Tuesday Motes From The Abyss

Many many uses: A mother and father were able to subdue a sex offender with duct tape after they discovered him standing in their 5-year-old daughter’s room. Prior to breaking into their child’s bedroom, the parents saw the man, later identified as 39-year-old registered sex offender Daniel Diaz, creeping around the outside of their home in Grayson, CA. The mother, Martha Zepeda, said in Spanish that, “He was in the living room window trying to peek in and he was grabbing his private parts and just looking around”. The parents heard a crash coming from their 5-year-old daughter’s bedroom, where they discovered Diaz had removed a screen from the window and had crawled into their daughter’s room. The father charged at him, which drove Diaz outside the home where the father was able to restrain him on the ground. The couple then used duct tape to tie up Diaz until authorities arrived. Duct tape, it can fix almost anything. Too bad it can’t….not going there. Remember duct tape cannot solve all your problems, but it will muffle the screams.

Information she’ll never use: Comedian Wanda Sykes  guest-hosting “Jimmy Kimmel Live””, had just one screening question for white viewers who were hoping to participate in her “Who Wants To Win A Black Friend?” segment. “One of you is going to get a new BFF ― Black friend forever,” Sykes said. “But before we meet them, I need to know one thing. Where were you January 6, 2021? Anywhere near D.C.?”     Hey Wanda, I don’t care where my friends (black, white, brown, red, and yellow) were at any time. I care about how they treat me, treat our families, and treat each other. When you put restrictions on your “friends”, you put restrictions of your “friendships”.

The rest of the story: A term that keeps getting thrown around lately is “gaslight” or “gaslighting”. Psychologists use the term “gaslighting” to refer to a specific type of manipulation where the manipulator is trying to get someone else (or a group of people) to question their own reality, memory or perceptions. Gaslight comes from a 1940 British film of the same name directed by Thorold Dickinson, a 1944 American psychological thriller film and  Patrick Hamnilton’s ‘s play  (1938). The story follows a young woman whose husband slowly manipulates her into believing that she is descending into insanity. Hence, “don’t believe your lying eyes.” Always treat everything you read or hear as if it is manipulated. It probably is. Example, Democrat Rep. Lauren Underwood (IL), on Thursday, blamed the droves of police officers leaving the force on the low morale and leadership within the department instead of Democrats’ anti-police rhetoric. She doesn’t address the reason for the fact the officers are leaving due to Demo “defund the police” drive. So she wants you to think one way, when the truth is another.

One think: Toyota, the car manufacturer, caved on Thursday as the company announced they would stop sending campaign contributions to Republicans who objected to the electoral college certification in January. In other words, if you don’t think the way “we” want you to think, even if you believe what you say it is the truth, we won’t give you any “campaign contributions”. They further announced that “Toyota is committed to supporting and promoting actions that further our democracy. No, that is NOT  “supporting and promoting actions that further our democracy”. Democracy is where everyone gets to speak, equally. This is putting restrictions on some speech. Oh, just adding, “Toyota Motor Corporation, Japanese Toyota Jidōsha KK, Japanese parent company of the Toyota Group”. Yea, Japan.

Unacceptable: In one nation, over two dozen mostly Catholic but some Anglican churches (no mosques) have been vandalized or torched in recent weeks; and that nation’s leaders are either openly calling for more or shrugging their shoulders. Not Iraq, Syria, or Libya under ISIS but rather Canada. In almost 30 attacks this year, the Canadian .gov has simply paid lip service to “don’t do that”.  The attacks have even been called “understandable”. Huh? Remember when the first mass grave of First Nation children was found, and I said it’ll get worse? It is.

Sunday marked 1 year since I lost my best friend. Navarre came to me a ball of fun filled fur. He always made me happy. He was always happy. Not day goes by I don’t miss him. I’ll see him again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Happy Monday Motes

Now they can cancel your credit if you don’t agree with their politics: Capital One has closed a credit card belonging to Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio due to the bank “discovering adverse past or present legal action involving an individual or entity associated with the account.” Tarrio is facing a misdemeanor charge of destruction of property. Capital One sent Tarrio a letter saying they are closing the account that he has had for approximately 12 years — and that there is nothing he can do about it. If they cancel the credit card of everyone ever arrested, they won’t have anyone with a C-One cards. What’s in your wallet? Not a Capital One that’s for damn sure.

