Little Friday Motes

Just think: A realtor is just a “used house salesman”. Kinda puts a new perspective on it.

Call it research: So Uncle Joe has decided on a full court press to “find the cure” for cancer. The very first question that popped into my head;” How many of his cronies have now gotten bullet proof jobs for the next 10-15 years?”.  But that’s just me.

Don’t pet the shaggy cows: A man who may have been keeping a wild kangaroo as a pet was killed by the animal in southwest Australia, police said Tuesday. It was reportedly the first fatal attack by a kangaroo in Australia since 1936. It was believed he had been attacked earlier in the day by the kangaroo, which police shot dead because it was preventing paramedics from reaching the injured man, police said. The man died at the scene. “They’re not a cute animal, they’re a wild animal,” said one official. So, in addition to not petting the big shaggy cows, let’s say don’t fight with the giant bunnies.

Falls are very clean: A high-level executive in Russia’s energy sector has died after apparently falling off a boat over the weekend, becoming the latest Russian powerbroker to perish under “mysterious circumstances.” Ivan Pechorin, 39, managing director of the Far East and Arctic Development Corporation (ERDC), was sailing off the coast of Russky Island in the Sea of Japan on Saturday when he fell overboard from the speeding vessel. His body was recovered from the water on Monday following an extended search. Drownings while sailing are not “uncommon”. Man, you’d think these guys are friends of the Clinton’s.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you: On Monday, a sexual assault victim filed a lawsuit against the city and county of San Francisco for storing her DNA collected from a rape kit in the police database. The suit alleged that her DNA was stored without her consent and later used to arrest her on unrelated burglary charges. So, they get your DNA anyway they can, and boom you’re charged. And everybody knows DNA is NEVER wrong.

Speaking of getting it wrong:   Philadelphia teacher Ellen Greenberg was “excited” about life, her new job and her upcoming wedding when she was found dead under “grisly circumstances in 2011”. A close friend said she in no way believes the 27-year-old could have killed herself. Greenberg died from 20 stab wounds, half of them in her back, including a 6.5 cm wound to the base of her skull allegedly sustained after her heart stopped beating. An autopsy found she’d suffered 20 stab wounds, half of them from behind, and the initial manner of death was ruled a homicide.   After a behind-closed-doors meeting between pathologists with the city medical examiner’s office and investigators, the report was revised, and her death ruled a suicide. Like the guy who shot himself in the head, twice, with a lever action rifle. Determined.

Is Kamala Harris a master of the  oblivious?

Thump Day Motes

(Like “hump” day, just more severe.)

Yes I am : I’m old enough to remember when paper bags were being blamed for the destruction of the forests. And plastic bags were the solution.

Rights denied: A Honolulu man asked for, paid for, and received the license plate “FCKBLM”. The plate is now being described in the local media as “profanity to insult the Black Lives Matter” and the “expletive-laced license plate”. After receiving complaints, the city ordered him to surrender the plate. Until he does, he cannot renew his car registration and is subject to citation and seizure of his property. Okay, it’s 6 letters. Not much for being “laced” with anything. “After receiving complaints”. How many complaints does it take for you to lose your possessions? I’m offended at the guy that owns the island of Kauai. Give it back. I’m offended by the big “Black Lives Matter” sign on the front of the church on the Pali highway. Take it down. If you’re offended at his license plate, and his 1st amendment rights, don’t look. It really is just that simple.

Just freakin’ wrong: It seems the Democrats’ plan for our military is to have them vaxxed, woke, and broke. Thanks to a scorching case of Bidenflation, active service members are struggling to make ends meet here on the homefront. Sgt. Maj. of the Army Michael A. Grinston released financial guidance to his soldiers recently. Among the various options for financial help and advice for soldiers and their spouses in the guidance is a link to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, aka SNAP. Food stamps. Our first line of defense, our military, has to have food stamps to feed their families. Thanks Joe.

