Thursday Motes of Note

Baseball? : The Dodgers announced earlier this month they will give their “Community Hero Award” to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, an activist group of “queer and trans nuns,” before their June 16 game. “This is an anti-Catholic hate group of homosexual men that dress up as Catholic nuns and engage in blasphemous and sacrilegious activities such as blessing themselves with sex toys, pole dancing on a cross, and inverting the words of Christ saying ‘go and sin some more,’” said Brian Burch, the president of CatholicVote, a conservative political advocacy group. Hey Dodgers, I love baseball. I loved taking my kids of baseball games. I loved watching games with my grandkids. I will NOT EVER attend another dodger game. EVER!!!         

Oh crap: an American-born and naturalized Swiss singer, dancer, actress and author. Widely referred to as the “Queen of Rock and Roll”, she rose to prominence as the lead singer of the ”Ike and Tina Turner Review” before launching a successful career as a solo performer. In 1991, Ike & Tina Turner were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Ike was incarcerated and Turner did not attend. Tina was the poster girl for a “never ever give up” attitude. For so many many reasons, she will be missed.

Not much msm coverage: Did you know, Sam Brinton, formerly hailed as the first “non-binary” senior federal official as head of nuclear waste management has avoided jail or prison, despite two guilty pleas for luggage theft at airports in Las Vegas and Minneapolis? I knew he had been arrested and charged but didn’t see any coverage of his pleas. Now, with his arrest as a fugitive accused of a third luggage theft at Reagan National Airport in Washington, he is about to experience life as a jailbird. I wonder, since he is a “furry lover”, if some nice fellow prisoner will “adopt” him. You know, like a stray kitty or puppy. Snicker snicker

Under the radar and unreported by msm: Quickly but quietly, Big Pharma and various state governments are working to inject beef and dairy cattle with mRNA “vaccines.” The practice has been happening with pork since 2018 and beef is next on the agenda. Jason Nelson, CEO of Whole Cows, has been watching the developments closely. His Texas company, which specializes in shelf-stable freeze-dried meat for long-term storage, has vowed to never allow gene therapied cattle to enter the food supply through their products.  “I’ll shut down the company before we ship a single bag of mRNA-injected meat,” he said. That IS the correct response. Too bad it’s too late and too little.

It’s okay, he’s white:Actress Cate Blanchett revealed that she and her producing partner, Coco Francini, have set a rule for hiring crew. “We made a rule, basically, for every single member of the crew that for every position you must interview a woman, and you must interview a person of color,” Francini said. To me, this sounds like prejudice against any whit male. Isn’t that racism?

Don’t let TRUMP steal another election. Demand voter identification for everyone.

Half-way There Motes

Headline: “World’s Elites Scheme At Secretive Annual Bilderberg Meeting”.Key leadership from companies like Microsoft, ChatGPT, and Google are convening with prime ministers, royalty, bank governors, army generals, and top US officials at the 2023 Bilderberg Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal to strategize about global affairs. Artificial intelligence is the focus of the 69th annual secretive Bilderberg meeting. The year’ guest list, which is by invitation only, also includes establishment politicians like twice-failing Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams. By what measurement, other than her own mind, would “Failure Abrams” be considered an “elite”. Anyone? Please?

Land of the free: Remember just a short time ago you had to show ID AND a vaxx proof to get a freakin’ beer at a bar? I do.

Reminder: The longest filibuster in U.S. history was 75 days. It took place in 1964 when DEMOCRATS tried to block the Civil Rights Act. The single person longest filibuster was on August 28, 1957, Strom Thurmond, a DMEOCRAT, was intended to prevent the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1957. Anyone else see a pattern here?

It’s about time: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau marked the 150th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on Tuesday by acknowledging mistakes the force has made in the past, and expressing hope for change. In a statement, the force says it plans to use the sesquicentennial to share the RCMP’s efforts to create a more modern organization that engages in authentic reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples and ensures the safety of all Canadians. It has been  claimed the first Mounties were British army wipeouts, shattered veterans of Afghanistan and Africa, and borderline criminals.