On the same subject: Wells Fargo Bank is ending a popular consumer lending product, angering some of its customers. The bank is shutting down all existing personal lines of credit in coming weeks and no longer offers the product, according to customer letters. The revolving credit lines, which typically let users borrow $3,000 to $100,000, were pitched as a way to consolidate higher-interest credit card debt, pay for home renovations or avoid overdraft fees on linked checking accounts.  In 2018, the Fed barred Wells Fargo from growing its balance sheet until it fixes compliance shortcomings revealed by the bank’s fake accounts scandal. The asset cap has ultimately cost the bank billions of dollars in lost earnings. If you use Wells Fargo, get out now. Run away, don’t walk.

Kinda makes me wanta puke: At first glance, Bike Shed Motorcycle Club could be mistaken as Soho House  for motorcyclists.  Nestled under four Victorian railway arches in London’s Shoreditch neighborhood and packed with heavy leather chesterfield sofas, Persian-style carpeting, and miles of exposed brick, the club plays host to bearded bikers who ride in on café racers to sip whisky and, maybe, get a new tattoo or a man-bun trim at the accompanying salons. The archetypically British space glows at night, filled with riders laughing and drinking, the scent of tobacco and leather and motor oil wafting through the air.  Anthony “Dutch” van Someren, the former MTV and Bravo (among other places) executive who in 2011 founded Bike Shed Motorcycle Club with his wife, Vikki van Someren, Virgin Media, and 30 investors. “It’s for people who love motorcycles and people who love people who love motorcycles.”  Now the duo is looking west, opening a second location in Downtown Los Angeles. The van Somerens are planning to open three more as soon as the LA location breaks even, though they haven’t settled on where just yet. This is really for “I’m ritch and I wish I was a tough azz biker” wanta be’s and never will be’s. Just stay in Calipornia will you. Please? I think I’ll replace “kinda” with “absolutely makes me wanta puke”.

A sad Good-Bye: William Smith, the iconic tough-guy actor died Monday at the Motion Picture & Television Country House and Hospital in Woodland Hills. He was 88. Smith worked steadily throughout the ’60s and ’70s, becoming an obvious choice when casting cult hit biker films such as “Run, Angel, Run!,” “The Losers,” “Angels Die Hard,” “C.C. & Company,” “Chrome and Hot Leather,” “Gentle Savage” and “Eye of the Tiger.” The actor also fought in two of the most memorable brawls in cinematic history, going up against Clint Eastwood in 1980’s “Any Which Way You Can” and Rod Taylor in 1970’s “Darker Than Amber.” Somewhere along the way he mastered and fluently spoke 6 languages. A champion boxer, arm-wrestler, and martial artist, I met Smith while he was in Hawaii filming Hawaii 5-0. We spent time talking motorcycles, firearms, and beer. His talent and his rough voice will be missed.

Not much good:  On January 1, it will be legal for private citizens in Hawaii to own a Taser.It’s one of the laws that emerged from the legislative session and repeals Hawaii’s ban on electric guns for the public ― allowing them for self-defense, defending another person or protecting property. Until the new law goes into effect, only law enforcement in Hawaii can use Tasers and stun guns. Unlike obtaining a gun, buyers won’t need a permit to get a Taser. The last time the state allowed “taser’s”, was back in the early 1980’s and it got upended by the hookers using them to rob customers. Some people are thinking,”Oh goody. I can carry one around with me.” Nope. Hawaii revised statutes say carrying stun guns is covered under HRS 134-51 where it’s a crime to carry deadly weapons in most circumstances. We’ll see how this plays out. My best guess is it will be at “your home or residence” limit. Ther problem is you have to be arms length from the home invader to use it. The only guys armed on the street will still be the crooks.

