Happy New Year

I’m staying up tonight, just to make sure 2020 actually leaves.

Staying at home, having a few drinks with some ghosts.

For many years we celebrated New Year at Buffalo Bill’s Casino in Parump, NV, with the club. It’s really great feeling to walk into a Casino and be surrounded with 600 to 700 brothers. And you know there isn’t a man in the place you can’t buy a drink for, or borrow ten bucks from. I kind of miss those days.

I’ve lost too many people this year, and none to this damn “virus”.

At midnight, I’ll start the bike, run it for a few minutes, shut it down and hope for more miles this year

I’ll set off a few firecrackers front and back to chase off the evil spirits.

And I’ll have a few drinks with some ghosts.

New Year Story

New Year Knockout

The early 70’s was a tough time to be a cop. Vietnam was teaching young people they could protest, gather in groups, and do almost anything because there weren’t enough cops to arrest everyone.

It wasn’t as bad here as it was on the Mainland, but we had our moments.

It was New Year’s Eve, of 73’. There was ice and snow in most of North America so Waikiki was packed with mostly young adult males pretending to be part of  “the movement” and protests. If drinking lots of booze, chasing young women and smoking pot is a war protest, they had it down.

It had been a fairly busy night already, lots of fights and people running out on their bar/restaurant tabs.

Really one of the most active New Years Eves I could remember.

But I’d only been a cop for 4 years, what did I know.

The problem seemed to be the problems were always at opposite ends from each other. So my partner “Robin” and I were kept hopping. In fact, one time we stopped a city bus had the driver skip a stop so we got to the fight first.

We did hear about that later.

There were no days off during The New year’s Eve. Everyone worked. As it got busier each year, more officers and ideas were put into play. This year it was decided to have a “mobile command” post, complete with booking table and utilizing the paddy wagon as a holding cell. This was located in a small alley behind what was then the Waikiki Liberty House store, one of the biggest in the chain.

The booking table was for minor things like drinking in public, fire cracker violations, and the ever popular public nudity.

These minor infractions could be booked, cited, and released, once.

Get arrested a second time, you sat in the “wagon” until its regular half hour return to the station to empty its holdees.

It all started when someone got arrested and they had a lot of “friends” that didn’t want them arrested. The officers walked the arrestees back to the command center for booking. I seem to remember it was a firework violation, really nothing serious.

The crowd however got caught up as crowds often do. The chant of “Let ‘em go” was picked up and as the officers and prisoners moved through the crowd it was like the cartoon snowball rolling downhill. The chant got bigger and louder as it followed the officers and arrestees.

A call went out for everyone to rally to the command center. It wasn’t exactly an “officer needs help 10-13” call, but pretty close. My partner Ray and I jogged down to the lane entrance right behind the crowd. The “Let ‘em go” was getting louder and more insistent and the crowd was becoming ugly.

As Ray and I pushed our way through the crowd I spotted a well built, bald oriental male that seemed between the crowd and the several uniformed officers.

I couldn’t hear what he was saying but he seemed to be trying to make or keep peace between the two groups.

Ray and I crossed to the police “side” as the crowd got louder and more stirred up. Several cops started to step forward and that was when the “peacemaker” turned and physically shoved two of the officers backwards and away from the civilian crowd.

Things really exploded then. The 2 groups rushed at each other.

I tried to keep my eye on the peacekeeper. I decided he was “going in” for shoving the 2 officers.

The two groups weren’t doing any more than shoving at this point but it was loud and confusing.

That’s when I see “peacekeeper” to one side as he stumbled a little and almost lost his balance. That’s when I threw the best left punch in my life. It caught him between the ear and the jaw point and he dropped like bag of rags.

I was reaching for my cuffs when one of the other cops yelled

“They hit the Major. Major Kim is down.”

Major Kim, the new Patrol Division Commander?

I looked around and didn’t see any uniforms on the ground. What I did see was several officers helping and protecting, the guy I was calling “the peacekeeper”.

Today this would be called an OMG moment, because I realized I had just punched my new division commander. Not just hit him. I blind-sided, sucker punched and false cracked my new patrol boss unconscious. Yeah, an OMG moment.

It turned the tide. The cops started taking everything serious. Flashlights, handcuffs, and black jacks sort of serious.

This caused the crowd to decide they needed to be any place but where all these angry cops were. It didn’t take long and they were all running in other directions.

