Monday Motes

I got 4 of them:  On May 11, 1830, John B. Stetson, inventor of the Stetson, was born in Orange, New Jersey. Stetson’s father was a hatter, and he taught his son the trade.  But as a young man John was diagnosed with tuberculosis and told he didn’t have long to live.  When gold was discovered in the Colorado Territory, he jumped at the chance to go. But a splendid thing happened to him once he started breathing in the mountain air.  He started to feel better.  After a while, he felt fine.  While in Colorado, Stetson was unimpressed by the coonskin caps, straw hats, and wool derbies that so many Westerners wore at the time.  He believed he could make a superior hat of waterproof felt.  Soon he returned to the East and started a company that would manufacture a hat that he called the Boss of the Plains. One of the features of the hat was that it could be molded into the shape preferred by the owner.  A crease could be put into the crown, the sides could be rolled up.  And lots of people who purchased the hat started to do exactly that.  Eventually, the Boss of the Plains became the familiar “cowboy hat”.  Stetson became a wealthy philanthropist and lived to be 75–not bad for a guy who wasn’t expected to see his 35th birthday.

Not one: A Florida woman has been arrested after she allegedly beat a dog with a rubber mallet, causing the animal significant harm.  The unidentified owner of Maya, a 9-year-old husky, began to notice inexplicable injuries on her furry friend. A hidden video recorded the girlfriend of the dog owner’s son, viciously striking Maya with a rubber mallet while Maya yelps and howls in pain. Maya attempted to evade the attack but couldn’t because the suspect was holding her leash, forcing the dog to withstand further abuse. There isn’t a hole in hell deep or dark enough for this P O S.

Scary ain’t it: Kamala Harris on Thursday visited a Richmond, Virginia farm to tout the Biden Regime’s so-called investment in small business. Harris toured Babylon Micro-Farms in Scott’s Addition and delivered remarks. “Some of our younger small business owners actually self-identify as entrepreneurs. They’re small business owners also. Ha ha ha,” Kamala Harris said. She’s one heartbeat away from the presidency.

Good question: Heard someone ask; “Why are politics so involved with Medicare and such?” The answer was not a surprise to me, but it seemed to be for the questioner. POWER, pure and simple. If they control your medicines, medical treatments, they control you. Controlling you, is their power.

It’s not them, it’s you: Shock radio icon Howard Stern is striking out at black NBA players and hinting that they don’t talk to him when he’s sitting courtside at Knicks games because he’s not black. Howie, baby, the white players ignore you too. Everybody ignores you, not because you’re white. It’s because you’re a rude, dumbazz dicckead.

Weekend playlist; Dr. Hook, Wynonna, Clint Black, Tom T. Hall, First Aid, and while sitting with a large glass of Sexton Irish whiskey, The Royal Highland Grey’s pipe and drums.

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