She’s an adult: Everybody is up in arms over Sha’Carri Richardson and say it’s “ridiculous” she’s not going to the Olympics after testing positive for marijuana. Only thing, she admits she knew it was wrong when she smoked. She knew the rules and accepted her punishment. She accepted “RESPONSIBILITY FOR HER ACTIONS”. That’s what an adult is supposed to do. The rest of them can sdastfu.

Sunday Rant Again

Everybody says the least common thing today is “common sense”. I would like to add, “common courtesy”. Has anyone else noticed that people have become rude and disrespectful as a matter of course?

People just don’t seem to care anymore. The other day I held the door open for a woman, she walked in without a word, and so did a guy that just walked up. Neither could be bothered to say “Thank-you.”

Last week, at the airport, I saw a woman in her 70’s, struggling to help her husband out of his wheelchair and into the men’s room. He had obviously recently had a stroke and wasn’t in full control. A room full of people sat and watched without any compassion. I walked over and offered my assistance, which she gratefully accepted. Another gentleman, a health care worker, also stepped up. The rest of the room sat, silent, and watched. I wish I had gotten the Health Care Gentleman’s name so I could publicly thank him. You sir are a Gentleman.

People feel free and anonymous on the inter-weebz and say, accuse, and demand anything they want. They do so without any concern for the truth or “feelings” of anyone.

I have written things that were incorrect or poorly worded, I have done everything in my power to correct those mistakes. I admit my mistakes. I accepted the responsibility for what I write or say. I’m in the minority.

As RAH said, “An armed society is a polite society.” I agree. A man will choose his words carefully if he has to back them up with his life.

Some additional information because I like stuff like this. At the 1908 Summer Olympic Games in London, it was possible for losing participants to be pronounced dead—theoretically, anyway. For a fleeting period of time in the early 20th century, a form of pistol dueling grew in popularity by promising all the excitement of a fatal rivalry with none of the actual bloodshed. Duelists, armed with specially-made pistols and painful (but not deadly) wax bullets, faced off against one another in a mannered test of sidearm skill that encompassed not one but two Olympic Games. This time, they took aim at one another, splattering wax bullets onto each other’s protective gear while standing on the fencing grounds. A total of 11 competitors from America, France, Russia, and Sweden took part. The outbreak of World War I largely put an end to simulated combat. When things settled down, pistol dueling was not one of the sports to reemerge. This likely pained Winans, who used his pulpit to stress that dueling, or the threat of it, seemed to improve manners. shooting remains a part of the Olympics. The very first medal awarded at the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo will be in women’s rifle shooting—presumably a very polite affair.

Saturday Story

Haiti has a long history of, well problems. Last week Haitian President Jovenel Moise was assassinated in his home Wednesday by a group of unidentified gunmen who also left his wife wounded, interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph said he was now in charge of the country. I have my own connection with Haiti.


I have not met many men or women, I’ve been afraid of, but there have been a few.

I’d been in Florida going on 4 weeks. It was supposed to be 2. The client and I had been up and down the state, driving all day, then stopping for the night.

I knew the Postal authorities were “looking” for my client. A source had told about the 77 count indictment from California, the warrants issued, and the visit and attempt to arrest at the Diamond Head residence.

Since I didn’t have any “official” notice, we were careful not to contact our attorney; I wasn’t going to give him up until I had too. He appeared so close to getting this 7.5 million dollar transfer. That would have paid everything and everybody including me and my security team. The last was very important to me.

It was our second time in Miami. We had a few hours to kill before his next business call with the mysterious “Claude”. “Claude” was supposedly a banker from London, brokering a deal with my client and someone in the government of the Bahamas.

I had seen numerous prior bank transfers for hundreds of thousands of dollars in the client’s office. Some of them were from a “Seven Oakes” bank of London and also large transfers from several U.S. National unions. I didn’t realize the reason my client wanted, and needed body guards was it all a scam, elaborate, but a confidence scam just the same. We stopped at my request at a huge Miami gun shop that advertised an indoor range with lanes for rent. I needed some recreational relief. Shooting is always good for that.

