Thursday Motes, Already?

That’s why they do to school so long: The Supreme Court in Washington State has declared that, if you’re a minority, it is no longer a criminal act to make a false or misleading statement to a police officer. Sadly, if you’re White, the law does not extend that “get out of jail card” to you. It will be interesting, should a White person in Washington state be convicted of making a false statement to the police, to see whether the decision ends up before the United States Supreme Court. What if the White person lies and claims to be a brown/other color? Then lies about whatever the cop is asking about. Does the first lie verify the second or is only the second lie acceptable or does the first lie invalidate all following lies? Sure glad I ain’t a lawyer in Washington.

Not Justice: In November 2018, two Latino Marine Corps Reservists were attacked, maced and robbed in Philadelphia on Saturday by a mob of male and female protesters who called the Marines “Nazis” and “White Supremacists”, according to police. It was reported the Marines were attacked blocks away from the rally by protesters who punched, kicked and maced them and stole a cellphone from one Marine. DC Antifa leader Joseph Alcoff, Thomas Massey and Tom Keenan were all charged with felonies in 2019. Prosecutors in Krasner’s office handled this case and all three men pleaded to low-level misdemeanors. All three Antifa members who beat the Latino Marines will face no jail time thanks to Soros-backed Philly DA Larry Krasner.

Something to think about: For decades, commercial airline travel has gotten progressively safer. But one cause of deaths has stubbornly persisted: pilots who intentionally crash in murder-suicides. Preliminary evidence suggests the crash of a China Eastern Airlines Corp. jet in March may be the latest such tragedy. If confirmed, that would make it the fourth since 2013, bringing deaths in those crashes to 554. While intentional acts traditionally aren’t included in air-crash statistics, they would be the second-largest category of deaths worldwide if they were. And I fly every other weekend. Ohh, man. I need to quit looking this stuff up.

Their rules: A popular tactic for the left is to “dox” someone. That is put their home address, telephone number, child’s school, and other personal information out in public. For many in the neo-Nazi and extreme-right communities, few punishments carry as much weight as being identified and held accountable for their racist activism. Recently 31 members of the “Patriot Front” were arrested and their pictures made public. So, playing by “their rules” the private information on the arresting officers has been made public. Several neo-Nazi and white supremacist accounts shared addresses and phone numbers they’ve found online associated with Coeur d’Alene police officers. A few have posted about how they’ve called the numbers and found them disconnected. Other accounts on Telegram have posted that they’re giving the police and sheriff’s offices bad reviews online and calling and leaving rude messages. But this isn’t the same.

It was never meant to be just a game: Jose Arnoldo Amaya was officiating an amateur match in El Salvador when fans and players beat him following a second yellow card being issued to a player. Amaya died from internal bleeding after being taken to a hospital. It’s not clear as of right now whether or not the authorities have taken anyone into custody. An amateur match. Boy, they take their soccer seriously.

And you thought the only had to “Wash Hands Thoroughly” before coming out.

Motes, Damn,It’s Only Wednesday

To the D.C. mayor: I don’t agree with the thin blue line flag, the rainbow or other variations of our National Flag. It’s the National Flag, not some school toy to change and alter to fit your position. Your opinion America has 51 states, is just that, your opinion. It is not FACT. The fact is we have 50 states and 50 stars. No matter what your opinion is. Your decision to fly flags with 51 stars in wrong, insulting, and possibly criminal. Since the Supreme Court ruled burning the flag was a form of “Free Speech”, I imagine you will claim the same right. I am sure you will face no penalty for your actions, and that’s what is wrong with much of society today.

Yes, it does happen. More often than they let on: A US woman has fatally shot a man who opened fire on a crowd of people with a semi-automatic rifle in Charleston, West Virginia. Dennis Butler, a 37-year-old with an extensive criminal history, was killed after he targeted a group of around 40 people attending a birthday party. Police spokesman said the woman’s quick reaction saved lives and may have prevented a mass shooting. Butler had driven by the area earlier on Wednesday evening when he was warned to slow down because children were playing. For that offense, he returned armed with an AR-15-type rifle and opened fire from his vehicle on the birthday-graduation party outside the apartment complex in the city. The woman who fired back did not have any law enforcement background. She has not been identified. “She’s just a member of the community who was carrying her weapon lawfully,” he said. “And instead of running from the threat she engaged with the threat and saved several lives.” Good guy (gal) with a gun stops bad guy with a gun. As far as I can tell, this story has been buried since the last week of May. Because it doesn’t fit the narrative. Does kinda stomp on the old “private citizens, women in particular, can’t defend themselves with handguns against attackers” narrative.

