Mote-ivating Monday

Quick and certain: I have seen where family members of active duty military, as well as the soldiers themselves, are receiving threatening e-mails, texts, and tweets. If any of these are traced back to U.S. citizens, the punishment must be harsh, quick, and certain. It should fall under giving “aid and comfort to the enemy”, it should include a substantial, non-suspendable, jail term.

Ummm good: What is with all the “squirrel” recipes lately? Everyone from Dave Barry to Instpundit are putting out fried squirrel, squirrel with brown gravy, and squirrel stew among a few, recipes.. Did I miss the hillbilly culinary delight show?

Another law we really needed: In South Dakota they want to make it illegal to perform “sex change surgery” on a minor. People, and I use this to include children, don’t really have an idea about themselves until 16-18. My opinion only. But I cannot see giving a 6-year old puberty blocking drugs, even if he/she/they want them. Of course it is being fought by Democrat lawmakers and the (un)ACLU. One state House member (D) says the bill is “not necessary”. I just would point out the Younger case, where mommy-dearest decided son was a daughter, Mommy was going to get him “clipped”and the hell with wait Daddy (ex-hubby) or son, wanted. Yes, it is necessary.

Where are they? : Everyone talks about Epstein and all the files, data, and notebooks he kept on the “girls and women” he is alleged to have trafficked. But where are they? The only person or agency I have heard claim they were in custody was the scammer that was “proven” a liar very very quickly. Only, nobody says how they knew he didn’t have them, and the whole story disappeared real quick like. So where are they? Were they destroyed when he was taken into custody? Did they ever exist? If they do exist, who has them now? Enquiring minds want to know, why nobody in the MSM is asking these questions. HEY, CNN, NBC, FOX, WHERE ARE THE FILES???

And many more to come: Happy Birthday Betty White, 98. What else is there to say?

Headline : “Stripper sentenced to life for murdering his boyfriend with 2 shot to the head.” Both men kept their affair secret since they were both men were still married to women.

Don’t think it would make a difference: Deaf man sues PornHub for not having sub-title captioning. I can see it now. “Oh, yes Babbbyyyyyyyy. Rightttt therererer. (Woman moaning)Oooooooooooo.” Yeah, doesn’t really do much for me.

Sunday Rant

From “Instapundit”: Well, if we begin to take a look at PETA’s Australia chapter, we can imagine why they are not first in line to help those poor koalas and kangaroos we keep hearing about on the news. For example, PETA’s Australia chapter received over $49 million in contributions in 2019, but only less than 1 percent went into actually helping troubled animals. The rest of the money, in true PETA fashion, was used on advertising, public disturbances, paying off celebrity spokespersons, and lobbying politicians and businesses into getting what they want and they want one thing, and one thing only-total animal “liberations”. This would mean no zoos, no aquariums, no responsible meat, or dairy consumption, no pets, no wildlife conservation efforts that require rehabilitation or breeding programs, and no use of animals for therapeutic purposes. PETA is also against the use of guide dogs for those who are blind. If that is not enough to throw you over the edge about who PETA is, they once compared farm animals to Jewish Holocaust victims in order to convince the public to switch over to a vegan lifestyle. In addition, they also have long ties to eco-terrorists groups such as the Animal Liberation Front, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and the Earth Liberation Front. They don’t care about animals so much as they hate humanity.

From Me; Before you give to any charity, check Consumer Reports. They have a site that you can use to check your “charity” for actual money used to help. You know, like “The Clinton Foundation” and all the $$$ they gave Haiti.

Saturday Story


School year of 82′, I think. I was working D-4 (Kaneohe) on the day shift when I was sent to Haiku Elementary, unknown problem.

I get there and meet with the V-P and a teacher. A student (fifth or sixth grade if I remember) was having trouble sitting still in class. When the teacher tried to figure out why, she noticed blood on the back of his T-shirt. They introduced me to the child and asked him to lift up his T-shirt.

