal, when the dark grave devours its prey!” 

From The Lutheran Hymnal, #797, “Praise the Almighty”


I agree 100%. I have trained, been trained, and trained others. Several people that I have trained have had to use their firearms in life and death situations. None has spent any time in jail, been convicted of any crime attached to the incident, and only one received any injuries during the situation. Training never stops.

Saturday Story


I’ve mentioned that I was a country music disc jockey. I was actually at the changing of the “ways”.

The station used mostly “CD’s” but was also set-up to use cassettes, cartridges, vinyl LP’s and a reel to reel tape player. Both old and new technology.

I learned to work all of them and since I worked the overnight shift I got to “play” a little and would sometime merge 2 or 3 songs and systems into one.

I once merged Patsy Cline and Garth Brooks, both doing “Walking After Midnight” and it worked so well I had people calling in to ask where they could buy the CD or album. I had to tell them no such luck, but I had told them to get their recorders ready.

One of the most fun things I did was an interview, on “air”, with C.W. McCall of “Convoy” fame.

It all started when I got an idea I wanted to track C.W. down, for some reason.

So I approached the program director and asked if I could do and “on air interview”. She agreed, as long as I did the hunt on my own time and money. This was in 1993 so there was no internet, etc to use, so I did it the old fashion way, by telephone.

It was a labor of love and I finally got a home address from a “Post Mistress” in a little town in Colorado. She knew “C.W.” by his real name Bill Fries, as he had been the town mayor.

I mailed him a letter asking for an interview, included a list of questions I wanted to ask and gave him the stations telephone number (remember no cell phones).

A couple of weeks later I received a letter from Bill giving me his home number, the best times to call, Colorado time of course, and saying he’d be happy to  do the interview.

The station program manager almost fell over when I presented it to her with a request to record the interview that weekend. She said she had been sure I’d never find him.

My worry was I’d never be able to keep Bill talking, as C.W., long enough to fill a one hour show, including commercials and music inserts.

Oh boy, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I called on a Saturday. And by the time I hung up, we had more than 2 hours of taped conversation.

C.W. was a pro, he’d let me lead him into a conversation that would lead right into the music and he even did a couple of the commercials.

Then he recorded 9 or 10 introductions to include all the disc jockeys. Alas, I’ve lost the recording of the interview but I still have an 8 track cassette of his promo, a signed LP cover, and a very nice autographed picture and letter from him. It was a good show and suddenly the other disc jockeys started coming up with who they wanted to interview. But it was not to be.

A few months later the station, at least the country AM side, was sold and became an alternative rock station.

The C.W. McCall interview was the most fun I ever had on radio and he was genuine gentleman and a professional. He remains an e-mail and letter friend to this day.

I’ll ride in his convoy any day.

Weeks End Motes

DBB*:  I wonder how things are in “Jen city” on “Psaki World”. White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Monday defended House Democrats’ tax plan in the face of criticism that the legislation would see taxes and consumer prices rise for many Americans. Psaki insisted President Joe Biden is committed to keeping taxes the same for anyone making less than $400,000 a year, and she called it “absurd” that companies would raise consumer prices in response to higher taxes. “In the past, companies have passed on these costs to consumers,” Psaki said. “We feel that that’s unfair and absurd, and the American people would not stand for that.” On what freakin’ world does she live, where companies don’t raise prices in response to raising taxes? Companies are in business to make money, not lose it.  (*Dumb beyond belief)

Different place, same people, same complaints: Twenty-one workers for the World Health Organization in Congo have been accused of sexually abusing people during a Ebola outbreak a WHO-commissioned panel said Tuesday in a report that identified 83 alleged perpetrators connected to the 2018-2020 mission. We’ve heard this complaint from Bosnia, Kosovo, Haiti, and every other place WHO has been. A great 2010 movie, “The Whistleblower”. Not a pleasant movie, but one that will surely start conversations. Especially after Uncle Joe has decided the U.S. will restart WHO funding. How come the “#metoo” isn’t complaining we are funding rapists and pimps? Just asking.

How come?: We are “requiring” health workers, police and fire officers, military personnel and many others, to get the Covid Vaxx. Why hasn’t anyone required everyone on welfare to get the jab? Just asking.

No freedom for you: Unvaccinated residents of Sydney, Australia, will face social isolation and a difficult life should they continue to resist vaccination, says New South Wales state Premier Gladys Berejiklian. Berejiklian told reporters on Tuesday that the unvaccinated will face a great deal of difficulty when stay-at-home orders cease this coming December, from social activities to simple employment. The recent news has been full of videos of Aussie leo’s using extreme measures on unvaxx’d and unmasked citizens. And now the .gov has told them it WILL get worse. How long until they hit the breaking point?

Singing that same old song: Former President Obama said on ABC’s “Good Morning America” in an exclusive interview that aired on Tuesday that the U.S. Senate needs to “stop the easy access and flood of guns” into inner-city communities like his hometown of Chicago. The Uniform Crime Report (UCR) released by the FBI on Monday shows over two times as many people were killed with knives in 2020 than were killed with shotguns and rifles combined. Let’s not consider his hometown has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country. Or the UCR.  Let’s just consider his ideas to stop this…. Oh, he didn’t have any. Common sense gun control? How about common sense “criminal control”? That would probably work a whole lot better. Just my opinion.

