Motes For Thursday

Flip then flop: Last Sunday on CBS, Anthony Fauci Infamously declared Christmas gatherings an uncertainty; now the doctor is encouraging everyone to celebrate Halloween. Fauci said that COVID-19 cases are headed in the “right direction” and that Americans should enjoy events like trick-or-treating later this month. Why does anyone put any credence to anything this lifelong bureaucrat hack says?

Absolutely safe for everyone: A Denver police officer, Jose Manriquez, who previously lost his ability to walk after reluctantly taking the COVID-19 vaccine was hospitalized Friday after experiencing symptoms of a stroke.  Jose Manriquez lost his ability to speak and suffered the loss of mental clarity, numbness, unsteadiness, etc. Manriquez received the mandatory vaccine on August 22, 2021, and immediately started having a bad reaction. Since receiving the vaccine he has not been able to return to work and his future is uncertain. The key word, “mandatory”, to my mind, that puts the Police Department, the City, and, since it was a State mandate, the State of Colorado at fault and a good lawyer will take them all to the cleaners. I hope Officer Manriquez completely recovers.

A good watch: Watched “Nobody” last weekend. Frelling great movie. A definite beer, Cheetos and a group of friends’ afternoon movie. Having Christopher Lloyd made it all the more enjoyable for me.

Not a freakin’ dime: The US is sending humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, the Taliban announced Sunday, after talks with American officials in Doha, Qatar, “went well.” State Department spokesperson Ned Price said they were “candid and professional.” Price hedged in committing the US to provide humanitarian aid to Afghanistan but did say it was discussed. Taliban political spokesperson Suhail Shaheen told the Associated Press there will not be any cooperation with the US on containing the recent attacks from ISIS. Not a dime of any “humanitarian” money will ever see the people. It will be pocketed by the ”leaders” and then used to attack the US. We should not send them a freakin’ dime. Not one.

Priorities are really screwed up: Grace Smith, 16, had already been suspended twice from Laramie High School in Wyoming for refusing to wear masks in class. As the brave student attempted to go to class unmuzzled once again, she was met with police and given a $500 citation. When she was told to leave the school, she refused to comply. At that point, she was handcuffed and arrested and the school was placed on “lockdown”. Grace will be expelled if she continues to collect suspensions, but the high school junior has no intention of backing down. Let’s compare this to the recent student that shot several people, spent less than 1 night in jail, and released on a very small, for the crime, bail. What the heck?

Rich don’t equal smart: An Iraqi citizen resident of Norway was caught doing 147 mph (236 kph) in Denmark on his way home from picking up a Lamborghini Huracan Performante Sypder he’d purchased in Germany. The driver was spotted in an 81 mph zone (130 kph) last week approaching the port city of Hirtshals. He was pulled over and had his car seized, which police said made him “a little annoyed.” Things may get much worse for him as Denmark passed a new law earlier this year that allows authorities to confiscate and auction the vehicles of reckless drivers. Reminds me of the guy who paid cash for a brand new Harley, t-boned a car while pulling out of the parking lot.  Totaled.

Motes For The Middle Of The Week

States rights? : The Washington Post is promoting a proposal to diversify the “overwhelmingly white and Christian” state of Wyoming by resettling Afghans in the region. As part of President Joe Biden’s massive resettlement operation out of Afghanistan, his administration plans to resettle at least 95,000 Afghans. Wyoming is the only state in the nation where the federal government does not annually resettle refugees. The Post interviewed a series of individuals for the piece, including those who said Afghan resettlement in Wyoming could “help with diversification” and break from their “conservative beliefs.” So it doesn’t matter what you the citizen want, what matters is “diversification”. Hey WaPo, maybe the citizens of Wyoming outa have a say. You Think? Oh, and the WaPo thinks if you’re a parent concerned with what you child is being taught, you’re part of an “angry mob”.

