Wednesday Motes On Wednesday

Bitch and whines: I am getting really tired of these bozo’s telling me I gotta “cut back”, or “learn to do with less” as they fly around on their private jets because they have “paid for the carbon offset”. Or the blue-haired hag representative, that has never had a job outside politics, telling me we need to spend money to push gender equality in “crash dummies”. Really? And the large “reality” star proclaiming “I’ll look like a soccer mom”( as if that is a bad thing). She actually looks like a soccer ball. R O U N D. Why does “everybody” believe E. Jean Carroll and nobody seems to believe Tara Reade? Fifty plus “intelligence: officials that flat out lied about the Hunter Biden laptop, why haven’t any of them been called to account? Where does Hunter get the ballz to charge anyone with an “ethics” violation?

Un-bearable problem: A Canadian woman found a startling pest problem in the middle of the night when she awoke to find a bear had broken into her car and started guzzling dozens of cans of soda. Rosel owns the Grill-It food truck and had a range of sodas, including Orange Crush, root beer and diet soda stored in her car – the last of which seemed of no interest to the  bear, as it trundled off after drinking 69 cans and refusing to drink the diet variants. By the time the bear left, it had destroyed the car’s soft-top and ripped out the window cranks. Orange Crush stained the white leather seats and soda had soaked into every part of the car, from the carpets to the gear shift. There is no truth to the current rumor that the bear ignored several cans of Bud Light.

Your terms are acceptable: A transvestite that goes by the name Tara Jay told his 2400 TikTok followers to buy guns and that he was prepared to die. Jay is a man who pretends to be a woman (and, more conveniently, a lesbian), and Jay felt perfectly comfortable threatening people with guns just a few weeks after a female transvestite murdered six people at a Nashville Christian school. Everything this guy threatens is only within the context of using a restroom. If he were saying, “We’re being hunted by bigots. Learn to protect yourself,” that would be entirely different. It wouldn’t be true, but the context of self-defense would be within a reasonable context. That’s not how a civil society is supposed to operate. The las says if you honestly believe someone has denied you your rights, you either get the authorities involved or file a lawsuit. What’s most illustrative here is how comfortable he felt posting open threats of gun violence, to begin with. Isn’t that what “they” keep accusing “us” of doing?

Can’t recommend: “Lucky Hank”. Love Bob Odenkirk, but this show is so freakin’ depressing I can’t say to watch it. There’s enough depressing shat going on now.

Only the most incompetent need apply: Uncle Joe’s pick to serve as ambassador to the African Union twice failed the Foreign Service Officer Test and said she struggled in particular with the “English grammar section.” This person was also United States ambassador to Ghana. As ambassador to Ghana, she raised the pride flag at the American embassy and held a “diplomatic mission pride event”.  And all this time I thought an ambassador was suppose to represent the U.S. Silly thought.

Gas Hilo Hawaii 4/25/233.

How much are you paying?

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