What I saw made me want to scream in anger. The child’s back was striped like a movie prisoner after a flogging. Some places had broken open and started bleeding. The wounds were just below his shoulder level and went all the way down to the bottom of the child’s buttocks.

They story was simple. Grandpa was watching football, sent the child to fetch him a beer, the child stumbles and spilled the beer, so grandpa pulled a cord out a lamp, and whipped the child until the blood ran. For spilling a beer.

I called the watch Commander gave him the facts and that I was taking the child into custody and transporting to Juvenile Crime Prevention Division (JCPD).

This is exactly what I did. I finished the paperwork, notified the school V-P, and went back to work.

At the end of watch (2:30pm) I get a radio call to call the desk by phone. So I do. The watch Sergeant answers and asks if I have any paperwork to turn in. I did not. He tells me to go on home.

Then he explains the child’s family, including cousins, aunts, uncles, and of course grandpa were all at the station and had a full head of anger because “I took their kid away”, without “any reason”.

It wasn’t important that grandpa beat him until there was blood, but only that some “haole” cop took their kid.

Don’t know what my being white had to do with it, but seems to me they kinda had their priorities mixed up.

Of course child services spoke to the family and grandpa, then gave the kid back.

No surprise there.

Friday of Motes

Brit Love (head) Line :
”I’m falling for my ex’s mum after our mind-blowing threesome with my best mate.” To add to the complications, he and the ex are on “good terms” and the ex-girlfriend still lives with Mum. The age difference is about 20 years, I think that was for both guys. Now, I’m paranoid so I’d be thinking Mom set this up to cut him off at the knees later. No matter what, run boy run. And start a new circle of friends.

Do you have your canned bacon? : Yes, there is such a thing. Check Amazon. The reason I ask is the outbreak of “African Swine Fever” is not being contained. It has spread from China and Viet Nam and now is being found in Bulgaria and Poland. It is killing off herds (?) of swine and really hurting pork production all over. You may have to open a can for your next BLT.

Sad Good-bye
: Stan Kirsch, “Ritchie” on the “Highlander” series dead at 51, by his own hand. Much to young.

And another: This week we also lost “Rocky ‘Soulman’ Johnson” one of the all time great’s of Pro-wrestling at age 75. The father of Dwayne Johnson, Johnson was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, by his son, in 2008. I had the great fortune to work with Rocky in Polynesian Wrestling and found him to be an absolute professional, a man of vision, and a pretty damn nice guy. More than that, he was not too big to admit when he was wrong and apologize. That make a good man, great. My deepest sympathy to Dwayne, Ata, Lia, and the Johnson / Miavia families. He will be missed.

What is with people? : Six tourists in Peru have been arrested for damaging the walls of internationally-known Inca site Machu Picchu. They are also accused of smearing fecal matter on the site. The group, 5 south Americans and 1 European, are between the ages of 20 and 32. You know, when they should “know better”. This comes shortly after 2 Canadians and 2 Australians were arrested for stripping naked for pictures. What, naked pictures at an Inca religious site? Yeah, that’s something I’d include on my vacation slide show.

A day in history: Yesterday marked the 50-year anniversary of the end of the Biafran conflict. It was not even a real war. It is now forgotten by history, remembered only by those that fought. We’ll talk about it in depth some other time.

The illuminati are alive and well: Just check the pages of “ViligantCitizen”. Everything and every sign has something behind it. From the UNICEF “masked ball” to most rock video’s there is a deep satanic meaning. Not saying they’re wrong, but damnnn. I’m trying to learn more about “Q”. This is going to take a while.

Just watched this week’s “Vikings”. By the gods, that was a funersl. Lagatha was a mother, a beautiful woman, and a Warrior. Farewell Shield Maiden.

