Real Friday Motes

Things that make you go, Huh? : Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi wants the Honolulu Police Department to feel empowered to enforce the law to create a safer Chinatown community. Over the past few months, the mayor said he’s seen a significant increase in crime, drug abuse and obscenity throughout Chinatown. Focusing mainly on Chinatown, people who are arrested in that area will face a higher bail than if they committed the same crime in a different location on the island. Hey, wait a minute. Couldn’t that “selective” enforcement be just a little, say, unconstituational? Unlawful? Doesn’t that give the accused an automatic appeal to further tie up our courts? And what about the rest of the island and state? Violent crime, everywhere is up, up, up. Is Chinatown that important?

Will there be another “Bay of Pigs” soon?

We understand: Jason Lilley was a special operations forces Marine Raider who fought in multiple battles in Iraq and Afghanistan during America’s longest war. As Lilley, 41, reflects on President Joe Biden’s decision to end America’s military mission in Afghanistan on Aug. 31, he expresses love for his country, but disgust at its politicians and dismay at the blood and money squandered. Comrades were killed and maimed in wars he says were unwinnable, making him rethink his country and his life. “The whole point was to get rid of the Taliban and we didn’t do that. The Taliban will take over.”  There is a reason why historians have called Afghanistan the “graveyard of empires.” Mr. Lilley, you and your brothers understand what me and 2,700,000 Vietnam vet’s feel.  Like us, you need to keep your head up and be proud of your service.

I could get behind this idea: The drive-thru daiquiri shop. Here’s how it works.  The business gets a liquor license and buys the equipment.  The customer drives up and orders.  The bartender makes it up and puts it in a container with a lid. At that point it is package liquor. The customer gets a straw as part of the package.  As long as the straw is not in the lid, it is not an open container.  What happens after the customer leaves the parking lot is between their conscience and the local constabulary. You are on the honor system. These things are all over Louisiana and do a thriving business. Even at 1:00 on a Wednesday afternoon.

Happy Birthday Willem DaFoe (7/22). An actor with a unique look and voice he’s been nominated for an Oscar 4 times. His movies include Streets of Fire, Platoon, The Lighthouse, and one of my personal favorites, The Hunter.

“Yellowstone” it ain’t: John Ladd, whose family has ranched at the U.S.-Mexico border for more than 125 years, says illegal immigrants tell him that President Joe Biden invited them to come. Ladd, 66, says he and his family are on constant alert for theft by illegal immigrants who cross the border onto his ranch. The ranchers also must make sure that cattle haven’t escaped and wandered onto the highway because illegal immigrants cut fences. Ladd ranches the same land his parents did, about 16,000 acres that includes 10-and-a-half miles along the border. But times have changed since his parents worked the ranch. His great-grandparents came to the area in 1894. When illegal immigrants cross onto his ranch, he says, they often cut water lines and fences, which becomes both a safety issue and financial liability for him. The Ladd’s also have had to build their lives around protecting the ranch due to what they have experienced. “They come to your house and try and bull their way through the door,” he says. Tragically, Ladd says, he has come upon dead illegal immigrants. “We’ve had 14 dead bodies on the ranch that I know of,” Ladd says. A rancher’s life has never been easy, even without the immigration traffic. It takes a strong man or woman to be a rancher, Ladd and his family are those people. “But this is home. I’m not leaving.”

I agree with the wife: The “lowlife” thief charged with stealing a then-6-year-old Brooklyn boy’s scooter was ordered held on $50,000 bail, while his lawyer took a cheap shot at the young victim. “I don’t know why a 7-year-old is on an electric scooter,” Brooklyn Public Defenders attorney Sarah Burleson, who represents accused scooter thief. Just what the hell does that have to do with the crime? The scooter actually belonged to the boy’s brother with special needs who needed it to get around. Even the thief’s wife say’s “He’s a lowlife.” Later in court, the attorney went to the tried and true defense and said her client suffers from “addiction and needs help.” Probably the same defense he used in his prior manslaughter (1991) , armed robbery (2010), and parole violation cases.

Tonight is the Buck Moon, also known as the Thunder Mood, the Hay Moon or the Mead Moon. Enjoy.