Phony is as phony does: If you’ve been paying attention to Joe Biden’s recent public broadcasts, you’ve most certainly noticed that they are not actually happening at the White House, but rather on a set designed to look like the White House. All the MSM reporters know it’s a set, don’t say anything about it being a set, and pretend it’s really the WH. Why? Has anybody heard any explanation on why? Doesn’t that put EVERYTHING that comes out of the WH in question as to truth? Me, I have no doubts. It’s all a lie. But then I’m a lying dog faced pony soldier.

Is she the absolutely dumbest person on earth?: The View cohost Joy Behar raised more than a few eyebrows while urging black people to get the vaccine. Behar said that black people shouldn’t have vaccine hesitancy because “…the experiment has been done on white people.” So that’s all Ms. “Get the Vaccine or we’re all gonna die” Behar thinks we are, an experiment. Oy, sorry, that only applies to the white people.

Waste  of time, money, and air: Remember the bill from Pennsylvania that would force men to undergo vasectomies within 6 weeks from having their third child or their 40th birthday, whichever comes first? Well, the author Christophere M. Rabb (D) now claims that the proposed bill was a “parody legislation” and he only introduced it because it has “ no chance of passing. Hey Penn, he wasted your time, tax dollars, and that of the entire state House on this “parody legislation”. You pay him to represent your citizens, not entertain with parodies. Do you really want to keep him? I wouldn’t.

Just curious: It’s been reported, over and over, Hunter Biden made millions from his selling Dad’s contact. China, Ukraine, and Russia etc. have been reported to have supplied the first son with skittles and beer money. How come nobody has asked the, to me, most important question; where did all that money go? He’s not paying child support, selling “paintings”, and acting  like he’s broke. Where did the money go Hunter?

Just askin’ for a friend.

Tuesday Motes, Nothing More

As if there wasn’t enough trouble: Seattle Police is preparing to go to a Stage 3 posture as they prepare to fire 354, at last count, unvaxxed officers. Stage 3 is all personnel in uniform and ready to respond to calls. Yeah, this will work out well.

Evil goes on forever: Police in Rio de Janeiro said Wednesday they had found a haul of Nazi memorabilia and weapons worth an estimated $3.5 million at the home of a Brazilian man suspected of raping a minor.  Police said they found more than 1,000 items at the home of the 58-year-old unnamed suspect, including Nazi uniforms, periodicals, paintings, Nazi insignia, images of Adolf Hitler, flags and medals of the Third Reich. They also found guns and ammunition from the era. “He is a smart guy and articulate, but he’s a Holocaust denier, he’s homophobic, he’s a pedophile and he says he hunts homosexuals,” Luis Armond, the lead detective on the case, told Reuters. “I’m no doctor, but he seems to me an insane psychopath.” Evil, just evil. He should be treated like an ill animal…. and put down.

How much do you hate your “ex”? :  Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum tried to buy one of the most expensive properties for sale in Britain which overlooked his ex-wife’s rural estate. His ex-wife, Jordanian Princess Haya bint al-Hussein, had raised the matter at the High Court in London as part of a legal battle. She also claims he has hacked, bugged, and stalked her. So he almost bought a $25+ million dollar estate, just to spy on her. Hey man, just let it go.

How to do it: Last week a resolution was passed in Saguache County, Colorado, related to ’emergencies’ and the actions the local government could take. The County approved measures allowing warrantless entry into households and preventing the sale of guns and ammo per an Emergency Resolution.  The resolution basically allowed the County to have total control over the people in the county once an ’emergency’ has been claimed by the County. The people of Saguache County showed up at the County Commission’s meeting Tuesday night. This week the document was rescinded.  The “people” showed up, and took their rights back. Way to go. You need to work the system against itself.

Justice? :  five men who were allegedly involved in the deadly gang-related shooting in Chicago on Friday. Three gang members allegedly began shooting at a home in Chicago’s West Side. Three individuals inside the home then returned fire. At least one of the alleged gang members was killed while two others were injured. Prosecutors “determined that the evidence was insufficient to meet our burden of proof to approve felony charges…”mutual combatants” was cited as the reason for the rejection.” Mutual combat means two parties willingly engaged in some type of fight. Okay, I’m sitting at home, you start shooting into my house, I shoot back, and we’re “mutual combatants”? Mr. D.A., on what freakin’ world do you live? “Soros bought world”. Oh, okay.

