Friday In Sight (Thursday) Motes

Isn’t it funny how they have erased Ira Einhorn from the history of “Earth Day”?

Not always THE answer, but it is A answer: Tired of relying on an understaffed police department, scores of men in the Canape Vert neighborhood of Port-au-Prince spent the night on roofs and patrolled entrances of their community blocked with big trucks spray-painted with the words, “Down with gangs.” Armed with machetes, bottles, and rocks, residents in the hilly suburbs of Haiti’s capital fought back against encroaching gangs Tuesday, a day after a crowd burned 13 suspected gangsters to death in a gruesome outburst of vigilante violence. Beta you that neighborhood will be quiet.

A moose, a beaver, and a fox walk into a bar: Employees at Kenai Cinemas were caught by surprise when a hungry moose entered the building and began rooting through the trash last week. In a video posted on social media, an employee can be heard saying ‘he ain’t leaving’, as the moose sticks its snout in an old happy meal box. Footage shows employees ushering the animal out, which still has the happy meal box attached to its snout. It wasn’t reportd what movie was playing.

Not a good answer: Starting next week, under a new law, private business owners in Honolulu can download and display signs announcing whether firearms are allowed on their premises. Businesses and charitable establishments that do not wish to allow firearms on their premises do not need to take any action and are not required to display signs. Seems kinda bass-acwords to me. Especially considering there’s been 30 or 40 permits issued this year and none for the 20 years prior.

Headline: “A neurosurgeon was found shot dead in his upscale Detroit home over the weekend under mysterious circumstances.” Can anyone tell me when being shot in the middle of your house is not “mysterious”?

No good deed: A Mississippi pastor was killed Monday after he pulled over to help a man who had wrecked his motorcycle. Anthony Watts, 61, was shot multiple times after he attempted to help the man. The man, believed to be one of four convicts who escaped Saturday night from the Raymond Detention Center, then stole Watts’ red Dodge Ram pickup truck. No report on how the shooter avoided the mandated 10 day wait before purchasing his gun. Oh, he didn’t. The shoot is also still at large. Remember, No good deed goes unpunished.

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