Multi tier justice system: Prosecutors declined to criminally charge an Assistant U.S. Attorney found to have “lacked candor” (lied) sexually assaulting a civilian on a date. The investigation had determined the unnamed Assistant U.S. Attorney exposed their genitals in a public place and forced the civilian to touch them, violating state law and federal off-duty conduct rules. The Inspector General’s Office said it sent the Executive Office for the United States Attorneys and DOJ Office of Professional Responsibility its report on the matter for appropriate action. So, he exposed himself, forced another person to sexually touch him, and lied about it, but there is no “preponderance of the evidence” and he’s not charged. Huh???

Just pointing out: In Calipornia, you can’t use a tanning bed if you’re under 18. Also in Calipornia, 13 year old’s can have their breasts removed. It’s not about political differences anymore. It is literally about good versus evil.

Do as I say, not as I do: Democratic New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell is refusing to apologize or to pay back the more than $29,000 in first- and business-class travel she’s taken at taxpayer expense since January 2021. Her behavior flies in the face of New Orleans’ city travel policy, which states that all municipal workers must choose the cheapest airfare or pay back any cost differences, the outlet reported. On one trip to France, Cantrell spent $43,000 in taxpayer money, including $18,000 on airfare alone. “Anyone who wants to question how I protect myself just doesn’t understand the world Black women walk in,” said her honor the mayor. First, why the hell does the New Orleans mayor fly to France on the city funds? And second, what does flying, at city expense, have to do with “how I protect myself” or “the world Black women walk in”? Sorry, it just doesn’t add up.

Gas in Honolulu unchanged last 3weeks.

What are you paying?

Tuesday Motes of Relevance

Just the facts: Over the last 3o years, 56 of the Clinton family’s former employees and associates have been found dead in “strange” circumstances. Each of these people would have had information that could harm the Clinton’s careers.  I did 2 tours in VN, 15 years as a cop, a bunch of years as a bodyguard, and 20+ years in construction. I knew 3 suicides, and 0 “strange” deaths. Hmmm, what am I doing wrong? Oh, and Hilary is not running for president. Riigghht.

A Mexican citizen cannot vote, in Mexico, without a valid id. He must come to America to do that.

Floating away in my beautiful balloon: A Chinese pine-nut picker who spent two days floating nearly 200 miles in an escaped hydrogen balloon is back on the ground and safe, according to a report. The man, identified as Hu, was floating in the tethered balloon to harvest pine nuts from a treetop when the balloon broke free. Chinese state media said rescuers reached Hu by cellphone Monday morning and directed him to slowly deflate the balloon to land safely. On Tuesday, he landed about 200 miles northeast, close to the border with Russia where a search team of some 500 local police and firefighters spotted his balloon stuck in a tree. Hu told interviewers he had been cold and hungry during the ordeal, but he was in good health, apart from a pain in his lower back. Could have been worse.

Update; Rachel Richardson’s false race accusations against Brigham Young volleyball fans have been debunked by police investigators, but race writer Mike Freeman says the Duke athlete is now the victim of a “right-wing conspiracy theory.” No, it’s not a theory. No evidence shows it happened. You’d think with all this ho-ha-ha there’s be at least one member of the crowd that could back up Richardson’s story but there isn’t. Not one.  Oh wait, they were in BYU country, so they’d all lie and cover-up.

A never-was has-been: Taco Tuesday was quickly ruined by another washed up celebrity’s attempt to virtue signal. On Tuesday, Kathy Griffin must have taken a stupid pill as she tweeted that if someone votes Republican, then they want a Civil War. That isn’t correct. How do I know? There’s not enough shat being blown-up.