Everything was pretty anti-climactic from there.

A few facts did come out, and these are important;

#1 The Major was in plain clothes, and had not notified anyone he would be checking out the command center when it all started.

#2 He was trying to calm everyone down when he got hit. He didn’t see who hit him and none of the surrounding officers had either.

#3 Only a couple of crowd members suffered lumps and bruises and no one ended in the ER.

#4 I never told anyone but my partner that I threw that punch, even though I would have had free beers for a long, long time.

Glory is one thing, getting fired would have been possible but being on that Major’s bad side, probably until the day one of us retired, would have been a whole new level of hell.

Hey Major, no hard feelings. Hey?

Last Wednesday, This Year

Why does anyone listen? : Headline,”Fauci Admits He’s Been ‘Deliberately’ Moving the COVID-19 Goalposts—Partly Based on His Gut” To be clear, I have not cared about Fauci’s gut feelings in quite some time. In part, because he has reversed positions many times when it was politically convenient. This lifelong bureaucrat is telling us he thinks 90% of us need to be vaccinated while admitting he’s not really sure. Sao I have to ask, why does anyone listen to this quack? Why?

Seems funny: Neither Joe nor Hunter Biden have denied the accusations against them. Dominion has filed “Cease and Desist” orders ordering those concerned to stop making “defamatory” statements. Now Dominion Voting Systems is threatening Mellissa Carone saying she was only hired to “clean glass” and for “other menial tasks.”

The great uniter: Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan advised his followers against coronavirus vaccination in a speech Saturday, calling the breakthrough vaccine “toxic waste” that would harm the black community. Farrakhan, 87, also sprinkled several anti-white pejoratives throughout his speech, referring to white people as “crackers” and “devils”. “How could you allow him to stick a needle into you, saying he’s helping you?” But you know, unity.

Got to love MSM:  A bomb goes off and they say it may be intentional. ???

in·ten·tion·al adjective

  1. done on purpose; deliberate.

The RV sits there with a recorded message advising you to evacuate, then blows up. I would say it was an “intentional act.”

We’re here to help you: The gov’t closes the economy. You lose your job. You face eviction. They want to give you $600 for all your troubles. Meanwhile they send: $135 million to Burma, $85.5 million to Cambodia, $1.4 billion for “Asia Reassurance Initiative Act”, $130 million to Nepal to study climate change, to name only a little of the pork. Hey, Washington, take my $600 and use it to wipe your butt. Obviously, your ass is more valuable than my family.

Last Tuesday Motes, For This Year

Really ? :  With rich countries snapping up supplies of COVID-19 vaccines, some parts of the world may have to rely on Chinese-developed shots to try to conquer the outbreak. The question: “Will they work?” I got a bigger question than that, why would you want to take the chance? And why would any country “have to rely on Chinese-developed shots”? If a guy shoots me in the back, I really won’t trust him giving me first aid.

BAWA: The United States on Wednesday called for transparency and an end to violence after Russia said it had dispatched 300 “military instructors” to the Central African Republic ahead of elections. Russia said Tuesday that it dispatched the military instructors on the request of the government following a purported coup attempt. The government in Bangui said that Rwandan forces were also assisting after three powerful rebel groups merged and started to advance on the capital.  At least seven people were killed in a Boko Haram attack on the majority-Christian village of Pemi in Nigeria (Bloody Africa Wins Again)

Just asking: Why isn’t the “president-elect” demanding an investigation of the election? Seems to me, he appears to be satisfied with a dark cloud hanging over his presidency.

Check the record: Everyone seems up in arms about President Trumps “pardons and commutations”. Obama issued 1,715 commutations and 212 pardons. Trump has issued less than 150.  

And like every year: On Christmas Day I sat and watched “Donavan’s Reef”, John Wayne, Lee Marvin, Cesar Romero, and Jacqueline Malouf. A Christmas tradition at my house. Along with the traditional Christmas ham, baked in pineapple juice and white wine. It was goooood.

I agree: U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Thursday expressed disappointment the world is not eating enough greens. To that end, he declared 2021 as the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables. I agree, I just have a different definition of “fruits” and “vegetables”.

Almost End Of Year Monday Motes

It’s happened before: Last week there was a story about an LA cop having sex, on duty, and accidentally keying his radio microphone. It happens more than people would guess. I know one cop that was having a good time with his girlfriend, in the back seat of his patrol car, and then remembered there were no door handles on the inside. Ooops.