What are you paying?

Gas, unchanged since 7/28/21.

Going to Hilo this weekend. Dogs, lawn, beer.

Dancing Thursday Motes

But there was NO fraud: The Arizona audit could not find an identity match on 86,391 people. This is disclosed on page 56 of the “Results Details” report. These Maricopa voters cast ballots in Nov 2020 and don’t seem to exist. The ones registered as Democrat or selected no party affiliation represent a whopping 73.8% of these unknown voters. That’s 63,757 ballots. Not selecting a party makes monitoring of nefarious registrations much harder as everything not R or D is bulked together as “Other”.

Watched Netflix ‘s “Army of One” and “Let Him Go”.  In both, “Mom” is the BAD guy.

Maybe a change is needed: I have many friends that ae “Marines”, even if they served  back in the 60’s and 70’s. It is said once a Marine, always a Marine. Maybe they need to rethink that. A massive search effort for a suspect wanted for shooting a Florida deputy during a traffic stop entered its fourth day Monday, as the reward for the gunman’s capture was once again upped. The search for   35-year-old Patrick McDowell continues.  McDowell, who reportedly served in the Marines, is accused of shooting Nassau County Deputy Josh Moyers during a traffic stop on Friday. Moyers has died from his wounds. Now, at the time you shoot and a leo, that should be the moment you stop being entitled to call yourself a “Marine”. Now, you’re just a scumbag.

Just one: One of the many things I hate, is when a cop show, LA, Honolulu, New York, or wherever, suddenly have the  “local” cops travel to another country to rescue/arrest the villain. Boys and girls, that is just ludicrous. A Honolulu cop, no matter what his/her background, cannot just travel to Mexico, France, or  Korea (North Korea at that) and rescue/arrest someone. And NEVER get spotted. It don’t happen. Television writers, please stop insulting my/our intelligence. Please.

A sad Good-Bye: George Frayne, a.k.a. Commander Cody, leader of country rockers “Commander Cody And The Lost Planet Airmen”, has died at the age of 77. He had been battling cancer.  Somewhere in another galaxy, he’s drivin’ That. Hot. Rod. Lincoln. His talent and voice will be missed.

“Big Wednesday” Motes

Wheeerrrre’s Johnny? : Last week, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, and all the other far left “late night” TV hosts got together and did a special on climate change. The project was hyped by the TV networks and on social media, but it didn’t do too well in the ratings. Greg Gutfeld of FOX News, who hosts the only non-leftist late-night show, beat them all in the ratings. Again. Gutfeld’s show landed in the #1 spot with 1.89 million viewers. It’s easy to see why Greg is beating all the other late-night hosts. He is the only one offering a different point of view. Yes, I watch Guttfeld.

Murder hornets, killer bees, hold my  flute: An onslaught of fatal snakebite attacks is sweeping India and killing tens of thousands each year. The government’s response has been to ignore, trivialize, and cover up the crisis altogether. A 2020 study, which was based on verbal autopsies, suggests that on average, close to 58,000 Indian citizens die each year due to snakebites. In contrast, the country’s government reports that only 689 snake-related deaths had occurred in India that year. There are many reasons for India’s snakebite crisis, including a lack of first aid facilities, dependence on ‘spiritual healers’ or quacks, and an overwhelming population living near agricultural fields where snakes come to hunt rodents. Another factor is India’s reverence for snakes: Hindus consider Shiva, one of the principal deities of Hinduism, as being ‘the lord of the snakes.’ There are over 300 spicies of snakes but four very dangerous ones—the Indian cobra, the Common Krait, the Russell’s Viper and the Saw-scaled Viper—kill a large number of Indians each year. Watch where you step. Another example of the .gov not telling you something for your own good.

I hope it’s really hot where he is: Theoneste Bagosora, a former Rwandan army colonel regarded as the architect of the 1994 genocide in which more than 800,000 ethnic Tutsi and Hutus who tried to protect them were killed, died in a hospital in Mali on Saturday. Bagosora was serving a 35-year sentence after being found guilty of crimes against humanity by the then-International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. Bagosora, 80, had been sentenced to life in 2008 but on appeal his sentence was reduced to 35 years in prison. No further comment.

Chicago weekend score card:  59 shot   8 dead

Speaking of firearms: The new Defense Spending Bill includes a “red flag” entry for service personnel. In other words, we’ll trust them with automatic weapons and explosives, but not with their private weapons. Huh?

I just found out my guardian angel drinks….a lot.

An unarmed society, is a helpless society: Australian officials on Monday again reminded their subjects that the nation’s “zero COVID” strategy has somehow given them the power to strip the people of their freedoms. Government leaders in the state of New South Wales — where the bureaucracy just a month ago announced that it was giving vaccinated citizens a “reward” of one extra hour outside their homes for recreation time — announced during a Monday press briefing that unvaccinated folks “will lose their freedoms” in October. It will get worse. And it will happen here.

