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Doing foot patrol in Waikiki came with plenty of distinctive challenges and many unique problems, especially during the 70’s. It was the era the world began to really change from “Leave It to Beaver” to “Miami Vice”.
But in the 70’s there was still enough Mayberry around that working foot patrol was fun. Okay, maybe not fun, but it was interesting.
There were still a lot of wooden cottages and buildings in the back areas of Waikiki then. So many, that occasionally the termites would “swarm” clear over to Princess Kaiulani Avenue and Kalakaua Avenue. I mean a swarm so big and thick it would drive people off the streets and into any refuge they could find. These swarms would literally block out the street lights.
They would only last a short while then it would be over leaving thousands of dead and dying insects everywhere.
This was before anyone knew any better because the state, or maybe the city and county, had large trucks that would drive around at night spraying the bushes, or anything else left outside, with DDT. DDT was commonly used as an insecticide back then and now is recognized as toxic, dangerous to the environment and a known carcinogenic. Back then they just sprayed it everywhere to kill the bugs. Oops.
On foot patrol you spent a lot of time answering the same questions over and over, giving the same directions, and every once in a while you got to do some police work. You also got to know a lot of store, restaurant, and bar managers. Heck, you even got to meet Gypsy royalty, if you were lucky.
One of those restaurant and bar managers I got to know was Jon, the manager of the Jolly Roger restaurant on Kalakaua. He would often tell the waitress our coffee was on the house and was known to “comp” a meal now and then.
One night Ray and I were having some coffee and catching up on some paperwork
I overheard 2 of the waitresses talking about John’s son being in the hospital for surgery. I spoke up and asked for the whole story.
The boy was 3 or 4 years old and needed open heart surgery. Jon and his wife were spending every waking hour at the hospital and Jon had asked if any of the staff could donate blood as there would be a lot needed.
The next day Ray and I went to Queens Hospital before work and donated blood in the boy’s name. I never mentioned it to Jon.
A couple of years later I ran into Jon and his son at the Ala Moana shopping center. Jon introduced me to his son, and then told the boy some of my blood was in his body. I never knew that Jon had known.
Then there was Arnie, who probably had the most unusual Waikiki attraction.
Inside “Arnie’s House of Horrors”, which you have to admit was an unusual attraction for Hawaii, were torture devices and implements from some of the most infamous places on earth. He had devices from the Nuremburg Castle chambers, items reputed to have been used by the Spanish Inquisition, and a number of items related to the infamous Japanese “Unit 731”.
I tried to go inside a couple of times but just couldn’t make myself go past the lobby. The feelings were just that intense. Some of his exhibits had to be authentic, I could feel it.
At that time there were 5 movie theaters in Waikiki. The biggest and best known was the Waikiki #3 on Kalakaua.
It had a huge open area in the front with a fish pond full of koi and a water fountain. The walls of the pond was filled with small plagues engraved with replica signatures from the movie stars that had been in the movies shown there.
Inside there was a church style pipe organ on a platform that raised and lowered the organ between shows for many many years and was played expertly by the late Johnny deMello. During the 40’s it was part of many radio shows coming from Hawaii.
Inside the roof of the actual theater was painted with clouds and star constellations were projected on the ceiling during intermissions. There were actual palm trees and banana plants growing against the side walls.
For many of the years I walked foot beat, the manager was “Buck” Richards. Mr. Richards could have doubled for the late Duke Kahanamoku. He was tall, well built, with skin the bronze color of Hawaiian “Alii”. The entire time I knew him he had the most beautiful head of snow white hair. It was for people like Buck that the word “gentleman” was coined as he was a gentleman in every sense of the word.
During the years I walked the foot beat, I would often escort Mr. Richards and the night deposit bag to the bank a short distance away. If I couldn’t be there, or was off, I would ask one of the other beat men to make the walk. It was only a block or so, but why tempt fate.
It was the opening week of “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”, the original with Newman and Redford. It was one of those weeks when my days off were in the middle so my first wife, Maura, and I decided it probably wouldn’t be too crowded so we went to see it at the Waikiki Theater number 3.
We couldn’t have been more wrong. The front area around the pond was packed and there was a line down the stairs and onto the sidewalk.
We walked up to the ticket booth and I had just about decided to skip the whole thing when the girl in the booth called out to me.
I turned and greeted her, then told her we’d come back when it wasn’t as crowded. She asked me to wait a minute, and picked up the house phone to the manager’s office. After a very short conversation she turned and told us to go up to the front door and Mr. Richards would meet us.
We climbed the stairs, walked past the koi pond and all the people standing in line, and just as we started up the last few stairs the exit doors flew open and Buck Richards stepped out. He was dressed, as always, in a dark suit, spotless white shirt, and had a matching tie and breast pocket hanky.
Holding the doors open wide he open his arms in welcome and in a big voice greeted us with; “Alooooohha. So glad you’re here. Come in, come in”. As he ushered us inside he was giving his undivided attention to us and none of the surrounding crowd.
You can be sure this gathered a lot of hard, surprised and just plain puzzled looks from the crowd standing there.
We were allowed to choose our seats before the doors were opened so we continued getting looks and questioning stares as the rest of the crowd came in.
Nobody said anything to us directly until Maura went to the concession stand about 30 minutes into the film. While she was standing there a young woman approached and asked;
“Who are you?”
Maura, not really knowing how to answer replied; “Why?”
“Well”, the young woman explained. We were standing in line when you and your boyfriend…”
“Husband”, Maura corrected.
“Of course, husband”, she continued.” You both walk past everyone in line, the manager opens the doors to greet you both and let you in. Who are you?”
The girl attending the concession stand at that time was the same girl that had been in the ticket booth. At this point she decides to head off any problems.
“Excuse me ma’am”, she spoke up. “Have you been watching the movie?” said the counter girl.
“Well, of course I have”, came a kind of snotty response.
“Maybe you should watch a little closer.”
Turning to Maura she topped it all off by sliding our refreshments across the counter and said,” It’s on the management. It’s really nice to meet you.” She turned to the other woman she asked “And what can I get you?”
Without saying anymore Maura took our snacks and got back into the theater before the young woman spotted the big grin on her face.
I don’t know if that woman ever spotted me in the movie I was never in, but I bet she wasted a lot of time trying. Maura and I waited a few minutes into the next showing before leaving.
I hate autograph seekers.


