Thursday Motes, Consider If You Will

Don’t like Florida anyway: The Miami Beach City Commission voted Monday to pass a measure ordering liquor stores to close early after two deadly shootings riled the popular Florida spring break location. The City of Miami Beach has issued a state of emergency and a midnight curfew following two fatal shootings and “excessively large and unruly crowds,” according to the city. Last year there was 525,000+ “bikers” at Sturgis, for over a week, and there were no shootings, no curfews, and no riots. So, who do you want to visit your city? Students, or bikers? I know my choice.

A real “Don’t say gay” law: People who identify as gay in Uganda risk life in prison after parliament passed a new bill to crack down on homosexual activities. It also includes the death penalty in certain cases. As well as making merely identifying as gay illegal for the first time, friends, family and members of the community would have a duty to report individuals in same-sex relationships to the authorities. Snitch out your gay child, or else. BAWA*

Not on the menu: A couple in Colorado was attacked by a mountain lion while they were relaxing in a hot tub outside their rental home. The incident took place in Chaffee County at approximately 10 pm on Saturday night. While enjoying the hot tub, the man said that the felt something grip the top of his head. Poor critter thought it was soup. Is it just me or does it seem like there’ve been an increase in these attacks this past year. Maybe the animals are just tired of our shat.

Walmart pet food shelves 3/21/23.

  • Bloody Africia Wins Again*

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