Wednesday Motes, ‘Cause It’s Wednesday

A voice recording is circulating on Ukrainian traditional media and Telegram channels. It’s allegedly a recorded telephone conversation between Russian music producer Iosif Prigozhin (no relation to Wagner Group founder Evgeny Prigozhin) and billionaire and former politician Farkhad Akhmedov. During a telephone call, which lasts a bit longer than 30 minutes, the two men give their uncensored assessments of Russia’s political leadership and discuss life under sanctions. Mr. Putin has released a statement sharing his condolences on their future fatal accidents/suicides.

Dos anybody disappear in the Bermuda Triangle anymore? And what happened to the Monkeypox? Where did the “Biden Diary” go to? Is “dog” the bounty hunter gonna go after Putin?

Respect my authority: Phillies catcher J.T. Realmuto was ejected by home plate umpire Randy Rosenberg in the fourth inning of their spring training game against the Blue Jays after a failed ball exchange. The moment in question came as Phillies pitcher Craig Kimbrel had groused about a call, so perhaps Rosenberg thought that Realmuto was showing him up by not accepting the ball rather than what appeared to just be a miscommunication between the catcher and umpire. The problem I have is, under what freakin’ rule was the player thrown out for? Dropping the ball or disrespecting the umpire? Just another reason I don’t watch mlb anymore.

New York Post headline: “I bought a fake Shih Tzu online — here’s how I got scammed”. Duh. Let me count the ways.

Persistent isn’t he: Keith Chastain, 38, is a one-thug crime spree. Chastain racked up an impressive array of arrests in Fresno County, California, (of course). Between Feb. 19 and March 21, he was arrested 10 times for a menagerie of crimes encompassing 15 misdemeanors and 18 felonies, including: six stolen cars, fraud, DUI (duh), drugs (duh), and vandalism. Some of those charges stem from a stolen truck he was driving and was actually on his way to pick up his personal property from the local police department when he was arrested.

Won’t work: All the usual suspects are out screaming about “Gun Control”.  Does anybody have any idea how many gun and gun related laws are on the books now? Me neither. I can’t find anything that will give an exact number. Probably in the 10’s of thousands counting state, municipal, and federal laws. So, if we pass just one more restrictive law, all this will stop. No. It won’t work. Just like the dui and dwol, we need to enforce the laws we have. Punishment must be swift and severe. It won’t stop all shootings, but it will decrease them drastically. My opinion only.

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