In response: No, I am no longer a member of the NRA or the Wayne LaPierre checking account. Until there is a drastic change in leadership, direction, and a full financial accounting, the NRA doesn’t get a dime from me.

Mondays(Not A Holiday) Motes

There is another choice: People are taking about when will there be a “female James Bond”. Why? James Bond is a male literary character, and they shouldn’t just write him as a her. A better choice, in my opinion, would be to seriously make a “Modesty Blaise” feature. Written as a newspaper comic strip by Peter O’Donnell and then several paperback’s, Modesty and her man Willie Garvin rivaled Bond in readership and fans. Including me. I read them starting back in the 60’s. In fact, I still have most of them. Unfortunately, the 1st Modesty movie was a campy p.o.s. that I will never watch again. There was a 2004 feature “My Name Is Modesty” that is actually quite good. I always thought that Pitt and Jolie would have made a perfect Willie and Modesty. Alas, not to be.

My prayers and best wishes go out to Florida’s First lady Casey DeSantis after her recent cancer diagnosis.

All for the political visual: The Lt. gov of Idaho has made a second attempt to end run on her Governor. Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin attempted to take advantage of Republican Idaho Gov. Brad Little’s absence to issue a COVID-19 related executive order — but the governor isn’t having any of it. McGeachin wasn’t finished there, however. She also sought to deploy Idaho National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border this week in Little’s absence. The lieutenant governor’s request was ultimately rebuffed, but Little took notice of the attempt and used it to slam his opponent. The governor and lieutenant governor don’t run on the same ticket. In fact, McGeachin is running for governor against Little in the state’s next election.

Do you think we’ll have to show a vaxx card to vote in 2024? But not an id? Huummm

I guess Constitutional Amendments aren’t the only thing not “absolute”: Joe Biden is edging closer to employing the nuclear option in order to suspend the debt ceiling and allow Democrats to borrow and spend another $4 trillion on their agenda. The nuclear option would, for all intents and purposes, destroy the filibuster. If the Democrats are successful in “suspending” it so they don’t need a 60-vote majority to increase the debt, they will be able to suspend the rule any time they wish. Hey, let’s do away with those pesky legislative procedures.  And while we’re at it, drop all this election nonsense. It just takes up time and only makes people mad at each other.

Where do I put in my order: Afghan gun dealers are buying and selling American weapons that were seized from American-trained Afghan soldiers by the Taliban. in interviews, three weapons dealers in Kandahar said that dozens of Afghans have set up weapons shops in Afghanistan’s south, selling American-made pistols, rifles, grenades, binoculars and night-vision goggles. The equipment was originally provided to the Afghan security forces under a U.S. training and assistance program that cost American taxpayers more than $83 billion. Heck, I’ll take one of each.

Sad Good-Bye:  Ndakasi, a mountain gorilla who famously posed for a selfie with a ranger at Congo’s Virunga National Park, has died at 14 after a long illness, the park said. She died on Sept. 26 following a prolonged illness in which her condition rapidly deteriorated. “Ndakasi took her final breath in the loving arms of her caretaker and lifelong friend, Andre Bauma,” There is a place in heaven for all God’s creatures.

Do you have any doubt the unvaxx’d are the new “Jews”?: A Colorado-based health system says it is denying organ transplants to patients not vaccinated against the coronavirus in “almost all situations,”.  They denied a kidney transplant to a Colorado Springs woman because she was not vaccinated against the coronavirus. She was sent a letter that said the woman would be “inactivated” on a kidney transplant waiting list and had 30 days to start coronavirus vaccination. If she refused to be vaccinated, it said, she would be removed. Often, in transplant cases, 30 days means the difference between living and dying. The one line that really got to me was ; “UCHealth declined to discuss particular patients because of federal privacy laws.” Yeah, right.

