Motes In The Middle (of the week)

Repeating myself: New Jersey’s  Gov. Phil Murphy hollered, “It’s my money!” to a crowd reportedly regarding a taxpayer-funded school development project — a public pronouncement that flew far under the media radar late last month. Murphy came to the New Jersey town of West New York on April 29 to support Democrat Albio Sires for mayor. The New Jersey Schools Development Authority approved the project, and Sires’ team said the state allocated $65 million toward it, the outlet added. No, it’s not “your” money. No, it’s the taxpayers, you remember them, the voters, it’s their money.  Again I say, it’s time to remind these people they were elected to represent the voters. PERIOD.

Oh, he does know hypocrisy: Not only does he travel by private jet to all those ”Save the Planet” international “conferences, John Kerry was spotted wearing his Vietnam War medals while attending Charles’ coronation. You know, those medals he “threw away” in protest of the Viet Nam war.

No consequences, no respect: A Tennessee high school teacher was pepper-sprayed twice by an unruly student who became incensed after he confiscated her phone during class. Dramatic cellphone footage taken during class Friday at Antioch High School captured the rambunctious student confronting her teacher after her phone was taken away as a disciplinary action. The student holds the pepper spray close to the teachers face before spraying him a second time, causing him to fall to his knees and yell. There can be no excuse for this. The student should be expelled and charged. There MUST be harsh and quick consequences.

What happened to the Biden Diary?

Don’t need no stinkin’ facts: White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed Monday there have been more than 200 mass shootings in the United States this year. Not only did Jean-Pierre claim there has been more than one mass shooting per day, but she blamed Republicans for gun violence. Unfortunately, Jean-Pierre did not elaborate on what “leading sources” she used to derive her figure, nor did she define what constitutes a “mass shooting” nor did she elaborate on the republican involvement. I wonder if this was the same presser the New York Post,  established in 1801, was barred from attending.

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