Friday Motes To Finish A Bad Week

Faint praise: The Metro Nashville Police officers who stepped into action Monday morning to stop the suspect opening fire inside a Nashville private school are being awarded for their bravery. The founder of the Uvalde Foundation for Kids, formed in response to the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, appeared in Nashville Tuesday to recognize responding law enforcement officers for what foundation President Michael Stevens referred to as, “textbook, yet heroic action by officers to save students.” I’d probably say “No Thanks”.

Who’s on first? Still the funniest bit ever done. It’s that time of the year.

Will it never stop: There was a powerlifting tournament in Alberta, Canada, on Saturday where history was made. Avi Silverberg, the head coach for Team Canada Powerlifting for more than 10 years, entered Saturday’s Heroes Classic tournament after identifying as a female. Silverberg then casually stepped up and bench pressed 370 pounds, beating the old record by more than 100 pounds — a record held by (trans athlete) Anne Andres. The “champs” beard was well trimmed and obviously didn’t impair her performance. The only requirement to compete in the tournament was that the athlete declare their gender.

Don’t believe ‘em: Earlier this week, The Wall Street Journal created buzz with it’s new poll detailing changes in American values. The findings pointed out that traditional American values such as patriotism, religion, having children and community involvement have all been in decline. Remember, a poll shows exactly what the person buying the poll wants it to show. PERIOD!

Same-o same-o: Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said on Thursday that he will not visit a small Minnesota town that was evacuated after a Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) train derailed and caught fire earlier. Raymond, Minnesota, residents who live within a half mile from the derailment site were evacuated after approximately 22 cars derailed and four caught on fire around 1:00 a.m. CST. The train was carrying mixed freight including ethanol and corn syrup. In my count, this is the fourth derailment since East Palestine, Ohio. But, Mayor Pete doesn’t want to get in the way. Yeah, sure.

Our two-tier system: Police officers are getting plowed over right now by mobs of screaming protesters at the Tennessee capitol. It’s absolute chaos there as anti-gun nuts have broken into the chamber and shut down the People’s business, chanting something about justice and guns. The Kentucky protesters appeared to be angry trans-activists upset about not being able to chemically castrate or permanently surgically mutilate children anymore in that state. They were very angry and threw a tantrum in the form of trespassing on the sacred ground of a government building.  It appears we’ve returned to the status quo, where anyone on the left can break any law they wish and no one will go to jail. But if you’re on the other side of the issue or have ever voted for that Orange Man, you are not allowed to protest. If you try it, you’ll be investigated by the FBI, who will be at your door quicker than Uncle Joe on a bowl of ice cream.

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