Sunday Rant(s)

From the Washington State Legislature:

WAC 246-100-040
Procedures for isolation or quarantine.

  • At his or her sole discretion, a local health officer may issue an emergency detention order causing a person or group or may petition the superior court ex parte for an order to take the person or group of persons into involuntary detention for purposes of isolation or quarantine of persons to be immediately detained for purposes of isolation or quarantine.  2) A local health officer may invoke the powers of police officers, sheriffs, constables, and all other officers and employees of any political subdivisions within the jurisdiction of the health department to enforce immediately orders given to effectuate the purposes of this section .

Anyone else think “internment camp”?

But it can’t happen here. We are “the home of the free and land of the brave”. You keep telling yourself that, then go load your magazines.


Shakopee School Board Chair Kristi Peterson reported Tara, who is a single mother, to her employer for criticizing the actions of Shakopee’s school board members.The mother criticized the way two Shakopee School Board members handled the testimony of the parent of a special needs child and her struggles with masking. In Brooklyn a father has been arrested for “Meancening” when he asked his sons second grade teacher why the boy was not allowed to use the bathroom and sat in his own waste all day. Arrested!! This is happening everywhere parents are fighting back. But it’s not new. I wholly support the parents that are standing up to the teachers and school boards. When my kids were in school, we fought for them. The oldest was junior when she was told she couldn’t wear a “gang related” t-shirt in school. She was wearing a Harley Davidson t-shirt. There was a rather tense meeting. Yes, I rode the bike and parked it in front of the business office. Then a teacher asked my middle daughter to be the class snitch. Teacher and principal were put on notice this wasn’t happening. Teacher decided she would have to speak to us as if we were morons and I didn’t much like her condescending attitude. After expressing my credentials and seeing I had a better education than she did, she shut up. Sorta. And the time the “school security”, a very loose use of the job title, challenged my high school senior son to fight and called him several profane names. This one entailed a meeting with the “guard”, the principal, us parents, and the police. When I rather testily spoke to the guard about his physical and mental status (fat stupid fxxk) the police threatened to arrest me. I told they probably could, but it wouldn’t be for bad language. He, the guard, ended up getting the head of the Department of Education involved, and losing his job. He physically picked a fight with me at sons’ graduation. He lost that one too. I’m lucky, today I’d probably be doing 15 to 20. But I’d still do it. I wholly support these parents, where ever they are.

Saturday Story

Recently I read an article in the “Standing By” blog entitled “The Tyrants Can’t Win If We Don’t Surrender.” Considering some of the things that are happening in our city, state, country, and the rest of the world I thought it might be a good time for this story.

My Life Law

Once upon a time, long long ago, in another land, I sat with a large number of other young men.

We were in an aircraft hangar, it was zero three hundred (3 am to you civilians), it was September, it felt it was about one hundred degrees, and we’d all been on airplanes for twelve or eighteen hours.

All we wanted to do was eat, and get some sleep. Instead, we had to sit through an “orientation” before we could do anything.

A military orientation is boring at best, mind numbing at worst, and this one was exceeding the requirement at all levels.

But there we were, trying to stay awake and at least look like we were trying to pay attention. All of a sudden, in the middle of somebodies canned lecture, a tough looking Tech sergeant walked up to the podium and very loudly announced; “All right. Listen up!”

And we did. This was what is known as the “command” voice, and tech sergeant Ryan had it and knew how to use it.

One by one we looked up and he waited until he had everyone’s attention.

“Understand this”, he started; “from here on a lot of things can happen and life will get pretty tough. You can get hurt. You can get dead. Any number of really nasty things can happen.”

Nobody had any trouble paying attention. He had it all.

“But if you learn nothing else from this night, learn this; if you never give up, you can never be beaten. You can come in second or dead last. Makes no difference. You don’t give up, you can’t be beaten.” And he turned around and walked away.

At the time I didn’t realize how important that speech would be to me and the rest of my life. I was nineteen years old; a very very long way from home, and like every other young man in that building, more than a little scared.

