John Farnham Quip

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Fri, Apr 12, 2019 10:03 am
John Farnam (
12 Apr 19
New Zealand
As NZ’s Parliament rushes through a nation-wide ban (for everyone but themselves) on an across-the-board (and ever-expanding) list of semi-automatic firearms and normal-capacity magazines, all in the wake of last month’s Mosque shooting in Christchurch, it is now being revealed that the involuntary “Buy-Back Program,” included in this legislation, will include “caps” on compensation!
Individual gun owners will be paid only so much, no matter how much of their formally-legally-owned property is forcibly confiscated.
Gun retailers will not be compensated for lost business.
Additional bans, on what few guns remain off “the List,” are already being planned
“Pure motives” of the leftist politicians in NZ are not pure, after all!
Their intent is not merely to ban private ownership of guns, but also to beat-down, impoverish, and otherwise punish gun-owners, retailers, and the entire firearm industry for having had the audacity to include firearms in their personal lives,
but we are slated for punishment most of all because we fail to support socialism and socialist politicians!
What is happening in NZ in April of 2019 is a stark representation of what will surely unfold in the USA when Democrat/socialists take control!
They demand that they alone have guns.
They demand for themselves complete exemption from their own laws (a socialist trademark)!
Doubt that at your peril!
You’ll notice none among NZ’s socialist politicians are volunteering to surrender their own guns, nor guns toted by their heavily-armed bodyguards!
I concur totally with my friend John’s assessment.

Motes Upon The River

From the “Me, not Thee” file; presidential hopeful K.Harris openly opposes gun ownership, despite owning a handgun for “personal safety” herself. If nominated, will she surrender her weapon? Wouldn’t matter, she’ll be covered by the Secret Service. Hypocrisy ?

Too Much TV; In Florida, a high school student attempted a pro-wrestling move known as the “RKO” on his principal. It didn’t work and he got a lesson in why rasslin’ is not real. However, he immediately grabbed his phone and videoed a promo for his next match, with the police.

Is “sleazy journalist” redundant?

I’ve mentioned I returned to stand-up comedy a while back. After a 35-year hiatus. I’ve had some good crowds, some bad crowds, and some that were brutal. But nothing like Ian Cognito at the “Lone Wolf Comedy Club”. In stand-up, failure to get laughs is called “dying” on stage. Well, Ian did us all one better, he actually died. As in deceased. Boy, I’d hate to be the next comedian up.

Motes of the Day

April 10: James Bowie; born in in 1796 and died at the Alamo, San Antonio Texas just 40 years later in March of 1836. He was not a complete hero, nor was he a devil. He was just a man.

April 8: Richard Cole; died at 103 years old. A hero. The last of the famous Doolittle Raiders of WWII. If you want to see, check out the 2001  movie “Pearl Harbor”. Good flick.

File this under no good deed goes unpunished, or Florida strikes again. A man at a Gainesville  Waffle House paid for everyone’s meal. He was talking with customers when he got into dispute with one of them. (Remember he had already paid for the meals). The other customer went outside, returned with a gun and shot the good Samaritan to death.

All these politicritters keep talking about a “gun buy back”. You can’t buy “back” something you never owned in the first place. This would be more on the lines of a forced sale. Or maybe a coercive sale.

On that subject, I mentioned the Rwandan Genocide the other day. It that civil disturbance, 800,000 people lost their lives in a matter of a few months. Most of them killed by knives, clubs, and machetes.

The problem with education today; it used to teach you how to think, now it only teaches what to think.

Side Motes

Just a couple of side stuffs.

Today would have been Chris Kyle‘s 45th birthday. Another great American taken from us, much too soon, while trying to help lift a fellow soldier up.  My deepest respect to the Kyle family.

Today also marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide. One excellent movie is “Shake Hands With The Devil” staring Roy DuPuis ( La Femme Nikita tv series). It shows there are hero’s, even in something as terrible as a genocide. It is not a happy movie, but one well worth the time to watch and the conversations that are sure to follow.

And regarding that big snake found in Florida. What we need to do is start the viral story that Python meat is an ancient Chinese aphrodisiac. That will have those snake cleaned out in about three weeks, tops.

A Well Spent Sunday

Spent a great day sitting and talking with my friend Ken Onion. (Pictured here with Jim Newberry and I). We talked about movies, politics, the old west and new innovations. We remembered some old friends gone and commented on new friends and associates.



When I met Ken almost 30 years ago, he was just breaking into the custom knife business and studying under the late Stan Fujisaka. Every once in a while, if there was a brother in need of a fund raiser, Ken was always willing to part with a knife to sell at the party. Even though’ he wasn’t always sure of the next mortgage payment, he was willing to help someone else. Always.

Well, fast forward to today. Ken is, well let’s just say he’s comfortable. But he is as giving and humble as he was when I met him almost 30 years ago. He still gives of his time and products to those in need. He is always willing to mentor new knife makers but it doesn’t stop there.

In fact, he and Gov. Sarah Palin founded and fund the Alaskan Healing Hearts foundation for disabled vet’s. A great organization and cause.

