Second Monday Motes

Another angry NOT white guy: Everybody is all up in arms about the guy that shot 5 of his neighbors after he was asked to stop shooting in his yard at night. So much wrong there. In fact, before the actual killing, there were five calls for police assistance and five times the dispatcher assured that help was coming. After a long wait, the gunman walked up to the home and began firing. Unlike the narrative, the gunman is a Mexican national and it is reported he has been deported on at least 3 occasions. Why was he in the U.S.?  Oh yea, there “may have been alcohol involved”. Now they want us to sue the gun maker, but not the brewery. Seems to me it should be the other way around. Alcohol does a hell of a lot more damage than guns.

Give me a freakin’ break: A TikToker’s video of a restaurant playing the  national anthem is sparking debate on the popular social media platform. “Unnamed” took the video at Rainbow Oaks Country Market in Fallbrook, California, which shows several diners standing up out of respect for the song. She found the situation to be “dangerous” and several other TikTok users also shared similar experiences they had at other restaurants, which they too found to be unnerving. A caption for the post reads: “By far the most dangerous situation I’ve ever been in,” followed by the “#getout #illegal #whitepeoplethings” hashtags. Good freakin’ grief.

Nope: Over in Hollywierd everyone is talking about the  writer’s strike. My question is; Will anybody notice?

Happy Birthdaay: Willie Nelson, 90. I was introduced to Willie in the 80’s by Mickey Hummer at an after the show party. Don’t remember much about the party but pretty sure we had fun. Been a fan of Willie’s since I was old enough to pick my own music. Stick around Willie, there’s many more songs you need to write.

I’ll have what she’s having: Multiple people who attended the L.A. Phil concert on Friday reported hearing a woman making a moaning noise during the symphony’s second movement. One attendee, a composer and music producer  described the sound  as that of a person having a “loud and full body orgasm.” People in attendance said that the musicians played through the disturbance without stopping. 

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