In Hilo this weekend. Gonna mow the lawn, trim the hedge, have a beer with the dog, and ride the motorcycle. Ahhh, heaven.

Motes Motes and More Motes

He cries wolf, again: Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA), chairman of the Select Committee investigating the 1/6 Capitol riot is hoping some defendants being prosecuted by the Department of Justice will testify against Republican members of Congress and former President Donald Trump. Isn’t he the guy that kept claiming he’d “seen the evidence” of the Trump/Russia collusion? You know, the one investigators said there was no evidence of. But….but….oops.

This will not go well: Pope Francis on Friday directly reversed a signature liturgical decision of Pope Benedict XVI, moving to strongly limit use of the old Latin Mass. He suggested that those who favored the old Latin Mass had been exploiting the rite as a way to “reinforce the divergences, and encourage disagreements that injure the Church.” Maybe the “new breed” will go for this, but the old school Catholic’s will not be happy. This will not go well.

Get the “OFF”: “TORNADOES” of sex-starved mosquitoes have blotted out the sun in east Russia as they gather for mating season. Fast-moving pillars with millions of the insects rampaged on the the peninsula of Kamchatka, far-eastern Russia. Experts told the media outlet locals should not worry about this swarming, which was a mating phenomenon. The swarming males mosquitoes “do not attack humans”, she said. The Asian tiger mosquito is around four times larger than a normal mosquito and carries diseases such as dengue fever and Zika virus. But don’t worry, they won’t attack. Did anyone tell the mosquitoes that? I guess the “murder hornet” is gone.

Slow weekend in Chicago, 56 shot, 11 dead.

Dumb crook: A woman who was on the run for allegedly being an accessory to a murder in March has been arrested after commenting on the police department’s Facebook post asking about her reward money. “Where’s the reward money at,” Lorraine Graves can be seen posting after she saw that she was on the “Weekly Most Wanted” list. Graves was subsequently arrested the next day after detectives with the Tulsa Police Department’s Fugitive Warrant’s unit were able to track her down in a home in north Tulsa. There are no smart criminals in jail. If they were smart, they don’t do dumb shat like this.

Get what you deserve:  A man was shot and killed while attempting to rob a person in downtown St. Louis late Sunday night, St. Louis police said. Officers said the preliminary investigation suggests the man was trying to rob a victim at the location when he was shot. The attempted robbery victim left before officers arrived at the scene and has not been located.

 It should be: U.S. Department of Justice officials deliberately delayed an investigation into Hunter Biden’s potential tax law violations and sketchy overseas business dealings because of the effect it could have on the presidential election. Delaware’s U.S. Attorney David Weiss allegedly postponed allowing prosecutors to obtain search warrants and issue grand jury subpoenas last summer, after facing pressure from other officials who feared the investigation’s influence on the 2020 presidential election and now-President Joe Biden’s campaign. Why isn’t this on the front page in headline font? Why isn’t someone going to court and/or jail for this? Why am I NOT surprised?

Another not needed voice heard from: Actor Idris Elba  is calling for more stringent ID verification measures on social media platforms in an attempt to combat racism online. He doesn’t say anything about id to vote. Oh, right, he’s a Brit and doesn’t care about American elections.

Right Up The Middle Motes

Two down, and eight to go: White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Friday doubled down on the government’s censorship of Americans. Last Thursday the White House spokesperson casually admitted the federal .gov is censoring American citizens and flagging “problematic” social media posts. Like Uncle Joe said in rolling out a set of executive orders “no amendment is absolute.” So much for your 1st Amendment. On Friday, Jen Psaki took it to another level and said Americans who post “misinformation” should be completely unpersoned and should have no access to any online platforms. One and done sort of thing. I’d say yes , if the same rules apply to ALL posters. But you know it won’t. The Biden Administration is publicly admitting that Americans who do not fall in line with their agenda do not have the right to participate in the exchange of commerce and ideas online. So that’s the First and Second amendments Uncle Joe feels aren’t absolute.