Your gonna need the wider lens: Picture of Whoopi, Rob Reiner and Stacy Abrams in Georgia. That sucking sound you hear is the state iq dropping twenty points.

They’re just stupoid people: A lot of people, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine waters to name two, are saying they’ll have President Trump “dragged” or “forced” out of the WH after January 6. I haven’t heard him say one thing that would indicate he wasn’t going to leave. Not one word. But you know, unity.

Hawaii reporters are no better than any other MSM: News story : “President Donald Trump late Tuesday threatened to torpedo (great image for Honolulu) Congress’ massive COVID-19 relief package (except 95% of the bill had nothing to do with “Covid Aid”) in the midst of a raging pandemic and deep economic uncertainty,( Yes, that is the time to spend a lot of money we don’t have.) suddenly demanding changes fellow Republicans have opposed.(No they didn’t.)

Read at your own risk: Trump assailed the bipartisan $900 billion package in a video he tweeted out Tuesday night and suggested he may not sign the legislation.(As President, that is his choice.) He called on lawmakers to increase direct payments for most Americans from $600 to $2,000 for individuals and $4,000 for couples. (The horror, giving Americans more of their own tax money.) Railing against a range of provisions in the bill, including for foreign aid,( Oh, that damn America first.) he told lawmakers to “get rid of the wasteful and unnecessary items from this legislation and to send me a suitable bill.”( And what is wrong about that? ) I look at the fact the bill is 5,600 pages long, it was presented 2 hours before the vote, and is so full of “pork” it should be an insult to any American. Dump the whole thing and start over. (Italics are my comments.)

No better politicians either: Hawaii Gov. David Ige’s new two-year budget proposal would eliminate the jobs of 149 state employees who are scattered in departments across state government and may also involve some as-yet unspecified tax increases. This does not include 550 already vacant positions. So the actual figure is closer to 700 positions. Want to bet there will be NO department heads, vice-heads, or other upper-echelon employee’s?

And speaking of Hawaii politicians: why is Tulsi suddenly acting like a representative in the last 45 days in office?

The over/under for Mr. Biden is 2 years, 5 days.

Sunday Rant

In a recent “Letter to the Editor”, a Honolulu man opined, “The vaccine will not help Hawaii or Oahu unless every person getting a COVID-19 vaccine gets a card to carry.”(Star Advertiser 12/18/20) Many of our “representatives” in many states have expressed the same thoughts. That’s a great idea, to come out to say everyone must get the Covid-19 vaccination. Some people want it to be okay for your company to say, “Get the shot or you’re fired“.

Some want everyone to carry a card to prove you’ve gotten the shot. But those cards are so hard to dig out of your wallet, why don’t we all just wear the “shot card” around our necks on a lanyard so everyone can see it. Or better, when you get your shot, the doctor’s office will give you an arm band to proudly wear. Or even better, we can all have a bar code tattooed on our forearm to prove we are of the “vaccinated” class.

Let’s not ignore all the “special” phone lines you can use to report your neighbor’s misdoings. You know, more than 6 “non-family” members. Oh hell, you don’t know their family, report all of them. Who knows, maybe they will get locked up, loose their job, and you can buy their house real cheap.

And not wearing a mask, call it in. Snitch them them all.

And you don’t need identification to vote.

How’d all that work in 1939?

I didn’t call you a Nazi.

Saturday Story

Some Kind Of Hero

Some things have become ingrained I guess. In 2003 or 2004, Julie and I visited my Mom in Las Vegas over Christmas.

I had another back surgery in ’99 and was still using a cane to walk. Not a lot, but sometimes.

Mom had taken us to Lake Meade to show how much the lake had fallen due to the many years of drought. You could read the water levels on the surrounding cliffs and there was a whole lot of boat dock with very little water under it. Probably 80-90 feet of dock was just barely floating.

Then it seemed to get deep pretty fast. It went from 2-3 feet to 6-10 feet deep in a matter of 12-15 foot in distance.

And everywhere you looked there were fish around the dock, ducks on the water, and people feeding both. Adults, children of all ages, were walking up and down the length of the dock throwing crackers, cookies, and anything else to watch the fish try to beat the ducks to the food. It was kinda funny.

The long drive in the front seat of Mom’s mini-van had given me some problems so the dock walk was good at stretching my legs and back.