Let’s make it really fair: Jennifer Lawrence is one of the highest paid actresses in the world — and yet she’s still paid millions of dollars less than her male co-stars. Anybody else tired of Hollyweird participants complaining about how little they are paid ? How about this? From now on  you get $47.85/hour for time actually in front of the camera; ½ that for rehearsal and public appearances in promotions; no time and a half for more than 8 hours in one day, no pay for time in make-up, costumes, or on set but not on camera. Reshoots will be on your dime, and all residuals go to the studio and producers. Medical insurance will be paid by the producers, but only for days actually on set and not during “off” time between productions. “Con” appearances or signings will be paid at a flat rate to be discussed prior to the date. How’s that sound? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Tracking. Why: Payment processor Visa announced Saturday its plans to separately categorize gun shop sales, joining Mastercard and American Express, which have already said they would categorize purchases at firearm stores. Visa said it would apply the International Organization for Standardization’s new merchant code to gun shop sales. The new IOS code was announced on Friday. Previously, gun store sales were labeled as “general merchandise.” The move signals a major victory for gun control advocates who argue that a separate category for gun store sales will help track “suspicious quantities of firearm sales that could potentially lead to a mass shooting.” Horse shat. This will not stop any shooting. “Mass” or otherwise. The only thing it will be used for is tracking what you buy, when you buy it, and where to find it (and you) when they want to take it away from you, “for the good of the people.”

Another Monday With Classic Motes

Just sayin” : Tried to watch a couple of movies this weekend, “tried” being the optimum word. The “Eternals”, a MCU movie, was soooo slllooowww, we gave up. It just had nothing going.  I had high hope for “Paws of Fury; The Legend of Hank”. The best I can say is, it’s no Kung-Fu Panda. More like “Hong Kong Phooey. No recommendations for either movie.

We “must” believe: It all started at “a women’s volleyball game played at BYU in Utah where a black Duke University player alleges that fans hurled racist taunts at her. At BYU ! By now, the story has gone all around the world, as such stories tend to do. However, the story that Rachel Richardson, the only black starter on the Duke volleyball team, told  has begun to fall apart. Rachel Richardson’s godmother is named Lesa Pamplin. She is a lawyer in Fort Worth, Texas, where, she is running for a seat as circuit court judge. Having a goddaughter who has been a victim of high-profile racist abuse is ballot-box gold for Leftists in this age of the glorification of victimhood. On August 30, a comprehensive investigation concluded the event did not happen. Further,  a newspaper report is saying there was no racial slur and separate reports from the BYU Campus and BYU athletic department substantiated that the word was not said. But since the “victim” is a “person of color”, neither she nor her race-baiting godmother can be racists, so it’s not going nowhere.

No honor among them: In Honolulu there is an “organized crime” trial getting ready.  Originally there were 10 defendants in the first indictment and 3 others in a second. So far, 6 of the 10 have rolled and made deals with the prosecution. Another 8 “associates” have also  flipped and will provide testimony. That makes 14 out of 18 to testify.  Remember; “If 3 or more are involved, at least one is an informant.”

“How stupid can you be”, is not a challenge: According to an online survey from WPA Intelligence, nearly one in four Democratic voters believe that men can get pregnant. The percentage rose when only including women and shot up to an astonishing 36% of white, college-educated female Democrats who believe men can get pregnant. It’s stunning there are that many really stupid people in the world.

No good deed: A Georgia State University student tried to buy a meal for a homeless man from an Atlanta Popeyes, but a manager at the fast-food restaurant refused to allow the sale — and police even were called on the student. The location, once told why the student wanted to purchase the extra meal, refused to sell the meal. The Popeye’s store manager was rude and condescending to the student and offered no reason why the student couldn’t buy the meal. After the incident, Popeyes general manager said in a statement that it’s “committed to treating everyone with dignity and respect” and that it has “ensured all employees at this restaurant have been provided with retraining to help navigate a range of guest interactions, such as the situation highlighted in the video.” How about just firing the individual due to “lack of people skills”. “No good deed goes unpunished.”

You can’t make this up: A deputy police chief from Georgia was arrested in Florida last week for soliciting prostitution while attending a lie detector seminar in Orlando and driving an unmarked police vehicle. You can expect to see this event scripted into “Chicago PD” , “911”, or “Law and Order SVU” within the next few weeks.

Anybody else find it funny that an “on-line gambling” site has adds on a professional wrestling show? Hilarious.

Sunday Rant – D T I

With thanks to Joh and the DTI staff. He puts it as well as anyone could.

ALWAYS (emphasis mine):

7 Sept 22

“A superior man, when resting in ‘safety,’ forgets not that peril is ever-present. When in a state of ‘security,’ he forgets not that ruin is only a breath away. When all is ‘’orderly, he forgets not that chaos ever hovers over him.


