Crappy Monday Motes

Inquiring minds are asking: What really happened in the Vegas shooting? And why aren’t er being told? Who leaked the SCOTUS decision? Why aren’t ”they” looking? Why are all these food facilities, farms, and processing plants blowing up/catching fire? Why isn’t the msm connecting the dots? Why hasn’t the Epstein little black book been made public? Why hasn’t a single client been id’d? Why hasn’t the “Biden Diary” resurfaced? Why is the fbi blocking the release of the Nashville shooter’s “manifesto”?

But I did: I hate to be an “I told you so”, but they have dropped the charges against Alec Baldwin. You or me would still be in lock-up without bail.

Hooray: Congratulations to Cpt. Luke Ebeling and Spc. Justin Rein, representing the 75th Ranger Regiment, were this year’s first-place winners in the Best Ranger Competition. Ebeling and Rein won after 3 days of the toughest physical competition there is. There is no big cash prize at the end of all of this.  There’s no great reward beyond recognition.  Just being permitted to take part is all of the participation trophy that these attendees need. Well done gentlemen. Well Done.

Sounds familiar: On Thursday the Biden regime told Americans stranded in Sudan that it was “too late” for the US to get them out and they were on their own. The Biden State Department is telling Americans to stay put and hide. The security situation in Sudan’s capital has cratered over a week of fighting, as two rival generals — Gen. Abdel-Fattah Burhan, in charge of the nation’s armed forces, and Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Dalago, who leads the Rapid Support Forces military group — battle for control of the country. Obama abandoned Benghazi. The current administration abandoned thousands of Americans and Green Card holders in Afghanistan less than two years ago, following their surrender to the Taliban. Anyone else see a pattern?

As if I needed another reason to go: The Major League Baseball team announced late Wednesday it signed a binding agreement to purchase vacant property just off the Las Vegas Strip owned by Red Rock Resorts for a new retractable roof ballpark, ending discussion about the team staying in the Bay Area. The stadium and other developments are projected to cost about $1.5 billion. I’ll bet their stadium is finished before Honolulu’s.

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