Some Black lives matter more than others: On Sunday, June 5, 2022, Islamic terrorists stormed the St. Francis Catholic Church in Ondo, Nigeria, and massacred more than 50 Christians who were otherwise peacefully worshipping their God. As terrible as this massacre might seem, it is just the proverbial “tip of the iceberg”: over the years, Muslims have assaulted, shot up, or torched countless churches in Nigeria adding up to over 400 deaths. For being Christians. According to some reports one Christian is killed every two hours in Nigeria. Last month’s more recent video of the Nigerian Christians being murdered barely made a peep in the Western media.  Maybe the ritual slaughter of Christians has become so commonplace as to be unworthy of reporting on.

You can have only one: Self-described “Proud Democrat” Andy Ostroy issued a tweet on Saturday asking Republicans and independents; “What would you rather have, $2.50/gallon gas or a democracy?” Of course, we don’t have a “democracy” but rather a Constitutional Republic but that would be splitting hairs with a bald man. So, just off the top of my head, why can’t we have both? I don’t see where one would be exclusive of the other.

A class act: We know John Cena is a classy guy, but this goes above the stereotype even for him. I woman and her son decided to flee Mariupol Ukraine. The son, Misha, has Down’s Syndrome, is “non-verbal”, and couldn’t understand why he had to leave his home and friends.  Mom convinced her son they had to leave home and travel through Europe to meet his hero John Cena as a way to calm him and alleviate his distress. After hearing about this Cena, who was in Europe for work, used a break in his schedule to fly to Amsterdam and make Misha’s dream come true. On June 5, the two met up and spent time building blocks, eating cake, and flexing their biceps. Misha was pictured wearing his green John Cena t-shirt that said, “Respect. Never Give Up. Earn it.”. Class act.

My best wishes out to Toby Keith and his battle with Cancer. It is, and will be, a long tough battle but he’s a tough guy and will not back down an inch. Country music superstar Keith announced he has had stomach cancer since late last year but has received treatment and plans to return to the stage soon. In a statement posted on his verified Twitter and Instagram accounts Sunday, Keith said he was diagnosed with cancer last fall. I wish him Good luck and Gods bless him in his battle.

Motes For A Second Monday

Elephant  Never forgets: Maya Murmu had been fetching water from a well in the eastern Indian state of Odisha on Thursday when an elephant came barreling toward her, according to the Print India. The tusked pachyderm had apparently escaped from the Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located in a neighboring state. The 70-year-old woman in India was trampled to death by the elephant. Murmu’s family was then performing her last rites before lighting a funeral pyre when the elephant allegedly returned and grabbed her body. The animal threw the corpse in the air and then ran away, the local outlet reported. I don’t know what she did, but boy were the elephants pizzed.

If there’s more than 3, at least one: Coeur d’Alene, Idaho police say that a U-Haul truck carrying 31 members of the radical Patriot Front group was stopped in the downtown area a couple of blocks from the North Idaho Pride Alliance, which was holding the Coeur d’Alene Pride in the Park event. The Patriot Front members were charged with conspiracy to riot after authorities found riot gear, one smoke grenade, shin guards, and shields inside the van. They wore identical clothing — khakis, navy blue shirts, beige hats, and a white cloth covering their faces. Are they dangerous? Probably no more so than Antifa or some of these radical BLM offshoots. Like many radicals, they talk a big game, but when it comes to carrying out any of their grandiose plans, they fall a little short. How much do you want to et there are at least ½ dozen snitches or “undercover” leo’s in the group? Or more appropriately, provocateurs.

Red flag laws: Basically, if you say something, and somebody doesn’t like it, or takes offense to your lifestyle, and they know you own a weapon, they can call the police, report you “may” be a threat. The the cops can get a warrant, from a judge, based on nothing with no evidence or you having any chance to refute the claims, come to your home, probably in the middle of the night, and seize all your firearms, and you will be unable to get them back. Nobody has to prove anything, you never get a chance to tell your “side of the story”, and you will never be allowed to purchase another firearm. Oh yeah, I can’t see anybody abusing that.

