Oh C rap, Monday

From the Hilo newspaper: A Mountain View man is facing various charges after allegedly attempting to steal a water catchment tank earlier this month. The incident occurred on April 6 on Io Kea Road in Mountain View. According to a press release from the Hawaii County Office of the Prosecuting Attorney, 57-year-old Frank Eblacas attempted to steal the tank while reportedly in possession of a .22 caliber rifle. Eblacas, who has eight prior felony confections, was charted with second-degree attempted theft, first-degree criminal trespass, second-degree criminal trespass, place to keep loaded firearms other than pistols and revolvers, ownership or possession of firearm prohibited, and ownership or possession of ammunition prohibited. What the hell are “felony CONFECTIONS” ? How do you “chart” someone? What, the Tribune can’t afford spellcheck? Or a proof reader?

Free speech, as long as you agree with them: A transgender activist engaged in a furious and aggressive confrontation with members of Turning Point USA on the campus of the University of Washington on Wednesday. The transgender activist is heard saying on video, “Yeah, no, you just support the genocide of trans kids and anyone who supported that.” During the confrontation, the Turning Point USA member asks the activist, “What is anti-trans on the table?” Without answering the question, the transgender activist frustratingly replies, “You’re TPUSA bitches.” So you are free to speak your mind, as long as it’s the hive mind. No individual thinking will be allowed. Oh, and the “trans” aggressor must be really brave for “standing up”. (Excuse me, I have to puke.)

World class POS: Back in October 2021, Alec Baldwin fatally shot the cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza on the set of his film “Rust”. The incident was most likely an accident, but irrespective of his intentions, Baldwin was responsible for the death of Hutchins. More than a year after his actions killed another human being, Baldwin attempted to depict himself as the real victim. He also held the victim responsible for her death.  He shamed the victim’s family.  He is attempting to block any reparative payments to the victim’s family.  Baldwin continues to post videos of himself and his family engaging in merriment and is now engaging in a vulgar display of schadenfreude. What is amazing is that the likes of Alec consider themselves to be compassionate and empathetic.  Alec often talks about his political work and how he has fought for the rights of the downtrodden. Since he appears to have no empathy for his victim, we could infer that all his activism is a charade.

Sorry, I’m still trying to get my balance ack from Vegas. See ya later.

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