As we were walking a family group caught my eye. The mother was 7-8 months pregnant, there was a 3-4 year old girl feeding the ducks, and a 4-5 year old boy feeding the fish.

The boy was bending over, not squatting and that’s when I noticed there was no bottom rail where the family was standing.

I stopped and was about to say something when the boy toppled into the water, head first, and he went right under.

The little girl would be a danger if she tried to help, way too young to know what happened and mother was way too pregnant to do anything. Besides, the mother was wiping the little girl’s nose and nobody was watching the boy.

The boy’s head broke the water, he took a big gulp that was part air but mostly water, and went down again.

There was no thought or decision, I dropped straight on my stomach, drove both arms into the water, and just barely caught hold of the boy’s hands. If I had tried to kneel or just use one hand, I don’t think I would have gotten a hold of him.

Again, without kneeling or raising to my feet, I jerked him up and out of the water and onto the dock where he promptly puked out a gutful of water, duck shit, and fish crap, and let out a wail of “Mommy, my socks are wet”. Mommy looks up, she hadn’t even seen he was in the water. Now she starts screaming “what happened? What happened?”. My mother, always ready with the right words of comfort, makes the snarky comment, “Don’t worry, my son was here to pull him out.”

Julie knelt by the woman, told her what happened and that he was OK.

I stood up and felt a “pop” in my back, and then the pain. Before anything else happened I suggested she have him checked because the water looked pretty bad and he probably swallowed some. The mother continued drying him off, ignored me, and sent the girl to “Go get your father”. The little girl took off at a sprint and I suggested we go back to the car. Julie and my Mom looked at me so I said “I blew my back I’m gonna be in some real pain, pretty soon.” They nodded and we began to slowly walk back to the car. Slowly, because I was already being racked with back spasms and wasn’t all that sure I’d make it to the car.

Daddy and little girl, and another child still in diapers walked past us without a glance.

Both my Mom and Julie, for once, agreed the parents were jerks and should maybe watch TV instead of making more kids than they can watch.

Me, I went home, took a handful of pain killers, and woke up the next day.

Some hero, didn’t even go out feasting.

Merry Christmas

I’m in Hilo doing my best to do nothing at all.

“Rejoice, for unto you is born a Savior.”

Merry Christmas from Julie, Issabeau, and me:

Jamie, Jon, Lori, Marshall, Becca, Evan ( did I mention how proud I am of these “kids”), Don and Viv, Danny and Cheryl, Denny and Linda Lou, Adam and Holly, Abby at the vet’s in fact the whole Vet’s office and staff, Anna’s Ashley, Miss Dot and Big Joe, Helen of Helen’s Cab, Dr. Celia, Curt, Danny in Vegas, cousin Dick and family, Dr. Perry and staff, Dwayne and Gisselle in Hilo, Atty Ed, Mika and Momo, all the VNV M/C and Legacy Vet’s, Carline and Michael, Henry F., Ikaika and family, Bro Newberry and family, Jimmy Takahashi and Syd, Joe Monroe and Kimmy, Kimberly, Tristan, Dell and all those loved one’s from Anna’s and Irish Rose and O’Toole’s, Ken, Noel, Kenny, and Ashley Onion, Dr. Linda Wong, Marchand, Mr. Dillon, Mike Woundy, Re-Pete, Jesse and her whole clan, Scotty , all my Vago Brothers, my fellow Su-Mo employees, Terry Watkins, Lawson and Associates, Wynn and Safety Systems, Zach and his mom Kimber, Philo and Sonja, and to the families of all those we’ve lost this year.

Merry Christmas

That Third Christmas

For the past 25+ years it has been my tradition to share this story. It is true, and always makes me cry. God Bless you one and all.