Even while jogging…!

As the recent high-profile kidnapping/murder in Memphis, TN clearly and tragically illustrates:

When precipitously attacked by a VCA(s), you’ll have only seconds to react in some kind of efficacious way that will keep you from being murdered!

Media pundits are currently agonizing over what one can do to enhance the “de-selection” process, all of which is relevant, yet innocent people are routinely selected for violent criminal victimization for all kinds of reasons (some comprehendible, some not), sometimes for no reason at all!

Thus, trying to predict “relative level of danger” for any particular time/place/circumstance is akin to predicting the weather. The difference is that in the former case you’re wagering your very life on the inerrable accuracy of your prediction!

And yes, foolish people lose their lives every day while in the process of doing stupid things, and finding themselves in stupid places. And yes, that was their ill-advised choice. However, many others similarly meet their doom while in perfectly reasonable places, and while going about perfectly reasonable activities. They’re just as dead as the fools in the former case!

In the later case, they were told, “You’re perfectly safe here!”

Never believe it!

Accordingly, when I advise to “go armed,” I mean everywhere, and at all times, even while jogging!

When your pistol is not in your hand within a few seconds of you being aware of the critical need, it may as well not be there. Many have been murdered when their hand was just a few inches/seconds away from their protective pistol. They didn’t/couldn’t get to it in time!

Alertness, awareness, avoidance, prudence, de-selection- all are crucial, no doubt.

Yet, when staring death in the face (despite your best efforts at avoidance) you’re going to need a deadly weapon in-hand instantly, in order for you to have much chance of living through it, as we see!

Like parachutes and fire-extinguishers, guns are emergency/safety equipment. When you require one, your need will be immediate, critical, and desperate. And, when unprepared, you’ll likely never need one again!

“For a change, Lady Luck seems to be smiling on me. Then again, maybe the fickle wench is just lulling me into a false sense of security- while she reaches for a rock!”

Timothy Zahn


And it seems to get worse everyday. To learn more, learn “Cooper’s Color Code”, read Jordon’s “No Second Place Winner” and study Cooper’s “Principles of Personal Defense”. And learn them !!

Saturday Story


Harley was my first Siberian Huskey. I got her from a military family that had too many dogs for base housing and she was the one chosen to go. They were the ones that named her “Harley” even through the husband didn’t ride. Later, the couple split up and the wife, Kimber became a close friend of my wife and me.

Harley loved the “Bark Park”. Whenever we took her there she seemed to appoint herself as the official gate greeter. Whenever a new dog came to the gate, she had to go and meet them. No matter how many dogs were already there, she would rush to the gate and be the first to “greet” the newcomer.

Most of the time at the park, she would spend it running, God I loved to watch that animal run. Julie often said she looked like a big bunny rabbit hoping. But when she really turned on the speed, it was beauty in motion. She could cover ground at an incredible rate. There was sheer joy on her face. God I loved to watch her run.

Her kennel was in the front yard, right outside our bedroom window. There was a slanted tree where she could put her front paws and look into the bedroom window. Sometimes it looked like she was in a tree, so I called her my “Hawaiian tree wolf”.

She’d wake me up in the mornings and woof at the window until I’d get up and we went for our morning walk.

Taking Harley to Obedience School was an education for both of us. Mostly me, learning a great deal of patience. At the time I didn’t know if it was a Husky thing or not, but the only way to get her to follow commands was to convince her it was her idea. With Harley, there were good days and bad days.

I cannot express how full of pride my heart would get when I would say “heel” and there she was, right by my left leg, those huge brown eyes looking up at me.  She would be in the perfect spot, and keeping perfect pace. I would look at that beautiful face and she would find something on the ground she just had to smell and so she would. So much for the perfect position. But those brief moments made it worth every day we spent together in those classes.

I would work with her every morning on our early walks’ she would just be perfect. We’d get to class and she’d be a handful.

She had “sit” and “heel” down perfect. The “down” was occasionally right, but the concept of “stay” was completely out of her mind set. She could sit for a few moments, not minutes, and as soon as she heard her name it was “jump on Daddy” time. So she would.

