Motes In the Middle of the Week

Still proud: Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead doesn’t think Greg Gutfeld is the “new king of late night comedy” as an upcoming Super Bowl ad suggests, but instead crowned the Fox News host as the king of the “shitty fucking people” watching his show. Gutfeld! has been a ratings winner for Fox News, the ratings often outpacing traditional late night shows from the likes of Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, and Jimmy Fallon. First deplorable, then white trash, and now this. Hey Lizzy, and damn proud of it. 

“They” in quotes: They talk about unity, be as one, and then “they” play the “Black National Anthem”. Huh? How is that promoting anything but separation?

Up date: No, I haven’t seen the “green  lasers’s” everyone is talking about. It’s been way too rainy and too much cloud cover on my end of the island.

Been there, seen that: Two Spanish officials were fired approximately a month after reports exposed that the government spent over $276 million on trains that do not fit in the tunnels of the country’s rail network. The government purchased 31 trains for €258 million, equating to approximately $276,300,000, to replace its fleet in northern Spain, which is said to be aging and the railways poorly connected. Reminds me of the trains at the Waikaloa hotel years ago. Bad measurements and forced upgrades nearly tripled the original costs.  And the work. That’s a story for another time.   

On a personal note; Anyone who calls my kilt a “skirt” is likely to get smacked in the mouth. I don’t know what all the comments about the Superbowl player are trying to accomplish, but kilts have been men’s wear for 300+ years. Grow up.

It does happen: The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) fined Mars Wrigley, a popular candy maker, after two workers fell into a vat of chocolate while working at a factory last year. In June 2022, two contractors were hired to help clean and maintain manufacturing equipment at their Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, factory. The two workers fell into a partially filled tank of chocolate. Both were rescued without injury. No info on who/how they got all that chocolate off. Anybody remember the Smother’s Brothers? “I fell into a big vat of chocolate…”. Great song.

We can’t fight homelessness, hunger, or poverty but we are going to fight climate change with extra taxes. Just let that sink in for a minute.

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