Over the years I’ve told this story many times. 

My kids and wife are more than a little tired of hearing it. So are most of my friends and more than a few of my enemies.

In my life I have faced my share of adversity, and I’ve always kept this little speech in mind.

“If you don’t give up; you can’t be beaten.”

It’s my life law. I don’t give up.


I think now is a good time for everyone to realise that we can’t give up. And we will never be beaten.

Friday Motes To Dwell ON

Just askin’?: Louisiana’s largest hospital system will start to fine employee’s if their SPOUSE is not vaxxd by the end of the month. The “fine” will be added to the employee’s medical “benefit package”. I still haven’t heard of any vaxx mandate for welfare recipients.

Pick and choose: The fbi raided the headquarters of the New York City police sergeants’ union Tuesday morning. A related raid was conducted in Port Washington, New York, in Long Island’s Nassau County. Records show SBA President Ed Mullins owns a home in Port Washington. Mullins has been under NYPD internal investigation for alleged misconduct stemming for comments made on Twitter. Mullin also was under scrutiny for using profanity to describe NYC health commissioner after a report surfaced that she didn’t care about police officers’ lack of masks and PPE at the onset of the pandemic. Mullen, leader of the union representing 11,000 NYPD members, has been a frequent, vocal critic of De Blasio’s administration. It appears that using bad language on twitter is now a federal offense. Or is it just criticizing the powers that be? The FBI recently admitted that they don’t keep track of violence from the radical left.

Something to ponder: Did you know the “majority” of congresscritters are millionaires? That means over 50%, and that doesn’t include their spouses, many of whom are very very rich . The percentage of millionaires in the American population is 8%. Hummmm.

Buy lottery tickets, now: A man jumped nine stories from a high-rise in Jersey City, NJ, landed on a BMW — and miraculously survived, according to officials and a witness. “I heard a big boom and I didn’t think it was a person at first,” said the witness. “The back window of the car just busted out — exploded. Then the guy jumped up and started screaming. His arm was all twisted.” He was rushed to a hospital by ambulance and was in critical condition Thursday. I’d buy lottery tickets and ride this luck.

Nobody deserves this: A CNN “political commentator” suggested Monday that Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., deserved to be harassed in the bathroom by left-wing activists at Arizona State University. The inane questions asked did not warrant such an intrusion.  I don’t care who you think you are; if you follow my wife into the bathroom, I will knock you out. End of conversation.

Get offa my lawn: A “mean” homeowner has been slammed over his bizarre method to stop people walking across his front garden. Unlucky trespassers got a shock when an automatic sprinkler drenched them as they took a short cut and stomped across Thomas Lyons’ lawn. there’s also an alarm that sounds at the same time the sprinkler goes off, warning people not to step foot on his grass. And the unique method to keeping trespassers off his grass has divided opinion among commenters – with some branding him “mean”, and others saying he has every right to use his property how he wishes. Me, I’m on his side. You work hard to keep your lawn and yard nice, then someone wears a path across it taking a short cut. Go around ya dope.

Everyday, five days a week, I drive by thirteen flags over thirteen pair of empty boots. The first day, I stopped and individually saluted each one. Now, I salute all thirteen when I drive by. Honor Respect Loyalty

Extensive Thursday Motes

Déjà vu, again: Hitler rose to power by convincing the general public that Jews were spreading illness. Kinda sounds familiar …But I just can’t put my finger on it. Consider some of the best-known tactics of past fascist and socialist and communist dictators (and maybe even some today!). Trump did not do well in the rankings: No purges, military or civilian governmental ranks or even serious political pressure to resign or retire; No mass deportations (or even encouragement to leave) of political opponents, outspoken media critics, or even scientists! No organized or systemic use of assassination, character defamation, blackmail or even bribery! No pitched battles of competing government-supporting and rebel street mobs, not even to the extent of Australia in the last few weeks. (No, the so-called insurrection on 6 JAN 2021 compares to those things like a 4-year-old’s tea party compares to an Inaugural Ball.) No death camps. And not much in the way of concentration or retraining camps, either. No rounding up en masse of homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Jews, or even Russians and Chinese. No routine beating up or stringing up of rioters, looters, street preachers – not even mimes or clowns! Trump was a failure as a dictator. Uncle Joe, well he’s already well ahead of the curve.

