Tuesday, Motes, That Is All

Moot reward: The state has been ordered to reinstate a former Hilo corrections sergeant and pay him more than six years of back wages. The problem is the “officer” is currently serving 144 months on Federal charges stemming from the same beating of an inmate. Gonna be tough to collect from Club Fed. I have to ask who he is related to that the Union (or whoever) kept searching and appealing, even after he was convicted. Somebody loves him.

We put down aggressive dogs: Big story last week week when a 17-year-old “special needs” student was taken into custody and charged with felony aggravated assault with bodily harm. The 17 y-o beat a 57 year old mother of two teaching assistant so bad she will be out of work for at least several weeks. If she even plans on returning. The “special need student” is reported to be 6-6 and 270 lbs. and was anger because the TA took his Nintendo away so her could concentrate on his “lessons”. The msm and professional whiners will concentrate on his age and his “special needs”. I’m sure that is very soothing to the TA’s family as they stand hospital bedside. It could have been graveside.

Be thankful: Yes, Joy(less) Behar is a loud mouth, know nothing, obnoxious individual. But we need to be thankful she’s on “The View”. She could be putting her teaching credentials to use and screwing up young minds.

I’ve seen some things. I’ve seen the sun shinning brightly over the “HOLLYWOOD” sign. I’ve seen a movie premier at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre and the Hollywood walk of fame. I’ve seen the city coyotes in the middle of the night in deep downtown Las Angels. What I have never seen is snow in LA.

Let’s see who they blame:  It has been previously reported that the Arizona Senate and House Elections Committees held a joint special meeting on Thursday and heard an explosive presentation by forensic investigator Jacqueline Breger. Breger identifies herself as a longtime Arizona resident and a forensic investigator. If her account is accurate, it exposed information regarding massive corruption and collusion between American politicians, appointed government officials, and the Sinaloa Cartels. The allegations made last week are about a phony mortgage and real estate transaction scam used by the Sinaloa Cartel to bribe elected officials and control the state of Arizona. So far, no denials have been coming from the individuals named. Hmmmm.

Nothing scared anymore: Ian Fleming’s James Bond books have been rewritten with modern audiences in mind, with so-called sensitivity experts removing a number of racial references ahead of 007’s 70th anniversary this spring. All of Fleming’s thrillers — from “Casino Royale” to “Octopussy” — will be re-released this spring after Ian Fleming Publications, the company that owns the literary rights to Fleming’s work, commissioned a review by “sensitivity readers.” I read my first Bond in 1963, The Spy Who Loved Me. I then devoured everyone I could find. Then went to “Joe Gall”, “Modesty Blaise”, “Shell Scott” and “Mike Hammer”. I have copies of all of these books to this day. I will reread them from time to time. The new ones, I’ll use to start my firepot.

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