Some pigs are more equal than others: Early Wednesday, two U.S. Marshals witnessed a suspect dressed in black clothing exit a taxi in front of Supreme Court Justice’s Montgomery County home with a backpack and suitcase. Shortly afterwards, the suspect, identified as Nicholas John Roske, called 911 to report he was experiencing suicidal thoughts and intended to kill the SCOTUS in response to the Supreme Court draft opinion leak from May. Police officers arrested Roske after the call and apprehended several items including a black tactical chest rig and tactical knife, Glock 17 pistol with two magazines and ammunition, pepper spray, and zip ties. Now, this should be front page news on every msm outlet, but isn’t. Why? The Judge threatened was Brett Kavanaugh, a “conservative”. Yessir, we have the finest 2-tier legal system in the world today.

For the past 2 weeks I have been fighting pneumonia. And it’s been a battle. Fortunately I have a good family physician and managed to escape ending up in the hospital. Hopefully full recovery time will be short, but I ain’t counting on it. Stay aware. Stay safe.

Monday, New Week, Motes

Who’s responsible? : A Missouri court on Tuesday upheld a judgment awarding the money to the woman who claimed she caught the human papillomavirus after having sex in 2017 with a male partner in his 2014 Hyundai Genesis. That’s right, she had sex in his car, got a STD, and it’s the auto-insurance company that has to pay. If you get in a dui vehicle accident you can sue the bar. How long before we start suing the brewery and distillery? Why the hell is it the insurance company that has to pay?

It’s all just theater: The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office has announced murder charges for two men taken into custody following Saturday’s mass shooting on South Street. The shooters, one 18 y-o and one 17y-o, are both facing murder charges. (The minimum legal age for purchasing handguns in Pennsylvania is 21.)  It appears these two persons-of-color began firing indiscriminately into a late-night crowd. How much of this have you seen in the msm? None. It doesn’t forward the narrative. We need just one more law and this will all stop. Honest.

Music isn’t everything: Halsey’s (no, I don’t know who she is.) Maryland stadium concert was cancelled on Wednesday night after a tornado warning forced fans to take shelter in bathrooms and extreme flooding inundated the venue. But wait, just like the late-night infomercial, there’s more. Fans posted videos to social media from the Merriweather Pavilion in Columbia showing rats emerging from the rising waters and trying to get out of the water and onto the stage. Screams can be heard in one clip as a person tries to kick a rodent off the stage and into a pool of water next to where they are standing. At 10pm the venue tweeted that the concert was being called off “due to weather-related technical difficulties”. Sorry, I wouldn’t have waited around that long. I kinda have a “fist rat, I’m out” policy.

It was bound to happen: In September 1962 the Smothers Brothers recorded a comedy album (vinyl disc) which included a song about falling into a “Big Vat of Chocolate”. Well, last Thursday First responders rescued two Mars Wrigley employees who fell into a chocolate tank Thursday at an Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, factory. It is unclear how they fell into the tank.

The J6 media show is just that, a show. It is written and scripted for a desired effect and end.  Few, if any, guilty will be punished. It will bury and cover-up everything but what they want to show. Nothing will be exposed.

Sunday Rant


Invented several decades ago by, Richard Davis, “soft” body-armor has since become standard equipment for uniformed patrol officers, and has saved many lives.  It’s worth is no longer “theoretical!”

Some of my friends want to know if they should buy it too. My standard answer is this, YES.

Soft body-armor makes sense only when you plan to wear it routinely. Even the latest versions of soft body-armor, when thus worn constantly, are sill  hot and uncomfortable.  When you think you have a genuine need, and you’re  willing to endure the discomfort of all-day wear, it is at least arguable.

Soft body-armor will protect you from most common pistol bullets.   You’ll end-up with a nice bruise, but you’ll probably live through it.  The alternative is a penetrating wound that is much more likely to be fatal or seriously injurious.  Your choice is: “punched” or “pierced!”

Most soft body-armor is not designed to be donned quickly.  Putting it on can take several minutes, as straps need to be adjusted, etc.  It is, in most cases, intended to be worn over a T-shirt, but under the dress shirt, so it is not obvious, at least to the casual observer, that you have it on. So, keeping soft body-armor next to your bed at night is probably not the best choice, as you likely won’t be able to get it on quickly enough during a crisis.

