Friday Motes, EOW

“Indian giver”: Some South Africans are calling for the United Kingdom to return the world’s largest diamond, known as the Star of Africa, which is set in the royal sceptre that King Charles III will hold at his coronation on Saturday. The diamond, which weighs 530 carats, was discovered in South Africa in 1905 and presented to the British monarchy two years later by the colonial government in the country, which was then under British rule. So, it has been the “property” of the Brits for over 115 years, but now they want it back. “It needs to be a sign of our pride, our heritage and our culture,” said Mothusi Kamanga, a lawyer and activist. BAWA

Who listens to him: Geraldo Rivera sparked conservative fury on Wednesday after expressing doubts about allegations of President Biden being involved in a bribery scheme. My response is why is anybody surprised. Gerry is NOT a conservative or a republican, he only plays one on tv. He always says stupid shat and enjoys stirring the pot. What can you say about a guy whose high point was opening an empty vault.

It’s all about control: New York state is poised to phase in a ban on fossil fuel equipment in new construction starting in 2026, part of the state’s effort to switch to cleaner energy sources and reduce carbon emissions. Yeah, I want to see all those solar panels and windmills in Manhattan. This is not about saving the planet. It’s about “them” telling you what you can or can’t have. PERIOD

Bail: An Oahu woman awaiting trial for property crimes last year has been arrested and charged again with similar crimes. 42-year-old Tiare Kuehnl was awaiting trial for three separate cases last year, including identity theft, theft and burglary. She was arrested again last week, and now her alleged victims are questioning the justice system. Last January, Kuehnl allegedly used stolen credit cards at some stores.  Remember, bail just means they’ll show up for court, not stop doing crimes.

It’s a question:  A woman who recently testified against a Louisiana bill that would ban sex change surgeries for minors said she eventually realized that her biological daughter’s “odd” food choices indicated a transgender identity. The first thing in my mind is “How stupid can someone be?” Then I realize too many people re taking that as a challenge, not a question.

Agenda: Jordan Neely’s dad abandoned him in childhood. Neely’s stepfather strangled and disposed of his mother when Neely was just 14 years old. According to people who knew Neely, the murder of his mother and the abandonment by his father caused Jordan Neely to fall into depression and mental illness. With his family support erased, in recent years Neely became a schizophrenic, homeless nuisance terrorizing the streets and subways of New York. Now, after he is killed in a subway altercation, another msm source called Neely a “Beloved Michael Jackson impersonator”. I guess it depends on what your agenda is, as to how you describe the subject.

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