We don’t need no stinkin’ facts: There are serious discrepancies in the “testimony” of Dr. Jonathan Ambrose McGreevy aka @JohnHereToHelp aka Ryan Dark White that are shaking the conspiracy tree and generating a bit of criticism. There are those who insist–without offering one shred of evidence beyond the words of Ryan Dark White–that White’s allegations must be investigated without worrying about documentary evidence that White is not telling the truth. See it here. (       McGreevy has laid out some serious accusations against former V-P Pence, active fbi and dea agents, a Supreme Court Justice, and used today’s baba yaga word, “Pedophile”, to link them all together. Without providing one shred of evidence. But many of his lies about himself are easily provable.

Everybody is eager to know the outcome of the several states “audits”. I repeat my comments; If there is 1 proven fraudulent vote, is that enough to trigger a new election? How about 10,000? 100,000? How much fraud is acceptable?

No good deed goes unpunished:  A woman who opened up her Georgia home to a homeless man was paid back with a serious injury when he stabbed her in the neck, police said. Witnesses told investigators that the woman was trying to kick the man out of her home after letting him live there for a while. When she stood in the doorway to keep him out, he stabbed her in the neck and fled the scene. I’ve done the same with three “friends”; One stole from me, one just disappeared, and one got his life together. At least none of them stabbed me.

Sentenced :“ Hollywood Ripper” Michael Gargiula was sentenced to death Friday for the home-invasion murders of two women. Gargiulo, 45, a former bouncer, air-conditioner repairman and aspiring actor, was convicted in August 2019 of the 2001 murder of Ashley Ellerin,22, and the 2005 murder of Maria Bruno ,32. Gargiulo is expected to be extradited to Illinois to stand trial for the 1993 slaying of 18-year-old Tricia Pacaccio. My prediction, he’ll die in prison. It took 15 years to convict him, it’ll take that many more for all his ”legal appeals”. They won’t execute him, not in Calipornia, but at least he’ll never see the outside of those prison walls

Tuesday Motes To Ponder

Never thought I’d see it: Last Thursday was a historic day for the U.S. military’s special operations community as a woman became the Navy’s first female special operator. She endured 37 weeks of training that involves extensive running, swimming, and other exercises conducted in all weather conditions and with very little sleep. If she finished that course, she can handle anything. Hoora.

Wants to be governor: Vickey Cayetano has announced she is running for Governor of the state of Hawaii. She attended Stanford University in California but did not graduate.  In 1988, she helped to start United Laundry Company to service hotels and hospitals, eventually becoming president and CEO.   She and then Governor Ben Cayetano were married on May 5, 1997. What’s missing here? Besides experience, qualifications, and well, any idea what’s going on.

Unbelievable: I do not have the words to express what I feel about what is happening in South Africa. Last night I watched a video of a pair of white farmers were stopped at an makeshift checkpoint, pulled from their vehicles, beaten with clubs (it appeared to be the traditional “Knobberri” stick) and when they tried to climb back into their vehicles, a young African male began to literally whip them with a stock drivers whip. Their trucks were then stolen. South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa has said the violence that has rocked the country was pre-planned, describing it as an assault on democracy. The death toll has risen to 212. An estimated $1bn (£720m) worth of stock was stolen in KwaZulu-Natal with at least 800 retail shops looted. It all started when former President Zuma handed himself in to police to serve a 15-month sentence for “contempt of court”. Zuma’s supporters reacted furiously to his imprisonment, blockading major roads and calling for a shutdown to demand his release. BAWA

Those were the days: Last Friday would have been the 71st birthday for homegrown funny man Rap Reiplinger. A local station played a number of his bits during the morning show. It all brought me back to the mid-70’s and the “Territorial Tavern” on Bishop Street. It was there you could see and hear Leon and Malia, Kimo Kahuano, and of course Rap, James Grant Benton, and Ed Kaahea, collectively known as Boog Booga. The Tavern was on my downtown patrol beat and they were always good for a cup of coffee, and a song or laugh. I once brought leis to Leon and Malia on an opening night. I was in uniform, I had called off on my lunch break, got a nice mention in the local newspaper, and a 1 day suspension from the Major with no sense of humor or appreciation for fan loyalty.

How come Social Security, which employed people pay into, is going broke, but Welfare, which is totally paid for by the state, isn’t? Why is that?