Some manufacturers make a “tactical jacket,” which is a bulky field-jacket  or vest with integral kevlar panels.  Worn externally, it is designed to be put on quickly, but is not suitable for all-day wear.  At your bedside, this product makes more sense than does covert, soft body-armor, described above.

There is soft (concealable) and hard (exposed in a “plate carrier”) armor. It doesn’t take up much room and is easy to put on. It’s cheap insurance even if you never need or use it. Be ready. Be aware. Be safe.

Saturday Story

There is a lot of finger pointing over this recent “mass shooting”. Especially at the leo’s that appear to not have “gone in” and could possibly have saved some children. To them I say, get out of the job.


I’ve never made a secret of the fact I don’t like fire. I could never understand why a guy would leave the police department and join the fire department.

The argument was always something to the effect “At least I don’t have to face off with some knife/gun welding screwball”.

Yes that’s true, but you can talk to the screwball, you can’t talk to fire. It won’t listen. But it was part of the job. Police officers are expected to respond and act.

It could anything from a VW Van on fire while coming down the Pali. Those vans had a history of catching fire with the rear mounted engine, but usually not while driving. Most often it was parked in someone’s carport, they were “working” on it, and the whole house burns down with it.

This one was simple, radio for the fire department, take out the fire extinguisher, and try to keep anything else from catching.

Then there was the run down old building on Nuuanu Street. I came upon it as the fire was just getting started. It was known to be vacant so it would have the usual homeless persons, junkies, and maybe even a hooker turning a street trick as occupants.

When I walked up it was just started and I knew someone had to go in and check to see if any of those occupants were present. Since I was there, it was my job. So I used my radio to report the fire and went inside.

It was a three story building, wood, left over from probably the early 1950’s. It had housed any number of stores and the last incarnation was a curio shop that had specialized in faux-oriental art. It had been there for years because the building owner and the store owner were the same guy. It was run at a loss for tax stuff.

The flames were coming from the top floor down, had started to burn the second floor when I had found it. I went inside, staying low, and checked the first floor and didn’t find anyone there. Smoke was heavy and acidic and there was no way I could get to the upper floors but I had to try.  I tried, but couldn’t get up the stairs.

The first fire company was arriving when I came out. The building was fully engulfed by then and really all the fire department could do was let it burn and keep the adjoining buildings from catching fire.

An ambulance had been dispatched, usual for any fire call out, for victims or firefighters, so the EMT’s gave me a quick check out, a couple of breaths of oxygen, I gave a verbal report to the sector supervisor  and returned to the station to start the paperwork. It was later determined the fire had been deliberate but it was never determined just who had started it.

The next one was on S. Beretania Street right where the Kapiolani, Beretania, and King Street all meet. There was an old one story building just past the intersection and I was returning to the main police station when I “observed” it was burning brightly. Again, it was uninhabited, but you don’t know until you check.

Again, the radio, the blue lights, and away I go.  The building wasn’t fully in flames when I stopped, and was raised about two feet off the ground by pilings. I got as close as I could and dropping to my stomach I did my best to look under the flames for any indication there was anybody trapped or trying to get out.

There wasn’t.  But it was my job to be as sure as possible so I kept looking.

The fire crew showed up and took over and I continued on to the station to start paperwork just like the other fire. And just like the other fire, my first stop was the locker room where I changed my uniform. It was bad enough the uniforms had smelled like smoke, but I changed because I had pissed my pants in fear, both times.

That’s correct, I am so afraid of fire, I would piss myself while forcing myself to go in and look for victims.

 I went in, because it was my job.

Friday, Really?

Here we ago again, just words: Well, it’s the time for political double-talk to begin in earnest. I saw a television for one of our local candidates claiming they will bring “The highest level of integrity and accountability”. So, there are different levels of integrity? I did not know that. I thought that you either had integrity, or you didn’t. Of course, there is accountability, and then there is political accountability. Instead of reality, words. Just words.

My opinion: Abortion should fall under the 10th Amendment and should be decided by the individual states. The federal government should have no say. Those that are Threatening a Supreme Court Justice by “protesting” outside their homes are attempting to coerce the Justice by indirectly threatening their families. I wonder what would happen if it was done to some of our “Big D” justices.