Thursday and I’m Back With Motes

Sometimes you have to take it into your own hands: A Visalia CA couple have been arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon, conspiracy and other crimes. What they did was leave an unattended bicycle, in their yard, and when a thief came by, entered the yard and tried to steal the bike, the couple beat the thief with baseball bats. At least four beatings were recorded and have appeared on YouTube. I’m sorry, but I believe if you come to steal another person’s belongings, you should be prepared for the consequences. This’ll launch into a big property-v-life argument, but don’t bother. I believe you steal at your own risk. Thieves know the chance of punishment is slim so in their minds “crime does pay”, I think it should get real expensive. IMHO the only thing they did wrong, and I’m not really sure it was wrong, was post the recordings for the public.

On the same line: In Atlanta GA, police will no longer engage in the pursuit of escaping criminal, or alleged criminals. So guys like the above mentioned bicycle thieves will get away as long as they are faster than the overweight doughnut munching cops that are there to “Protect and Serve”.

It could be next: Washington state is a mixed-up place. On the coast side is the liberal, let the .gov take care of everything while on the eastern side of the mountains is just the opposite. Now the Governor is trying to push a bunch of gun laws that just might cause another Virginia type “uprising”. Like what is happening to Tennessee right now. I’ll wait.

Old rich white men for president: Billionaire Tom Steyer, who if you didn’t know is running for president, now claims the United States “must provide cheap housing to illegal immigrants”. We do, it’s called jail. Oh, he also promises that when he is president there will be free healthcare, workplace training, and cultural celebrations. Sorry, I can’t even begin to explain how offensive that is to me.

Speaking of offensive: On December 23, Illinois joined 19 other states and the District of Columbia to explicitly require Medicaid to pay for transgender surgeries. That’s the word, REQUIRE. And guess who pays, yep, you and me

Smiley Mote Tuesday :)

They agree: I have one comment regarding the “carry in church” argument going on. I was once told, by a Chaplin, that “Peter and Paul” agree with “Smith and Wesson”. And that’s my last word. (Sure it is.)

I don’t like boycotts: But if you’re in Seattle stay away from “St. John’s Bar and Eatery”. One of the “owner’s” likes to make jokes when a man and his 9-year old daughter were killed in a tragic hunting accident. By tweeting “1.5 less MAGAbilly’s in the world”, with absolutely no evidence the deceased father had any political standing, the co-owner wife, who had never met the man or his daughter as they were on the other side of the country, is now being disavowed by her husband in fear her crap infected mouth will adversely effect the restaurant’s patronage. In almost any other city I can see that happening. But Seattle, no. There’ll probably be a line outside the eat and bask in the shine of her enlightenment. Me, I wish dueling was still allowed. Instead, I’ll never eat there. Even if I’m in Seattle.

Call it whatever you want: “I left my cheating husband and now have 9 sugar daddies who pay me £260 per date.” They have a name for a woman that does this, and it isn’t “sugar baby”. Call yourself whatever you want, you’re still a whore. An expensive and picky one, but still a whore. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against a good, honest whore. She isn’t either.

Just English picky: They are reporting the Epstein suicide recording’s, his first try, have been erased due to an “inadvertent mistake”. Aren’t all mistakes “inadvertent”? If they were not inadvertent, they weren’t mistakes but “done on purpose” happenings. Remember, 1 is an accident, 2 is suspicious, 3 is enemy action.

“Kookie Kookie, lend me your comb”: Television star of the 50’s and 60’s Edd “Kookie” Brynes has passed at age 87. He will be remembered as the hip parking attendant in the show “77 Sunset Strip” and of course for is role in “Grease”. He was a fair actor and from all reports a good human being. Aloha

Cage match for president: With President Trump referring to Adam Schiff as a “pencil neck” it put me to mind of ‘Classy Freddy Blassie” on of the pioneers of modern professional wrestling. Blassie often, very often, referred to the fans as “pencil necked geeks”, he even recorded a song “Pencil Neck Geek” with Johnny Legend. So, is our next president going to be selected in a 2 out of 3 fall match? Or maybe a “death match in a cage”. I’d go see that.