An open letter; Dear Billy Eilish, Alyissa Milano and all the other people that don’t live in Texas but don’t like Texas laws. Don’t move there. Signed Storyteller

Show your papers, continued : Bars must close by 10 pm. No fans in the stands at U H games. Honolulu has lost over 800 bars, restaurants, and small business’ due to the state “mandates”. The gov says he’s working with the health care industry to identify indicators that would provide guidance for either lifting or expanding restrictions. And the Lt. gov says; “we should be able to now have football games, concerts and what have you, as long as people show that they got vaccinated,” Green said. Me, I say our elected representatives no longer represent me, or anyone else, but themselves.

But only the peasants needed masks: “Bridgerton” Emmy winner Marc Elliot Pilcher, 53, died of Covid-19 on Sunday two weeks after attending the 73rd Emmy Awards in Los Angeles. Pilcher was “double vaccinated” and had no underlying conditions. Hey Lt. gov Green, he was VACCINATED. (See mote above)

We don’t need no stinkin’ proof: With zero specific citations to support the claimed threats, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland has now instructed the Federal Bureau of Investigation (fbi) to target and investigate any parents who challenge local school board policies.   The objective appears to be an overt threat to intimidate parents who are actively engaged in their child’s school education. The goal is to label dissident parents, non-conforming free range citizens, as “Domestic Terrorists.”  So, now giving a crap about the crap your kids are learning in “school” is a federal criminal offense. But gathering to burn a police station, take over whole city blocks, loot stores, or beat citizens isn’t. Did I miss something here?

“At least once every human should have to run for his life, to teach him that milk does not come from supermarkets, that safety does not come from policemen, that ‘news’ is not something that happens to other people. He might learn how his ancestors lived and that he himself is no different–in the crunch his life depends on his agility, alertness, and personal resourcefulness.”

― Robert A. Heinlein

Middle Wednesday Motes

Ok, I don’t like Dwayne “Dog” Chapman. I won’t go into why, it’s personal and professional. But I will buy him a beer if he locates Laundrie before the fbi or other real cops. And I will laugh laugh laugh laugh.

Another “fundamental change: The Senate voted on Thursday to confirm President Joe Biden’s controversial nominee to lead the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Tracy Stone-Manning, in a 50–45 vote along party lines. Stone-Manning’s affiliation with ecoterrorists and her role in a tree spiking plot from three decades ago resurfaced in June during her nomination process, resulting in a wave of objections to her nomination. A communist running the banks, and a terrorist in control of the land. Oh, and she snitched out her “brother and sister” tree huggers. They ended doing time, she ended running a federal bureau.

Representing you:  A total of 49 House and Senate Republicans helped Democrats pass billions in American taxpayer money on welfare, driver’s licenses, housing costs, and more for Afghans brought to the United States as part of a massive resettlement operation. On Thursday they voted to approve $6.4 billion in taxpayer money for the roughly 95,000 Afghans that they hope to bring to the U.S. over the next 12 months.  A population nine times larger than Jackson, Wyoming’s resident population. Remember where the money comes from, you and me. Of course they will all be law abiding contributing members of society.

Who investigates the investigators: I’ve spoken on this individual before: In December, 2020, FBI agents contacted Jeremy Brown at his home for “posting some things online.” Last March, Brown started speaking out about how the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) contacted him and attempted to recruit him to spy on patriots and everyday Americans. Brown released video surveillance of the FBI contacting him at his home. And he released an audio recording of his actual meetup with the FBI. Brown decided his desire to protect and defend the American people and the TRUTH are more important than privacy or personal safety. On last Thursday afternoon at 3:45 PM Eastern the FBI raided Jeremy Brown’s home and arrested him. The charge is trespassing.  The FBI searched their house, RV, and trailer. And then they arrested Jeremy and took him away. Jeremy Brown NEVER entered the US Capitol on January 6. His crime was refusing to be an FBI informant. Who will investigate the fbi for what appears to be abuse of power?

