Is It Friday Yet – Motes

One small problem: Uncle Joe is saying he is the “best” candidate for the 2024 presidency because he “knows more than the vast majority of people”. The small problem is he can’t remember any of it.

How come: All these “poor” immigrants, walking all those miles to come to America. How come they have really clean clothes, almost unworn shoes, look well fed, and all have working cell phones? Asking for a friend.

Not enough cells: A proposed law, known as the “Stupid Motorist Law,” is currently under consideration by officials in Volusia County, Florida. The law, which has already been enacted in several other states, including Arizona, Texas and Ohio, would allow law enforcement to issue fines to motorists who drive around barriers and get stuck in floodwaters or need to be rescued. Okay, it’s for specific stupid, not general stupid.

No such thing as fair: The grandfather of one of the three armed home invaders who were shot and killed breaking into a home in Broken Arrow (OK) early last week laments that the resident’s AR-15 carbine wasn’t fair against the knife and brass knuckles carried by the mask-wearing attackers. If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck.

Ultimate weird: A 52-year-old hotel manager in Tennessee has been arrested after a male guest staying at the establishment allegedly awoke to find the Hilton Hotel employee sucking on his toes. The guest, who filed a lawsuit in the case alleging sexual assault, told officers with the Nashville Metropolitan Police Department that he was in town on a business trip. He was reportedly asleep inside his room at about 5 a.m. when he allegedly woke up to find the suspect allegedly sucking on his toes. Doesn’t get any weirder than that.

Statement: I don’t have to respect your beliefs. I respect your right to hold those beliefs.  But the beliefs themselves command no inherent respect.

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