I had been carrying a “Star” PD, .45 cal., a lightweight pistol, the whole time. Since we were mostly in the car I wasn’t risking too much exposure, well except for a mugging break-up.

So I put the gun, unloaded in a briefcase and we went into the gun shop. I was in heaven; this place was like a Sears but all guns. I could have just walked around for hours.

I noticed that there seemed to be a huge number of nickel-plated and engraved guns in the showcases. What I would have normally referred to as pimp guns. But I also noticed no one but the client and I were speaking English. So I kept my mouth shut.

We were waiting for the “Range Master”, really just another salesman, to open the door for us when I noticed the 6 guys.

They were just talking with another salesman but these guys were hard to ignore. Six men, all within 4 or 6 inches of the same height, all very-physically fit, all wearing the exact same suit, tie, shirt, and sunglasses. The only difference was their color. It ranged from light coffee to dark black. It was then I heard them speaking a strange sort of French-Spanish; a strange combination.

But our “Range Master” arrived so we went downstairs. My client balked at going to the range area. He finally admitted that he didn’t like guns. In fact, he was afraid of them. He then tells me he’ll wait upstairs for me. With all the people around, what the hell, I went downstairs.

I bought a couple of boxes of ammo from the shop, paid the range/target fee, and picked a lane pretty much at the far end of the range.

I had been firing only a few minutes when the alert lights started flashing yellow. I finished my string, drop the mag, and cleared my weapon. I took off my hearing protectors and looked to the other end of the range in time to see the 6 men from upstairs enter the range as the range lights started blinking red.

The salesman with them set up 3 targets, 3 stepped forward and 3 stepped back. They all took off their matching sunglasses and I got my first look at their eyes.

I started this by saying I’ve not met many men or women that frightened me. These men scared me.  Looking into those eyes was terrifying. There was absolutely no life behind those eyes. They were totally dead. There is no other way to put it.

I was as close to peeing myself with fear as I have ever been.

I realized the range light was yellow and quickly put my hearing protection back on just as the first 3 started firing.

They were good. They were using Browning “Hi-Power” P-35 9mm pistols. And they were cutting the targets to ribbons. And every shot was fired without any expression. No smiles, no grins for a good shot, nothing; nothing but center mass and face shots; over and over and over.

After the first group finished 2 or 3 13 round magazines, the salesman remounted new targets and the second group took the firing line and repeated the process with the same results.

Without firing another shot I packed up, turned in the ear muffs and walked out of the range and back upstairs.

The client was waiting for me as was the salesman who had taken me down stairs.

As they both realized I had not fired very much ammo. I looked at the salesman and asked him about the “suits”.The shadow of fear that passed across his face was obvious. He shook his head and muttered;

Ton Ton Macoute”, Haiti’s, secret police.

He continued that every few months some would come to the store with all the proper documents to buy several hundred thousand rounds of ammunition, and almost always used the range while there.

They couldn’t read or write but could, and would, kill you without blinking. To them, Duvalier was the embodiment of Baron Samudi, the head of the voodoo gods. To the Ton Ton, he was a god.

Duvalier would take children from the streets, indoctrinate them into the voodoo religion, and make them his “secret police”. They weren’t “secret”, nor were they police.

They were the most frightening men I ever saw.

It’s Fridaayy

Why: Ashli Babbitt was murdered on Jan 6, 2021. Her murderer has been named. His incompetence is known, and the only real questions should be “why does he still have a job”? Oh, and why are they protecting him?

Complain and you’re a Racist: San Francisco – Ten people robbed a Neiman Marcus in Union Square early Monday evening around 6 PM as organized retail crime spikes. The thieves ran into Neiman Marcus and emerged with several high-end handbags. Sales associates had to hurry customers to the back in order to keep them safe from smashed glass from the handbag display cases. I looked into it, and found the average price of NM handbags is about $1,300.00 each. However, Kate Chatfield, a senior director in District Attorney’s office, compared those who complain about crime and protecting their wives and family to KKK members. So, be quiet peasant, it’s for the good of “the people”.