Some people will tell you that animals don’t make friends out of their species, and they continue believing this despite all the animal friend videos all over you-tube.

Harley’s other specie friend was a little gray field mouse that lived under the house. I watched her and that mouse just sitting and looking at each other, and I’d seen Harley give out a little soft woof now and then. I even swear I saw them playing peek-a-boo along the fence.

Huskies are known to be food thieves, they’ll eat until they throw up, and then eat some more. So it was a huge surprise when I saw the mouse eating kibble out of her bowl, and she just sat or laid there watching.

Harley had a pet mouse.

The night Harley died in my arms is so painful it still hurts today. I was holding her in my arms when I literally felt the last breath of life leave her body. I was a wreck for a long time.

Finally, after 3 or 4 days I sat down inside her kennel. Don’t know why, just felt like sitting there. I looked into her house, and there, sitting on the edge of the empty food bowl, was Harley’s mouse.

I stood slowly, walked over to the food bin, took out a handful of kibble, and walked back to the entry of her house.

The mouse had moved back a couple of feet but didn’t run away. I slowly poured the food from my hand into the bowl, and went back to where I had been sitting.

The mouse waited a little while, then slowly made its way over to the bowl. Sitting on the edge, the mouse looked at me, the empty dog house, and the food in the bowl.

As the mouse started to nibble at the dry dog food, seemingly looking up at me every other mouthful, all I could think of was to say; “I miss her too.” And I walked back into the house with tears in my eyes.

Harley’s mouse finished its meal and ran off.

 We moved to another home.

I’m glad I put that food in the bowl. A last gift from Harley, the dog that gave me so much.

Movin’ On Friday Motes

“The Queen is dead. Long live the King.”

Shoot yourself in the foot: California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) on Monday signed a new fast-food bill that will pave the path for $22 an hour minimum wage. How much is that “#1 Meal” gonna be now?

When even you don’t believe what you’re saying: In his last speech, which lasted 15-20 minutes, he said “Not joking” or “not a joke” 9 times. It’s really bad when you have to convince yourself of what you’re saying.

“The bullet is part of the cartridge

The cartridge goes into the breach

As you take pains with your rifle

Take equals pains with your speech.”

                                         Col. Jeff Cooper

The beginning to normalize the abnormal: Brazil’s Leonardo Ulrich Steiner, made a cardinal last week by Pope Francis, has insisted that homosexual acts are only sinful for Christians and thus gay unions should be approved. Using the logic of not wanting to impose confessional morals on non-Christians, Cardinal Steiner told LifeSiteNews that the Church should not try to make society follow its beliefs. So it’s okay for non-christians to f… children in the a..? Never mind.

A sad Good-Bye: Justus Ellis McQueen Jr., known professionally as L.Q. Jones, was an American actor and director. He appeared in Sam Peckinpah’s films Ride the High Country, Major Dundee , The Ballad of Cable Hogue, and Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid. Probably best known as one of the most despicable bounty hunters ever in conjunction with Strother Martin in the Wild Bunch. He also wrote, directed, and produced the extreme cult classic “A Boy And His Dog”. He passed July 9 at 94. His unique looks and talent will be missed.

That I’d really like to see this.

Staying in Honolulu and sorting crap again. More on that later.

Thursday First Motes

Horse puckery: A recent full 1/2 page ad in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser front section. Big picture of our local Senators. Top caption, “THANK YOU SENATORS SCHATZ AND HIRONO for voting for the Inflation Reduction Act”. At the bottom it says, “Paid for by the League of Conservative Voters”. “Conservative” voters my azz.

Lucky I live Hawaii: The daughter lives just north of Seattle. Her daughter was sitting with 3 friends in a park just down the street from her house. She and 1 friend went to “freshen up”. When they returned, the 2 boys they had been sitting with were dead. They had both been shot in the head. No suspects at this time. Gangs? Drugs? Both possibilities. Just something no 17 y-o girl should have to see.