A sad Good-Bye:  Erin Wilson was hiking in Trinity County last month with her 2 1/2-year-old Belgian Malinois named “Eva.” During the walk they were attacked by a mountain lion. Ther lion went after Wilson but her 2 ½ y-o Belgian Malinois “Eva” leaped to protect her owner. Wilson, with the help of another hiker, managed to drive off the big cat, but Eva sustained severe injuries. Yesterday, Wilson announced that Eva had died from her injuries. Eva was indeed a hero. She has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and will be in the hearts of her family forever.

Only what they deem as news: After the shooting in Uvalde TX, the msm didn’t even wait until the bodies were cold to dig up the fact that the store that had legally sold the shooter his weapon had received a PPP loan. Of course, they are completely ignoring the fact the “professional” girlfriend of Hunter also received a PPP loan. But that’s not the same, is it.

It only seems political: FBI agents arrested Republican gubernatorial candidate Ryan Kelley on Thursday on misdemeanor charges related to the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol, injecting a new round of turmoil into Michigan’s upcoming primary election. The arrest and search that unfolded at Kelley’s home in Allendale outside of Grand Rapids added more uncertainty to a chaotic race for governor that has seen five Republican candidates blocked from the ballot for submitting fraudulent nominating petition signatures. The records also reveal that FBI agents relied on assistance from an informant who was helping the bureau investigate domestic terrorism. Yes sir, the fbi always drags you out of your home, in handcuffs and in front of your wife and children, over a misdemeanor. There’s nothing political here.

Still suffering from my bout of pneumonia. Trying to go home to Hilo, but will wait to see. Enjoy the weekend. Listen to some good music, sip some good whiskey, and tell someone you love how much they mean to you. See ya Monday.

Big Thursday Motes

Tribal lessons:  A lot of people don’t know the indigenous people of Hawaii were treated very much like native Americans after the 1893 “annexation” of the Hawaiian Islands. This was a totally illegal takeover. So it is only natural that the Hawaiian people should use the same tactic’s Native Americans have to gain recompense. A small parcel of land in central Oahu is the site of another standoff between a group claiming ownership of the land based on Native Hawaiian ancestral rights, and a company holding the modern land title. The unidentified group took over a 5-acre lot in an Oahu agricultural subdivision in September and proclaimed themselves the rightful owners by “heirdom.” Not sure how this will play out. IMHO, the reason Hawaiian groups can’t get the same recognition as the Indians do, the Hawaiian groups have no clear leader. Unlike the Indians who had traditional and hereditary chiefs, the Hawaiian groups all claim “Alii”. Until they iron that out, they’ll only get in each other’s way. Nothing will be gained.

Someone sees it right: Lucretia Hughes, with the DC Project Women for Gun Rights, spoke to the US Congress on Wednesday. But it was not the usual take ‘em all away type speech. Lucretia told the lawmakers the story on how her son was shot and killed point-blank in the head. She then attacked the gun control lobbyists and politicians who claim that their policies will save lives and reduce violence. “Ten more laws, 20 more laws, a thousand more won’t make what is already illegal, more wrong or stopped criminals from committing these crimes,” Lucretia asserted. You all are delusional if you think this is going to keep us safe,” Lucretia added. The only people protected by gun grabbers are criminals and tyrants. Yes.

Honor among brothers: For more than two decades, federal law enforcement authorities pursued the Mongols, a notorious motorcycle club whose members had a long history of murder, assault, drug dealing and robbery. In 2018, the government scored a victory of sorts. The club was ordered to pay a $500,000 fine in what prosecutors hoped would be a down payment on putting it out of business. The club is trying to get the verdict set aside based on what it says is new evidence about its previous leader, David Santillan, was a snitch. The Mongols are now claiming that throughout their attempt to defend the club in the long-running criminal case, their own leader was secretly talking to the government. There’s much much more, but the bottom line is, if there are 3 or more, 1 is a snitch. Today even more so.