If, a big if: If you watch the Olympics’ coming up, be prepared for lots of “stuff” on the field. The International Olympic Committee has announced rule changes for athletes who want to protest at the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games. This means athletes can take a knee or raise a fist right before they run or swim or their game begins. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence of timing. Sure.

Friday Meme: I love “Wick” meme’s, why not add an F-9 to one.

There is a certain amount of truth to Dom’s statement.

Everybody’s hot: A large adult black bear and her three cubs visited a South Lake Tahoe beach last weekend where they beat the heat by playing in the water, stunning beachgoers who watched in shock. As temperatures soared to 90 on Sunday, the bears made the most of their natural surroundings, with the three cubs wrestling in the water before the mother bear joined them. Just remember, “Do Not Feed The Bears”. Especially your kids, they taste like chicken.

A lot of questions: Uncle Joe said Tuesday that he would be sending officials out to knock on people’s doors across America to pressure them to take the coronavirus vaccine. “Now we need to go community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood, and often times door by door – literally knocking on doors to get help to the remaining people,” And by what authority? What authority will these people have? Will they arrest me for saying “GTFA”? What law will they be enforcing?

In Honolulu this weekend. Daughter, Son-in-Law- and Grandkids are in town so things may be light next week.

Thursday Motes, almost Friday

A sad Good-Bye: Robert Sacchi (89), an American actor most noted for his resemblance to Humphrey Bogart. He appeared in many films and TV shows playing either Bogart or a character who happens to look and sound like him. His second marriage was to Peruvian artist Angela De Hererera. They remained married for 51 years until his death. It is his 1980, The Man With Bogarts Face” that made me a lifetime fan. The movie also had  Franco NeroMichelle PhillipsOlivia Hussey,[3] Yvonne De CarloMike Mazurki, Misty Rowe, Victor Brunno, Sybil Danning and George Raft. (All great “B” stars in their own rights.) Don’t know where you can find it, but if you can, watch it.  His talent, and wonderful appearance, will be missed.

Chicago weekend score; 120 shot, at least 18 dead. Across the country at least 150 people were killed in some 400 shootings nationwide. This is appalling, but it is not the doing of legal gun owners. These crimes are committed by violent criminals. Until we start doing something about the criminals, we’ll accomplish nothing.

It’s gotta hurt: I feel for the occupants of the Surfside FL, Condo. Especially those that had to watch their lifelong possessions be destroyed when the second half of the building was taken down. It is my understanding they were not allowed back into the building to retrieve belongings or even pets. Being in the construction business and having been in the first responder career I understand why, I just think it is terribly sad.

Watched the “Tomorrow War”:  Wow, what a ride. It’s a leave the logic home, buckle your seatbelt, and enjoy movie. To me, the big surprise was J. K. Simmons as James Forester, Dan’s estranged father, an anti-government survivalist and Vietnam veteran. I really like Simmons as an actor, and this was a big step away from his normal parts. Open a beer, a bag of chips, and have fun.

Last weekend’s playlist included Jay and The Americans, Tom T. Hall, Billy Joe Shavers, and, of course, John Wayne. Rolling Rock and a 12lb baked ham with pineapple glaze played a big part of my 4th of July frolic’s.

It’s all in the response: After dealing with death threats and vandalism to her home, Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) says she is now carrying a gun to protect her and her family. She said arming herself feels “empowering,” adding she “won’t be intimidated.” See the difference in a GOP and a Dimocrate. When you threaten them or their family, a Republican gets a gun. The Dimmo’s demand money for “more security”, at taxpayer’s expense. Remember, no one is coming to save you.

Happy Birthday R.A.H. Robert A. Heinlein. If I have to explain who he is, why are you reading this?

Motes For The Middle Of Our Week

No, Cosby was not vindicated. His conviction was overturned due to bad evidence admitted wrongly by a judge. A procedural error. He was NOT found “not guilty” or “innocent”.

