Sunday Rant –

People are scared.

Headlines we are seeing daily : “Looters targeted a gas station in Compton, California, overnight Sunday and left the store severely damaged.” “Hundreds of rowdy teens clash with Chicago cops for second night.” “How looting turned the most upscale part of San Francisco into a ghost town.” “REI sells sporting goods and accessories for other outdoor activities. It opened twenty years ago but has announced it is going to close due to break-ins and a rise in theft.”

At the same time, we get headlines like these; “New Mexico police officers realized they were at the wrong address just moments before the front door opened and they fatally shot the armed homeowner, then exchanged gunfire with his wife.” “A Boston hotel guest was awakened in the middle of the night by federal agents who barged into his room, handcuffed him, threw him into the shower and interrogated him for an hour — before they realized they had entered the wrong room.”

 There have also been at least 2 high-profile shootings where someone knocked on the wrong door or pulled into the wrong driveway.

Maybe one is responsible for the other. Or at least a possible cause.

But people are scared. People are being punched for walking down the street. Mobbed at an intersection for simply walking by. Others are overreacting, shooting first, because they don’t want to be the one mentioned on the 6 o’clock news.

The politicians, our representatives, stand wringing their hands, offering their prayers, and hide behind their ten-foot fenced, gated, and security patrolled communities. They believed they were elected to “lead”, but they don’t know how. And they sure as hell have forgotten how to be the “representives” of the voters.

What’s the answer? I do not know. Will it get worse? Absolutely. Will it ever get better? Again, I don’t know. What can you, or me, do? Same answer.

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