Friday Motes With A Dash

Makes me want to run right out and read it : “The Orwellian Dystopia of Robin DiAngelo’s PhD Dissertation.”(instapundit) Actually, I fell asleep reading the title.

Not seeing this in the MSM: Washington state Police Officer Jonathan Shoop was murdered on Monday night and his partner was shot and injured following a pursuit of a vehicle that ended in a pedestrian being stuck. The killer, Henry E. Washington, got out of his car and began firing at the police officers killing one and injuring the second officer. Officer Jonathan Shoop was killed in the attack. Washington has several photos of guns and money on his Facebook page. Henry is a Black Lives Matter activist from Arizona who was in Washington state at the time. Washington’s mother posted on Facebook that her son killed a cop and was “asking for prayers”. I hope her son gets everything he has earned.

Idea: How about we rename the Washington “Redskins” to the Washington “Condoms”? Since they’re always trying to cover stuff up. 🙂

Just waiting: A man won $2 million playing the lottery in suburban Detroit. The kicker, he was given the wrong ticket by the clerk. He was trying to but a $10 dollar ticket, but the clerk gave him a $20 ticket. He decided to keep it and gave the clerk another $10. How long do you think it will be before the clerk files suit demanding half the winnings? I say within 30 days.
Just asking: Am I allowed to be offended by anything?

Thursday Motes For Discussion

Headline: “Approximately 30 people with COVID-19 are now hospitalized in Hawaii”, the state Health Department revealed Monday. Two COVID-19 patients at Queen’s are in intensive care, while the other 14 are non-ICU patients. Let’s see, 14 plus 2 equals 16. Yeah, that’s approximately 30.

Polls: Remember, polls show whatever the people that hired the pollsters want it to show. Getting the answer you want is only a matter of how you phrase the question and where you ask it. So, when the polls show this or that, it’s because that’s what “they” want it to show.

DeBlasio is a tool
: Painting “Black Lives Matter” in giant letters on the street in front of the New York Trump hotel is not a “unifying” action. It is a blatant political move, does not better anyone in the city, state, or country, and achieves nothing but embarrassment to the residents.

Maybe: Is it just because I’m a former cop, that I see the current riots and marches as a new form of “protection” racket? “Do what we want, or we’ll riot, burn and loot.” Oh, and don’t forget your tax deductible “contribution” to our “charity” or “non-profit” organization.

We can’t execute him, he’s unwell: The execution of Wesley Ira Purkey has been halted because he is mentally un-well. Purkey was convicted of killing of 16-year-old Jennifer Long in Kansas City, Missouri. He raped and stabbed her, dismembered her with a chainsaw, burned her, then dumped her ashes 200 miles away in a septic pond in Kansas (and now they worry about his mental health?) Purkey’s lawyers argue, in recent filings, that he suffers from advancing Alzheimer’s disease. His dementia has progressed, he no longer has a rational understanding of why the government plans to execute him. I don’t care if he understands,he was tried and convicted. Period. I’m pretty sure Jennifer didn’t understand what was happening either, and she is still dead.

Wednesday Motes With Clarity

How come: “Jonathan Lopez, an unsuccessful local candidate in Umatilla County, Oregon, has confessed to penning an anonymous racist letter to himself last month” (Breitbart) If America is soooo racist, why are there so many “hate crime” hoax’s. You’d think there’d be enough actual crimes. But there aren’t and that doesn’t fit the narrative.

Not his fault; The U.S. Marshals Service is investigating after a protester was badly injured this weekend at a demonstration outside the Portland federal courthouse, the city’s mayor said. Appears he was struck by an “impact munition”, probably a rubber bullet. Local leaders widely blame Trump. Let me throw this out, he wouldn’t have been hurt if he hadn’t been at one of the “intense protests in the city– that have gotten violent– have been taking place for more than a month and a half.” So maybe it IS his fault. Stupid place, stupid things stupid people.

Truth hurts don’t it: President Trump grew irritated in an interview Thursday when asked about the deaths of black Americans at the hands of police. “So are white people.” Trump told CBS senior correspondent Catherine Herridge when she asked the president why African Americans were “still dying at the hands of law enforcement in this country.” It is true that more white civilians are fatally shot by police in America each year, with 204 losing their lives so far this year in police shootings compared to 105 African Americans.

