Twisted Tuesday Motes

Watch for it: Okay, some “banks” have overreached and are collapsing. The “fed” comes along and bails them out. How long will they keep bailing? As long as they are “blue” banks. The first “red” bank will not be saved because “we can’t save everyone”. Not only will the bank, and its depositors, be thrown to the wolves, the administration will be self-righteous and sanctimonious about it. My prediction. We’ll see.

A sad Good-Bye:  Lance Reddick, an actor known for his performance as Cedric Daniels on “The Wire” and for his work as “Charon”, has died, according to his representative. He was 60. Reddick whose captivating presence often landed him in roles that required intensity and gravitas, began his career in the ’90s, with credits in shows like “New York Undercover” and “The West Wing”. His uniqueness and talent will be missed.  

Tired of the same headline: “Joe Biden Falsely Claimed (whatever)”. I am so tired of seeing this headline nearly every day. It seems like almost everything out “president” says is a lie or a false memory of something he made up to impress the “voters”. Just tired of the bs.

Very confused:  Assistant Secretary for Health for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Rachel Levine promised that medically changing kids’ genders will soon be normalized. Levine also said gender-affirming care for minors had the “highest support” of the Biden administration.  So says the guy, who thinks he’s a girl, who thinks she’s a “Naval” officer, who thinks they speak for the “elected” administration.

Idiot: Billy Baldwin’s Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) was dialed all the way up Saturday as the fraternal coattail-riding actor employed a vile form of measurement that appeared to celebrate use of deadly force against unarmed Americans exercising their First Amendment rights. His comment ““Protest, take our nation back!’ Trump inciting violence again,” accused the actor on Twitter. “Any uprising by the Gravy Seals will be over in 2 Ashli Babbitt’s or better known as… a half a Scaramucci. F*ck around…” Hey Billy, baby, Ashli was unarmed. And so unlike your azzhole Brother, we know how to properly use a firearm. We don’t shoot anyone “by accident”. Go ahead, “find out”.

This weekend’s play list included Dan Seals, Lee Ann Womack, King George, Sean Rowe, and Bob Seeger. Also watched the Norwegian movie “Troll”. Good CGI, but story was used and predictable. Not even a good Saturday afternoon drink beer and ignore movie.

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