I am most thankful for my loving wife. If it were not for her I would be dead by know. When I met her I was doing 90 mph, on a dead end street, riding a motorcycle with no brakes. She truly saved me and gave me a reason to become who I am now.
So I’m going to spend the next couple of days with her and the dogs and basking in their love. Ya’ll talk amounst youselves.

Motes of A Wednesday

Good news: The U.S. has some 40 million pounds of “unused” bacon in reserve The pork bellies, from whence comes the bacon, are stored in refrigerated warehouses. I have no report on the lettuce and tomato reserves.

Happy Birthday Tina Turner
. 80-Years-old. Wow, and she can still dance those moves.

Why is that? : When she was running as candidate for Vice President, Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol and her teen pregnancy was fair game for any MSM reporter with a voice. But Joe Biden’s son’s out of wedlock child, conceived while he was in a relationship with his deceased brother’s widow, is strictly off-limits. Why is that? “Uh, Uh. Mr. Kotter” (in a whiney nasal voice) “I know, because he is a Democrat. And Epstein did not kill himself.”

What is the world coming to: Colin Kaepernick still doesn’t have a position with the NFL. What was that? Nobody cares? Okay. The protestors at the Yale-Harvard game took the field and stayed, delaying the game over one hour. Problem was nobody noticed.

Pot calling kettle? : Disgraced former California politician Katie Hill has descended upon us with a vengeance. With the stink of her sexual hijinks still wafting in the air she has decided she will now lecture everyone on the “need to get people with actual integrity” into the senate. I would be more inclined to give her the time of day if she weren’t still blaming her ex-husband for hall her problems. To admit your own faults and fallings would seem to be a good indicator of integrity, Katie.

This could get interesting: There is finally a movement to do some serious study on missing Native American and Alaskan women. This has been an open secret for many years, known to many in Law Enforcement and in the MSM but seldom spoken about in public. I place some of the blame for that on the Us-v-Them “reservation” attitude. There are over 5,700 missing Native American and Alaskan women but less than 200 are actually logged with DoJ. It is also reported 84% of the women in these NA/A groups suffer domestic violence. President Trump has signed an Executive Order establishing a task force to start digging on this. Good, about time.