That’s how it should be done:  A Michigan business owner tracked down a car that was stolen from her and then took matters into her own hands, dragging the man she believed took the vehicle from a barbershop chair by his dreadlocks. Bianca Chambers shares the Mercedes-Benz with her boyfriend. When the car went missing she posted about it on social media, tracked it down for three days through tips about where it had been. Chambers called police each time she found it, but the thief kept getting away. On Wednesday, she found the vehicle and slashed all four tires and confronted the person who had been driving it. She confronted the teen thief, dragged him outside by his hair, and waited for the police to finally respond.The teen accused of stealing her car said he will not press charges against Chambers for the physical altercation. That’s really nice coming from a THIEF. That’s what we all should do; Track ‘em down, publicly identify them, and then publicly, harshly punish them.

Motes To Start Another Week

Actions have consequences: A Filipino ‘Snake Man’ who claimed to be immune to venom, has died after a cobra bit him on the tongue as he allegedly tried to kiss it. as he showed off the snake to onlookers, Bernardo held the cobra too close to his face, as he pretended to kiss it on the mouth. The cobra – widely recognized as one of the most venomous snakes in the world – lunged at his mouth and bit his tongue. The shocked man screamed in pain before collapsing to the ground – dying shortly after. Don’t blame the snake, he was just doing what snakes do.

Headline: “CNN: ‘ White picket fences are overrated”, so true. Seven-foot chain link with 3 strand barbed wire is much better at keeping the dogs in and people out.

A sad Good-Bye: Keith Cooper died just days before his 74th birthday. While in the Hyde Park area of Chicago, two people demanded he give them his car while he ran errands. When he didn’t give up the vehicle, the robbers then repeatedly punched him in the head as witnesses stepped in to try to stop the attack. His family said his heart could not handle the trauma of the assault and he was pronounced dead at the hospital of a heart attack. What a shame, this guy survived TWO tours as a combat Marine in Vietnam, only to die by criminal actions in his hometown. Chicago has seen a 135% increase in carjackings since 2019. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s office did not immediately return a request for comment on Cooper’s death. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for a comment. My deepest condolences to the Cooper family.

The fix is in, or else: Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) will play hardball with the Senate’s attempt at a “bipartisan infrastructure” package, forcing a vote next week on the “bipartisan” and purely partisan bills, yet a bill has not been introduced. Schumer will force a vote on the “bipartisan” plan next Wednesday. The majority leader has already threatened to cancel the August recess if a deal is not passed.  Can that be?;  “co·er·cion; noun; the practice of persuading someone to do something by using force or threats.” Just for reference I Found “If a person, while committing coercion, uses physical force or the threat of physical force, it is classified as a class D felony. If convicted of a class D felony, the punishment is: No less than 1 year, and no more than 6 years in state prison and. Fine of no more than $5,000.”

Justice moves too slow sometimes: A lawyer has argued before the New Hampshire Supreme Court that a truck driver charged with causing the deaths of seven motorcyclists in 2019 deserves a bail hearing after three refusals. Volodymyr Zhukovskyy told Massachusetts State Police after his arrest he was using three or four bags of heroin a day and had used both heroin and cocaine the morning of the crash. Zhukovskyy was the driver involved in a crash that killed seven motorcyclists in New Hampshire. The victims were with the “Jarheads, MC” and on a morning ride when struck by the driver who was on drugs and reaching for a “beverage” just before colliding with the group of bikers. This pos should already be doing “life without”.

This guy is a thief. He and his crew break in to parking areas and cut out the catalytic converters. They’ll hit several cars at a time. Note the Sawzall in his hand. Note he is dressed for “night work”. Be aware.

Sunday Rant

So, legislators  from Texas, left the state to avoid a vote on a measure they don’t like.

I would like to remind every voter of the most basic factor that has seemed to be forgotten.

Every person you elect, you elect to represent you. REPRESENT, not command or lead. 

Do not take the “govern” part of “Government” and apply it to the position. They still there to represent you.

They ALL are there to represent their constituents, you, the voters. By leaving the state, how are they representing their citizens? They are not.

Soon it will again be “election” time. We will be inundated with signs, radio/television commercials, and flooded with “vote for” slogans. Hawaii usually votes by name recognition, so these “campaigns” are vital.

