The Weekend Is Ahead, Thursday Motes

Let’s play nice: Almost 700 girls have been poisoned by toxic gas in Iran since November, in what many believe is a deliberate attempt to force their schools to shut. No girls have died, but dozens have suffered respiratory problems, nausea, dizziness and fatigue. At least 194 girls are reported to have been poisoned in the past week at four schools in the city of Borujerd, in the western province of Lorestan. “It became evident that some people wanted all schools, especially girls’ schools, to be closed down,” the deputy health minister said on Sunday. However, he later said that his remarks had been misunderstood. (back step back step back step) Anyone who would do this, is a sick animal and should be treated like one. Wait until they figure out it’s “government” sanctioned.

 Really good work: Police are investigating after a military Humvee was stolen from the National Guard Armory off Maui Veterans Highway in Kihei. The incident happened sometime between Monday at 6 p.m. and Tuesday at 5 a.m. The camouflaged vehicle has E-09 painted on the bumper. It’s camo’d. Of course you can’t find it. Good work camo shop.

I’m good: The Clinton’s Are visiting the Big Island. Pictures of them on Mauna Kea and such are being shown. I am not depressed and have no intention to commit “suicide”. Just in case.

One is too many: Fort Bragg’s status is the home of Joint Special Operations Command and the headquarters of the Green Berets—the “beating heart” of U.S. black operations. There have more than 100 deaths over the past two years at Fort Bragg has rocked the U.S. military—caused in part by an increasing number of overdoses. It’s tough to pin down exactly what’s behind the spate of deaths—or even if it’s higher than average—given the amount of secrecy surrounding both the units headquartered at the base and the military apparatus in general. No “reason” has been forthcoming.

One more reason: In the top of the ninth inning of Tuesday’s game between the Baltimore Orioles and Pittsburgh Pirates, the former’s Josh Lester grounded out to officially end the game to give the Pirates the 7-4 win. And, as normal, the umpires walked off the field with the spring training contest officially coming to a close. Problem was, the teams wanted to play. After a quick conversation between managers Derek Shelton (Pirates) and Brandon Hyde (Orioles). Baltimore wanted to get pitcher Ofreidy Gómez some work on the mound, but Hyde said that the umpiring crew had no interest in extending the game and dipped, so both he and Shelton just agreed to call the game themselves so the game could go on. Probably a better game.

There’s a new crew in town.

And they’re packing heavy.

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