Goes around, comes around: For several years Sean Hannity had the country group “Florida Georgia Line” music as bumpers and even did specials with them. Then in 2018 singer Tyler Hubbard turned to social media to argue the case for gun law reform and they were dropped. Then in 2020 Carrie Underwood turned them down for a “collaboration song”. Now I read the duo are splitting up. The first lesson of entertainment, “know your audience”. They didn’t.

Out of sight, etc: Two candidates vying to be Hawaii’s next governor tackle the issue of health care on the Big Island — specifically addressing the situation at one of the state’s most overcrowded and understaffed hospitals. Hilo Medical Center isn’t just in dire need of beds. It also has a severe shortage of full-time nurses. It’s a health care crisis that, if it isn’t solved, could lead to disastrous consequences. Inside Hilo Medical Center, there are about the same number of beds now as there were when the hospital was built nearly 40 years ago. For the past two years, the hospital’s been pushing a plan to add on a new wing. Because we’re not the center of attraction like Honolulu, even our demorat politicians seem to forget we have the same problems as Oahu. Except Oahu has 8 hospitals, the Big Island has 4. And the Big Island has almost 63% of the states land. We have fewer hospitals to go to and have to go further to find one.

Now he’s a good thug: It’s almost shocking how few people get shot and killed, even by accident, when they aren’t brandishing firearms while taking over public streets. While Americans are derided by their own president as “semi-fascists,” actual black-shirted thugs are taking over Portland’s streets at will. Last week, when lefty Antifa and Antifa-inspired bully-boys engaged in what police called “an apparent illegal street takeover event,” things got even more out of hand than usual. An elderly man trying to drive past had a thug fire as many as 18 rounds at his van. The only death it seems was of a 20 y-o Antifa thug, killed by his own. Irony, oh sweet irony.

Gas this week: no change.

First Wednesday Of September Motes

Why I have a job: A contract baggage handler unloading a Frontier flight has died after her hair became stuck in the belt loader. The incident occurred at approximately 10:20 p.m. at Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans when the woman who was employed by GAT Airline Ground Support, which contracts with Frontier, was working to offload an inbound aircraft after it landed when her hair somehow managed to get stuck in the belt loader. GAT CEO Mike Hough confirmed to ABC News in a statement that the female victim was severely injured and subsequently died as a result of the incident. This is what I do, I keep stuff liker this from happening. Maybe someone there wasn’t doing their job.

Battle Bots: Last weeks “Glitch”-v-“Rotator”, parts and flames everywhere. Sheesh.

**Recently I have been called a danger to democracy because I oppose the current regime. I have been called a white supremist based solely on the fact I am white. I have been called a fascist because I don’t trust federal law enforcement. I have been called an extremist because I want my kids and grandkids to be able to read and write and have their own opinions. I have been called a crack-pot conspiracist because I don’t believe recent elections were without fraud. Funny, nobody is calling me what I really am, an American Patriot. **

Priorities: New York Post has footage of an elderly woman being dragged out of a ride share car and reportedly robbed by her driver in Brooklyn. There’s a lot more to this story but something jumped out at me when I was reading it. A younger, good Samaritan witnessed the abuse and realized the man had stolen the woman’s cell phone. “He filmed the altercation between the driver and elderly woman as she screamed, “call the police! He robbed my phone” and then shared the video on Twitter.” W T F ? His first thought is to film, not call 911 or jump in and help. It appears that he did later assist the woman, to the point he also had to be taken to the ER. And yes, I guess the recording will be additional evidence, but I’m more inclined to “save first, film after”.

Not ever: I just read a story about a mother that had just lost her young daughter. There is a recording of the child, made the day before her death, singing to her Mom, ”I love you. You love me.” The child, Ava, had a brain tumor. She fought bravely, but succumbed. “The day before Ava passed, she couldn’t walk, sit up and could barely talk but she still wanted to tell me that she loved me,” the Mother wrote. Then she wrote, “..parents should never plan a funeral, pick a casket, one last outfit, ‘the perfect plot’ spot, or an urn for their child.” Absolutely not. Not ever. My heart goes out to Mom and the entire family.