To the people of Texas, and Hawaii, if you don’t feel the politicians are representing your best interests, don’t vote for them.

If you don’t know if they are representing you, make an effort and ask them. If they don’t answer, they aren’t.


The federal government has gotten even creepier ever since Joe Biden was installed as acting president. There’s a lust for federal control on the Left that’s grown immeasurably, especially since January 20, 2021. It had been getting out of hand all during the pandemic last year.

We’ve witnessed the uncomfortable spectacle of almost half the country willingly ceding their freedoms and celebrating government control of their lives. The “Capital Police” are “opening” offices in other cities, and in different states. They are trying to make the “Capital Police” national leo’s. The reason they claim is there are “so many threats” against congress critters. Unfortunately the Secret Service security does not provide protection for all these “elected officials”.

We have The US Postal Service admitting to spying on Americans’ social media posts — including ones made by right-wing protest groups, according to a report.USPS Chief Postal Inspector Gary Barksdale confirmed to lawmakers that the agency is running a shadowy operation dubbed the Internet Covert Operations Program.

The White House is asking (?) the interweebz people to start monitoring your postings and reporting “terrorist” activities or anything else you say “they” don’t like.

The fbi is actively encouraging you to snitch on your “domestic terrorist” neighbor while talking to them about setting you up and becoming an informant on their employer. Look at the recent cases from feebies, all by informants.

During the initial stages of the “pandemic” there were “trackers” following up on you “contacts” and then they were calling your home to verify your quarantine status and all that crap at the airports.

Meanwhile we are paying $4.50+ a gallon of gas, milk is $8.00 a gallon, and a loaf of bread is more than twice what it was 2 years ago.

Something has certainly gone sideways.

Saturday Story

There are times in every cops life when no matter how much you want to do something, you can’t. Sometimes it’s a matter of the law being on the other side. Sometimes it’s a matter of discretion.

For years there was very little an officer could do in the matter of “domestic” problems. Unless the officer sees someone hit someone, there wasn’t much that could be done.

The laws slowly changed, you could ask the male half to leave the premises for 24 hours. Always the male because everyone knew that men were the abusers.

Then it got to if there was enough probable cause, you could actually arrest someone, usually the guy, but hey it was a step up.

Sometimes, like the old saying, “discretion is the better part of valor”. Doesn’t mean you have to like it.


They were old, both of them. I couldn’t believe how old they were, or how small. She was only about five feet tall to begin with and old age and a life of hard work had bent her body so badly she could not stand straight. He was so skinny he looked like the “skeleton man” at the sideshow.

They had come to Hawaii in 1918. Their parents had arranged the marriage and when they became old enough, they worked the fields and tried to make a better life. They kept to themselves, worked hard, and raised a family. They worked so hard, neither one ever learned to speak English.

In 1960 they moved to a small two room house in the middle of a taro farm in Laie. Two rooms, not two bedrooms, but the youngest children were already adults. There the hard work continued, it was their life. They would cut, bundle, and the sell the taro. The house had no indoor plumbing, but they made do as best they could.

Every month they paid. Cash. Some months it took all they had, but they always paid.

The only visitors were their adult children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Every visit was the same plea to move and let the family take care of them, but they refused to move from their “home”.

One day the bad news came. They did not own the land, it was owned by a local family group.

The man they had paid all these years was a family cousin. A family cousin that did not have the right to rent the land or to collect that money. He had taken their money and had never told anyone in the family.

One day a man came and told them they had to leave. They asked why and were told the owners wanted to farm the property and wanted them to leave. They refused. It was their home. Several times this happened. Always the same man, the same demand, and the same refusal.

So the owners got mad. The next visitor was a different, and very large, man. He told them to leave, in English. They didn’t understand and made no move to go. So he showed them, with his fists. He hit both of them. He told them he would be back.

The next time he came back they had a grandson there to talk for them. The grandson never got to say anything, the big man hit him. Then he hit the old man.

The old women tried to fight back. She grabbed the old knife she used to cut the taro and struck the big man. She cut his leg, a scratch really, but a cut just the same. It was enough to make the big man leave.