It’s good to have friends: Hunter Biden cried poverty at his Arkansas child-support hearing earlier this month — despite flying to and from the courthouse aboard a luxury private jet owned by his close friend Kevin Morris. The 2001 Dassault Falcon 50 is registered to Plato LLC, for which Morris is the principal, California business records show. Wow, the guy is sooo poor he has to use someone else’s private jet.

Gas, Hilo Hawaii 5/20/23.

What are you paying?

Tuesday Motes To Go “HUH?”

How’s that sit with the tourism office: Nearly half of hotel rooms in New York City today are filled with newly arrived border crossers and illegal aliens, living rent-free at the expense of local taxpayers, says Mayor Eric Adams (D). Send the bill to Uncle Joe.

Something go boom: Some 60,000 pounds of ammonium nitrate, a chemical used as both fertilizer and a component in explosives, went missing as it was shipped by rail from Wyoming to California last month, prompting four separate investigations. A railcar loaded with 30 tons of the chemical left Cheyenne, Wyoming, on April 12. The car was found to be empty after it arrived two weeks later at a rail stop in the Mojave Desert, according to a short incident report from the explosives firm that made the shipment. A short reminder, this is the substance used in the Oklahoma federal building bombing. And that was nowhere 30 tons. Makes me nervous.

This train goes only 1 direction: Subway choking victim Jordan Neely was laid to rest on Friday and eulogized by the Rev. Al Sharpton — who told a packed church that “when they choked Jordan, they put their arms around all of us.” Neely’s death and the subsequent charges filed against Penny have ignited a firestorm of controversy over whether the Queens resident had a right to lay hands on Neely after the homeless man started ranting and threatening people on the train. Hey Al, I aways thought a eulogy was given by someone who knew the deceased. Just asking? And just an aside, people spent more $$ on the funeral than anyone ever spent on Neely himself. That just means he’s more important as a dead symbol that he ever was as a live person. Sad ain’t it.

Hell Yes: 1960’s: All the oil will be gone in 10 years. // 1970’s There’ll the another “ice age” in 10 years .// 1980’s Acid Rain will destroy all the crops in 10 years. // 1990’s; The ozone layer will be depleted in 10 years. // 2000; The ice caps will be melted, and the oceans will flood the shore in 10 years.   NONE OF THESE HAPPENED. But they ALL resulted in more and higher taxes. AWAKE YET???

Judging by past results: In a stunning allegation, Former deputy national security adviser under former President Donald Trump, K. T. McFarland,  said that the FBI, Justice Department, and CIA are planning to rig the upcoming 2024 U.S. presidential election. “We now have black-and-white evidence that the FBI interfered in the 2016 election. When they failed to elect Hillary Clinton, they set out to destroy the Trump administration,” said McFarland. In other words, they stole 2016 and 2020, what makes you think they won’t 2024?

Monday, again, Motes

Call it suicide by tik tok: I keep seeing these tik toc “challenges” that appear to be more like suicide challenges. The “Cha Cha Challenge (suicide by auto), the “Blackout Challenge (suicide by hanging), the “Dry Scoop Challenge (suicide by poison) and now the “Trespass Terror” challenge (suicide by stupid). If you come busting into my home uninvited, you will not leave. Period. One can almost believe this tik tok crap is made to weed out the lower end of the gene pool.

And you thought Kimmel was bad: A 34-year-old woman, reportedly surnamed Shi, admitted to police that she had posted “inappropriate” comments about Chinese soldiers. Shi’s post was in reaction to  the stiff punishment delivered to Li Haoshi, also known as House, over a joke about two dogs chasing a squirrel reminding him of one of Xi Jinping’s military slogan. After an audio recording of the joke went viral, Beijing police launched an investigation under a 2021 law which criminalized insulting China’s military, the People’s Liberation Army. It is reported she was put in administrative detention, which allows police to hold someone for up to 15 days without charge for a minor public order offence. Wow, talk about no sense of humor.

I didn’t notice any changes: Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein has signaled in recent days that she doesn’t know where she is going and doesn’t know where she’s been. Unable to ignore or conceal the 89-year-old’s mental deterioration any longer, her handlers have finally admitted that the California Democrat’s alleged case of shingles had a more profound impact on her body and mind than previously indicated. How could they tell? She seems “Feinstein normal” to me.