Didn’t even cross my mind: During the pandemic I looked forward to many things returning. One of them was not a giant street tomato food fight. But evidently the residents of  Buñol, an eastern Spanish town about 25 miles from Valencia, were. Thousands of revelers splattered each other with tomatoes last Wednesday, celebrating the return of Spain’s iconic La Tomatina food fight festival after a two-year lapse due to the coronavirus pandemic. Trucks laden with overripe tomatoes crawled through the narrow streets as local residents on board hurled them at the crowd in an hour-long frenzy, leaving the area drenched in red pulp. Man, I’d love to own the local dry cleaners for this week.

Weekend play list; Lori Morgan, B J Thomas, T. Graham Brown, and Dan Seals. Binged “1883” this weekend. Wow. Can’t be a second season because it wrapped everything up in 10 episodes. Still, what a feakin’ ending. Sam and Tim were good, but Faith was incredible. Wow.

New Motes For The New Week

 That’s gonna work: New York City Mayor Eric Adams is launching a comprehensive outreach plan to educate New Yorkers about the new state gun law going into effect September 1. In addition, the city is creating gun free zones in so called “sensitive” parts of the city, including in Times Square. Signage will be posted along those boundaries and within Times Square saying guns are prohibited in the area. Yeah, Times Square a “gun free zone”. Yep, that’ll stop ‘em alright.

It’s a cultural thing: From tweeter “Eva Vlaardingerbroek@EvaVlaar”: “White South African farmers have been hunted down and slaughtered for years in the most gruesome ways imaginable and the High Court just ruled that the chant “Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer”, does not classify as hate speech. This ruling will send even more farmers to the grave.” I agree with her. The killing and torture of white farmers has increased to a daily occurrence. And the S.A. government not only does nothing about it, but has, imho, encouraged it. I used to have friends there, some moved to Australia, some didn’t get out.

Time for the adults to take over: Victor Madrigal-Borloz may be the most consequential bureaucrat you’ve never heard of. Madrigal-Borloz is the “SOGI czar” at the United Nations. Or, more precisely, he is the U.N.’s so-called independent expert on protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, or SOGI. And the Costa Rican lawyer just concluded an official visit to the United States intended to “assess” the “human rights of LGBT persons” here. It’s gone beyond time to close the U.N. circus down. It’s not entertaining anymore, and the monkeys have taken over.

Did he know Hilary: The head of a Russian oil giant that criticized President Vladimir Putin and the Ukraine war, died Thursday after reportedly falling out of his hospital window. The company issued a statement early Thursday confirming the death of Maganov, 67, “after a severe illness,” but did not specify the cause. The hospital declined to comment and referred comment to the police, who declined to comment. It appears numerous individuals in opposition to Vlad’s conflict have “fallen” to their death. Just bad luck, I guess. Reminds me of the words of hitman Charles Bronson in the 70’s movie “The Mechanic”; “Falls from high places are very clean.”

Burning’ down the house: Portland, Oregon’s police force has been anemic since the 2020 racial unrest that led to “mostly peaceful” riots, which partly explains why hoodlums are now running amok — even deploying a flamethrower — as they takeover entire streets in The City Of Roses. Hundreds of individuals took over a Portland intersection at Northeast 72nd and Sandy on Sunday evening for 90 minutes. At least one individual had a flamethrower, and three people were shot, with one person killed. I wonder if it was one of these. Available locally, just under $700.00. Hmmm

I missed this one last week: An Irish woman has been crowned the world axe-throwing champion after winning a competition in Canada. Ceola McGowan, from County Sligo, beat competitors from across the world to win the World Double Bit Axe Throwing Championships on Sunday August 28. After her first throw of the axe, Ms McGowan said she was “immediately hooked” and took up the sport competitively just five months later. Pole dancing is another sport that Ms McGowan has done for a number of years that she said has helped her in axe throwing. “The pole-dancing community is actually very similar to the axe-throwing community where you’ve got that love, camaraderie and support.”  Okay, I didn’t know pole dancing was a “sport”, or a “community”. I guess I’m just too old because when I hear “pole dancing” I immediately think “Stripper”. I’m a pig.