Monday, again, Motes

Call it suicide by tik tok: I keep seeing these tik toc “challenges” that appear to be more like suicide challenges. The “Cha Cha Challenge (suicide by auto), the “Blackout Challenge (suicide by hanging), the “Dry Scoop Challenge (suicide by poison) and now the “Trespass Terror” challenge (suicide by stupid). If you come busting into my home uninvited, you will not leave. Period. One can almost believe this tik tok crap is made to weed out the lower end of the gene pool.

And you thought Kimmel was bad: A 34-year-old woman, reportedly surnamed Shi, admitted to police that she had posted “inappropriate” comments about Chinese soldiers. Shi’s post was in reaction to  the stiff punishment delivered to Li Haoshi, also known as House, over a joke about two dogs chasing a squirrel reminding him of one of Xi Jinping’s military slogan. After an audio recording of the joke went viral, Beijing police launched an investigation under a 2021 law which criminalized insulting China’s military, the People’s Liberation Army. It is reported she was put in administrative detention, which allows police to hold someone for up to 15 days without charge for a minor public order offence. Wow, talk about no sense of humor.

I didn’t notice any changes: Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein has signaled in recent days that she doesn’t know where she is going and doesn’t know where she’s been. Unable to ignore or conceal the 89-year-old’s mental deterioration any longer, her handlers have finally admitted that the California Democrat’s alleged case of shingles had a more profound impact on her body and mind than previously indicated. How could they tell? She seems “Feinstein normal” to me.

Bravo ladies: The women who won second and third place at a Colorado cycling race refused to show up to the podium for photo ops after a man claiming to be a transgender “woman” won a race in the women’s category on Sunday. Colorado resident Lesley Mumford, who claims to have “transitioned” to a woman in 2017, won the top spot in the women’s category at Sunday’s 100-mile Desert Gravel Co2Ut. Still, he stood on the winner’s stand-alone when the runners-up refused to attend the medal ceremony. “I have no idea why so many people bailed before the podiums, but they did,” Mumford wrote as a caption to a photo showing him standing alone on the winner’s stand. First, I applaud the actual women who refused to accept this travesty. And second, is he really that dense?

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