Bravo ladies: The women who won second and third place at a Colorado cycling race refused to show up to the podium for photo ops after a man claiming to be a transgender “woman” won a race in the women’s category on Sunday. Colorado resident Lesley Mumford, who claims to have “transitioned” to a woman in 2017, won the top spot in the women’s category at Sunday’s 100-mile Desert Gravel Co2Ut. Still, he stood on the winner’s stand-alone when the runners-up refused to attend the medal ceremony. “I have no idea why so many people bailed before the podiums, but they did,” Mumford wrote as a caption to a photo showing him standing alone on the winner’s stand. First, I applaud the actual women who refused to accept this travesty. And second, is he really that dense?

Sunday – Rant

I Will Never Give Up 

“I will persist until I succeed. I was not delivered unto this world in defeat, nor does failure course in my veins.

 I am not a sheep waiting to be prodded by a shepherd, I am a lion, and I refuse to walk, talk, nor sleep with sheep. I will hear not those who whine and snivel, for their disease is contagious. Let them join the sheep.

The slaughterhouse of failure is not my destiny. I will persist until I succeed.

The prizes of life are at the end of each journey, only rarely at the beginning. And it is not given unto me to know how many steps are necessary in order to reach my goal.

Failure I may encounter at the thousandth step, yet success hides behind the next bend in the road. Never will I know how close it lies unless I take another step.

If that is of no avail I will take another, and yet another. In truth, one step at a time is not difficult.”

Saturday Short Story

Jerry’s Good-bye

I spent most of one year with my folks in Las Vegas. It was the year before Pop died and when I found out my wife and mother cannot occupy the same house for very long.

It was a Sunday morning and I was sitting on Mom’s back lanai having some coffee when I noticed a single raven land on the top of the back wall/fence.

Seeing ravens was not unusual for the area, but seeing a single raven was sort of unusual. Normally they fly in groups. But there it was, a solo raven, sitting on the wall, looking at me, looking at him.

It was probably 2 or 3 minutes when 6 or 7 more ravens landed on the wall, but separate from that first one by several feet. There was some caw cawing, or whatever sound ravens make, and the group flew off. The single raven sat there for a moment, and then he too took flight and I could see him join the group.

At that moment the phone rang and my mom told me it was Julie. I answered and my wife tells me “Honey, Monarch Jerry was killed this morning. He was riding back to the clubhouse and slid on a metal plate on Dillingham Blvd. He hit a wire or something and they said he died at the scene. Dallas just called me.”

I took a moment, and then told her of the raven and what had just transpired. I then said, “I think that was Jerry saying Good-bye.”

A few months later I related this story to the Monarchs at their clubhouse. It got real drunk out that night.

Friday Motes – Slowly But Shirley (don’t call me Shirley)

A sad Good-Bye: One of the all time greats of professional wrestling  “Super Star” Bill Graham, 79. Graham, whose real name was Eldridge Wayne Coleman, was born on June 7, 1943 in Phoenix AZ. Graham was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2004. Graham’s “flashy fashion style, over-the-top interviews and bodybuilder physique created the archetype for a generation of Superstars that followed in his footsteps. He will be missed.

Verry interesting : Right now there are about 20,000 Border Patrol officers trying to protect out northern and southern borders. We all know how that’s turning out. There are also about 79,000 IRS agents, a large part of which is coming up for retirement in the next 6 years. The 87,000 agents asked for by Uncle Joe will basically just be replacements for those leaving. But still, we have 4x as many people looking at your taxes, as we have protecting the border. Seems upside down don’t it.

More please:  Openly genderfluid” Sam Brinton, the MIT grad who served Joe Biden’s administration in a key nuclear role before being fired, was reportedly arrested Wednesday as a “fugitive of justice.” Montgomery County, Maryland, enforcement officers took Brinton into custody at his home, police logs show. He is currently in jail and being held without bond. Since Sam identified as a furry, will her go to the pound? Need to see more of these arrests.