It is deep: Russia and China are coordinating military exercises to threaten not only Taiwan but also Hawaii, according to a senior Japanese defense official who warned the United States to beware of a Pearl Harbor-style surprise attack. I hope everyone appreciates the irony of Japan warning the US about a surprise attack to Pearl Harbor.

Hey LAPD: There is no such thing as a controlled explosion. Just like there is no “friendly fire”. It will all hurt you.

It’s rhetorical, not a challenge: How stupoid do you have to be to walk around wearing OMG (Outlaw Motorcycle Gang) patches, from 2 different clubs, on the same “cut”, in the clubs territory, and not be a member? That’s what a guy in Indiana did. And everybody is surprised when several patched members, from both clubs, pay a visit. The visit did not go well, for anyone. The subsequent shootout had only one casualty, according to police: Dustin Lindner, 35, one of the suspected gang members who had participated in the raid. You can be sure this isn’t over for them.

Won’t work: From the start of October cat owned families will be subject to a “24-hour cat curfew” in one municipality in the Australian city of Melbourne. Introduced by the Knox City Council, the new rule will require owners to keep their cats on their property at all times. “When allowed to roam, cats are at a much higher risk of illness and injury,” Mayor Lisa Cooper said. The new restriction is no without its opposition. “Knox Council needs to be more considerate of the well-being and basic rights of older cats,” said one petition. “Basic rights of cats”?  WTF. Have you ever tried to keep a cat from doing something it wanted to do. Good luck on that.

Suicide by stupid: A dummy pretending to be a motorcycle rider, splitting lanes, was miffed when an SUV driver didn’t see him and changed lanes in front of him. I call him a dummy because he surges forward, gets in front of the SUV, stops with the bike blocking the lane, and proceeds to pull and point a gun at the SUV driver. This is not done in polite society. The SUV driver told the rider to not point the gun, there were tender aged children in the vehicle. The rider continued to threaten so the SUV driver did what he was taught; he drew, aimed, and shot the dummy dead. The motorcycle rider violated all 4 firearms rules, the driver violated none. No charges have been filed. As it should be. No man points a weapon at you without just cause, or not suffering righteous punishment.

A sad Good-Bye: An iconic Native Hawaiian scholar and activist, Haunani-Kay Trask, has died Saturday morning, according to family, friends and the University of Hawaii. Trask was most well-known in the community for her activism, especially for her work in promoting Native Hawaiian rights and indigenous sovereignty. Tenured as a professor for more than 30 years at the UH Manoa, Trask worked in co-founding the contemporary field of Hawaiian studies. During the 1970’s I had several incidents in which I interacted with Ms. Trask. I found her to be polite but incredibly real in her activism. She really believed in her cause and wasn’t just mouthing bumper-sticker slogans. Her love of her people, and her deep convictions will be missed.

Second Monday Motes

Yeah, that was front page: “The CDC also admitted last week that more people young people have been hospitalized from the COVID vaccine than from the COVID virus.” Oh wait, no it wasn’t.

Is it just me: I remember when teachers were supposed to teach reading, writing, math, science, history, and not indoctrinate students on race relations, or sexual selection. They taught you HOW to think, not WHAT to think.

Justice in not equal, but really blind: A vehicle Minneapolis City Council member Andrea Jenkins was in was blocked by Black Lives Matter extremists until she agreed to sign a statement agreeing that rioters would not be charged. The media has completely ignored this incident, which many are describing as a hostage situation. Jenkins is a Black Lives Matter activist herself, but that did not stop the mob from berating her for not doing enough to comply with their demands. Jenkins signed the statement as tension between the BLM mob and the white woman driving began to escalate. It would appear that if you have a big enough mob, or the right political connections, laws don’t apply to you.

Just thinking: Are there any white “fathers” or “husbands” on television that are strong, caring, and intelligent. I couldn’t think of any either. No, throwing 4 touch-down passes in one high school football game doesn’t count as “strong”, sit down Al.

