Wednesday Motes, (I got nothing else)

We come second, or third, or somewhere down the line: First lady Jill Biden got an up-close look Sunday at the historic East Africa drought as she walked along arid land and listened as some Maasai women described how their children and livestock are going hungry. She appealed for more countries to join the United States to help alleviate the suffering. And yet, neither she nor Uncle Joe have visited Ohio.  America, first some time.

Speaking of: Uncle Joe blows up Nord pipeline and 400,000 tons of gas gushes into the sea. The train derailment in Ohio and subsequent “burn off” spews toxic materials and gases in the air and water of 5 states. For an unknown reason an unprecedented number of whales are dying off the east coast. And just where are the Save the Oceans/Stop Acid Rain/Save the Whales/Protect Mother Earth crowds?  Al? Greta? Viet Nam Veteran John Kerry? Anyone?

An Answer: Several people have asked me what I thought would be the answer to drivers operating a vehicle without a license. The answer is swift, harsh punishment. Driving is a granted privilege, not a right. Here are my thoughts; Driving Without A License (Revoked), 1st. offense, 10 days in jail. 2ndoffense, 30 days in jail; 3rd offense 1 year in prison, 4th offense, 5 years. Any repeat after 4th offense, operator would be considered a “career criminal” and sentenced accordingly. These terms would be absolute, and written so a judge could not alter, shorten, or turn into probation. Driving on a Suspended License; 1st offense, 3 days  in jail, counseling; 2nd offense, license permanently revoked, 10 days in jail. Any subsequent offenses would be treated as DWoL. Harsh, hell yes. But when those drivers are in jail, they wouldn’t be killing anyone in crosswalks.

Chutzpah: Jennifer McBride, the woman who “returned” Lady Gaga’s kidnapped dogs, is now suing the singer for not paying the $500,000 reward offered. McBride alleged the Grammy winner “defrauded” her “by making a promise without intent to perform.” Ms. McBride claimed in the suit she’s suffered pain, suffering, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life. During the crime, Gaga’s dog walker was shot in the chest and almost died. The “chutzpah?  McBride was arrested along with James Howard Jackson, Lafayette Whaley and Jaylin White, later that year and charged her with accessory to attempted murder before prosecutors scaled back. McBride was charged with one count of receiving stolen property instead and was sentenced to two years of probation. But “I got the dogs back.”

 A sad Good-Bye:  Jack Holder, a Pearl Harbor survivor and U.S.N. Flight Engineer who first dreamed of taking to the skies while watching his uncle fly crop dusters, has died at 101. Friend Darlene Tryon said Holder died at Chandler Regional Medical Center in Arizona. Holder joined was 19 when Japanese planes attacked Pearl Harbor. He recalled that he narrowly survived when he dove into a ditch to avoid gunfire. Once the war began, Holder served in key Pacific battles, flying more than 100 missions. He was also a flight engineer on B-24 missions, flying in the European theatre. The Table of Heroes is richer by one tonight. He will be missed.

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