Wednesday Motes

Sad Good-Bye: So many songwriters came out of Canada in the Sixties — legends like Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, and Robbie Robertson — that the talents of  Gordon Lightfoot are sometimes overlooked by those who don’t know better. He never even appeared on a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ballot. Gordon Lightfoot 84. That’s a raging injustice when you listen back to gems like “If You Could Read My Mind,” “Carefree Highway,” and “Early Morning Rain.” He had his own many demons, but often turned them into incredible songs. I had the privilege of seeing him 3 different times. His voice and talent will truly be missed,

Happening more often lately: A 70-year-old man fought off a cougar with a rock that ambushed him hiking Saturday, according to Utah County Sheriff’s Office. The hiker reported a cougar knocked him to the ground and he used a rock to throw at it. The cougar was scared away and the man hiked out of the canyon. The hiker has lacerations on his arms and head, but escaped any serious injuries. Utah Wildlife searched for the cougar Thursday night and Friday morning. They found the hiker’s cell phone and cougar tracks but were unable to find the cougar. Remember, when you go into their mountains, you could become part of their food chain.=

Met “Galaa”: Meh.

It’s a start: Another veteran California prosecutor recently quit, citing George Soros-funded District Attorney Pamela Price’s radical soft-on-crime policies. After more than 26 years on the job, Alameda County Assistant District Attorney Danielle Hilton sent a resignation letter to Price last week, slamming her for failing to advocate for victims of violent crime. Hilton accused Price’s directives of being “symptomatic of the disconnect between the policies of this administration and the fundamental job you were elected to do.” Under Price’s leadership, the DA’s office has done away with most sentencing enhancements to lower jail terms. Additionally, a leaked memo revealed that Price directed prosecutors to seek probation for most offenses, even felony crimes. Here’s hoping the citizens wake up and realise why crime is over the roof.

Of dear gods no: The U.S. Navy appointed a non-binary drag queen influencer as its digital ambassador to appeal to a “wide range of potential candidates” amid a military recruiting crisis, a Navy spokesperson said. Yeoman Second Class Joshua Kelley, an active-duty sailor who dresses in drag and goes by the stage name Harpy Daniels, announced on social media in November that he had been invited to be the first “Navy Digital Ambassador.”

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