She is crazy: Congressional Republicans expressed outrage Monday after US Sen. Mazie Hirono called President Trump’s supporters “white supremacists.” Hirono, D-Hawaii, made the comments during an interview on MSNBC. “We should be dealing with the racism that is in our country, to which the president speaks to, because he has a base of supporters who are very anti-immigrant and white supremacist,” Hirono said. Hey Mazie, I am Native American/Irish, my wife is Filipino/Japanese, I voted for Trump, I will again. If I’m a white supremacist, I’m really bad at it.

Tuesday Motes

It isn’t that complicated: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed. I don’t see anything there that says anything about “reasonable laws” or “common sense restrictions”. Do you?

I commented on the E-Bay staffers recently arrested for terrorizing a critic. “A seventh former eBay Inc. employee has been charged with participating in a campaign to terrorize the editor and publisher of an online newsletter because eBay executives were upset about coverage of the company, authorities said Tuesday. Philip Cooke, 55, who was a supervisor of security operations at eBay’s European and Asian offices, is charged with conspiracy to commit cyberstalking and conspiracy to tamper with witnesses, prosecutors said.” Wow. Read about the crap they did, it will make your blood pressure raise.

Askin’ for a friend: How long before someone decides “Southern Rock” is racist?
My opinion, and my opinion only: I truly believe many of the people that advocate a “socialist” democracy believe when they deconstruct the capitalist America, and “rebuild” it, they will be part of the “new ruling class”. So they don’t care about anyone else’s rights or property, because they will be in charge, and it will be their’s. Problem is, they all think they should be in charge. They don’t believe they will be subjected to all the does and don’ts. Wake up, they one’s behind you think the same thing and will stick that knife in their hand in your back. Without a thought.

Not me: “A U.N. human rights investigator said on Monday. The United States has failed to provide sufficient evidence of an ongoing or imminent attack against its interests to justify the strike on Soleimani’s convoy as it left Baghdad airport.” Who cares? He’s dead.



Thanks for all the kind words.

Sunday Rant

One of the many blogsites I visit daily is “Bayou Renaissance Man”. On 7/7 he posted the below, and much much more. But these paragraphs giver a clear indication that I’m not the only one that wonders about all these “spontaneous” protests. Go to, 7.7 and read the whole thing. You won’t be sorry.

If you look at the wave of unrest and demonstrations that have swept across this country with lightning speed over the past six weeks since the death of George Floyd, a number of things become very, very clear.

These were and are not spontaneous demonstrations. There’s far too much evidence of careful organization and preparation, from pre-positioning riot materials like bricks, to organizing the demonstrations with outriders signaling where the police were (and weren’t), “colonels” directing operations, different groups of people performing different tasks to keep the pot boiling, etc. The simultaneous outbreak of such riots in literally hundreds of cities is, in itself, irrefutable evidence of organization. Who is behind them? Who prepared all this months, if not years, in advance, ready to take advantage of any suitable pretext to unleash havoc upon this country?

That level of organization demands major funding. We’re not talking a few hundred here and a few thousand there: we’re talking tens, if not hundreds of millions, to train organizers, buy equipment (noticed how many of the riot organizers were wearing earpieces and throat microphones, leading to radios operating on common frequencies, and frequently encrypted? The police certainly have.) Who has enough money to provide that level of funding? Why would they do so, so far in advance of the “need”, unless they expected to get a return on that investment?

This organized chaos also demands a level of prearranged coordination with other power centers such as political parties, news media, social media, etc. Notice how, the instant the riots erupted, there were journalists, TV stations, newspapers, etc. all ready to report on them, publicize their grievances, and pummel America with propaganda about their cause? Notice how politicians on the left immediately fell into lockstep in their response, all parroting the same pablum for public consumption? Notice how many left-wing administrations in cities and states actively sought to promote the rioters’ agenda, and restrained law enforcement from moving against them? Again, that level of coordination implies a much higher level of command and control than mere happenstance could explain – so who’s providing it?

