It’s Frrriiidddaayyy !!!!!

Remember “The Terminal” : A Russian man spent almost five months in a South Korean airport after fleeing its forced enlistment drive. The man, identified as Dmitry, fled Russia in October last year, just after Russia announced the drafting of  300,000 troops to fight in Ukraine. He was one of five Russians who applied for refugee status on reaching South Korea, but had their applications rejected. Rather than return to Russia, they stayed in the airport and fought their case. “The Terminal”  is partially inspired by the true story of the 18-year stay of Mehran Karimi Nasseri in Terminal 1 of the Charles de Gaulle Airport, France, from 1988 to 2006. Sometimes reality is just freakin’ strange.

No salary: The IRS is looking to hire more investigators to work criminal cases. So they’re trying something different: Wooing accounting and business majors. The new effort included the inaugural IRS citizen academy in Kapolei, which happened last month and attracted about 50 students from across the state. At the event, each student participant was assigned an investigation to explore and learned to gather financial information to make a criminal case. A senior at University of Hawaii West Oahu, said he didn’t know the IRS had a criminal investigations unit ― until he took the course. What, he hasn’t read a newspaper in the past 5 or 6 years? So now we have untrained, unsworn, unpaid investigators snooping in our returns and lives.  Am I the only one that sees a problem here? What happened to Uncle Joe’s the “only the rich” will be investigated promise? What recourse does someone have when one of these “investigators” disclose all their private information?

What First Amendment? : Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (NY) on Wednesday demanded Rupert Murdoch silence Tucker Carlson and other Fox News hosts. “Order Tucker Carlson and other hosts on Fox News to stop spreading the Big Lie” Schumer said. So instead of talking to the individual, they attack and make demands of the employer.   Isn’t Chuck the one who had “seen the evidence” that was never produced? That’s spreading a “big lie” to me. Schumer and others then demanded Tucker Carlson and others participate in a “Mao” struggle session and publicly apologize for saying words they don’t approve of. What’s next, standing on a box on the street corner, wearing a sign, and apologizing at the top of their voice? Darn that pesky Constitution and it’s pesky amendments.

That’s what I call real baseball: During last Saturday’s game, Grand View University star Kaitlyn Moses hit a grand slam against Southeastern University just after passing first base, she fell to the ground, seemingly unable to continue her victorious run. According to NAIA rules, team members cannot help an injured player run the bases. And if a player can’t round the bases, the runs will not count. So, once Moses’ opponents realized that she could not finish her run after her grand slam, they gathered as a team to carry Moses around the bases to earn her run. Southeastern players helped Moses touch second, third, and home in a grand display of good sportsmanship. No word on what happened to Ms. Moses, but it appears there are some families that raise their children well.

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