Thursday Motes Pass ’em Along

It’s not just the US: A boy gunned down fellow pupils in a Belgrade school on Wednesday in a pre-planned attack, shooting dead eight plus a security guard, officials said, prompting Serbia’s president to announce tougher curbs on gun ownership. Using two handguns that belonged to his father, the 13-year-old fired first at the guard and three girls in a hallway and then shot his teacher and classmates in a history lesson, police said. The teacher and six pupils were hospitalized, some with life-threatening injuries. President Vucic announced a moratorium on new gun licenses other than for hunting, revision of existing permits and surveillance of shooting ranges and how civilians store their weapons. Oh, just like America, they plan to punish everyone that didn’t shoot anybody.

How THEY get rich: It is reported Congresscritter Lois Frankel sold her First Republic Bank stock in March, just before it fell 80%. She then bought JP Morgan Chase, which then bought FRB. Obvious “insider information”. You or me, we’d already be doing time.

You are the target: A new report shows the Internal Revenue Service has been stocking up on weapons, ammunition and combat gear to the tune of $10 million since 2020. The agency also loaded up on hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of tactical lighting, gear bags, holsters, ballistic helmets and optic sights for weapons since the COVID-19 pandemic. I wonder how much they spent of education and training “agents”. I’m guessing very very little.

Big week: We started celebrating Willie Nelson’s birthday the other day and we get the wrd he’s been selected for the “Rock and Roll” Hall of Fame. I personally don’t think Willie has ever been “rock and roll” but he’s written enough great songs to cover all the bases.

They’ll ruin it: The original “Babylon 5” was produced by Warner Bros. Television. The series ran in syndication and on TNT for five seasons, 110 episodes, and seven TV movies, including the 1993 pilot film. The show is considered one of the best sci-fi series ever made by many critics and won numerous awards throughout its run, including two Hugo Awards and a Saturn Award. An animated movie is in the works from original series creator J. Michael Straczynski. It is one of my favorite shows, watched most of it last year waiting for flights. An animated movie? They’ll screw it up.

Watch for it: Well, the reality of Hunter’s laptop can’t be ignored anymore. Way too many people have taken notice of it and his other shenanigans. Unlike Killary, Hunter will do time. Not much, but some. Then he will get an unpublicized pardon and go on his merry way. You read it here.

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