As our old friend Arte Johnson used to say; “Very intresting…”


I’ve had to fly out, home to Hilo. Navarre, my husky, is very sick. Posting might be light.

Update* Today my friend Navarre crossed the Rainbow bridge.He crossed in his sleep and without pain. He came to me as a puppy 13 years ago. His love was endless. I’ll post pictures later, Right now I need a couple of drinks. He will be missed.

Saturday Story

Road Name

People ask how I got the road name Storyteller. Everywhere you go you’ll meet Bear, Grizz, Snake, Half breed, Psycho and all the others. I have only heard of one other Storyteller. Gypsy Pete sent me a picture of a British Columbia biker everyone called Storyteller.

He was about 6′, 200 Lb, had a full beard and walked with a cane. We could have been related as that was pretty much my description at the time.

But the guy that “gave” me the name was George Boston.

At the time I was an independent and George rode for Tiger Wong and World Wide M/C. But he and I spent a lot of time drinking at the Kapiolani Bowling Alley bar. Don’t know how we ended there, but we did.

George was a SBU* officer at the time and was looking for something to give the bi-monthly newsletter something extra. I suggested some short stories I had written. He thought that might work.

A few days later I gave him 4 or 5 I had been working on. When he found out I had been a wrestling announcer, tried stand-up comedy and had stories and articles published in Biker and cop magazines. He said, “Jim you’re just a god dammed Story teller, ain’t ya?”

And from then on he started calling me Storyteller. It stuck.

I would say there are hundreds of people who know Storyteller, but if you asked them my real name, maybe 3 out of every 10 would know who you’re talking about.

When someone asks me how I got the name Storyteller, I usually say “After years of doing radio, television, 2 movies, stand-up comedy, numerous published letters to the editor and several articles in Bike and Cop magazines, I got it the old fashioned way. I earned it.”

Then I smile and move along.

The truth is, I was given the name by a good friend and a solid biker brother, George Boston. I miss him sometimes, a lot.

*Street Bikers United; the state of Hawaii lobby for motorcyclists and their rights.

Friday Motes

This is not good: Since sometime in March, 365 elephants in Botswana have died from unknown causes. Naturalist say many of the animals seemed to fall forward onto their chests as if walking or running. The tusks have not been removed so it doesn’t appear the be poachers. Expert opinions differ ; “As elephant populations grow, it is more likely that you will get mass die-offs, probably on a bigger scale than this,”; and “In Botswana, there is a huge crisis for elephants unfolding.” We need to find out why, what, and how to stop it.

Amanda Kloots is sharing an emotional time capsule of her romance with Nick Cordero. Kloots posted a powerful montage tracking her romance with the late Broadway star, who died on Sunday after a three-month-long battle with the novel coronvairus (COVID-19). He was 41. He fought valiantly, suffered greatly, but in vain. He will be missed.

Another sad Good-bye: Charlie Daniels, a onetime session musician who went on to bridge country and rock as a rowdy, fiddle-playing solo artist, rising to the top of the country charts with his fiery single “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” died July 6 at a hospital in Nashville. He was 83. The cause was a stroke. Mr. Daniels had previously battled prostate cancer and was treated for a stroke in 2010. He, his music and his talent will be missed.

I’ve been thinking about Robert A. Heinlein and his “Crazy Years”, and I’ve decided that the dean of Sci-Fi …. was an optimist.

The budget is shot: Hey state, want to save money? How about we stop paying university “professors” $250k a year to teach 3 hours, twice a week, for 4 months a year?

Be aware: Lots of “demonstrators” seem to like to stop cars and assault drivers. To answer a question, ankle holsters are great while driving. It puts the firearm butt at a convenient position, the driver doesn’t have to assume a “threatening” posture, the draw naturally moves you away from the window, but the draw-back is the size limitation for the firearm.

Oh, the irony: “BLM Activist Says She Got Her Molotov Cocktail from a Black Man But Investigators Discover It Came from Her White Buddy in Upstate New York.”(PJ Media) Am I the only one seeing the irony of the white girl terrorist claiming the black guy made her do it?

Have a great weekend and enjoy the Saturday Story and the Sunday Rant.