Is it true: It appears that Nasty Nan’s hubby has been given a free walk on his recent dui. There appears to be no mug shot on file and no complaint filed. Hummmm

They want your kids: Canadian school district is partnering to host a “youth pride dance” that plans to deny parents access, according to a flier marketing the dance. The City of Surrey posted a flier on its website promoting the “Youth Pride Dance” specifically stating that parents are not permitted to enter the dance for the “privacy and safety” of LGBT students. Students will “explore” the history of being lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, two-spirit, and more, according to the flier. Snacks and prizes “for creative outfits” will also be available. Oh hell no.

Wednesday, I’m Still Sick

A reminder: Several politicritters are talking about starting “Gun Buy Backs”  and “common sense” laws to get all the “assault weapons” off the street. First, that won’t take a single “assault weapon” off the streets. Second, you can’t “buy back” something that was never yours. Third, they want to raise the age to own a firearm to 21, but lower the voting age to 16. Huh?

Does anybody really want to watch a “Madonna” biopic? Yeah, me either.

I’ll do just that: The hosts of “The View” are very, very hopeful that Americans will make a point to watch the upcoming hearings of the Jan. 6 committee. At the very least, they hope it’s given the same amount of attention as the defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Well, considering I didn’t give the Herd and Dump trial any attention at all, I’ll do just that.

You can’t fix it: An Ohio police officer was recently fired from his position on account of a bizarre tattoo choice. Eric Weyda was let go recently, according to public, due to circumstances stemming from a tattoo he got on his hands. Weyda had the word “Pure” across the knuckles on his right knuckles and the word “Evil” on his left. Let’s be straight here. He wasn’t fired for the tattoo, he was fired being stupid in public. Geesh.

I’ve seen the trailer for the new “predator” movie “Prey”. Wow, gonna have to see that one as soon as it come out.

Definition of repeat offender: The seven-time felon, five-time deported illegal alien acquitted of murdering 32-year-old Kate Steinle in 2015 has been sentenced to time served for federal gun crimes for which he was convicted. Jose Garcia Zarate, the 51-year-old illegal alien who has been in prison for almost seven years, was sentenced to time served this week for violating federal firearm laws. Zarate admitted to shooting and killing Steinle, who was walking on the pier at the time with her father, saying he chose San Francisco because it was a sanctuary city that shields criminal illegal aliens from arrest and deportation by federal immigration officials. Basically, 4 years for her murder. Anybody else see something wrong here?

Gas in Honolulu 6/6/22. What are you paying?

Tuesday Motes, Story Actually

Due to my ongoing battle with “p” I’ve kinda lost a few days. I completely missed the significance of Sunday, June 5. It was,

The Night Conway Died

I’ve commented on my being a radio disc jockey. You’ll find a lot of memories and a few stories from then in these pages.

On June 5, 1993 I was doing the midnight show, 12am to 6am. I pretty much got to do what I wanted; I played what was requested, and what I wanted to hear.

This night was a little different, about 2:30am I got a call from another DJ, a guy I had been in the J.C.’s with and he was working the news desk for another station. He called to tell me Conway Twitty had died. I quickly checked the news feed and confirmed the bad news.

I started gathering CD’s, LP’s and the studio reference books. Remember no laptops, no desk tops and sure as hell no “internet”.

At 3:00am I made the announcement. The spirit of Country Music, the man with so many hits, one of the inspirations for “Bye-Bye-Birdie”, was gone. A man once called “the best friend a song ever had”.

I then announced the rest of my show would be dedicated to the great Twitty. I said the rest of the show would Conway Twitty and nothing else. I said I’d take callers with memories and dedications.

Using the books in the station, lists of #1 hits, and such, I built a 3 hour “tribute” show, on the fly.

About 5:00 am or so the program manager “Toby (The Texas Lady)” called me and said. “Jim, please tell me you’ve been recording this”

I had to admit I was not; I was making it as I went. Her comment was something to the effect of my on the fly was better than most DJ’s scripted. I took that as a compliment.

Later that day, another DJ tried to do the same show, but it didn’t get much attention. It just didn’t work.

However, later that year at the MTV awards, when they spoke of the entertainers that had passed that year, they spoke of Twitty and how he had influenced so many early Rock and Rollers, how he had so many cross over hits, and how his fans loved him.

They also spoke of the late night disc jockey, all the way over in Hawaii that did a 3 hour show dedicated to Twitty as soon as he had heard of his passing.

Gotta smile, Storyteller, mentioned at MTV awards. Wow, just wow.