Ken has designed knives for Steven Seagal, Steven Tyler, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee and many others carry a K.O.designed knife in their pocket.

I remember one fourth of July bar-b-q at Ken’s. Only in Hawaii, and at Ken Onions house, would you see a trio of Japanese billionaires, talking with the club presidents of two major 3 piece patch motorcycle clubs, standing next to a Filipino bag pipe player (in full kilt), and all of them watching a haole chinese lion dancer.

I’m proud to be able to call Ken my friend and brother.

Motes of Another Color

Wow, what a week, I don’t know where to start.

Jim Carey says we are “doomed” if we don’t regulate capitalism. This from an anti-vaxer with no education and no working skills who once called California Governor Jerry Brown a “corporate fascist”. And is a really bad artist.

In Florida, where else, they captured a 17’ female python. Snake was pregnant with 73 eggs. She was later euthanized when unable to provide a voter registration card.

In Detroit, a cop shows up intoxicated, to breathalyzer training. Who does he think he works for, TSA?

At the recent WWE Hall of Frame show, professional wrestler Bret Hart attacked by a member of the crowd. For once Trump was not blamed.

And don’t you love karma. A Rhino poacher is stomped to death by an elephant. And then eaten by lions.

DynaMike, Jesse James, and Me

As stories often start, once upon a time in Hawaii, Street Bikers United was a serious organization that worked hard for all club member bikers, independent motorcycle riders, and those that thought they were. It sponsored runs, parties, get togethers, and fund raisers that kept bad motorcycle insurance laws, and helmets, from weighing down the riders. It was the organization that got Hawaii’s full-time, all riders mandatory helmet law repealed.

Along with meetings, parties, and speeches, there was “Kicking Back”, the monthly newsletter. It was originally mailed to members, but it changed with the times and became an on-line read but still provided the needed and unneeded information for the membership. Its editorial staff was two to four volunteers, the SBU officers, and it ostensibly answered to the membership.

“DynaMike” was one of those volunteers. He did photography, stories, and such drivel. As a club president I had stepped out of the KB staff, so I didn’t write a column or reviews.

It was after our club threw a party that DynaMike wrote a review and referred to the patch holders as “the clowns of Hawaii biking”.  He thought he was funny by making a reference to the club, the “JESTERS” as “clowns”.  I took offense.

I called Mike leaving a voice message, asking that he consider changing the wording of his review. He casually waited 2 or 3 days before he called and answered “Naw,” he thought it read pretty good the way it was.

The second time I contacted him I told him the statement was disrespectful and he needed to change it, now. This was not a request. This time he responded he would not violate his “journalistic integrity” by changing something already “in print”.  He actually said “journalistic integrity”.

I told him there would be no more calls but there would be consequences to calling my patch holders “clowns”. He replied, so be it.

By the end of that week, the club let everyone in the SBU community know there would be a reckoning, just not when or what. It said something when nobody came to DynaMike’s defense.

Two weeks later one of the Harley Dealerships was having a big local bike show featuring guest judge, “noted bike builder” Jesse James. Everyone would be there for the cheap beer, beautiful bikes, and of course a chance to meet celeb Jesse James. I had another reason. I knew DynaMike would be there to take pictures.

We rolled in as a 16 man group a little after 11 that Sunday morning. The party was well under way and the parking lot full of bikes. There were lots of pretty ladies wandering around, there was real inexpensive beer, and a section roped off for the Bike Show entrants. That’s where I’d find DynaMike.

Several of the already there party goers couldn’t wait to direct me to where “DynaMike” was taking pictures amongst the bikes entered in the show. I walked around a bit, I was in no hurry.

It was just a few minutes short of noon when I walked into the “show’ area and there he was, wearing two camera’s looking like a “real journalist” and looking straight at me. At my entry he turned his back and started taking pictures of bikes further away, and he started walking away as if that had been his plan all along.

“DynaMike !”, my voice was loud and clear. He kept moving away as if he didn’t hear  me. I moved 6 steps to his 2 and I was right up behind him when I announced “DynaMike, we need to talk and it needs to be NOW.”

He turned to face me and had that “what cha gonna do” smirk on his face. So, I did something.

My bitch slap sounded like a rifle shot that was much louder than the music, which had just stopped. Turns out I had the attention of every biker and wantabe there, and that meant several hundred pairs of eyes saw the club P bitch slap the “SBU photographer”. And seems most of them smiled.

Mike stepped backwards 3 or 4 steps, and slowly took off the first camera. Slowly he took off the second camera and by then several of his “friends” were holding him back. Nobody got close to me, patch holders were circling behind me, facing outward, and showing their teeth to anybody approaching.  Finally I simply said, “I told you. Consequences.” And I turned my back on him and simply walked away.

That’s when I realized everyone was watching me and DynaMike, and nobody was watching Jesse James who had just walked on stage to no applause. Oops.

There’s more to this story,  another time I’ll talk about the police report, they couldn’t find any witness’; Jesse James blacklisting the club form his events here and in Cali, Tramp fixed that  little hissy fit; the restraining order hearing, during which, again, he could not produce any witness’ and  the judge opinionated I must be a very dangerous man; and some other stuff. But that’s a story for another telling.