He called the police. We attempted to settle things, there was no way I was going to arrest that old woman for trying to protect her husband and grandson from a guy a quarter her age and four times her size.

That wasn’t good enough for him, saying he would settle things himself. I took him aside and told him that there would be real problems if any harm came to the old couple. The least of those problems would be jail.

The grandson continued to talk to them as we returned to patrol. Two hours later we got the call, “Trouble at the taro patch”. The sight that greeted me made me want to throw up.

The entire house had been trashed. The only thing standing was the four outside walls and the roof. Pictures from 65 or 70 years were broken and destroyed. Priceless, to them, plates had been shattered. All the doors, windows, the inside walls, the shelves, drawers, everything was smashed. There was nothing left. The old couple had not been harmed, but their lives were destroyed.

Standing outside was the big man and eight of his relatives. They were just standing around talking and laughing. Questions were all answered with “I dunno”, “I wasn’t here”. There were three of us and our nearest back up was at least 30 minutes away. The old man and woman were picking up what was left of their entire lives. They could not, or would not, point out anyone responsible.

The grandson arrived and managed to convince them to get in the car and leave with him before dark.

The big man and his “family” just stood around laughing.

Discretion, sometimes it really wasn’t the better part of anything.

Friday, Only Two More Days To Work, Motes

Remember come election day: So, Texas legislators have gone to Washington to get FEDERAL assistance to stop a STATE vote on a voting bill they don’t like. Well, so much for the “State’s Rights” mentioned in the Constitution. Again, these people were elected to represent the citizens of Texas. They are not.

Trust nobody: The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has informed the Senate Judiciary Committee that one of the suspects in the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse was a “confidential source” to the agency. Following the assassination of President Moïse, the suspect “reached out to his contacts at the DEA.” The FBI used at least 12 informants in the Michigan Whitmer kidnapping case. There are 6 defendants and 12 FBI informants. Would anyone surprised by this, please raise your hand. Hmmm. No hands. If there are more than 3 of you involved, be assured 2 of them are informants and snitches.

Irony is strong: Daily Beast– Headline “Olympic Surfing Exposes Whitewashed Native Hawaiian Roots.” “The Ethnic Hawaiians lament that surfing and their identity have been culturally appropriated by white outsiders who now stand to benefit from the sport the most.” It went on in the usual Daily Beast manner to quote surfers and hang-arounds from SANTA CRUZ CA. What, too cheap to ask a stringer in Honolulu?

I bet he says no: Netflix’s Stranger Things and Marvel’s Black Widow star David Harbour — who has an estimated net worth $6 million — claimed in a recent interview that he believes no one could disagree with socialism. So, this overpaid, I’ve seen him act, he is overpaid, wants everyone to be equal. Okay, how about from now on, you get a standard hourly wage, and you only get paid for exactly the hours you “perform”. No residuals, no payout based on the movie’s performance at the box-office (that goes to the state), and nothing more. Hey, that would make us equal.

Another not-star heard from: John Leguizamo recently posted a series of videos in which he attempted to explain what critical race theory is and why concerned parents need to “calm the fuck down.” Hey John, you got no business telling anyone, especially parents, what to do. SDASTFU

Headline, American Thinker 7/13/21:  “TWA 800: 25 Years of Deep State Deception” By Jack Cashill. Read it and be stunned. After 25 years, this may be the most damning piece on the fbi and the doj you’ll ever read.

Okay, that’s a wrap for this week. I gotta work this weekend so ya’ll enjoy the Saturday Story. Please remember the Sunday Rant(s) are just my opinion. If you don’t agree, stop reading.  

Moting Down A Thursday Stream

Go with your strengths: Hollywood star and pop singer Cher has once again launched an unhinged rant, calling the United States “vile” and “racist” . her fired off her latest rant on Monday, warning the U.S. “will remain a vile, racist country forever” unless “monumental” changes are made immediately. Hey Cher baby, please stick to what you know, singing and saving elephants.

I won’t be watching: Anti-Trump actor Kumail Nanjiani has been tapped as the lead in an upcoming FX miniseries based on the best-selling book, Homeland Elegies, a story that follows the lives of Muslims in a post-9/11 and post-Trump America. Nor will I be taking in the “Cosby Is Back” tour, if there is one.