Tuesday Means…Well, Motes

An absolutely “must watch: “The Muppets Haunted Mansion”. Oh, hell yes.

Blackmail is such an ugly word:  ex·tor·tion /ikˈstôrSH(ə)n/ 1)The practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.

 Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced on Thursday that he has secured additional monoclonal antibodies to fight COVID-19 in his state. The move comes after President Joe Biden suddenly cut back on federal distribution of the life-saving treatment to Florida and other southern, red states last week. There is no evidence of a national shortage of monoclonal antibody treatment and no justification for the federal government to cut supplies to the states that need it most. This is the administration playing politics with citizens lives. You don’t agree, you don’t toe the line. You and your unamerican constituencies pay the price.

Rule #2, don’t do stupid things: A snake-swallowing daredevil has died after a viper bit his tongue and throat causing a horrific allergic reaction. Reports say the man had twice before put the steppe viper further down his throat but on the third attempt, the snake bit his tongue. While the snake is poisonous, its bite should not be lethal to humans. He was reported to have suffered anaphylactic shock.

Can’t have it both ways: Numerous reports of hospitals and clinic’s terminating healthcare giver’s for not getting vaxx’d. Also reports of how overrun with Covid patents these same locations are. If your clinic is “overrun”, why in hell would you fire anyone? If the vax is soooo good, why won’t nurses and other healthcare professionals take it?  If you terminate a bunch of care givers, who will you replace them with?

Nessie is alive and well: A British outdoorsman paddling through Scotland’s Loch Ness for a long-distance charity canoe trip may have inadvertently captured drone footage of the fabled Loch Ness Monster. The video image taken last month of a long, thin form just beneath the water’s surface was so fleeting that Mavor didn’t notice it when he posted it Sept. 1.  when the group pulled their canoes up on the south shore of Loch Ness for the night, he sent a camera-equipped drone aloft to capture a shot of the group. As the camera zoomed in, the outline of a creature nearly twice the length of the beached watercraft appeared to approach the group while floating beneath the lake’s rippling waves. There is a terrific movie about Nessie called “The Water Horse” from 2007. A great movie for the whole family.

Monday Already? Motes

Theft by government: About 300 people are contesting the seizure of their money and valuables by the FBI after the agency failed to produce evidence of criminal wrongdoing. The fbi raided safe deposit boxes rented at the U.S. Private Vaults store at a strip mall in Beverly Hills, California, in March. The agency is attempting to confiscate $86 million in cash, in addition to other valuables, such as a stockpile of jewelry. Federal agents claim criminals were storing loot in the deposit boxes but have not produced evidence of wrongdoing for the vast majority of those who rented them. Prosecutors have thus far outlined 11 individuals with past criminal convictions or pending charges, out of the roughly 800 box holders, to justify the forfeitures. The FBI claimed the $57,000 they took from one owner was too much for him to have accumulated from his income and that a dog had smelled unspecified drugs on his cash. This is their evidence? No forfeiture notices have been court issued. The box owners are guilty until they prove the aren’t. No matter what decision, the fbi can keep this in court until the owners give up or die. They will never get their rightful property back. Never.

Just askin’: Russia-gate, Whipgate, Spygate and the grandaddy of them all, Watergate.  What did we call these kinds of scandals before 1972 and Nixon?

Sad news indeed: Australia has lost about 30% of its koala over the past three years, with the marsupials hit by drought, bushfires and developers cutting down trees, the Australian Koala Foundation said on Tuesday. the worst decline was in the state of New South Wales, where the numbers have dropped by 41%. There were no upward trends anywhere in Australia. Australian Koala Foundation Chair Deborah Tabart said the country needs a koala protection law. Besides the impact of drought and fires, land clearing by property developers and road builders has destroyed the iconic marsupial’s habitat. Save The Koala!!

Absolute arrogance: Seventy entertainers signed on to a letter produced by the nonprofit group CARE, calling for the end of COVID. “None of us are safe until all of us are safe,” the memo reads. “ We call on leaders gathering at the United Nations General Assembly Session to boldly act together to end COVID-19 everywhere. ” The memo calls on world leaders to provide vaccines for 70 percent of the world’s population by next year.  If only these celebrities had thought of this open letter sooner, millions of lives could have been saved. Who knew it was that simple? So “entertainers”, let me ask this; What are you going to do to make this happen? Besides send a letter”

Remember, if you can’t think of the correct gender “pro-noun” when speaking to someone, “azzhole” is gender neutral.

Correct response, myob: When someone starts complaining about someone else not being vaxxd, give them one word. “Thalidomide”. Thalidomide was a drug that was developed in the 1950s by the West German pharmaceutical company Chemie Grünenthal GmbH. It was originally intended as a sedative or tranquilizer, but was soon thought a wonder drug and was used for treating a wide range of other conditions, including colds, flu, nausea and morning sickness in pregnant women. It was “approved” and on the market for 5+ years, then the birth defects, over 10,000, started showing up. How long has the vax been available? Maybe 1 year? “But it’s safe”. Yeah, so was Thalidomide, at first.