Full Friday Motes

Lesson to learn: A 23-year-old man lost his arm Sunday after an alligator attacked him behind a bar in Florida, authorities said. The man was attacked behind Banditos Bar, which is located near a pond in Port Charlotte, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said. Now how he ended up in that gator’s pond isn’t known. The lesson of the story, stay in the bar. Especially in Florida.

No good deed: A good Samaritan who stopped his car to help a family of ducks cross a road in California was struck and killed by a teenage driver, police say. The incident occurred on Thursday in Rocklin, California, when the male driver parked his car at the intersection of Park Drive and Stanford Ranch Boulevard when we saw a family of ducks attempting to cross the busy streets. But when the man, identified as 41-year-old Casey Rivara  got out and tried to shepherd the ducks across the road, a teenage driver who was headed eastbound on Stanford Ranch Boulevard ended up hitting the man as he attempted his good deed. No word on the ducks. No good deed goes unpunished. But don’t let that stop you, do them anyway.

Congratulations: When the dust settled at last weekend’s WCRA Triple Crown of Rodeo in Corpus Christi, Texas, a Big Island cowboy was the last steer wrestler standing. Trisyn Kalawaia beat out 47 other riders to finish first, and he had the fastest time. “My best time down there was 3.75. That was in the final round. It was definitely worth the trip. It was a good deal,” he said. The Waiakea High School graduate is in his final year at Northwestern Oklahoma State University, where he competes in collegiate rodeo. This is the first year he’s touring with his pro card.

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour has been criticized recently for saying that an Israeli mother and two daughters who were murdered in a terror attack in April had been killed in a “shootout”. Apparently, she was unaware a “shootout” requires both side to be armed. The incident she is referring to was not a shootout, but the triple murder of Lucy Dee (48) and her daughters Maia (20) and Rina (15) were murdered by Palestinian terrorists while on a drive to Tiberias during the Passover holiday. Maia and Rina died at the scene; Rina fought for her life for several days before succumbing to her wounds. Chrissy, baby, your personal biases are really showing.

Wait..what?: In the last couple of weeks, 30 tons of ammonium nitrate went missing, 50 U.S. Senators are given “satellite” phones in case of a “catastrophic  event”, the FDA suggests the internet “could” go out this week, a empty U-haul crashes outside of the White House with a Nazi flag in it. Conspiracy? One time is chance. Two times is bad luck. Three or more is enemy action.

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