Think about it: When NASA started sending astronauts into space they quickly discovered that ballpoint pens did not work in zero gravity. To  fix the problem, NASA spent over 10 years and $165 million dollars developing a pen that writes in zero gravity, upside down, on almost any surface and at temperatures from below freezing to over 300 C. The Russians used pencils.

Thursday Motes

The fix was in : The co-chair of the King County (WA) Regional Homelessness Authority defended a registered sex offender’s appointment to a committee. The committee happens to include one of his “alleged” victims. When she attempted to speak up, she was loudly shouted down. And now the “KCRHA” is looking to remove the co-chair from that position.

A reminder: Before Barry the First, we had no ISIS, no blm, no Antifa, and nobody wanted to “defund” the cops. Before then, we weren’t as divided as we are now.

I don’t care: Traitor Jane Fonda says………I don’t care what that old hag has been/never was commie traitor says. Neither does anyone else. PERIOD. SDASTFU

Reparations: Hey, why doesn’t the .gov give all the people applying for reparations some prime desert or swamp land, like they did the American Indians? Hey, they screwed them over, why not everyone else?

Great revenge : In 2012 a Chicago man bought a car for $600.00, registered it in this ex’s name, parked it at  O’Hare International Airport and racked up 678 parking tickets totaling $101, 761.80. Plus, late fees. I like it.

One big problem: In the wake of its controversial brand partnership with transgender TikTok “influencer” Dylan Mulvaney, Anheuser-Busch is set to redesign some of its aluminum bottles with camouflage and imagery promoting the Folds of Honor campaign, according to a report. The big problem is the beer still sux.

Okay, a couple of weeks ago my old boss called and asked me to come back to work. Why? I was the only SSHO accepted up the .gov to work a multi-million dollar project. We talked it over, told him what I needed, he said “okay”, so back to work. I limited it to 6 months, max. So here we ago again.

Wednesday Motes, Trying To Catch Up

Heroes in all sizes: The 8-year-old girl was mushroom-hunting in her backyard in Alpena Township on Wednesday when “an unknown male appeared from the woods,” the Michigan State Police said in a press release on Friday. Her 13-year-old brother witnessed the attack and shot the assailant in the head and chest with his slingshot, police said. The suspect fled the area but was located by state troopers hiding at a nearby gas station, “The suspect had obvious signs of injury sustained from the slingshot with wounds to his head and chest,” police said. Hell, Goliath was slain with a sling. Good work young sire. Good work.

Let them learn code: Computer science is on the way to becoming a new graduation requirement in Hawaii by the end of this decade as state legislators seek new ways to encourage homegrown technical skills. How about teaching them to balance a checkbook, fill out an employment application, or write a complete sentence.

One answer: Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy wants to raise the voting age to 25. He mentioned the idea recently, while speaking to a crowd in Iowa. This idea will be met warmly by many conservatives, but will cause a lot of young voters to lose their minds. The far left owns the youth vote as many 18 to 25 year-olds have become radicalized in recent years. Hey, how abut Heinlein’s idea, you have to serve before you can vote. Earn that privilege.

Just freakin’ wrong: According to a non-profit foundation helping veterans, twenty homeless and struggling veterans have been evicted from upstate hotels to make rooms for the incoming illegal immigrants, as reported by the NYP. The outlet added that the hotel staff told a former military and a 24-year-old man who had served in Afghanistan and was in serious need of help that their temporary housing was being taken away and they would have to find another place to stay.

They’re not interested: Kenner Louisiana police this week revealed a racial motive in the killing of a 66-year-old handyman. Two black male suspects, Tahj Matthews, 23 and Maurice Holmes, 25, admitted to their role in killing Lawrence Herr while he was repairing a mailbox last month. One of the suspects told police he “just wanted to kill a white guy.” Where’s Rev Al? Where’s the marches? When’s the riot? Where’s the news? Chirp Chirp Chirp

Tuesday Story – No Motes


None of the regulars at Dave’s knew the name of the blonde with the big tits. She walked in one day, got a room above Dave’s, and just started hanging at the bar. Shots of Black Jack and a draft was all she ordered.

She never talked, only listened to the music like it was the only thing good enough to touch her body.

Most of the local boys were afraid to approach her. A couple tried, and she cut them off with a tongue like a razor-sharp switchblade.