It ain’t rocket surgery:  Former interim DNC chair Donna Brazile said on ABC “This Week” on Sunday: “I’m an election official, ok? And if I began to give people access to the ballot through online applications for absentee ballots, I can be arrested. It’s criminalizing voting in ways we should not criminalize voting.” This is not complicated. If you violate election laws passed by the duly elected legislature, what you’re doing is illegal. Well, yes. If you break the law, you  are a criminal.

Trust ‘em, nope: Somebody should tell the fbi they live in the United States of America. It’s getting more difficult by the day to recognize our beloved country. For example, here is a little something from the FBI’s Twitter account: Family members and peers are often best positioned to witness signs of mobilization to violence. Help prevent homegrown violent extremism. Visit to learn how to spot suspicious behaviors and report them to the #FBI. #NatSec. So now, they want you to snitch out your family for “homegrown violent extremism”. Does that include the family members of the “Rise of the Moor’s” gun toting black nationalists? Doubt it. Trust the fbi? NOPE

She’s everywhere: Tried watching some Native American hip hop on YouTube the other day, but it got spoiled.  It was an ad by Stacy Abrams telling me what awful people Republicans are. I didn’t see any ads by Republicans, but YouTube is all for “free-speech”.

A sad Good-Bye: Charlie Robinson known for playing “Mac” the court clerk in the 1980s and ’90s sitcom “Night Court,” died on Sunday in Los Angeles due to cardiac arrest and cancer. He was 75. One of my all-time favorites shows. I still watch the dvd’s. Mac was the steady factor in the chaos that was Harry Anderson’s courtroom. Robinson’s steady performances and talent will be missed.

Wandering Wednesday Motes

Gas 7/13/21. Up $.06 a gal since last week.

Don’t be fooled: It’s named “Critical Race Theory”. It’s not Critical Race “History”.  Theory “Noun;n a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, especially one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained.” Teaching it as fact, is in fact, false.

Really: Over the weekend the CPAC, Conservative Political Action Committee, was held.  One of the big items of discussion was the current “Cancel Culture”. So, it was surprise, to me, when attendees announced they were upset over lanyards printed with the “Fox Nation” logo after the streaming service reportedly cut away from a speech on censorship. Am I the only one seeing the irony here?

Movie: Watched “The Fatman”, Mel Gibson and Walton Goggins. Not you typical “Santa Clause” movie. It was a good way to get through a Saturday afternoon without going to the bar. It’s fun.

It’s all smoke and mirrors: President Biden met at the White House Monday with a group of federal and local leaders to promote his administration’s strategy to combat an alarming rise in gun violence. we know there are some things that work,” Mr. Biden said. “And the first of those that work is stemming the flow of firearms.” Since the rest of the article is behind the NYT paywall, the exact way Uncle Joe plans on “stemming the flow” wasn’t available, but that doesn’t really matter. Whatever his “plan” is, I can tell him now; “It Won’t Work”.

And on the same subject: Chicago had a slow weekend with only 40 shot and 11 killed. But what they lacked in casualties they made up in volume. A 31-year-old local rapper, whose real name was Londre Sylvester, had just been released on electronic monitoring when he was fatally shot across the street from the Cook County Jail around 8:50 p.m. Saturday in what authorities believe to be a targeted attack. Sylvester was left suffering from as many as 64 bullet wounds to his head and other areas of the body. “Believe to be a targeted attack”. Ya, Think?? 

A sad Good-Bye: WWE Hall of Famer, and WrestleMania I main eventer, Paul Orndorff has died at age 71. His son Travis shared the sad news on Instagram earlier today (July 12). Orndorff was an ally of Roddy Piper and a thorn in the side of Hulk Hogan throughout the then-WWF’s 1980s boom period. A great physique and a sound technical wrestler, his interview work was second to none. His talent will be missed.

More sports: The cameras are set to start rolling today on a new series being filmed in the Pittsburgh area. ‘A League Of Their Own’ will begin filming Monday. The new Amazon Prime series will be about a women’s professional baseball league. My Mom was a pitcher for the Boeing’s Professional Women’s Baseball from 1949-1954.