Little Motes on Tuesday

Comment on the Gallagher Happenings: I’m sorry but I have to disagree with President Trump. The “Special Warfare” community, which includes “SEAL”s have a special bond that only those that have been “there” and those that are “there”. They select their own. Mr. President, there is a special trust among these men, and women, that cannot be forced. Gallagher should have faced the decision of his peers as to whether he should keep his Trident or not. Mr. President, you cannot order or command trust.

Love Line: “My husband and daughter walked in on my naked lesbian lover and I.” Daughter is 12 and hubby is 40. Hubby has accepted it as a onetime mistake, but it’s three months later and “my daughter won’t look me in the face”. Sweetie, this ain’t a little kissy-face in the kitchen during a party. This one is going to take some soul searching, and more importantly some soul revealing in a frank and adult conversation with her. She is old enough to hear the truth, are you strong enough to tell her.

Probably the only time
: Rick Perry, Secretary of Energy, says that Trump was “ordained ny God” to be “president”. As was “B. Obama”. It is opinion as an Evangelical Christian that men who become President are meant to do great things. Well, it depends on what you term “great”, It is also the only time you’ll hear anything putting Trump and Obama in the same glowing sentence.

Good News: Remember the 5-year old thrown from the third-floor balcony of the “Mall Of America”? Well, he’s up, walking normally, and is back in school. There are still some medical issues to be handled but he is expected to make a full recovery. Wonderful news and best to the family.

Climate Change: How come all these “changers”, seem to concentrate on the U.S. and not Europe, India, China, or any other country? We are the least of the carbon footprints of all these, but they only chastise America. Probably because they can yell their crap without fear of going to jail, or worse disappearing. They use our civility against us.

Huh?: “Gender politics, climate change dominate the American music awards”. What happened to “music”? Seems that everyone wants their 15 minutes of blame (everybody else).

Proof is for the other guy: Good old lefty Jane Fonda has loudly proclaimed President Trump is a “criminal”. Of course, she cannot name a specific “crime” he has committed. Like the title, “proof” is only for the other guy.

Interesting scenario: Some people will tell you Trump started the “birther” inquiry on Obama. They will tell you he started the whole huhu. Now we have some people saying the whole “impeachment” this was planned long in advance and is part of a long view “revenge”, by Obama. Now that is an interesting conspiracy. I’m gonna have to look into this one.

Mote of Monday

They watch and learn:
In Detroit there was a police officer shot and killed by a suspect that appears to have been waiting for the officers to arrive. The Chief of Police says the suspect “clearly had some kind of training” and had “baited” the officers. I have no doubt the shooter may have had some “training” but really, if you just watch television such as SWAT, the FBI, or the Rookie , any number of “military action” movies, or you could just watch episodes of the Sons of Anarchy and you’d have a good idea how to lay an effective ambush. Hell, E-bay is full of “how-to” video’s that may or may not have been done by someone who knew what they were doing. Not all, probably most, are horse crap on disc, but sometimes there is a glimmer of truth. So the training doesn’t have to mean military or militia. It could just mean they watch a lot of tv and movies.

Is there no shame: A Maricopa County Court has ordered Biological Research Center (BRC) of Phoenix to pay 10 families, out of 21 that have filed suit, a total of 58 million dollars for selling the bodies of deceased loved ones that had been donated for “research”. BRC ran what as been called a “human chop shop”. I believe this will ignite another “abortion isn’t killing” argument that will try to equate this with that. It ain’t the same people. It ain’t the same. And no, there is no shame.

The inmates etc, : I wrote about NYC no longer requiring bail for non-violent crimes, and I expressed the thought that many people released would not show up for court. Well, Mayor Comrade DeBlasio has decided to bribe them to show up. He will be offering some 900 former “inmates” Met’s tickets, show tickets, and gift cards for showing up to their court date. How long will it be before someone doesn’t go to jail, after being convicted, because they have “mayor’s tickets to a show” during the time they would be incarcerated? Not long I predict.

No good deed: In Utah, a sixth-grade teacher is being charged with kidnapping. The teacher claims the 5-year old child, who suffers from autism and only speaks Spanish, was lost and could not remember how to get home. The teacher says she was only trying to comfort and lead the child. The child’s parents appear not to believe the teachers explanation and have filed charges that could result in a “15-years to life” sentence. There must be more to this than first glance. Like I said, no good deed goes unpunished.

Sad Good-bye: Just learned of the passing of actor Michael J. Pollard at the age of 80 Often called a “unique” individual and actor Pollard is best known for his role in the 1967 movie “Bonnie and Clyde”. His talent will be missed.