Tuesday Motes, No Banking Allowed

Human waste: Police in Ohio are searching for a 26-year-old suspect accused of carjacking a double amputee and leaving the victim to fend for himself on a set of train tracks without his legs or wheelchair. the 59-year-old victim reportedly arrived went to a friend’s home in Cleveland. Later the victim was allegedly pistol-whipped and thrown from the vehicle onto a set of nearby train tracks at which point THE FRIEND reportedly told the victim, “If the cold doesn’t kill you, a train will,”. So, this was all done by HIS FRIEND? They also burned the car and threw the wheelchair into a ravine. There ain’t a hole in hell deep enough for this P O S.

It’s baaack: Playboy is relaunching its iconic magazine as a digital-first publication — as the racy lifestyle brand takes on OnlyFans, The revamped magazine, which shuttered in 2020 and ceased printing, will debut later this year. Many my age learned everything we know about being suave and debonair from those pages. I have no doubt it will be crucified and canceled immediately.

Points for imagination: A 27-year-old Minnesota man is accused of fatally beating an elderly sex offender to death on Wednesday, using a shovel and moose antler. Following the killing, the suspect went to the Cook County Sheriff’s Office where he told authorities what happened, all while he was covered in blood. The suspect reportedly knew the victim, and also believed he had sexually offended against children in previous years. It appeard the two knew each other for years and at one time thee was a “no contact” court order against the “victim”.

Incompetence is the rule: President Joe Biden’s embattled pick to lead the Federal Aviation Administration participated in his confirmation hearing before Congress on Wednesday amid a series of challenges for the agency. He could not answer any questions regarding pilot status, aircraft inspections, or anything that might have any relevance to the position he is nominated to occupy.

Gas, Hilo Hawaii 3.11.23

What are you paying?

Weekend playlist included Lanie Wilson, Hardy, Bob Seeger, T. Graham Brown, and “New Age Wolf” which is soft jazz with wolf cries and songs in the background. It’s a lot better than it sounds. Very soothing.

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