Middle Week Motes

Where we rate: So far, FEMA has denied all assistance to Palestine Ohio. The WH has earmarked Billions of US tax dollars to the Ukraine. Neither the “Secretary of Transportation”, Mayor Pete, nor the President, Uncle Joe, has visited the scene of the catastrophic derailment in Ohio. Uncle Joe just made a “surprise” visit to the Ukraine. Kyiv Ukraine is 5,067 miles from Washington D.C. Palestine Ohio is 506 miles. Maybe he just needs the air miles.

Probably safer:  Ukrainian refugee girl who settled in San Francisco with her mother is finding public school in the city so violent that she longs to return to her war-torn country, where she feels children are less cruel to one another. Parents have been pulling their children out of the San Francisco Unified School District in favor of private or religious schools; some families have left the city in search of better alternatives. The far left school board says everything is proceeding as planned.

A sad Good-Bye: Actress Barbara Bosson, best known to TV audiences for her role as police captain’s wife Fay Furillo on Hill Street Blues, has died at age 83. Bosson was nominated for five Emmys for her performances on the critically acclaimed show, which was created by her then-husband, Steven Bochco. Hill Street was a favorite of many, if not most cops, and she was believable as a frustrated cop’s wife. Her joy of life and talent will be missed.

Only in Alaska: Tracy Hansen and her dog, Gunner, were walking the usual route they take at least three times a day when she was suddenly knocked to the ground. It was only when she looked up that she realized she had been kicked by a large moose that she and her dog had walked past earlier. Now, that’s something I’ve never read before.

She must answer for this: Daniel Riley was arrested for armed robbery, but  prosecutor Kim Gardner and her team did not show up for the trial.  They later refiled the charges and put the defendant on GPS monitoring. But the GPS monitoring went off 40 times before the crash — and the prosecutor’s office did nothing about it. As a result, a Tennessee volleyball player was walking in St. Louis City last week when she was struck by a car — and lost her legs after she was pinned to another car. Prosecutor Kim Gardner allowed this dangerous man on the street and a young girl’s life is forever changed.

This is bassackwards: A man from Milton, Ontario, in Canada has been charged with second-degree murder after shooting a man who was trying to rob his home, as part of a five-man home invasion. One intruder was pronounced dead after being shot, and one more was arrested, while the remaining three are still at large. According to the shooter’s attorney, he lives with his mother, who was being attacked by one of the intruders, who was in possession of a firearm during the invasion. If you break into a home, there is somebody there, you are bought and paid for as far as I am concerned.  Whatever happens to you, is ALL your fault.

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