“The red-headed stranger from Blue Rock Montana rode into town one day.

Beneath his knees was a raging black stallion,

Following behind was a bay.”

I saw him from the front window of Dave’s Place. He was driving a ratty old pick-up but the motor sounded real good. It was what was in the bed that caught my eye.

There was a shiny black sportster, custom wheels, stretched frame, and a paint job that looked a foot deep. Next to it was an old panhead that had been in a real hard slam. The front was totaled and the frame was twisted the way only a solid front end crash can twist.

He parked the truck, got out stretching like he’s been on the road a long time. He twisted like he had a bad back then slammed the truck door and started walking toward the back. As he rounded the rear of the pick-up I swear I saw him reach out and touch the panhead with a stroke, and then he patted the sportster. Not touched, patted, like it needed gentling.

He was a big man. I mean real big. We got a lot of big farmers here abouts but I never saw anybody as big as him. And there was a deep sadness in those eyes, and an anger that boiled just below the surface.

“The yellow haired lady was in fear of the stallion,

But she cast greedy eyes on the bay”

He walked in, sat at the bar, and ordered a beer and a shot of Jack. When Al. the bartender, put it in front of him his eyes never left the top of the bar. He just grabbed the shot, downed it, and sipped the beer.

That’s when the blonde spoke outa nowhere,

“Hey Scooter tramp, those your bikes?”

He never looked up. Just stared at the bar and said in a low tired voice, “One.”

“Hey,” she said “My old man dumped me here. How about a ride out and we can be good friends.”

Again he never raised his eyes, “Nope. Don’t need any new friends right now.”

I swear there was a flash of light from the blonde. Her lips pressed and her brows got close together. I never saw anybody get that mad, that fast.

He never moved a muscle. He just raised a finger to Al, made a circle over two empty glasses and that was it.

“Hey man,” she started up again. “I gotta get out of this place. Let me ride one of the bikes. The sportster. I’ll follow you till we get someplace I can get a friend to pick me up.

“Ain’t my bike.” It was the same voice, but there was something different about his shoulders. Tense maybe.

“Then who’s is it?” Can I ask them? I gotta get outa here.” It didn’t seem like she was asking, more like demanding. He still didn’t move but those shoulders were tight.

“Ain’t my bike I said. Go away and don’t bother me Bitch.” That was a final a dismissal as I ever heard. But the shoulders didn’t relax. Not an inch.

“She had no way of knowing the bay meant more to him than life.”

“Well if it ain’t yours, who the hell’s is it?” This time there was no mistaking the demand in her voice.

The big guy never looked up, just clutched the shot glass tighter and said softly, “Hers.”

“Well just fuck you and this one shithole town.” She slammed her empty glass on the bar. She picked up the small bag next to the chair and stomped out of Dave’s.

The big guy never even looked at her. He just circled his finger over the glasses again. Al got the hint and poured the drinks without saying anything.

As we sat there the silence was blasted by the sound of a cycle engine starting.

I looked up out the window, but the big redhead was already at the door. I’ll never forget what I saw.

The blonde had dropped the pickup tailgate, straddled the sportster and started it. Just as she dropped it into gear and jumped forward out of the truck bed the big guy moved faster than anyone I ever saw, big or small.

I never saw him reach for the gun, it was just there in his hand. The blonde and the sportster jumped forward, coming out off the truck bed like a motocross bike off a jump and the big .45 blasted twice. Louder than even the straight pipes on the roaring sportster.

Both rounds took the blonde in the center of the back flinging her from the bike just as it hit the street. She fell one way and the bike fell over with the engine roaring from a open throttle.

Everyone ran to the bleeding body lying on the street. Everyone but the big stranger. He walked over the sportster, turned off the engine, picked it up and started pushing it back to the truck.

She was dead, of that there was no question. Those big .45 slugs just tore her apart. I never even saw him put the gun away.

“The yellow haired lady was buried next morning,

The stranger went free of course,

You can’t hang a man for shooting a woman,

That’s trying to steal his horse.”

(With thanks to Willie Nelson for the use of his lyrics to “The Red Headed Stranger.)