Wednesday Motes Are Here

Something wrong here: A NYC parking garage attendant was charged with attempted murder after an alleged violent confrontation with a thief. The attendant was shot twice during the reported robbery attempt, but managed to wrestle away the perp’s gun and fire back at the alleged thief. Moussa Diarra, 57, has been charged with attempted murder, assault, and criminal possession of a weapon for his reaction to a thuggish robbery attempt in Manhattan. This is the same NYC DA that indicted President Trump but not Shilary or Uncle Joe.

According to the msm: A shooting at a Jewish school is a hate crime. A shooting at a Muslin school is a hate crime. A shooting at a gay bar is a hate crime. If you run down a bunch of wgite kids in a “Christmas” parade, it’s a traffic accident. A shooting at a Christian school was caused by the faith of the children and the shooter is a victim and a martyr. Are you seeing the pattern here?

I was once willing to give my life for what I believed this country stood for. Today, I would give my life to protect my family from what this country has become.

Explain this to me, please: A former soldier on military death row for the 2009 shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas, could face execution after the nation’s top military court hears the case. Ex-Army Maj. Nidal Hasan, 52, is set for his case to stand before the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces on Tuesday for what is largely considered the deadliest mass shooting ever on a United States military installation. He opened fire, killing 13 — including a pregnant soldier — and wounding 32. Hasan admitted to the shootings at his court-martial in 2013 and was sentenced to death. Read that again; he “admitted to the shootings”. And ten years later he’s still in prison and is appealing the sentence. No. Enforce the damn sentence. Immediately.

BAWA*: When I was a kid, right after Korea, the war was in “the Congo”. Then came Viet Nam, and the war was still in “the Congo”. In all the years since, there has still been a war in “the Congo”. First for the slae trade, then ivory, rubber, copper, and now cobalt. The exploitation of the Congolese is an enormous travesty. Multinational corporations earn untold billions from selling cobalt, while the Congolese live in extreme poverty, suffering abuse, slavery, child labor, forced labor, debt bondage, human trafficking, and the poisoning of their soil and water. Virtually selling the country to the Chinese, Congo’s leaders have allowed them to run riot like the earlier colonizers who conquered with arms. *Bloody Africa Wins Again”*

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