The Third Christmas

    Julie and I had been married just 3 years; the second for both of us, and this one was shaping up nicely. I had a good position with the credit department at a Waikiki hotel; she was working for one of the largest grocery store chains. The kids were aware it was Christmas, so everyone was on their best behavior.
    It was two weeks before Christmas, my wife and I had just attended a small Christmas/Housewarming party for two friends of ours. Times were hard and it was tough for two single women, one with a child, to find a house that would rent to them, let alone be one they could afford.
    But our friends had worked hard, saved their money, and had finally managed to find a house not too far from where my wife and I lived with our 3 kids. The oldest was working that night so we had taken the two young ones, aged 5 and 6, to the party where they had spent the day playing with the daughter of our two friends.
    On the way home, my wife had turned to me and said,
 “They don’t have a Christmas tree or any presents.”
    I told her how they had had to spend everything just to get the house rented and they were just grateful for the roof over their head. They told me that was the best Christmas gift they could have gotten. My wife just nodded and said nothing more.
    The next day I received a small Christmas bonus from work and felt pretty good. So when I got home I gave it to my wife and “ordered” her to spend it on something she wanted.  And only on something she wanted.
    Days went by, as they will during the holidays, full of busy things, and I gave our two friends little thought.
    Until the Thursday before Christmas Saturday. I got home, took our oldest to work, and started dinner for the two young ones. By the time we were finished and I had cleaned up, it occurred to me my wife was a little late. Since she worked in a Foodland store, and it was the holidays, I figured they had just kept her a little late. I called the store and was very concerned when they told me she had left for home several hours ago. Since it was unlike my wife to be this late, and this was before cell phones, I was really worried. I called our neighbor and asked her to watch our kids while I used the motorcycle to backtrack her usual route. I was just rolling the Harley out of the garage when my wife drove into the yard.
    I didn’t know if I was happy or angry. But as she got out of the car I just walked over to hug her. But, before I could she opened the car’s rear door, and pointed inside.
    There on the back seat was a small decorated Christmas tree and several small but brightly wrapped presents. I guess the look on my face asked all the questions, so my wife simply said,
  “You told me to spend that money on something I really wanted. Well, I really want Dee and the girl to have a Christmas tree and some presents. There should be a Christmas tree in a new house. And everyone needs at least one present, especially a little girl”.
    I really didn’t know what to say. We got the two young ones out of bed and made the short drive to our friend’s new home. I honked as we pulled into the driveway and all three were standing on the second floor lanai when we all got out of the car. My wife and each of the two kids took presents, and me, I got to carry the tree up the stairs and into the living room.
    We stayed only a few minutes and then headed on home. As we pulled out of the driveway, our friends and their daughter all stood on the lanai, yelling “Merry Christmas”, and not even trying to hide the tears of joy on their faces. Neither did we.

    Our kids are all grown now; our oldest even has children of her own, my grandchildren. And it is my hope, that someday they will all understand the spirit of Christmas by the example my wife gave, that third Christmas, many years ago.

Day Before Christmas Eve Motes

There is hope: On September 6, just one day after the opening of youth deer season, 14-year-old Paslie Werth harvested the massive buck while rifle hunting with her dad, Kurt. The record was recently certified after the mandatory 60-day drying period before the rack can be officially measured. The 42-scoreable point buck initially tallied an unofficial gross green score of 282 6/8 inches and displayed 44 total points. “Being with my dad and being able to share the experience with my dad, it was just really fun.” Maybe here is hope for the future.

New word : Safetyism, You can get away with almost anything if “It’s all for your safety”.  Wear a mask. Stay away from everyone you love or care about. Don’t eat in public. Be home by 10. All in the name of safetyism.

Last week Hawaii governor Ige signed his 17th “Emergency Proclamation.” 17.

Regarding the use of “proper” pronouns: Is “dumbshit” male, female or neutral? Asking for future reference.

Here’s a list of Biden’s anti-gun picks: ALL OF THEM.

Time to remind them: Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson (D) refused to testify before legislative oversight committees Tuesday investigating allegations of fraud during the 2020 general election. This should anger every person in the state. Since the state AG is supposed to “represent”  the people, and clearly isn’t, it’s time to start reminding these “professional politian’s” just who pays their salary and why.  

Oh yes there is: Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Jon Ossoff believes there’s no difference between an illegal alien and an American citizen and that federal authorities need to protect illegals from “exploitation.” The key word here is “illegal”. How do you make an illegal alien into an American citizen? You pretend there’s no difference between the two.

Two years ago I predicted the Hilary investigation would not lead to anyone doing any jail time, not even to wait for bail. To this date, 2 years +, NO ONE DAY HAS BEEN SERVED. NOT ONE. I predict the same for the election “fraud”.

Okay, I wish everyone Happy Holiday’s and Merry Christmas. I’m off to Hilo until 1/3/21. I will be posting from there, but not until next week. I hope you enjoy the weekend stpories etc. and I’ll see ya’ll later.