Second class citizens: In a unanimous vote Tuesday night, San Jose’s city council approved a national first that will see gun owners being forced to compensate taxpayers for the spiraling costs of gun violence. The gun owners in California’s third-largest city will be required to take out liability insurance for their firearms and pay an annual tax that will help fund emergency responses to gun-related calls. The move is expected to face legal challenges from gun-rights groups. Ya think? This will not stop a single act of “gun violence”. What it does do, is financially punish people that don’t commit illegal acts. We fought one war over unfair taxation, maybe time for another one.

Okay, here’s MY position: The National Anthem, The Star Spangled Banner does not speak “for Black Americans”. It also doesn’t “speak for” White Americans, Brown Americans, Yellow Americans, or Red Americans. It speaks for AMERICANS. If you think you are something else, or a hyphen-American, go away. You don’t like it, don’t stay, don’t take U.S. .gov money, don’t join the U.S. Olympic anything, and don’t claim you are an American Patriot. You’re not. MY position.

Drive electric for the planet: A raging industrial fire at an old paper mill in Illinois has prompted at least 1,000 home evacuations as toxic fumes spew into the air.  For the second day, clouds of smoke filled the air in Morris as 180,000 to 200,000 pounds of lithium batteries continue to explode. The fire started on Tuesday at the old Federal Paper Board building where batteries ranging in size from cell phones to bigger than car batteries were located. “As they get wet, they short out and they ignite and explode. That is the problem we are having,” Crews and the city were unaware of the batteries when firefighters first responded and were told to stand by and wait for the blaze to go out on its own due to the fear of igniting more batteries with water.

Gas, 6/30/21

Up $.35 per gallon since 4/4/21. What are you paying?

Extra Story (boy, that’s creative ain’t it.)

Okay, I’m a month late. Enjoy the Holiday.

The Night Conway Died

I’ve commented on my being a radio disc jockey. You’ll find a lot of memories and a few stories from then in these pages.

On June 5, 1993 I was doing the midnight show, 12am to 6am. I pretty much got to do what I wanted; I played what was requested, and what I wanted to hear.

This night was a little different, about 2:30am I got a call from another DJ, a guy I had been in the J.C.’s with and he was working the news desk for another station. He called to tell me Conway Twitty had died. I quickly checked the news feed and confirmed the bad news.

I started gathering CD’s, LP’s and the studio reference books. Remember no laptops, no desk tops and sure as hell no “internet”.

At 3:00am I made the announcement. The spirit of Country Music, the man with so many hits, one of the inspirations for “Bye-Bye-Birdie”, was gone. A man once called “the best friend a song ever had”.

I then announced the rest of my show would be dedicated to the great Twitty. I said the rest of the show would Conway Twitty and nothing else. I said I’d take callers with memories and dedications.

Using the books in the station, lists of #1 hits, and such, I built a 3 hour “tribute” show, on the fly.

About 5:00 am or so the program manager Toby (The Texas Lady) called me and said. “Jim, please tell me you’ve been recording this”

I had to admit I was not; I was making it as I went. Her comment was something to the effect of my on the fly was better than most DJ’s scripted. I took that as a compliment.

Later that day, another DJ tried to do the same show, but it didn’t get much attention. It just didn’t work.

However, later that year at the MTV awards, when they spoke of the entertainers that had passed that year, they spoke of Twitty and how he had influenced so many early Rock and Rollers, how he had so many cross over hits, and how his fans loved him.

They also spoke of the late night disc jockey, all the way over in Hawaii that did a 3 hour show dedicated to Twitty as soon as he had heard of his passing.

Gotta smile, Storyteller, mentioned at MTV awards. Wow, just wow.

4th Of July

Today we celebrate the founding of this country. It’ll be full of steaks, beer, and fireworks for some people. For some it’s a day to reflect on what we have in America. Some just look at it as an extra day off.

Whichever group you fall in, enjoy and celebrate. Remember, it’s this day in history that allows you to enjoy this day now.

“We the people,….”