Thursday, Small Friday, Motes

Inquiring minds ask: A mammoth meatball has been created by a cultivated meat company, resurrecting the flesh of the long-extinct animals. The mammoth meatball was produced by Vow, an Australian company, which is taking a different approach to cultured meat. The company has already investigated the potential of more than 50 species, including alpaca, buffalo, crocodile, kangaroo, peacocks and different types of fish. The first cultivated meat to be sold to diners will be Japanese quail, which the company expects will be in restaurants in Singapore this year. So how big is a “mammoth” meatball? How many in a package? Hmmm. “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.”

Maybe good, maybe bad: India has announced the birth of four cubs to one of the eight cheetahs that were relocated from Namibia, decades after they were declared extinct in the South Asian country. India’s Environment Minister Bhupender Yadav tweeted a photo and video of the cubs on Wednesday, calling it a “momentous event”. India was once home to the Asiatic cheetah but it was declared extinct there in 1952. Every time I hear one of these stories I think of the Willem Defoe movie “The Hunter”. If you haven’t seen it, do so. It will put these 2 motes in a whole different perspective.

A Blessed Ramadan to my Islamic associates. No really.

A different system for everyone: In 1998, then President Bill Clinton settled a sexual harassment lawsuit by making an $850,000 payment. The settlement with Paula Jones, reached without the suit going to trial. According to Jones’ account, on May 8, 1991, when Clinton was serving as governor of Arkansas, state troopers escorted Jones, a low-level state employee, to Clinton’s room in Little Rock’s Excelsior Hotel, where he propositioned her and exposed himself. President Trump is being accused by the NYC puppet DA of paying the porn star $130,000. A couple of things; When he did his thing, Clinton was the Governor of the State of Arkansas, Trump was a private citizen; Clinton paid off Jones while in the White House, Trumps lawyer paid off the porn star while he was only running for office, not an actual sitting President, and the news reports Clinton’s payment was “to settle a nuisance suit and Trumps was “hush money”. Splitting hairs, maybe. But shouldn’t everyone be treated the same “under the law”?

Things have changed: Hawaii authorities on Tuesday say they have referred 33 people to U.S. law enforcement after the group allegedly harassed a pod of wild dolphins in waters off the Big Island. It’s against federal law to swim within 50 yards (45 meters) of spinner dolphins in Hawaii’s nearshore waters. The prohibition went into effect in 2021 amid concerns that so many tourists were swimming with dolphins that the nocturnal animals weren’t getting the rest they need during the day to be able to forage for food at night In this case, Aerial footage shot by drone shows snorkelers following dolphins as they swim away. The department said its video and photos showed swimmers “who appear to be aggressively pursuing, corralling and harassing the pod.” When I was working in that area, 2009-2011, the Hilton advertised “swim with the dolphins” tours. These people were in the “open ocean”. That will make it a very expensive vacation.

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