Kinda torn on this one: In a rural area, a farmer’s barn caught fire. The local fire fighters responded  and saved a number of piglets from the inferno. Six months later the farmer showed up at the fire station with a “thank-you” gift. A large box if sausage’s, made from the rescued piglets. Okay, I   can see the thoughtfulness of the gift, but I’m not sure I could eat any of it.

Just sayin’ : Flew to Hilo on Friday. Young(ish) woman and her son boarded the plane. He was 4-6 years old, and seemed to be well behaved. Except he didn’t want to Wear a mask. He kept pulling it off, no matter what mom said. Stewardess noticed, and spoke to them, nicely that I could hear, but to no avail. A senior airline rep came aboard, talked to mom and son, and also without success. Finally the rep had to ask mom and son to leave the flight. Mom got very huffy and loudly proclaimed “Well. I can’t go home because my CHILD won’t wear a mask. And this B….” She started to say something about the Airline rep when another passenger spoke out saying,” Don’t blame her. She’s just doing her job.” Several other passengers agreed and Mom and son departed. I don’t agree with the mask, or the mandates, but you don’t dump on someone just doing their job. No matter how distasteful the job.

Hey Danno. Hope you and Cheryl are healthy and well. Stay safe. Gas here is up $.05 a gallon.

What are you paying?

Extra Motes, ‘Cause I got A Bunch

Wrong “doers”: After an Indian official’s car ran over protesting farmers in a town in the state of Uttar Pradesh, killing four, demonstrators beat the official’s driver and its three passengers to death in the ensuing violence on Sunday, The car is owned by Junior Home Minister Ajay Mishra, who said the three passengers were members of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). “They were beaten to death by the farmers,” Mishra said in a statement. Okay, I’m for punishment for the crime, but it appears the neither this driver nor the passengers were involved in the original incident. Oooops.

Just askin’ :There are 2 people that seem to be mostly running things, Nancy Pelosi and Anthony Fauci. Both are proven liars and frauds. She was elected to represent a section of Calipornia, not run the U.S. He wasn’t elected to anything. His recent comment on Forced Vaccines: “You Have to Give Up Your Individual Rights for The Greater Good of Society” Whhaaattt? Why, the hell is anybody listening to them?

Oh good gods why:  Bud Light created something once considered a joke – a pumpkin spice hard seltzer. For drinkers that don’t like to drink.

It’s not a joke: Rep. Chris Rabb, a Democrat in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, has introduced a bill that “will require all inseminators (men) to undergo vasectomies within 6 weeks from having their third child or 40th birthday, whichever comes first.“ The bill, Rabb says, will also “empower Pennsylvanians to enforce this new law by offering a $10,000 reward for reporting to the proper authorities those scofflaws who have not complied with this statute within the allotted timeframe,” Are these bills serious, or just lame attempts at making a statement about the Texas law? I really can’t say. The mere fact he introduced it to his House is a good reason to vote him out.

A shame : A Milwaukee teen who moved to Texas in 2020 to escape the violence was shot and killed in Houston after police say he confronted an armed man who took 5 hostages in a convenience store. Andrell Whitelow’s family wants to bring the boy home to Milwaukee. His grandmother and aunt said while Whitelow may have saved others’ lives Monday night, Sept. 27, he didn’t deserve to be taken by the same violence his mother wanted him to escape. Whitelow’s aunt and grandmother are wishing Whitelow hadn’t gone in the store but wondering what may have happened if he didn’t. The assailant is under arrest and charges with Murder, Assaulting a Police Officer, and numerous other crimes. Of the 5 hostages originally taken, none were harmed due to Whitelow’s intervention. He sits at the Table of Heroes. “No man hath greater love…”