Thursday Motes

The fix was in : The co-chair of the King County (WA) Regional Homelessness Authority defended a registered sex offender’s appointment to a committee. The committee happens to include one of his “alleged” victims. When she attempted to speak up, she was loudly shouted down. And now the “KCRHA” is looking to remove the co-chair from that position.

A reminder: Before Barry the First, we had no ISIS, no blm, no Antifa, and nobody wanted to “defund” the cops. Before then, we weren’t as divided as we are now.

I don’t care: Traitor Jane Fonda says………I don’t care what that old hag has been/never was commie traitor says. Neither does anyone else. PERIOD. SDASTFU

Reparations: Hey, why doesn’t the .gov give all the people applying for reparations some prime desert or swamp land, like they did the American Indians? Hey, they screwed them over, why not everyone else?

Great revenge : In 2012 a Chicago man bought a car for $600.00, registered it in this ex’s name, parked it at  O’Hare International Airport and racked up 678 parking tickets totaling $101, 761.80. Plus, late fees. I like it.

One big problem: In the wake of its controversial brand partnership with transgender TikTok “influencer” Dylan Mulvaney, Anheuser-Busch is set to redesign some of its aluminum bottles with camouflage and imagery promoting the Folds of Honor campaign, according to a report. The big problem is the beer still sux.

Okay, a couple of weeks ago my old boss called and asked me to come back to work. Why? I was the only SSHO accepted up the .gov to work a multi-million dollar project. We talked it over, told him what I needed, he said “okay”, so back to work. I limited it to 6 months, max. So here we ago again.

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