Blue Monday Motes

Only what they want you to hear: Apple temporarily removed former President Donald Trump’s debut single, “Justice For All,” from iTunes on Thursday after the hit single spent one week at number one on the iTunes chart, Kash Patel told Breitbart News. Trump released “Justice For All,” less than two weeks ago. The song features the “J6 Prison Choir,” an ensemble of January 6 prisoners who can be heard singing the national anthem while Trump recites the Pledge of Allegiance. the song was temporarily removed from iTunes for a period of hours on Thursday, consequently removing the song from its number one position on the charts. Just like “phasing out” AM radio, only what they want you to hear.

In a decision that jangled the nerves of some elected officials, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court last week reaffirmed a basic liberty established by the founding fathers: the right to be rude at public meetings. On its face it’s very dispiriting,” said Geoff Beckwith, executive director of the Massachusetts Municipal Association, which until last week had been nudging towns to develop civility guidelines for meetings. “Will it encourage the very few, very vocal individuals whose goal is to be disruptive? The S.J.C. is saying that’s the price of true freedom of speech.” You mean like the multiple Stanford students and the university’s dean for diversity, equity, and inclusion, Tirien Steinbach, who berated Judge Kyle Duncan and would not allow him to speak? At least three other members of faculty were present and allowed the judge to be shouted down.  I do long for the days when a man would have to account for his words on the “Field of Honor”. Lot more polite then.

Reminder: When you’re dead, you don’t know you’re dead. The pain is felt bu others. The same thing happens when you’re stupid.

Great class, and no class: Nathaniel Sanders, carried Sydney Benes, 22 to the first floor of Sullivans in Erie, Pennsylvania on Saturday so she could use the bathroom briefly leaving her wheelchair unattended at the top of a staircase. Seconds later, college hockey player Carson Brière, the 23-year-old son of Philadelphia Flyers interim general manager Daniel Brière, hopped in the wheelchair while seemingly joking with a friend. He then stood up and shoved the wheelchair down a staircase as he and the other man smirked. Benes says she plans to not accept “a cent” of the approximately $9,000 that’s been raised for her in a fund spearheaded by Sanders. Like I said, great class in Sanders. No class in Briere.

Absolutely freakin’ wrong: In Mexico, a 14-year-old boy nicknamed “El Chapito” has been arrested in connection with the drug-related slaughter of eight people at a birthday party. According to officials, “El Chapito” and a man known as “El Ñoño” allegedly rode up on a motorcycle and opened fire on a family celebrating a birthday at their home. Meanwhile, in the US, House Bill 1180, also called the Youth Accountability and Safety Act, would ultimately prevent anyone under 25 from being charged with felony murder. The new bill was introduced by Maryland Democratic Delegate Charlotte Cruchfield. Cruchfield’s reasoning behind the new bill is that a person’s frontal lobes are not fully developed until the age of 25. Ms. Cruchfild, you’re an idiot.

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